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Seven year Deja-Vu…..

For those of you that know me, the Electrician’s family all live on the Gulf Coast.  His parent’s in Biloxi, Ms. his sister in Gulfport, Ms, and his niece and nephew in New Orleans, La.

Seven years ago, this evening, we had our last contact with them, before Hurricane Katrina hit.  I will never forget that next morning, and the sick feeling in my stomach once the Newscasters advised, Biloxi was going to be a direct hit.    They were going to evacuate to our house, but they had waited to late.  It wasn’t really anyone’s fault.  The Niece and nephew were evacuating from New Orleans, and the roughly hour 1/2 drive, took them almost 7 hours, just to arrive in Biloxi.  They all decided at that point, to “ruff” it out, all together.

That was the start of almost 6 days of pure hell for the Electrician and I.  I left work as soon as I heard it was making a direct hit with Biloxi, and I stayed off work for the next 4 days.  The Electrician left work as well.

We both came home, and tried repeatedly to call, with no success.  We had 3 t.v.’s in my house, and we dragged them all downstairs, so we could switch from one channel to another, and watch all of them at the same time.

Some reports were everyone in Biloxi was dead.  Some reports were it was bad, but there were survivors.  The Internet and the t.v. became our best friends for the next few days, as we desperately tried to find out anything and everything we could.

We got a phone call at about day 5, from one of the Electrician’s parent’s neighbors, who had said they had tried to go back into the neighborhood, but were not allowed.  Our hearts truly sank at that news.  I did my best to keep the Electrician stable, and not totally loose it.  But at the same time, I was having a hard time keeping it together.

We were pretty much frantic during that time.  I cannot even begin to describe the emotions, he and I both felt.  The Electrician’s birthday is September 2nd.  We received a birthday card in the mail from his parents, that he refused to open, until we knew something.  You see,  on the Electrician’s 31st birthday, his beloved brother had passed away.  So, he wasn’t really excited for this birthday, because we did not know the fate of his family.

While we were suffering on our end, the Electrician’s family was suffering  as well, as we were later to find out.

On day 6, and I will never forget this as long as I live, the Electrician and I were once again on the computer, it was 9:45 pm, and we had AOL as our Internet provider, and it flashed across the computer screen we had a phone call from his parents.

There was a lot of crying on both ends, and I can say after talking to them for 45 minutes, I think we all slept better that night.

So here we are, a sense of Deju Vu.  While Hurricane Isaac is NOTHING like Katrina, we are still worried.  We’ve talked to the Electrician’s parents twice tonite, and I think we all feel better.    The problem of flooding and tornado’s are a worry.

But I truly believe that a Cat 1 Hurricane versus a Cat 4, hurricane, vary differently.  While I truly wished they had made the trek up here to see us, I understand why they did not.  Pfft, after a 4, a 1 is nothing right?

Hurricane’s are nasty elements of Mother Nature.  I’ve seen first-hand what damage it can do.  I’ve seen a whole town wiped clean from the face of the earth like it was never there.  I’ve seen the re-building that has gone on over the past 7 years.  I’ve been to the Memorial’s for Katrina.

The Electrician and I praying hard tonite, for all of our friend’s, family, and everyone in the path of Isaac.  May the Lord be with you y’all.  Take Care and God Speed.

This is dedicated to the Farmer….

On this day July 4th, 1934 – George Washington dedicated at Mount Rushmore.   Sculptor Gutzon Borglum had a specific vision when he planned the famous Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota. He chose to feature four United States Presidents, each representing a piece of American History.  Alongside 60 foot facial profiles of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt, Borglum sculpted the face of George Washington, who represents the nation’s struggle for Independence.

July 4th 1934, the Farmer was born….He’s a firecracker baby!!!!

There has been a lot of other things that have happened on July 4th.  But here is where my story starts….

July 4th 1961, The Farmer turned 28 today,  about 5 months from when I would be born.

December 1st 1961.  This would be the day I entered the Farmer’s life.  This was the day I became the sparkle in his eye.

Folks, The Farmer has been around for 78 years now, and while to some that may not seem like that long,  but to me, well it’s fantastic.

You see, when I was a little girl, I used to spend a lot of Summers with my Grandma B.  (That would be the Farmer’s Momma).  Grandma B. well… I don’t know how to describe her, there are not enough words.    She was my Grandma, while still being the Farmer’s Momma.  We both loved her, although I had a different relationship with her than the Farmer did.    I kind of understand that, being a Grandma now.

The Farmer has kept me when other’s gave me away, and he has been my Best friend’s at times.  He’s been my Parent, while growing up (and yes, I really deserved those ass whoopings, but if truth be told, all’s he had to do was reach for his belt, and I KNEW, I had screwed up).

In these later years, I have found friendship, although I will ALWAYS be Daddy’s little girl, we are now friends.  I understand about my earlier years, and how I was raised.  The Farmer did the best that he could at the time, and gave me more than he will ever know.

But let’s fast forward to today, how the Farmer has a fascination with Fireworks, and he loves to watch “Boston Pops’ with the firework display.  I wish I could throw him a Great Big Firework display, but unfortunately we are under a “no burn” order.

So, while “fireworks” have not been in our cahootin plans,  you’ll have to wait for the next post for that one, and folks, it’s pretty good.:)  Simply for the surprise factor.

But what I would like to say to the Farmer, Happy Birthday Daddy!”, Sure hope you enjoy your day!.

This is a just a starter, (simply for the fact, he usually is one of the first one to read my posts.)

So, while most of the U.S.A. is gearing up for our “Independence Birthday”, filled with barbeques, and picnics, and fireworks, My house is gearing up for the Farmer’s birthday.   Here is to a lot more of them…..

P.S.  I think I’m more excited than he is, for ONCE, I’ve kept the secret.  YEA for Camsgranny!!!!   :0)

Roadtrip Tuesday…

Today was a little different.  Today is our long day with Cam-Man.  Momma had a doctor’s appointment though, so the Electrician went and picked up Cam-Man, and spent the day with him, while I went over to the Farmer’s and gave Momma her meds, breakfast, and then loaded her up for her “road trip”.  Momma was “excited” about her road trip.  We don’t have a wheelchair ramp yet, but the Farmer located some ramps that we used. (They are for loading up a lawnmower or such into the bed of a truck).  We made them work, and it was a nice roll out to the car.  I had been apprehensive about this part, because I was not there when the Nurses assisted Momma into the car last Friday. 

Whew, it took a few minutes but it was fine.   Off down the road we went with Momma singing and humming to the music that filled up the car.  She chatted with the Farmer and then suddenly after about 20 minutes, Momma went straight up Parkinson’s.  The type where her lips disappear, and she starts shaking.   I reached around the seat to her, I was in the back, she was sitting in the front seat, and hugged her, and tried to get her to settle down.  She calmed for a bit, but not much.  She was due another dose of medicine but not for another 45 minutes.  I think that a lot of it was Momma was out of her “friendly” environment.

When we got to the hospital, I went and got a wheelchair, and assisted Momma out of the car, with the Farmer.    We went in the elevator up to the 6th floor and into the Doctor’s office.  We got into the exam room, and seriously, I do not know what happened.  One minute Momma was ok, but when the Dr. came in she got a panic attack and stared coughing, and nose running and almost choking.  She has NEVER done that before.   We got her calmed down but it broke my heart because there were tears falling from her eyes.  Momma was scared.

All in all the appointment went well, except for me.  I had been so diligent in mixing up Momma’s meds and the appropriate amount of water to flush her tube before and after the meds, except I forgot one thing.  (Insert head smack here) I forgot the syringe.  I thought about it half way there, to far to go back and the only thing to do was finish heading down the road, but I thought that the Doctor’s office might have one (heck it’s a friggin Hospital).  The Doctor’s Nurse and the Doctor did try to find us one though, and for that I say they went above and beyond.  But unfortunately, one could not be found that was the right size.    So, off down the road we went.  The trip home, was pretty much the same as the way there, except I told Momma,  “Hey, close your eyes and snooze until we get home ok?”.  Well, I did, but she didn’t. 

I woke up before we got home, and asked the Farmer “how is she?”  “The same” was the reply.  We pulled up in the driveway, and Momma kinda sighed, I think she knew she was home.   Out of all of the “transfers” I had done today, this one was the hardest.    Momma tried to help, but at one moment I was sitting in the wheelchair holding Momma up, ok, call me crazy I don’t even know how it happened, but we got turned around and Momma ended up in the wheelchair. 

The Farmer wheeled her back up the ramps, and we were back in the house.  Momma seemed to relax a bit.  I went straight for the syringe and the meds, and promptly gave them to her.  The Farmer left again to go vote (today is Election day here in Illinois). 

While he was gone, I sat and calmed Momma down, went and threw the laundry into the dryer (that I had started this morning).  Then asked Momma how she was feeling.  I felt so bad when she started crying and said “I’m so sorry Jo, I do love you”.  I talked to her for a bit and explained to her, that I loved her too, and I only wanted to make her happy and feel comfortable.

We got that all straightened out and I asked her if she wanted to sit in her chair or go lay down and take a nap.  To which she replied, “What would make you happy?”  “Whatever makes YOU happy, will make me happy” is what I told her. 

She looked at me, grabbed my hand and then said with a little smile “I wanna take a nap ok?”  We both started laughing and I took her into her room, and laid her down in bed, tucked her in and gave her a kiss, and “sleep well ok?”

The Farmer came back and remarked at how much better she looked.    She smiled at him, and then I left.  I flew home, and joined Cam-man and the Electrician.  They were outside watering the new grass the Electrician  had planted, and then both the Electrician and Cam-Man took me to the park. 

I can’t tell how much the 3 of us laughed at Cam-Man going down the big boy slide, to a 50-year-old woman swinging on a swing right next to her Grandson.  To the Grandson and Granny riding on the thing that makes you dizzy (it just goes round and round, and man, the Electrician gave me and Cam a ride!)  We both kinda wobbled after that. 

When we got back to our house, Cam-Man had a bowl of sherbet and then the Fisher dude showed up to take Cam-Man home. 

My day has been full of loved one’s and events.  Me, I’m kinda tired.  I thank the Electrician for picking up some of my duties, and  Momma, tomorrow will be better.  To the Farmer, was an adventure, and I promise to PACK everything that we will need in future roadtrips…to everyone else, hope your days are good too.  Night y’all

Grandma B. and older people….

I was told when I was  about 23 that I gravitated to older people.  This was because I feel for older people.  I have a respect for people older than me.  Hey kids, they know a lot more, than I could ever dream of.   I’ve learned a lot about “real” history through their eyes) I used to hang out a lot with both set’s of Grandparent‘s.  I spent half of my summer’s with my step-momma’s grandparents, and the other half with my Daddy’s Momma.

Believe it or not, I learned so much from both set’s of Grandparents.    In San Diego, I learned about the Beach, and hard working people.  I had Uncle’s that took me under their wing. (who also kicked my butt when I needed it).

My Grandma Burwash tho, was the love of my life.  She had so much grace and a VERY hard backbone and also worked very hard, that to this day I like to believe that’s where I got my “motsy” from. (It’s where I got my love of homemade Chocolate chip cookies, and popcorn for Sunday night supper from). I spent a lot of time with her.  While the Farmer helped me, (and no offense to him in any way) Grandma B.  she taught me so much.   She was the one to tell me about certain things in life.  She was the one I talked to when I needed someone to talk to about stuff in life.  When I was in Basic Training for the Air Force I called her and begged to come home.  She told me straight up “Grow up my little one and do what is right”. (She lived to the ripe old age of 98).

She made me appreciate what was.  I could listen to her for hours about what HER life was.  I used to put me in place of her and really appreciate things I had.  So, in honor of her, I guess, I’ve ALWAYS listened to older people. 

 I was a waitress at one time, and I had an older gentleman who came in everyday, and I waited on him.  He always got the same thing everyday.  I spent extra time with him, because he was interesting to me.  His life, his thoughts and everything else.  One day, he didn’t come in and I got worried, he didn’t have family close by, and I considered myself family. I worried about that man for a week until one day, a middle-aged gentleman came into the restaurant and asked for me.  I went up to him and asked him, how could I help him.  He responded to me “Thank you”…ohmm..ok…Then he told me, he was my favorite old guys son,    Apparently my “old guy” had passed away, but he had told his son about me, and I had made a difference.  Apparently I had made his Dad’s day when I waited on him, served him his meal and sat and chatted with him.

I’m not sure where this is going, except for Momma’s room-mate, Momma has been there for  4 months, and I have been to see Momma everyday.  I have yet to see anyone visit her.  This makes me sad.

I understand  people get old and we cannot take care of them, but, excuse me….if we put them in a home can we not go visit them?   SERIOUSLY…I would not be here today if my parent’s had not given me life, for me to turn my back on them when they need me, HELLO… I cannot understand people who put their loved one’s in a Nursing home and then FORGETTABBOIT. 

When my kids were growing up, and it was Halloween, or even just a down Sunday, we would go to the Nursing home and visit people.  I didn’t have to know them, I would just start a conversation with them.  I can remember many a smile from an older person and a BIG thank you for just spending a few minutes with them.

I’m not judging anyone, I am merely expressing my opinion on a situation I really don’t like.  There are plenty of people in Nursing Homes, and sometimes, when they arrive there they don’t ever see any family members again, unless it’s Christmas or some sort of Holiday.   This truly bugs me.


Antibiotics, steroids, and sleep….

Yesterday, my left side of my face was so swollen, you thought I had been in a fight.  I was, Me versus the Sinus infection.  Who knew your sinus’ could affect your face swelling and your eye looking like you’d been smacked into next year.

Oh the power of Antibiotics, and some steroids thrown in.  Today, my face is just about back to its normal self (thank goodness).  And my nose has released some of the most awful $hit, I’ve ever seen.  (for those faint of heart, sorry, but snot makes me gag too).

After having the Electrician take care of me all day and yesterday too, I decided I needed some good old-fashioned chicken and dumplings (his Mother’s recipe), to help in my recovery.  So after sleeping in (yup, about 9:00am) and getting up and watching “The Pioneer Woman‘s   newest episode on “The Food Network“,  I sat for a bit and woke up, ate a bowl of cereal and took my meds.

Whammo, I grabbed that chicken from the fridge and proceeded to boil it with some carrots, celery, onions, and garlic, rosemary and thyme, oh yea salt and pepper too.  Then with my fingers that don’t have any feeling in them cuz’ well I’ve probably by this time in my life burned any finger prints I might have off, shredded all that chicken and made a pot of Chicken and dumplings to die for. (His Momma would be proud). 

I did scrub and slice the potatoes and set them to boiling too, however in MY house, I don’t make the mashed potatoes, that would be the Electrician’s job, and man does he make mashed potatoes to die for.  He won’t tell his secret, I don’t ask, all’s I do is get them ready for him to work his magic.  Set up the hand mixer and then LEAVE the kitchen so, I don’t get in his way.

We ate, sorry kid’s I forgot to take a picture, I was to busy eating.  We got the dishes done, and then, yup, NAPTIME.  The Electrician laid down and so did I…unfortunatly for me, the Farmer called in the middle of me snoring myself silly, to give me progress on Momma.

Momma had a so-so day, she made some progress but was also tired (I can relate to that).  I told him I would call him back later, and I did.  (more on that in a bit).

I went back to sleep for a couple of more hours, and woke up to the Electrician getting ready to watch his beloved “Saint’s” play the San Fran 49’rs.  (Not a good outcome but the Saint’s had a REALLY good season).  Needless to say things around my house were a little disappointing this evening.  But The Electrician is fine, and now finding other sports on t.v. to watch tonite.

I called the Farmer back, and we had a nice little chat.  I told him about my progress and that I would be in to see Momma tomorrow about noon., I’m not in a “you can catch this from me stage anymore”

The Farmer took a little glee in telling me about the”ship incident” in Italy, of course I had to tell him that the Electrician had already seen it, and had already read about it, and had already told me about it.  (sorry, I know that is a run-on sentence but…well.. these things happen). 

Like I told the Electrician, AND the Farmer, I don’t care….if God‘s gonna take me then if he wants to take me from my cruise so be it…MY ASS IS going!!!!!  I’ve already put clothes that I am taking in a closet in one of our spare bedroom’s…uhm…note to self…check to see if the 2 pantsuits that I have put in said closet still fit my fat butt….

So, needless to say that Camsgranny is on the road to recovery, hopped up on Antibiotics and steroids, WOOHOO…

Night ya’ll….although, I’m really glad to see my face in the mirror and not the one who had half her face so swollen that I didn’t even recognize her….

TWO WEEKS! Bucket List

Two weeks, and counting.  The days on the Calender are slowly getting marked off one by one.  Normally I don’t do this.  Momma has a Calender at the Nursing home with a bunch of smily faces on it for each day she does good.

My Calender is different though.  I have a Bucket List that I’ve had for a few years, and I’ve been marking things off as I get them accomplished.  Little things, like swimming in the Ocean (check), watching the sunrise and sunset (check) (check), going to my first Professional Football game (Bears – check), going to a concert (check), and a lot more other things that are slowly getting checked off.

But one of MY major things, is something I wished for since I was about 13 years old, when my Grandmother went for a Cruise around the world.  I can’t remember exactly how long the Cruise was but she sent me postcards from every port-of-call that they stopped in.

Now, mind you, by the time I was 16, I had been to so many different countries, that my Passport is still a treasured item with all the stamps from foreign countries.  But, I had flown, to most of them and have never had the opportunity to go on a Cruise. 

Well, that’s not really true.  I had paid for my “first” cruise when I moved back to Illinois, I was going to go on one with My cousin Tracey and her mom Barb, and another friend, but at that time, the Electrician and I were getting pretty serious and I opted not to go.  So, I took my refund and held onto hope that EVENTUALLY I would be able to go on a Cruise.

Guess what FOLKS, I got my wish.  Yup, here in a few, this woman is going on a 7 day cruise, to Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Cozumel Mexico, with some truly cherished peeps.  Yes, the Electrician, his sister Mary and my Outlaws, will be boarding the Ship (I’ve been told NOT to call it a boat), for 7 blissful days of EATING, cruising and being Happy in the Sun.

I’ve been to the Sewing Alteration lady to have dresses re-sized (thanks to the College student who gave me a dress) AND, I had my wedding dress shortened so I could wear it as an evening gown.  Been shoe shopping for some KILLER shoes to match all the Evening wear.   I got my hair did today, with some awesome highlights too.  Went through all of my clothes to decide what to take and what not to take. 

I can’t even begin to explain all the time I have poured over the web-site to see about the “excursions”.    I’m thinking that “Zip-Lining” is in order in Jamaica.  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try it and I think it would be fun. 

I’ve lined up the cat-sitter for Ms. Baby (and a back-up just in case).  Folks, seriously after everything I have gone through in the past month I can not begin to explain how excited I am to be able to do this trip.  The Plus side, I get to spend about 13 days with some of the other people I cherish.  Plus, I know that the Farmer and Momma will be okay.  Momma is making progress, and I think the Farmer is happy to see me so excited about something.  The past month has been hard, on both of us.  I only hope he can find something to be so excited about and feel the excitement of a little kid again.  Cuz folks, I FEEL like a little kid again, with my nose squished up against the store window, wanting to see and do everything.

Now mind you, My outlaw Father-in-law has told me many times in the past few days while phone-calls are flying between his house and mine, that I’m not really going, and they will leave me behind.  I’ve got his ticket already printed out….I told him I could lose it…wink, ya know what I mean? Just kidding Poppa!!!!

Have you ever felt like you were a little kid, and getting a wish come true….well, I feel like a little kid with a WHOLE candy jar…..and man I am excited….


Parkinson’s & Momma

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately on the progression of Parkinson’s.  I’m concerned with what I’ve found.  While I know that every person is different and while some information is available, in my experience with Momma, well she is not text-book.

At one time the Farmer and I looked up the different stages, because according to everything I’ve read there are 5.  The one’s I’m concerned about are 4 & 5.

  • Stage four is accompanied by symptoms that affect walking and motility. The patient might be able to walk, but very poorly, and bradykinesia is often present. Bradykinesia is difficulty in movement, characterized by slow, deliberate actions. For instance, a Parkinson’s patient might have difficulty getting up from a sitting position or turning over in bed. After getting up, this stage of Parkinson’s affects the patient’s posture and gait. When walking, the patient can only achieve small steps similar to shuffling feet back and forth. Interestingly, the tremors that are present in earlier stages can become nonexistent at this stage of Parkinson’s.

Stage 5

  • Stage five of Parkinson’s is the final stage, and it usually takes over all movement of the patient. Patients are no longer able to take care of themselves, and assisted living or an in-home nurse is needed. Walking is usually impossible at this stage, and supportive care is needed for basic living. At this stage, incontinence, trouble sleeping, and mood disorders are present. The patient becomes entirely reliant on others for care, and immediate medical situations may occur.

Read more: Final Stages of Patients With Parkinson’s Disease |

I guess I have to acknowledge that Momma is in Stage 5.  But some days she is a Stage 4.  Thus, my confusion.

Momma asked me the other day “Parkinson’s affects the nervous system doesn’t it?”, I replied with “Yes, Momma, it kinda affects all of you, with a little Dementia thrown in”.

Momma gets agitated at things that the Farmer and I don’t know about.  I will have an experience with her and then have to ask the Farmer questions about her childhood, because right now her mind is playing a lot of tricks on her.

I know she is frustrated and very, very scared.  I spent one evening with her just locked in a hug for 10 minutes, because she was afraid.   She doesn’t understand why she see’s things, or sometimes what is real and what is not.

I have no medical training other than some things the Nursing Student has taught me, like how to body lift her, and how to roll her butt over in bed. and give her a bath.  Oh yea, and this one is embarrassing, but the first time I had to change Momma’s diaper that had poo in it, well I treated her like Camden….uhm…I kinda learned that’s NOT how you do it, although when explaining the story to the Nursing Student she got a bad case of the giggles, and then explained to me the PROPER way to do it.

I watched a movie the other night, not knowing what it was truly about, but I like the actress Anne Hathaway.  The movie was called Love and other Drugs, It was made in 2011, and it is a very good movie.  The reason I make reference to it is because it is about a Young Parkinson’s patient.  There is a line in the movie, and forgive me if I quote it wrong, I’m sorry,  but it went kinda like this: 

“If you are willing to take care of them, when they cannot speak, cannot walk, and you have to take care of them 24/7, wipe their butts, dress them, bathe them, and take care of them, then do it, I would do it all over again” 

Without giving away the movie and stuff,  this part in the movie resonated with me.  Mind you, I cried like a baby through this movie, The Electrician asked me if I didn’t want to watch it any more, to which he got told…don’t stop it NOW…duh….(sometimes you need to cry).

I guess, that a lot of people go through this, although a lot of people give up sooner and put their loved one’s in a Nursing home.  But ya know what?  I don’t want Momma being scared and lonely, if I can make her feel a little bit better and let her know that she is loved and taken care of then it makes both me and The Farmer feel better. 

If I get drained and feel the need to renew, regenerate and refresh myself, the Electrician is my Caregiver and he does a REALLY, REALLY good job of it. 

I guess, on the whole subject, Parkinson’s sucks BIG Twinkies, but we do the best with what we have and we know and what we can. 

But between me, the Farmer,  the Electrician, & the Nursing Student, we are doing well…and Momma, she knows she is loved.


Fun weekend.

Well….Monday sure came around fast didn’t it?  I was soooo happy to see my “Outlaws” and also cried a tear (ok maybe a few) this morning when they left.  I learned a lot of stuff this weekend.

I enjoyed cooking some family recipes with my M-I-L, had fun chatting with “Papa” and felt like a kid listening to how the Electrician grew up and memories of past Grandparents and stuff. 

We had a discussion about the “older folks”, it seems funny to say this especially since “according to the young one’s”, WE are the older folks.  But what we decided was it was our responsibility to pass down all that we know, so the one’s before us will be remembered and how much they accomplished in their lifetime.

In my family, the “older folk” would be this woman….

This is my Grandmother, other people in the family called her Aunt Ruth, the Farmer called her “Mom’, I called her Grandma.  This lady gave me more than anyone else will ever know.   This is a Lady.  She had many, many qualities.  Her life was not an easy one.  She was born into a Farming family and didn’t always have a lot, but they did have values.  (To the Farmer: forgive me, for you knew her so much better than I did…but this is MY story..:) love ya).  This lady, tought  me etiquette, grace (uhmm…I don’t think I ever caught onto that one),  compassion, true grit, and a strength you would not believe.  I have a lot to be thankful for and because of her.  She stays in my heart and thoughts for ever.  From the time I was born, until the time she died, she was and is my heritage.  It is my duty to tell my children and their children about her.  I knew her a lot better than my Grandpa, simply because he died when I was little, I do have memories of him, but they are vague.  My Grandma mage a Huge impact on my life that words could never explain.

See this woman?

This is the Electrician’s Grandma, Grandma Mary.  I had the pleasure to meet and be a part of the last few years of her life.  She was a Lady too.  She reminded me alot of my Grandma but in different ways that I cannot explain.  This is the Electrician’s Mom’s Momma.  This is the Lady that my M-I-L took care of until the end.  She lived in Wyoming growing up and did not have an easy life either.  She had alot of qualities my Grandma had too, grace, patience, understanding.  This Lady had an impact on my life as well that I could never explain.

I guess for us this was a weekend of learning about our heritage, on the Electrician’s side.  I never forget my family and what they went through, but now I know more of what the Electrician’s family dealt with and went through.  And I guess the funny thing about it is both families have alot of the same things in common.  Maybe that’s why the Electrician and I, know and have the same values of what family is….

A day in the life of camsgranny,

Whew…today was a good day, and bad day, and good day.  Is that an oxymoron?  Ok, today started out great, The Outlaws, breakfast and some shopping (by the way Meijer‘s was fun).  That was in it in a nutshell.  I love my Outlaws, we have a lot of fun together, drinking coffee and talking about the world’s problems and then getting ready to go out to breakfast.

Getting to the restaurant and chowing down because I guess we are all starving at that point.  Driving 45 minutes ( My Father-in law is a maniac….their speed limit is 75 and our’s is 65, and the Electrician pointed out…uhm..several times that 70 was fast enough for anyone to drive).  ( Momma and I are giggling in the back seat)(glad I let the Electrician ride shotgun).  We do some fun shopping and spend a lot of hours in the Grocery Store (of course anyone who reads my posts know that I am not ALLOWED in the Grocery Store).  The Electrician is now cringing because I went into the Grocery Store and uhm…well…I spent some $$ cuz I JUST had to have this and that….but Hey, he got a free cookie..:) 

We got home and it seemed all the Men  (:)) had to have a nap and then all the kiddo’s showed up complete with Granbabies too…, I believed I described it last night as Chaotic Chaos….uhm…x12….uhm…Lil” man is teething and while all of his other teeth have come in with no problem his last 5 are providing a problem and he is not the happy lil’ man that he has been.  So he was a bit cranky.  Plus the Nursing student decided she wanted the kids to take a nap so she could enjoy dinner un-interrupted with us “Adults” and no kid time…uhm..huh????  It worked to a certain extinct.  We had the full on dinner with everyone around the table (remind me tomorrow to take a picture so you can see, what my beyond 72 inch table looks like before we get to it…..)  hehehe  we have decided they don’t make tablecloths long enough but that is another post…..

Dinner was Fantastic, due to my M-I-L , my Daughter #1 and well…uhm…me…we all chowed down,  (kids sleeping..hehehe).  And Then I got the phone call from the Farmer….”Joanne”  “uhm yup”  “I need you to come help me with your Mom”  “Uhm, Ill be there in a minute k?”    So, I went flying over to the Farmer’s house and my Mom, was the worst I have seen her in awhile.   (That makes me Sad)  I left a house full of family to run to my Mother’s aide, and ya know what, I’m not sorry and I’m not making excuses, because a Daughter does what a daughter does…

My Mother had a Bad day… I’m sorry the Farmer had to deal with that without me there…But he called and I came (like I always will) , because I Love My Mama…  She’s had a REALLY bad day, I’m not sure why but she did.    I got there and she  got normal for a minute or 2 but that was it, and ya know what I did?  I put her butt to bed with the Philharmonic playing in the background and gave her roasary and said some ‘Hail Mary‘s” with her and Prayed by her side….I climbed up on her bed and she asked me if I was a cat…(hehehe) and then she told me “I was a Gas”…uhmmm I’m not sure what that means but she was smiling when I left.

I got home and had fun with my “other parents”…They are fun too but ya know what?   I am blessed to be loved by all of them, between all of them they are part of MY history, and I cherish that.    My “other parents” gave me the Electrician and ya know what?  At this point I would not trade NUTHIN in the world to be with him….i Have the life I would not trade nothin for…this is MY LIFE and I Love it and am GRATEFULL for it…..  I’ve left a lot out but ya know what fill in the blanks…you still won’t get it right….I LOVE MY LIFE…sometimes it sucks and other times it still sucks Twinkies, But ya know what…. I LOVE IT…:)  Have a GREAT day ya’ll….cuz I will…:):) Love,Camsgranny!!!!!

The Moon and beyond….

I was at the folks house watching my Mom while the Farmer went out to one of his meetings that he goes to.  I had already been there in the morning/early afternoon doing the usual every day stuff that I do,  and then I went home to do domesticated stuff at MY house. 

When I got back to my folks house, Mom was having an “attack”  so I laid her down for a little while and I got stuff for dinner ready.  After about a half an hour, I went and dragged her monkey butt out to the living room (partly so I could keep an eye on her and partly because I thought I would do better calming her down with me there.)  She slowly came around (her meds kicked in), and we proceeded to have “quite” the conversation.  We talked about old friends, relatives, was Mom loosing weight, to how come her skin wasn’t tanned like mine was, to,  did I think she was up for a trip home.  Uh…what?  I told her she was home, to which she promptly told me,  No, she wanted to go home, to visit England.

I’m sorry I didn’t know what to tell her.  My Mother’s physical condition is in No Way Shape or Form  to be able to make such a trip.  And then I started thinking…..When I was a kid, an American kid, stuck  in England (ok maybe not stuck I came home to the good old USA at least once every 2 years), I kinda remember how that felt.    So I asked her what she missed.  She kind of looked at me blankly for a few minutes and then said….Let’s go to Paris instead and speak french.   Uh…ok…Ca va? and she replied and we then had an interesting conversation in french for a few minutes.  By now, I’m having a hard time keeping up with her, so I told her I was going outside for a minute, and not to move I would be right back….

I stepped outside and this is what I saw…

I ran back inside and told Mom to hold that thought it was a full moon and I wanted to take a picture of it.  I grabbed the Electrician’s camera and took pictures ran inside and oops…(sorry to the Electrician) I didn’t like the pic, so I grabbed the Farmer’s camera (psst….don’t tell him I played with his camera while he was not there ok?)  and put my memory card in it and  VOILA I got a pic of the moon!  I brought the camera inside and showed Mom…

Ya know what she said?  I’ll tell you,  “Maybe that’s why I feel all weird tonite”  uh..hum…well.. ok….

I hate to ruin a good story but it pretty much ends there because she told me she wanted to go to bed so, I got her jammies on and put her to bed, and then sat there for a while trying to figure out just what the heck happened….