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Inspiration, and a Happy Birthday!!!

This is me with The Electrician‘s Mom, last Summer. What a Lady.  Today is her birthday!  Happy Birthday Mom!

These are The Electrician’s parents aka my outlaws…:)  They have given me a bunch of  Inspiration.  You see, They took care of  The Electrician’s Gramma until she passed away at age 96.  Gramma Mary lived with them and they cared for her.  Gramma Mary couldn’t see, could barely walk and didn’t hear very well and forgot to put her teeth in A LOT.

They are the one’s who have given me Inspiration, advice and tons of support in my quest to help My Mom.  They always ask after her and listen to my stories and giggle with me and sometimes cry with me. They have also given me ideas, and exercises and other stuff to try.

So For My Mother-In-Law…Happy Birthday and Thank you for Everything!

Terribly Sad….


Like most American‘s who woke up this morning, we were all saddend by the news of what happened in Colorado.  But then as the afternoon dawned, I realised something.

One of the fatalities, of this whole mess, was someone who wrote a blog I had read not so long ago.

For someone to have gone through this and survived, to be taken  later in the same sort of circumstance saddens me.

For all my fellow wordpress peeps.  Life is short, and can be stopped at any moment.  Live each day to the fullest.


Horse Racing, Saturday at the Preakness.

The Electrician and I were watching The Preakness on t.v., for those of my readers that don’t know what it is, it the second of a 3 rounds of Horse racing.  It is the second of the races that lead up to the Triple crown.  This year,  we watched the Kentucky Derby, and the Electrician and I both picked our horses.  We don’t bet on them for real (I wish I would have though). 

While we were looking at the horses, and commenting on them.  I had to go with my first choice.  I’ll have Another, was the horse I choose, (obvious reasons for anyone that knows me. hehehe).  When the Kentucky Derby started I looked for my horse and sighed, because he was in the back of the pack.  But then, WHAMMO, my horse won!  I screamed at the t.v. and hollered and high-fived the Electrician who was watching it with me.  It was a fun race to watch.

So, with the Preakness coming on, I had to go with my heart and that would be yet again I’ll have Another, I am loyal to my horse.  And believe me I’ll have Another is a beautiful horse.  When the race started, the Electrician  and I were outside, (check my next post), but we came in and immediately were drawn to the t.v.   It was Brodymiester in the lead,  BUT  I’ll have Another was just coming into stride, and beat  the other horse by a neck.  What a race folks, I wish I had bet some money on this horse.

What a great race.  I love the horse racing and have seen it in person when I lived in Albuquerque.  To be honest, at one time my ex-husband actually used to warm up the race horses.  We would go to the track at 5:30 am and then he would run various horses and I would watch.  BUT that was a long, long time ago.

I can’t wait for the Belmont though.  I have a feeling.  This horse just might be able to take the Triple Crown.  Wouldn’t that be neat?  Ok, I sound like a nerd, but I really do like Horse racing.  Way to go “I’ll have Another”.  and Good luck on the next part of your journey.


This was the moon on Saturday night.  It was called a “Supermoon”.  Unfortunatly I did not take this picture, I borrowed it from one of my husband’s classmates.  I don’t have a camera good enough to catch it other than as a little dot. 

I did call the Farmer and asked him to try and take a picture of it, but like he stated to me today, we needed a tri-pod, so we could take a timed shutter release.  (Not that I am photo savvy in any way shape or form).

Saturday night though, the Electrician and I did stand on the deck looking at it, and it was bright.   I like this shot of it though.  After being on a cruise, everything looks better on the water.

Time to Stand UP and STOP the MADNESS….

To all my Friends, all of you all over, our community was rocked by this, a case of bullying,

A 10 year old killed herself because she saw no way out of a situation.   To me that is just down right sad, at 10 years old I was playing with my friends and didn’t have a care in the world….so I ask you… Stand Up…

I am borrowing the words of my friend Trish: What a sad, sad day it is to have to mourn one of our youths. We, as adults, need to lead by example so that children do not learn how to be cruel. Parents, friends, neighbors and educators must all work together to combat bullying. Schools cannot do it alone, parents need all the support they can get…we must empower our youth with respect for themselves and others as well as instill the importance of kindness! STAND UP against bullying!

Ashlynn R. Conner, 10, of Ridge Farm, passed away at 8:51 p.m. Friday, Nov. 11, 2011, at Provena USMC Logan Campus.
These are words from another friend Chris that I borrowed:
After seeing all the post today about the loss of Ashlynn Conner and about bullying I hope our children read these and realize how serious this can be. To all the children, teens and young adults out there, when you go to school tomorrow, before you say something to someone, think about what you say. If its something you wouldn’t want said to you – Don’s say it! Don’t try to be cool in front of your friends. Say something positive, who knows, you might make a new friend.
What’s happened to our youth of today?  What happened to one of the Golden Rules?  “Treat others as you would want to be treated?”

WOW, I learned something new.

WOW!  When I first started this blog I went with the name Camsgranny, because well..I am Cam’s Granny.  I’ve had my blog now for 2 weeks, and I learned something new.  I started a Twitter account (to help my blog), and whammo….I have some followers, some are friends and uhm…well,  some I don’t know.  So, I googled Camsgranny.

WOW…ok, I am not a teccy kinda person and there is alot of stuff I didn’t know, but there is a website for Camsgranny.  You REALLY don’t want to know what’s on there but it has NOTHING to do with being a Granny.  So, to clear up ANY misunderstandings, I am not now, nor have ever been,  a Porn star…K?

I am simply the Granny of Camden, the caretaker of my Mother who has Parkinson’s and a Goddess of homemaking (ok maybe Goddess is stretching it a bit…but hey it’s my story).

Kitty…then and now…

See this?  This used to be my kitty

This was her a coupla years ago…

This would be her now…

She likes to hang out….

This too shall pass…

Altho I want to be humourous, I find that today I can’t.  I am fighting alot of emotions, why?  I have no friggin idea…  Call it being 49 3/4, call it not enough sleep, call it…uhm…OVERLOAD..heck I have no idea.   

I read something today that really set my mind going…. “Everyday may not be a Good day, but there’s always something Good in Everyday.”  Isn’t that the truth?  We may have a really bad day but there is something that is good about it huh?  A Smile to someone we don’t know, a giggle over something silly.

I guess right now I’m on overload.  Sometimes what I am doing really, really, really get’s to me.  And me, being the person that I am let’s it go for so long that stuff comes gushing out (as the Electrician) tells me.  I guess that’s called “stuffing it”.

While I want to give off to everyone that this is humerous, it really is…and isn’t….and I’m not sure what set me off, or what got me going…..There are so many aspects to my life right now and sometimes I don’t know if I’m coming or going….Schedules, calenders, dates, uhm…oh yea.. the regular stuff…laundry, vacuming, food, cleaning, and the list goes on and on….But at the same time I think of those that don’t have what I do…a Very loving family, a home, food to feed me, a house to home me, people to love me,  friends to cheer me on.

I am truly blessed, so why do I feel so restless?  And that isn’t even the right word…I think about all I have…and I smile…  I have this

and this

and this

this too….(aka college girl)

these guys too

doesn’t stop with those  guys either..

or here either…

But it doesn’t even stop either because these two have my heart…

sewn up in a box and locked with a key…..

Days gone by…

See that sky?  I would love to see that about now. Instead…rain boots are on the agenda.  Not that I’m really complaining, rain brings back my childhood as a kid growin up in England.  However, I made a comment back then that still stands today….I shoulda been a duck then I wouldn’t mind the rain….

WOW! I got spammed!

Due to watching my Mom AND the grankid yesterday, I didn’t have a chance to post anything…didn’t even get on the computer except for 5 minutes to play my Facebook games (Scrabble addict oh yea and farkle too).

I got up this morning at 5:30 am (if ya wanna call waking up…3 cups of coffee, 2 loads of laundry later, here it is 7:30 am).  Checked the stats on my blog and Whammo….I got spammed!  Hmmm…so what does this mean?

PEOPLE are reading my BLOG!!!!  WOOHOO….

I will try and add more later, but for right now, I’ve gotta do all those domesticated things, finish laundry, put away laundry, vacume…find some more coffee, get ready and head over to the folks house and do it for them too…Oh Yea…today is the LONG…grankid day…so I’m not sure I’ll be back later or not.

Gotta figure out how to bottle up his energy, I’m feeling the need for some of it about now.

Have a GREAT day everybody!!!