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Unique, Relaxing Sunday…

Today dawned in my house this morning kind of bleary.  A typical rainy Sunday.  Ms. Baby tried to wake me up at o dark thirty and I ignored her this morning.  The Electrician did not fare as well as me, and he got up when she kicked him.  Folks, I don’t need an alarm clock.  Mine is four-legged and VERY loud, and if you try to ignore her, she kicks you to wake you up, if that doesn’t work, she walks up your body, peers into your face and wills you to wake up.

When I finally surfaced and came out of the bedroom (which the Electrician had thoughtfully closed the door, so Ms. Baby could not make me get up, Thank you to the Electrician).  I went and got a cup of coffee.

I was supposed to go to the Farmer’s today, but unfortunately I got side tracked in my kitchen.  Plus, on a rainy day, I really did not want to go outside. 

After scrubbing my house yesterday and doing about 13 loads of laundry (every sheet, blanket, comforter, clothes and everything else has been washed long over due) .  I wanted a day to just play in my kitchen and relax.

The Electrician had gone grocery shopping on Friday, and brought home something new.  I’m not sure how it happened, but I think he read “Beef steak” instead of “Beef shank” so, I tackled that today.  It’s been so long since my house has had a steak, that well…I just don’t know what to tell you.

I researched all of my cook books and then did some research on the internet.  I figure it was kind of like cooking a round steak, and folks, I was right.  I cooked those Beef shanks in my crock pot with some cream of mushroom soup, Lipton onion soup mix, and beef broth for about 6 hours.  Made some smashed potatoes, with corn on the cob, and some biscuits with rosemary and sea salt, and WHAMMO, you talk about a good stick to your ribs meal.  I’m still burping.

The Electrician went out to get some movies from our local video store (something we have not done for oh about 5 months).  We spent our Sunday relaxing watching some movies.

The first one we watched was called “Contraband” with Mark Walhburg.  While I enjoyed this movie and it kept me on the edge of my seat, well.  Ok, the Electrician enjoyed it more than I did.  I think it is one of those “man” films, that while I enjoyed it, it was ok.  If you ask the Electrician though, he will tell you this movie was the “BOMB”.

We took a little break and ate some crackers and stuff…(yes, I’m still burping from dinner, however, I do burp ladylike…hehehe).  I wanted popcorn, but the Electrician didn’t so I ate the crackers. 

We got ready to watch the second movie of the day which was “Tower Heist“, it starred Ben Stiller, Alan Alda,  Tea Leoni, Eddie Murphy and a lot of other good actors.  Folks, I really like this movie, sure it  was a little corny, but it had me laughing.  I’ve enjoyed both of the choices that the Electrician made for our “relaxing” Sunday. 

We did do the “splurge” today, normally we don’t rent movies, but sometimes, it’s nice.  Although, the Electrician did not “cuddle” on the couch with me today (it’s ok Sunshine) Ms. Baby did, we truly had a Unique day with each other. 

I cherish these.