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It was a good Day.

Today was a Good day, altho..on the other hand not so good.  But let me explain.  I got up this morning and decided I was going to take some pictures of my drive to my parents house, because in the fall it is a really pretty drive. 

 To be exact, if I take the back way it is exactly 24 minutes (obeying the speed limit and no unforseen happenings).  If I take the route through town well it’s a good 30 – 35 minutes, and NOT so pretty.  (I usually go the back way UNLESS it’s dark cuz when it’s dark….critters and deer come out and I’m REALLY not into hitting critters or deer…but that’s another story).

This is one of the most beautiful spots in my drive,  your in the country and it’s very peaceful, unless there is someone coming down the hill while you are on your way up.

Then you run into these…you see it’s Harvest season now and you run into these guys every now and then, my advice…slow down and get out of the way….


And this… I just stopped because I loved the sky and this is almost to my parents house….

When I was a kid I never appreciated any of this, it was just “beans on the left….corn on the right”, but that was before my Dad took me across the pond to England (that’s another story)….Now that I am older and have grown (okay maybe not that much I’m the same height I was when I was uhm…10…..)  to appreciate all that is around me.

I digress…that’s becoming a habit…uhm..sorry… Oh yea… I get to my parents house and the battery on my camera dies…yup…who knew?  So I swapped my memory card with my Dad’s camera and VOILA…

AND this…

p.s. I REALLY like Dad’s camera…..

I’m so easily distracted…  It was a good day because I took care of both my Mom and Cam…I had fun with both of them.  They are both alot alike, altho some people would disagree,  they both LOVE me and are both  (one from age, the other from a disease that no-one understands) kinda on the same wave-length. 

My Mom told me tonite when I put her to bed…I Love you Daughter of my heart….That to me is worth more than I could ever express in words.

The Electrician got hit today….(this is the bad part), he laughs it off and it scares me silly.  I know he is an Electrician but to get hit with 220 volts…uhm… I don’t like it and will NEVER get used to it.  There is a mark on his arm that REALLY scares me…  I’ve told him to be careful, but ya know what?  He’s an Electrician and I have to get used to it…I don’t like it any more than I like Parkinson’s….BUT…I’m dealin with it, so if I have the occasional meltdown…I’ll tell you what THEY all tell me…DEAL with it!!!


Days gone by…

See that sky?  I would love to see that about now. Instead…rain boots are on the agenda.  Not that I’m really complaining, rain brings back my childhood as a kid growin up in England.  However, I made a comment back then that still stands today….I shoulda been a duck then I wouldn’t mind the rain….