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didja ever…..part 1000000

Didja ever, wonder about the stars?

didja ever wonder about life?

didja ever wonder, where you are today is where you would be?

didja ever wonder,  how confused life can get?

didja ever wonder, how can things be so out of whack, that you can’t seem to find yourself back in the whack?

didja ever wonder why?

didja ever wonder why not?

didja ever just lay in the grass and stare up at the stars and just breath?

didja ever just catch a fire fly with a mason jar?

didja ever wish you could go back in time, to your childhood with the knowledge you have today?

didja ever just wonder at the marvels of life?

didja ever think someone else was in charge?

didja ever, just think?

didja ever give Thanks for your Blessings?

didja ever wonder what your Blessings were?

didja ever, just think,  yea, I got this, and you don’t?

didja ever just wish that things could be different?

didja ever just Thank your family for having you?

didja ever just wish things could be oh so different?

didja ever just stop to smell the roses?

didja ever just wonder about all your friends and family that have passed before you?

Didja ever wonder Do I really have an angel following me?

didja ever just take a moment to smell the flowers?

didja ever just forget about all the chores you had to do, and simply enjoy the moment?

didja ever just stop and think, I am a speck on the universe and what I do does not really matter?

didja ever think that a smile from you could brighten up a strangers day?

didja ever think, some are called to do something, and others are not?

didja ever think that the one’s that appear strong, really are not?

didja ever think, that sometimes, the one’s that are the quietest, really have the most to say?

didja ever think, that, sometimes, I think too much and it can really harm you?

I have some issues lately.  I think too much, some say I have too much time on my hands, but ya know what?  I really don’t.  I try so hard to fill up every moment of my day, just so I don’t have to think.

But at the same token, I do have some randomness in my day, and then my mind starts working, and I don’t know how to shut it off.

I’m okay, really I am, I think fear is my biggest enemy right now.  If you have followed me, then you know what I am talking about.  Things are not getting better, they are getting worse.  Not everyone see’s it, but I do.  I guess, because I feel Blessed to be in Momma‘s inner circle.   Although today sucked some green Twinkies…. She thought her Mom was still here, and it was like she relived every part of it, except her Mom’s been gone for some 14-18 years now.  Having to tell her that about crushed me.   BUT….

didja ever wonder how a disease lives?

didja ever wonder, how the person with it feels?

I am getting a glimpse into it, I don’t like it but I will deal….

I’m not to sure what lesson’s I am learning, but I’m here, and ready.  Sometimes, I just wish the rest of the family was with me.  It’s ok, because, I understand what I am doing, takes time away from my family, I just hope and pray they know what it means to me.

Daily Prompt: Is the glass half empty or half full?

When I saw this in my e-mail this morning, before I got up to do what I normally do on a Sunday, I kind of giggled to myself.

My first response was, I am just thankful I have a glass.  If it is half empty, then I am doing good, if it is half full, I am doing even better.

I guess I don’t see it in the context it is said.  Let me break it down for you.    First of all, I am lucky to have a glass to put  anything in, because there are plenty of people out there that do not even own a glass.

If the glass is half empty, then I have a bunch more to cherish and enjoy.  If the glass is half full, then I am doing pretty good, and still have a bunch more to cherish and enjoy.  So either way you look at it, I am Blessed for having the glass and it being either “half empty” or “half full”.

It’s all in how you look at it…..


Throwback Thursday….

This is a post I originally posted Sept. of 2011.  I was feeling nostalgic today, and when I see how little Cam-Man was I giggle.  If truth be told, this was my 4th post ever.

This kid LOVES music….I love this kid….

These 2 Love each other & I love both of em……and yup…that’s Nascar on the big screen.  You see The Electrician loves SPORTS…ALL sports….It usually starts on Thursday nights and ends on Mondays….football that is….

This is a form of love too….the toad lives on my patio and Ms. Baby looks for him all the time.  Maybe it’s her prince….

This would be Cam’s parents…They are in Love too….:)

This would be my love……

This would be the Farmer and Momma, they are in love too.