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Road Trip to a Wedding….Part One…..


Whew, I made it.  Have you ever gone on a road trip and had almost everything go wrong?

Let me back up and state my last post was made in a haze of packing up the car, making sure our “wedding clothes” were hung up, the map in the front seat, car gassed up and ready to go.  Cold medicine in hand and down throat.

While I was not driving, I was the appointed navigator.  Might I just slide in a little suggestion here?  Do NOT let person’s who indulge in cold medicine be the designated navigator.  It CAN and will lead to some issues.

Now, mind you we have only traveled this journey once before, and that was in April.    It is normally, give or take 30 minutes, a 4 hour trip.  Without going into detail, (other than to state in my defense, I was totally turned around in my directions) 7 1/2 hours, 1 full tank of gas and working on the next one, being told, if I didn’t find the way soon, I was going to be exiting the vehicle and I could walk the rest of the way, later, we finally arrived at the hotel.    We checked in and literally threw our stuff in the room, got more directions from the desk clerk, because we were already uhm  about 1/2 an hour late for the Rehearsal dinner.

Mind you the navigator has had ANOTHER round of cold medicine, and this time, got the day time and the night-time one’s mixed up.  Yep, I took the “yea, it’s gonna knock you out SOON ones”.

So, needless to say, we got lost AGAIN.  What is normally a 17 minute trip to the place where the Wedding was going to happen, it was more like 45 minutes for us, and there was a bunch of cussing going on.  Oh and yes, I am still married.

After finally arriving, and having all of the kids laugh unrestrained at the fact the “old one’s” got lost, and  they left AFTER we did and arrived before we did.  We wrapped things up, and yes went back to the hotel.  This time following other’s who knew the way.  By now, my head was starting to droop.

Somehow, even though I had been in a car all day and had medicated myself, I felt worse.  I could not stop coughing, and had a fever, and knew there was no way I was going to be able to keep my plans for the next morning.

You see, I had a little window of opportunity, to drive about 20 miles (although by now, being seriously directionally challenged, I questioned my ability) to meet a fellow blogger, whom I have gotten quite close to.  It broke my heart to make that phone call, and tell her I couldn’t do it.  But I do know, with us being in similar circumstances, that if I breathed my germs onto her, and she went back and gave her sibling the germs it could kill them.  For me, while I so wished to meet her in person, the risk was to great.  So I plan to hook up with her, when I am well, and not a directional idiot.

While I am complaining about me being sick, the College student was in the same boat as I, and we coughed in “harmony”.  Somehow, everyone managed to end up in our hotel room that  night, and more family giggles were made.  The Grandbabies were happy, and the parents escaped and left them with us for a bit.  And  Auntie Boo, got a quick lesson, on why she states, she is never having children.

In part two I will tell you how the rest of the trip went, it did get better.  And NO we did not get lost.




Valuable lesson..

I learned a very valuable lesson today.  Before I can tell you about it, I need to give you a little of the back story.

For those of you that know me, I don’t usually use the Air conditioning in my car.  My philosophy is that I have 4 windows, and I can always get a breeze.   When ever I park at the Farmer’s I usually leave my windows down and 9 times out of 10, the keys in it too.

A few months ago,  there was a cardinal that had nested in the Farmer’s trees.  Every time, I would pull up to the house, this cardinal would fight with himself in my side view mirror.    I would watch him, and giggle, simply for the fact, he was fighting with himself and probably did not realize it.

One day, after I had left the Farmer’s, I was cruising down the country road with 2 windows open, and the radio blasting.  I kept hearing a chirping.  I thought it may have been the Rav4, so I turned off the radio, and rolled up the windows and the chirping got louder.   I looked in the rear view mirror and did not see anything, so I kept driving.  The chirping got a little louder and more frantic.

I turned around and looked in the back seat, and there in the middle of the back seat, I had a passenger.  I slammed on the brakes, and got out of the car and opened all 4 doors and tried to get my unwanted passenger out of my car.  Meanwhile I called the Farmer to advise that the bird, was in my car, and how the heck did I get him out.  Unfortunately, the Farmer was laughing to hard to help.  I finally got him out of my car, and finished the ride home, a little bit more subdued than I had been.

Throughout these past few months, I have had various  “animals” show up in my car.  A spider here, a fly there.  Until today.

The morning went well and I loaded up in the Rav4, went the back roads, and enjoyed the trees and the occasional deer I saw.  When I got to the crossroads, and had to stop at the light, I don’t know what caught my eye, but sitting happily on the floor of the passenger side was a mouse.  I screamed, the mouse screamed and scurried.  Where you ask?  I have no clue, I think I made it to the Farmer’s house in about 15 minutes, and at that point it’s a good 20-25 minute drive.

I skidded into his lane on 2 wheels came to a screeching halt, and ran into the house yelling for the Farmer.  When he looked at me, he knew I was rattled.  When I explained that there was a mouse in my car, he laughed, and then put his shoes on to come help me get it out.

We went outside, and opened all of the doors, and I peeked under the seats, and we decided to leave all of the doors open.  We even looked under the hood, just in case.   We left all the doors open, and went inside.

We did have a couple of “idea’s” as to how we could rid the Rav 4 of a mouse.  First thought, was that I would vacuum it out (p.s. kids, my car is not dirty other than a little dust and a couple of empty water bottles).  Second thought was that we would lock both kitties in my car and let them have at it.  Don’t worry, we didn’t go with the second idea.

The Farmer left to run a couple of errands, and I pulled the car into the garage, and got busy vacuuming.  I started with the back of the car first, and slowly worked my way around the front.  I will spare you the gory details, but it was accomplished with a bunch of screaming.

Uhm, the Farmer is now the proud owner of a mouse in his garage.  I backed the Rav4 back out into the lane, and promptly closed all the windows.

My valuable lesson, I’ve learned.  I am NOT Dr. Doolittle,  I am deathly afraid of mice, I have mad driving skills, and I really don’t want any more “creatures” in my Rav4.  From now on, those windows are up tight and doors are closed.

Queen of the back Roads

Yup, I’m Queen of the backroads….if you have read my earlier posts then you will know, I HATE to drive through town.

So, Yesterday I had to go to the folks house and then go to the Kids house to watch Cam-theMan while his Daddy (the son-in-law) go for another test for his “new” job (which by the Grace of God he got).

So I fly over to the kid’s house and get to spend about an hour with Cam-the-man

While his Daddy AKA son-in-law AKA the fisher-dude…

took another test…this one was a semi-physical…he said he had to do lifts and stuff…but I digress AGAIN….

I was on my way back to the folks house and was driving down the road and I swear I thought I had lost my muffler.  It was a VERY LOUD noise that had me turn onto W. Newell Road, (I know this because I ended up telling 3 different people about it) and pull over and get out and walk around my vehicle.  YUP, I gotta flat tire…uhm.. ok…I’ve only had the Rav4 for a couple of months and I’ve never read the manual (I don’t even know where the jack for the car is ok?) But I do remember that I have Road side Assistance not only on my Insurance but ALSO through the Toyota dealership as well.  I got this….I get on the cell phone and call the 1-800 # on my window (passenger side 2nd door)  “Uhm..hello I have a flat and I don’t know where the jack is to change my tire…. uhm..ok I don’t even know where the crow bar (???) is to get my lug nuts off the tire is”  “Ok..we will be there to help you and we will cover the first $100 to get you back on the road”  Ok…  that’s cool I’ll just sit here and wait for help. 

Meanwhile I call the Electrician to tell him…Uhmm Honey I have no cash and I left the checkbook at home so if I have to pay something I’m gonna use the Credit Card.  He says ok no problem.  So here I am sitting in my car because EVERYBODY says sit in your car and wait for help.  And ya know what….I sat there for about a half an hour and only 3 nice looking gentleman stopped to ask me if I needed help and I told them nah, but Thank you! 

Meanwhile I get a call from the Farmer who tells me “Larry just called I wanna go harvest some beans…”  “uhm ok…go ahead I’ll be there  in a few minutes roadside just called me and they will be here in 10 minutes so go ahead and go and tell Mom I’ll be there in a few minutes…”    Then the Electrician calls me and says “Are you in your car?”  “Uhm yup why”  “The police have helicopters and a swat team cuz somethings going on and it’s on the road your on”  “Uhm… ok I can see for about 2 miles and there’s nothing but ok I will sit in my car and lock the doors”…

Then…I am looking up the hill and low and behold Carnaghi’s Towing pulls up next to my Rav4 and gets out and changes my tire, not needing a carjack or nothin’…  He was a really nice guy that took care of my flat tire in no time at all (probably about 8 minutes top).  Fixed my flat tire and told me to Have a nice day Ma’am….Now I know why I bought that extra service at the dealership…So I was on my way…got to the folks house and Mom was cleaning…  okay…maybe flooding the kitchen but it’s ok….we all survived and no-one was hurt.  Altho I spent the next hour re-cleaning her flood in the kitchen but ya know what it was ok…..

And by the way….I’ll still take the back roads…and the hulibalu about the police and swat team, apparently there was an armed robbery and it wasn’t even close to where I was, and they caught the guys that did it…uhmm…about 6 miles from where I was….so see…nothin to worry about…:)