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Hot Date on a Wednesday?

Ok, I feel a little guilty.  You see when I first started this blog I was going to put something into every day.  Welp, here it is a couple of days have gone by and I have not typed anything.  As the Electrician says, “I got nuthin”.

So, I thought I would tell ya’ll about spending the evening with Cam-the-Man. (That lil kid is crazy)   

Tonite, I watched him for a couple of hours while the oldest daughter AKA Nursing Student (aka Cam’s Mom), went to class. 

When I got there the Nursing student had him in his high chair and was giving him dinner.  So, I took over and “helped” him eat his “sammich” with some cheetos and mandarin oranges.  I have to say that kid LOVES mandarin oranges.  Probably because they are small like him.   Dinner was over and of course Granny had to give him a couple of vanilla wafers, he loves those too.

Then… the fun began.  We dragged ALL of his toys out and proceeded to play hard for the next hour or so.  I chased him and we ran around all over the place.  We played with cars, and emptied the toy box and filled it back up, and then we found the basketball. (ok I can palm this basketball so it really isn’t that big)  Lil’ dude has a basketball hoop in his room. 

Here I have to stop and explain something, first off I am 4′ 11″ tall, the basketball hoop is about 4’8″ tall so I AM ABLE TO DUNK THE BALL!!!!!!!  Well Cam LOVED the fact that Granny could pick him up and HE COULD DUNK THE BALL.  We played basketball dunking for about an hour. 

We finally stopped and cleaned our mess up and decided it was time for a mug of milk and a little sit down time (he didn’t need it, I did). So Granny dragged out his “kid recliner” and put it in the living room with his Dad’s recliner.  We both sat down and supped up some milk (well…I had Sierra Mist).  This is how the Nursing Student found us.

So that was my “hot date” for tonite.  I then came home to the Electrician, and that’s a plus too.  You see, the Electrician had been working on the road for about 14 months and now he’s home because there is work at home now.  But that’s another story for another day.