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Guest post…..AGAIN…

DSCN4162Hey y’all, it’s me…Ms. Baby, or as Mom calls me, “Fat cat”.

I’ve had a very productive day.  My Mom stayed home with me today, well she did go out for a bit, but it was okay, I was ready for my nap by then.

My Mom was still asleep after my Dad left this morning.  He told me to let her sleep, so I did, for a bit.  How long does a Momma need to sleep for?  I went in and woke her up, because I wanted some food, and cuddles.

Mom goofed around and did something called “cleaning”, but her and I took time out today to have some cuddles.  She washed the sheets on the bed, and we had our favorite game, I “helped” her make the bed with clean sheets.  I like how they smell.

Around noon or something like that, I wanted to go outside, so Mom let me out, and I noticed something.  Every bird in the neighborhood was visiting our middle hanging plant on our porch.  I laid underneath it, not quite sure what was going on, and Mom kept her eye on me.  Something was happening.

Mom said the birds were singing, because of an “event”.  Whatever that means.  This evening, I went outside again, and got busted in the garden by my Dad, he made me come inside, and I heard Mom and Dad talking.

Apparently the robin bird that has made her nest ON MY PLANT on the porch, had her babies tonite.  Mom said she looked from the top of the deck and there are 2 little baby birds in the nest.

Hmmm….I may have to lay underneath the nest for a bit, baby birds have to fly sometime, and I’ll be waiting.  Okay, who am I kidding, My Mom and Dad will have my skin, if I do something to a baby bird, but it might be fun to be a “God mother” or something…….


Bird’s Eye view…(Guest post)

Hey y’all, it’s me again…Ms. baby AKA, fat cat….

baby aug 09 002My Mom wanted to tell this story, but it is all mine to tell.  If you read Mom’s blog, you will know, I tried to catch a baby bird a few weeks ago, and got “dive bombed” by every bird in the neighborhood.

I don’t understand what the problem is.  I. AM. A. CAT.    Cats catch mice (haven’t you ever watched the Tom & Jerry Cartoon?)  But, we also like birds.    I have a hunters instinct about these things.  As my Mom say’s,  I am a cat.

I personally think these birds around my “hood” like to torture me, simply because they know my Mom and Dad won’t let me catch them.   Ha, I got news for my parents……

The past few years, my 2 legged siblings, buy Mom a hanging basket, that she loves, Dad waters it to keep it alive, and I do like the smell of the pretty flowers.    Well, I guess those birds like it too, because for the past couple of years, they have made a nest in it, and had babies.

This year,  A Momma Robin has decided to set up her nest in the middle basket, and I’ve been keeping tabs on her, one of her relatives flew straight at Dad and almost landed on his nose, so I have to watch out for him.  Baby birds are sort of clumsy, when they first start to fly, and that’s when I watch them closely.

DSCN4500This is the Momma bird, that has set up her house in my Mom’s plants.  She takes breaks from sitting on her nest, and I ALWAYS get yelled at, when she does this.  Pfft….I don’t want the Mom.  Dad and Mom always yell at me to behave, when she leaves the nest.  Like I am going to get her or anything.  Shoot, All her relatives that are around would probably hurt me.  I’ve been dive-bombed before.

DSCN4498This is the Mom hanging out at the basket right next to her “babies”, heck, they are still eggs at this point.  There are 2 of them, so things will be chirping up a storm here soon.

DSCN4501This is the Mom in her nest, that she made, and gets mad at Dad, whenever he waters the plant, that she is nesting in.  I lay underneath the basket every time I go outside, just in case, something falls out of it, and I can “save” whatever falls.

There are some other things hanging out around my house lately, and they look like this.

DSCN4504Now me, I love when Mom makes fried chicken, I wonder if I catch these, will she fry them up for me?  They look like big chickens to me.  I tried to catch one once.  Dad and Mom laughed at me, pfft.  If I really wanted to I could catch one of these.

But, I’m Ms. Baby AKA fat cat, and I don’t feel like running THAT hard after them.

Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know when the babies hatch, and start to fly, ahem, umm, start to leave the nest.

prrrrrrrrrr, I’m going to bed now with Mom and Dad now, someone has to keep their feet warm at night.

Uh oh, Tuesday.

While I don’t normally do my blog this early, I thought I would just give y’all a peek into my morning.

I was sleeping ever so blissfully, when I was rudely awakened by a paw in my face.  Apparently, Ms. Baby thought I should get up and get moving.  Since today is my “double” with Momma (yep, the Farmer and the guys are having a night).   I had a lot to get done this morning.

After finding the coffee pot (thank you to the Electrician who left me exactly one cup, so I could drink that while another pot was brewing, LOVE that man.)   I got busy, workout done, check, vacuuming done, check,  floors mopped, check.  Catching Ms. Baby running into the house with a bird in her mouth,  Uhm WHAT?

Yes, you guessed it.  She has been camping out in the garden, because the birds like our garden.  This morning my little girl, who has no front claws (mind you), decided she was going to give her Momma a present.

She came flying in through the sliders and I noticed her immediately, I had visions of the “chipmunk  episode” run through my brain, I didn’t want some poor bird to be stuck in my house.  I cornered her and got her to move back outside, but unfortunately, the poor little sparrow didn’t make it.

Ms. Baby has been loving up to me all morning, and while I have to praise her for her, for her hunting prowess, I feel bad for the little bird.    I just hope this is not a sign for my day.

Hope y’all have a good one, Me?  I am going to be a little cautious.

Yo, Momma….HELLO

Hey y’all, my name is Ms. Baby, ok, so those humans call me Baby.  I am the daughter of the household.  The Electrician, and that crazy Camsgranny always wanted to have a baby, and guess what?  I’m it.

I’ve been a little miffed lately.  I have taken to hanging out in the garden, and they hate that.  The Electrician thinks if he waters the garden, I won’t lay in it, guess what?  He’s oh so wrong.  The cool dirt that I am laying on is oh so comfortable, plus I have to keep an eye on what’s going on out here.

I also have a master plan, just don’t let them know ok?  You see, I used to let them think that I was happy with going out and laying underneath the chairs and stuff..  HA, I got them fooled.  After having my butt dive bombed by the birds because I just happened to spot one of those feathered friends eating worms in the yard, huh… who did they think they were?

I’m on it, and I will protect my humans, from the birds, pfft, I may not have front claws, but buddy, I am fast.  Plus, my Momma, (Camsgranny) really hates when the birds let loose with all of their poop, especially when it lands on her.  Good Golly Ms. Kitty, she flops around and screams and stuff.  I got this, Momma.

The reason I’ve been hanging out in the garden (uhm….psst…don’t tell the Electrician or my Momma)  There is something living under the garden.  It’s not zombies, or anything like that, cuz if it was my butt would run for cover.

There are some creatures that are digging holes, and I think my old buddy the chipmunk is back, (if it’s not the one I cornered in the house and stalked under the bed until Momma made him run out the screen door, I would have killed his butt), and I wouldn’t have to put up with his off-spring now!

But, I’m here to tell you, I got my eyes open and no matter how many times they run me out of the garden, I am still watching and waiting, and I will get whatever is in there.

Psst, don’t tell Momma I had computer time tonite, she might just get mad, and I won’t get my treats for tomorrow…So, it’s our secret ok?


Meltdown is over…..

I have decided in the wake of my last meltdown, I am taking myself and my situation far to seriously.  Although, I tend to have meltdowns, they don’t happen very often, well…ok, not as much as they used to.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our own day-to-day living that we tend to forget to stop, and just smell the flowers.

So, today I stopped, and smelt the flowers. These beauties happen to be on my front porch.  The Electrician had planted these about 7 years ago, and they only bloom once.  If anyone can tell me what this plant is I would really appreciate it, because the electrician and I have no clue.  This one is nestled in between these.

My favorite and I started out with two of them and we have split them for so many years, I now have about 9 of these babies.  I really love the hasta plant.  I’m not sure why, other than they are a very hearty plant.  I just love looking at all of the “babies” we’ve split from the original plant.  They survive our harsh winters and come back every spring and then start blooming in the summer.  Many a squirrel, and even a chipmunk or two, and bunnies, have lived under these leaves.

There is also a bird bath,  we put it there originally for the birds, but it has turned into Ms. Baby’s t.v. so to speak, she sits at her window in the garage and watches the birds.  I think personally she has evil thoughts, but at least she doesn’t act on them.

So, basically, while things may be tough, and sometimes, you feel a meltdown coming on, maybe instead of having the meltdown, we should look around us, and count our Blessings.  Because truly I have a lot of them, and it doesn’t help anyone,  especially yourself, to meltdown.

I did have a giggle today though, the Electrician was going to water our garden at 1pm today, and I asked him “didn’t you water them this morning?”  he responded with “Uhm, no”.  Then I informed him (in all my Farmer’s daughter knowledge), “Honey you are not supposed to water them in the heat of the day, it is like wasting water, and it will burn the plant.”  Although, honestly, I thought I had pulled that out of my a$$, when I asked the Farmer this evening He informed me I was right.  Water your plants, first thing in the morning and after the sun is not shining on them in the evening.

I did go over and put Momma to bed this evening, and she was fine, maybe a little muddled, especially when she asked me about algebra.  Huh????  I did have to remind her that I flunked math.