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Happy Birthday!!!!

This is a little early, but I wanted it to be special.  You see while America celebrates it’s Birthday on July 4th, someone very special to me celebrates a birthday as well.DSCN4509

That would be my Dad aka The Farmer.  We have had lively discussions the past few days, and he has shared some of his stories with me about his “growing years”.   (He’s done that most of my life, but the juicy stories have come out, now that I am officially an Adult, guess I had to get to 50 before that happened).

Things Dad did for entertainment, take the wagon apart, and put it back together ON TOP of the barn, that’s when he was a little tyke.

He’s always been a Farmer at heart, and loves his John Deere.    He did a stint in the Navy, and even today, still gets the Navy newspaper.  I was born in a Naval Hospital, and then remember San Diego, when he was stationed at Miramar.   I was little then, but do have memories, of those times.  Dad got out of the Navy, and joined his other love, Airplanes.

He took me across the pond and we lived in England, for me, until I came home at the age of 18, but he stayed there for about 22-24 years, (Okay, I’m working on memory here, and I’m sure it will hit me after he reads this).  Dad showed me most of Europe by the time I was 16.  It was a fun time in my memory, and we did make lots of memories.

His true love, Annie, and he came back the U.S.A. and I came to live with them for a time.  He got back to his roots, and has loved his farmer’s ways.    That’s probably why I call him the Farmer.

My Dad turns 79 years old today.  When you think about it, that’s a long time.  Or as I like to tell him, he is older than dirt.   When I look at Dad, I see my Grandma, they are cut from the same cloth, and I see both of them.  These people have molded me and tought me a bunch of stuff.

I can only hope to live to be 79 years old and still be in control and full of it, tehe, (I had to add that in there.)

I guess what I am saying is Happy Birthday Dad, I didn’t get you a card, but I will be cooking you a meal that will blow your socks off, and I will be there to spend the day with you and Momma, and the Electrician is coming too.

All those fireworks that are going off, well…the rest of the country is celebrating what a wonderful man you are, oh yea, and America’s birthday too.  (wink)


Seriously, where has the time gone?

The past few weeks for me have passed in a whirlwind.  Birthdays, parties, eating out, day-to-day living.  Whew.  I made it.  For a bit there, I wasn’t sure I would.  Luckily, there isn’t another birthday for about a month, when you have 4 Birthdays, and an anniversary all within the space of the month of April and first week of May, well, it can be a little over whelming.

We started out with Momma‘s birthday, then it was the Farmer and Momma’s  32nd wedding anniversary. While it is hard to celebrate, simply because, I could not bring a cake, nor could I really give her presents, I did what I could, and brought flowers (which she loves) and an anniversary balloon (that Cam has totally had a blast with).

The next event was the Fisher Dude’s  30th birthday, his lovely wife (the Nurse) had planned a surprise party for him at Red Lobster, and about 35 + people were there.  He did not have a clue, and was totally shocked.

DSCN4428 DSCN4452

Mind you, the Nurse had planned this about 2 months ago, and we were all in on it.

The cover story was he was meeting the Electrician and I, and we were buying him dinner.  I so wish we would have gotten a picture of his face when he realized it was a party for him, because his jaw literally hit the floor.

It was such a good time, and with a bunch of friends, it was a very memorable time.

I think a good time was had by all, and it was mentioned that  how would the Fisher dude “top” that as the Nurse’s birthday is 2 weeks  after his.  They both turned 30 this year. While he may not have “topped” his birthday surprise, he did pull off a party for the Nurse.

We all met, the family, at Monical’s pizza, and all of us, including the Nurse had a bunch of giggles.  We were not the only one’s they’re celebrating  birthdays, either.  Apparently the other “big” party in the place was for a Grandmother’s birthday.  As they were leaving, this was after the waiter brought out the cake the Fisher dude had the Electrician and I, get there early to set up everything.  The Birthday girl came over to the Nurse and whispered into her ear, and then the Nurse busted up laughing, and then told us, what was said.  The other Birthday “girl” (I think it was her 70th birthday), asked the Nurse, “Do you know why Tigger looked into the toilet?”  The Nurse shook her head, and then heard “To look for Pooh”.


This was Cam-Man’s card to his Momma, I had posted a note to the Nurse on Facebook with Cam-Man holding this, and I think the Nurse liked it, especially, when he gave it to her.




Pizza, beer, family, Good times….Carrott Cake, call it winner, winner, pizza dinner.  I think I ate enough pizza to fill me for the rest of the year.




While the past few weeks have been like a fart in a whirlwind, I loved each and every moment of it, I would not trade it for anything.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and I will celebrate that too.  So there will be more pictures, and happy times, Folks, have you ever just wished time could stop, so you could soak up all of your Blessings?

I truly don’t mean to brag to anyone, but I am so thankful, I have so many Blessings, simply because not all areas of my life are this happy.  But I do try to find the Blessings and the happiness whenever I can.  Luckily for me, I feel well and truly Blessed.

Parkinson’s, Momma and Me….

Have you ever immersed yourself so totally into something that you have found you have gotten tunnel vision?  That somehow, you have forgotten to look up and just breath?  You have managed to wrap your entire life around something.

These are things I have thought about the past week.  Don’t get me wrong, as I have the love and support of my family.  But lately, I’ve been so enmeshed in Momma‘s, Parkinson’s and so dreading the next steps, that maybe I’ve seen things, that may or may not have been there.

I do have to quote the Nurse in one of our conversations this past week, “I’ve seen them be on death’s door and then recoup and live for 3-4 years more”.  So, that lead me to some deep thinking, and also to an understanding, of myself.

Instead of always thinking the worst, I need to look at the positive. I guess I had one of those AHA moments this past week.  Momma was bad…she was sick, and I scared myself silly when I went in to check on her one morning.  She was so pale, and seemed to me to be just barely breathing, she was weak, and I got literally so scared.  I called the Nurse and asked her to come check on Momma.

I guess in all of my research on Parkinson‘s, and while I don’t have it, I think I know a bunch about it.  While I have researched until the sun has gone down and come back up again, the funny thing about this thing called Parkinson’s, is no one has the answers.  It affects every person differently.  Parkinson’s Dementia is also a another unknown in the medical clan, and research is improving, but still sketchy.

I made a decision this past weekend.  As Momma passed her 69th Birthday (twice, because she did not remember celebrating her Birthday on her Birthday, we did it twice).

I have decided, that instead of looking for the end, I will cherish each moment I am given and when God calls Momma, then so be it.  I am tired at looking at “signs”, because they get me all upset and torn up, for nothing.  No one knows when someone will go “home”, and while all the “signs” can be there, Momma is  like a rally squirrel.  If she’s not ready, then I’m keeping her here.

Are we tired?  Hell yes we are, the Farmer is tired, and I know this.  But what happened between the Farmer and Momma today, made my heart swell.    When I was getting Momma up, and I needed the Farmer’s help, and he came into the room, and told her how beautiful she was, and she asked who that “good looking man was”,  I felt truly Blessed.  The love they have for each other, even with this horrible disease, made me happy.

Parkinson’s affects every one differently.  We have lived with it for a while.  We’ve only dealt with the “bad” part of it for about 2 years.  But when I look at everything, I try to place myself in her shoes, and try to feel how she feels.  I can’t do it without totally feeling helpless.  It’s not a good feeling.  I can only help as much as I can, and try to make her days, better.

I know she loves me, she tells me everyday.  We share so many giggles, even when she is not feeling her best.  One spark in her day is her love for Cam-man, (who is my Grandson), they share a bunch, to who can go on the potty, instead of in their pants.  To holding hands and giggling together.  The young and the old…..there is so much to be said for that.  I can’t even begin to tell you.

I don’t really even know where I am going with this post, but this is just an insight of my mind, going through some stuff.

It’s beginning to look…..

Yesterday was a fantastic day.  I celebrated my 51st birthday and my 14th wedding anniversary. After an extremely late night (for me), I slept in this morning.  Unfortunately, it was not going to be a lazy Sunday for me.  I still had to go grocery shopping, and finish all the stuff I blew off yesterday.

I got busy early and finished the grocery shopping and came home, and the Electrician had pulled out all of the decorating stuff for us to finish our Christmas decorations.

We had just barely gotten started when I bundled everything back up, because the Nursing Student, Fisher dude, and Cam-man and Brayden boy stopped by for a quick visit.    They all entered the house with each Grandson carrying a present for me for my birthday, and both of them telling me Happy Birthday G’ma! at the top of their lungs.  I just busted up into a fit of giggles, because both of the boys said Happy Birthday so clearly.  I was very happy with the presents too.  I got 2 pounds of coffee, 1 pound of “naughty” and 1 pound of “nice”.    It sure made me giggle at the titles of the coffee, but they sure do sound good.

After the kids had visited for a bit, they flew off down the road, and the Electrician and I got busy with the decorating.   Meanwhile, I had shoved a boston butt pork roast in the oven, and also a vegetable medley of mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, and potato’s into the oven a little bit later, and also threw a salad together.

We finished the decorating, and then chowed down on a wonderful dinner.  Now?  we are both stuffed again, and relaxing.  But my living room looks amazing.  We also talked about decorating downstairs, where we usually hang out.






We don’t even have all of the stockings hung up, I have about 4 more to add, but I’ve kind of run out of room.    My house looks terrific, and I have watched some Christmas shows on t.v. tonite, and I am feeling the Spirit.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.


Today, was MY day….

I very rarely get to sleep in.  Today was MY day to do that.    I was in some serious slumber and there may or may not have been some drool involved, when the shrill ring of the telephone interrupted my slumber.    I thought the Electrician would pick up the phone, but no, it was the Farmer and he let it ring until I grabbed it from beside the bed.

“uhm..h’lo?”  I answered, to be replied with ‘Happy Birthday to you” from the Farmer,   who then followed that up with “Are you sick AGAIN?’.  “Uhm, no Dad I was still sleeping.”  Geesh, it was only 8:30 am for crying out loud.    I wasn’t complaining though, because after the Farmer told me Happy Birthday, Momma got on the phone.  Now, to be truthful,  Momma probably has not spoken on the phone for about 2 years.  When I heard her sweet voice, telling me ‘Happy Birthday honey”, it felt so good.  Very rarely does she surface before 11 am, and to be told Happy Birthday from Momma at 8:34 am was marvelous in my opinion.

That was the first of many calls today, and I have enjoyed each of them.  For those of you that know me, today is not just my birthday, it is my anniversary.  Yes, the Electrician married me on my birthday.  He probably figured it would be easier to keep track of both dates that way.  However, with that being said, I did make him sign a contract, that he could not get away with just one gift for  both events.

We had already decided that we were going out to eat at my favorite place called “The Habachi Grill”, (it’s the Electrician’s also), for some sushi and good old buffet food.

We had originally planned to go ahead and go grocery shopping and do some Christmas shopping too.   We both got ready and hit the door, with the first stop being the bank so we could cash some checks we had received.    The next stop was at “Big Lot’s”.  I truly like that store, and while we did not have that much we were looking for, other than an extension cord, so I can finish decorating my tree, we found all kinds of neat stuff.  It must be my Birthday though, because the Electrician allowed me some unauthorized purchases, and both of us were happy.

Next stop was the mall.  That place has truly gone down hill for my small town.  There are very few stores, and it’s like a “ghost mall”.   We did stop at one outlet though, the Vermilion County Animal Shelter Society had some pets in the mall, hoping for adoption.  The Electrician and I walked through, petted some cats and laughed at the puppies, but both of us know in our heart, Ms. Baby is “Queen” of our house, and I don’t think she will allow us to have another animal unless it is a kitten, and even then I would fear for its safety.

We then headed down the road to a place called the Dollar Tree.  I had never been in this store until my outlaws were here for a visit.   The Electrician and I looked at a bunch of things, and I found a few “stocking stuffers” for the Grand babies, and also a few things for me.

Next stop on the agenda was Wal-mart.  Now before y’all think we were just shopping we weren’t, some of it was wasting time until we could go eat, and when my tummy grumbled, it was time.  I did find my Birthday present in Wal-Mart though.  Forgive me for being silly, but I truly fell in love with a Christmas bear, who sings “the Night before Christmas”.  I gave the puppy dog eyes to the Electrician and we bought it.


I seriously have listened to this thing about 50 times, I truly love it.

We finally arrived at our dining destination, and I do have to say, the Electrician and I truly hurt ourselves.  We do not go out to eat very often, and today I made sure I was giving the buffet the justice it deserved.   I ate sushi, and a bunch of it.  I then went back for some different fare, spring rolls, shrimp, chicken 4 million different ways, egg drop soup, lo mein, and then some more sushi, then it was time for dessert.  For some unknown reason though, the restaurant frowns and has strict rules about shoving your head underneath the fountain of chocolate.  Go figure.

After waddling out of the restaurant, I was miserable but full and happy, in a kind of “OH MY GOODNESS< I SHOULD NOT HAVE EATEN THAT MUCH” kind of way.  We did stop at County Market to pick up a few things, but by then my jeans were busting and all I could think of was getting home, taking off my jeans, putting on my pajama’s and hoping to burp or fart or something.

Upon returning home, and yes, I have to go grocery shopping in the morning, it’s been about 4-5 hours, and I am still full.  Thank goodness though some of the above requested things have happened and at least now, I am comfortable.

My Birthday has been fantastic….thank you to the Electrician and everybody else for making it so.  The 100+ Birthday wishes on Facebook, have me truly humbled.

So, now that my birthday, while it is not over, it’s time for the Anniversary celebrations.    My day has been fantastic.  Thank you!!!  Everybody!!!!


Inspiration, and a Happy Birthday!!!

This is me with The Electrician‘s Mom, last Summer. What a Lady.  Today is her birthday!  Happy Birthday Mom!

These are The Electrician’s parents aka my outlaws…:)  They have given me a bunch of  Inspiration.  You see, They took care of  The Electrician’s Gramma until she passed away at age 96.  Gramma Mary lived with them and they cared for her.  Gramma Mary couldn’t see, could barely walk and didn’t hear very well and forgot to put her teeth in A LOT.

They are the one’s who have given me Inspiration, advice and tons of support in my quest to help My Mom.  They always ask after her and listen to my stories and giggle with me and sometimes cry with me. They have also given me ideas, and exercises and other stuff to try.

So For My Mother-In-Law…Happy Birthday and Thank you for Everything!

Happy Birthday Sissy!!

To My beautiful sister, I truly wish her a Happy Birthday today.  While it is not nice to give a ladies age away, Happy 49th Birthday!!!!  Hey, next year she will be 50, and WAIT for that one…Since I have already passed that golden age, and while I’m saying have enjoyed some benefits from “Denny’s“.  hehehehe….

The above picture is of us last February when the Electrician, and I, My outlaws and my “sissy in law” went on a cruise.    While we had an amazing time, I have to admit something.

Being an only child, I’ve never been “privy” to the “brother, sister” dynamic.   I guess I didn’t truly understand the love between a brother and a sister, nor any love between siblings.  I didn’t have any.

But I will tell you this.  This woman has been in my life for oh about 17 years, and she really did not like me, when we first met.  Her brother had been through 2 marriages, and she was a little hesitant to accept anyone else in his life.  She did not want him to be hurt again.    To be truthful, I was a little scared of her.

We had a rather knock-down drag out, and things were a little rough.  But something was learned through that experience.  She learned, I’m in her brother’s life until we die, and I love her.    She’s had her share of rough times, and lived a life I once lived.

To MY sissy,  Thank you for teaching me the “proper” way to eat crabs at the Crab festival.  





Thank you for being brave enough to go Ziplining in Jamaica with me, especially when the group told you and I “We were the life of the party”. Thank you for all those whispered secrets between the two of us.  Thank you for being the BEST  sister a girl could ever ask for.  Thank you for calling me when I need just to hear an encouraging word.  Thank you most of all for Loving your brother, and once you saw, I loved him to, to letting me into your circle.  Although, to be honest, your driving still scares me, but that’s another post.

I am so proud of you, for the things you have overcome, and the woman you are today.  I am so proud to call you MY sister.  Love ya!

Happy BIRTHDAY!!! To My Electrician..


While yesterday was the Birthday party for my two Birthday peeps, today is actually the Electrician’s birthday.

We stayed up kind of late last night, so we slept in this morning.  While we were cuddled up snoring, Ms. Baby decided she would come in and sing “Happy Birthday” to her Daddy.   Normally, she usually comes in and jumps on my side of bed and peers into my face meowing, then proceeds to kick me with her back legs. I guess she knew it was the Electrician’s birthday, because although she jumped up on the bed on my side, she gently stepped over me and peered into his face and   “meowed“, then promptly kicked him with her back paw.    Me ?  I slept for another 10 minutes, then jumped out of bed.

The Electrician was just waking up, so I went and got us both a cup of coffee, and then I sang Happy Birthday to him.  Now, for those of you who follow my blog, you know,  I don’t EVER cook this man breakfast.    This morning, I cooked French toast and 2 eggs “over-easy” just the way he likes them.  I even served his breakfast to him on a decorated tray, so he could eat, while he replied to everyone that wished him a Happy Birthday, on the computer.

We’ve had phone calls all day from various kids, and people calling to wish him Birthday greetings.  We had a hilarious call from my “outlaws” and his sister, and we were serenaded by all three.  I had to laugh though, because when it came time to say “Happy Birthday to”  they all 3 inserted “Happy Birthday to Oink”, “Happy Birthday to You“.  Apparently when the Electrician was just a wee little dude, and his sister. who is 3 years younger, tried to say his name it always came out as “Oink”.

We’ve had a very relaxing day, and for those of you that know me, we have 2 computers in the house.  The main computer (which I normally use) at the desk and then we have the laptop (which he usually uses).   Today, I have given up my computer time and let him use the desktop.

I made him a dinner he had semi-requested, the only thing, is usually on Sundays, I get everything together and he grills it.  Today, I cooked everything in my kitchen, and just called him when it was time.

This is my beloved, sitting down to his Birthday meal.

This would be his place setting.  Yes, that is a Ribeye Steak cooked to perfection, with some mushrooms cooked in butter, with some Worcestershire sauce thrown in and a couple of cloves of garlic, a baked potato, and also some roasted broccoli and cauliflower , and a bowl of salad (that he loves to smother with sunflower seeds, parmesan cheese, Colby/jack cheese and ranch dressing) .

After dinner, I told him to get lost and I would clean up the kitchen, but my Electrician reminded me of the agreement we made when we got married, oh so many years ago.  You see, I HATE to wash dishes.  I love to cook, but the clean-up, uhm, not so much.  So, he washed and I dried and put away.  My kitchen was cleaned up in no time, and we both came downstairs.  Seeing as how we were both still tired and in a food coma, we both laid down for a nap.

Supper for us?  we are both still kinda full from the feast we had earlier, so our supper will consist sharing a big hunk of cherry cheesecake.

I hope my Electrician has enjoyed his Birthday.

To Him, I say this.  Thank you each and everyday for loving me and giving me the life I never thought I would have.  I love you to the Moon and back and then some. Thank you for also teaching me all of the life lessons that you have.  When we met, I was broken, you gave me faith, and healed me.  You taught me not all men hit women, and that I will always be safe around you.  You taught me it is ok to disagree, and to also work through any problems we may have.  You taught me what it was to miss someone so much, but to know they were on the road working to save their family. You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me so mad at times, I could strangle you, but then you give me that look, and I start giggling and it’s all good.

Thank you to my Electrician, for giving me and showing me what family was all about.   Also, for the power of laughter, and knowing that no matter what we go through, we have each other, because YOU are my rock.

Happy Birthday “Oink”!  and here’s to many more!






Happy Birthday to my youngest son!

29 years ago today, I found myself in the hospital ready to give birth to this wonderful little creature.  Back in those days we didn’t know what we were having until it arrived.  While my whole body screamed at me it was going to be a girl.  Yea, it was wrong.

I arrived at the Air Force Hospital ready to go, when my labor just stopped.    Well crap.  So my then husband and I left a little dejected, because I was sure it was going to happen today.   As we got into the car, I stated, I was starving.  So, we stopped at our local McDonald’s, where I proceeded to stuff a Big Mac and Large Fries and a chocolate shake down.  I had no sooner taken my last sip of chocolate shake when, it happened.

Back to the hospital we went, and after getting checked out by the Doctor, who stated, yep, you are now 9 cm and ready to pop.  Well duh, I knew this. They brought the incubator into the room I was in, and plugged it in and while the hubbs and nurse were scrubbing up, I heard an explosion and saw flames shooting from the incubator.  “Uh, somebody, you might want to get in here, I’m having a contraction and there is a FIRE in the friggin room”.

After the danger was eliminated, and A LOT of screaming, and maybe a few cuss words were spoken, my second son arrived into this world.

While through the years this kid has given me fits.

I am proud of the Man he has become.  (It just took a while to get there.)

Happy Birthday little one! (That’s an oxy-moron of a statement, this kid is 6’1″ and I am 4’11”)

Best Gift EVER!!!!

Ok, forgive me because this gift happened a few…(cough) years ago.  You see, the Electrician married me on my Birthday, simply so he could kill two birds with one stone…HAHAHA, nope, simply so he could remember 2 events in one.  I made him sign an agreement that I would get 2 presents on my day, not only my Birthday, but my anniversary too…

A few years ago, we had the time of our lives.  He SCORED tickets to “The Temptations“, on our anniversary date, the dinner before the event was my Birthday present.

That was probably the last concert he and I have attended, but my gosh what a concert it was.  It was so funny, because after dinner we went to the concert hall, and even though I was stuffed with dinner, he bought me a coke and popcorn.

There we were sitting in our seats, and well….we were surrounded with people a little older than us.  But let me tell you when the Temptations came on stage,  Camsgranny had her butt up and dancing.   I even dragged the lady sitting next to us up and had her dancing too.  The Electrician laughed his butt off that night simply because I enjoyed myself so much.  I even dragged his butt up off the chair and made him dance with me and the women sitting next to us.

I so enjoy music and everything it makes me feel.  I have songs that can bring me to tears just by memories, I have songs that make me laugh, giggle, and smile.

But to be honest, this is one of my most cherished memories.  From the snow on the ground, to freezing my butt off that night, while my beloved heated up the car and scraped ice off of it, to making sure my Birthday and anniversary was the best.

I will never forget that one.  Including dancing in the isles, and just over all having a fantastic time.