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The Joys…..

DSCN4507See this little face?  I had the pleasure of spending the day with him today.    I got my unhappy butt out of bed at o’dark thirty am, and brushed my teeth, got dressed grabbed a cup of coffee and flew down the road to his house.

I was met by Bella the dog and the Nurse, who blew kisses to me, as she left for work.  Lil’ dude was still sleeping, so Bella and I shared some, “she thinks her 40lb butt is a lap dog, while she loved all over me” time.  Bella finally settled down and we spent a little quiet time together, she really likes her ears rubbed.  (Uhm, please y’all don’t tell Ms. Baby the cat, I’ve been cheating on her ok?)

I heard lil dude waking up, and knew, he would come out of his room and go straight for his parents room, where he would crawl up onto their bed and curl up with whoever was there and go back to sleep, at least that is his usual routine.  I didn’t count on him, to see me sitting on the couch and the joy that lit up his face and he ran into my arms.  I scooped him up and he was giggling, and talking a mile a minute, “Hi Jo, you got me today?  We go to Papa Dan’s?  We go play with tractors?  You got oatmeal?”  And then he took a breath.  I guess it was a reunion, I haven’t seen him since last Thursday, when he spent the day with me.

We spent a few minutes just snuggling, and then Bella decided she wanted to snuggle with both of us, and all sorts of giggling, and licking and crazy stuff happened.  We got up and lil dude had to show me “I’m a big boy now Jo, watch”.   Yes, somewhere along the past few days, lil dude is almost potty trained (so much for the new batch of diapers I bought, but that’s a good thing really).

After getting lil dude dressed, complete with mickey mouse big boy briefs, we grabbed his backpack, packed a few things into it, as in a spare change of clothes,  5 favorite toys, his blankey and a sippy cup, we headed down the road.  I had to get gas, so we made a pit stop at the local Casey’s, and got some gas.  We then went in to pay and lil dude had to have “bug juice” in a Woody sippy cup (Woody as in Toy Story), and then he thought Papa Dan would like a donut, so he picked one out for him, and away we went.

Papa Dan had to visit the Vampire this morning, and that’s why we hurried over, so we could give Momma her first round of meds.  Imagine our surprise, when we arrived, Papa Dan was already home, and smiled big when he saw Cam-man.  The first words out of Cams mouth were “Papa Dan, we go see your tractors now PWEASE?”.  Cam settled down, we all decided to have breakfast first.

I in my infinite wisdom, had packed a bag from my house to bring with me this morning, it had 3 different choices of Oatmeal, 2 banana’s and some diapers, and a couple of Cam’s favorite snacks in it.

After Cam and Papa Dan had a breakfast of Oatmeal, although Cam was a little miffed because Papa Dan’s had raisins and his didn’t.   Papa Dan went to run to the store and Cam and I did some stuff around the house.  We swept the kitchen and dining room, and cleaned up some messes we had made on the kitchen floor, when we had a water fight in the sink. We watched a little t.v. and just had a good time.

Cam kept cracking me up though, because it was every 1/2 an hour, he was ready to go potty, but had to have me help a little.  We had already set up his stool by the toilet, and he knew to stand on it, but he couldn’t pull his shorts down without help.  This kid seriously cracks me up, after going, he proudly looks at me and says, “I tapped it Jo, no drips”.  I kept telling him, he was doing good, and he did ALL DAY long, there were no accidents.

Papa Dan and Cam went out to look at the tractors, and I had to laugh when, Cam told Papa Dan, he liked the cub lawn mower better than the John Deere, because of the steering wheel.

When it was time to get Momma up, Cam came in to help me, and Momma started giggling right off the bat, and said, ‘My Goodness, he is a giggle and cheeky too.”.

Fun times were had by all today, and it is such a change from the regular “doom and gloom”.   After leaving Papa Dan’s house, Cam came to my house, and we played in his sandbox for about an hour.  First I buried his feet, then he buried mine.  We both giggled a bunch!

I didn’t worry about what chores I had to do, I just had fun and  enjoyed my time with such a cool little person, although I may be biased.  But seriously…..looking at this face, it still makes me melt….

DSCN4585It also brings to mind so many giggles, I had and needed today.  Out of the mouths of a 3-year-old, especially when he was trying to figure out, how much older papa Dan was, and said to me, “Jo?  Your Daddy is old”.  I could do nothing but laugh, and say, “Yes, Cam-Man, he is, but he gets around,  and has good toys huh?”  he replied  “UH HUH, and  I  like his  twacters….”.



WOW…what a weekend….

I know y’all are probably tired of me saying how Blessed I am, but gosh darn it, I feel it.  So much at times, that it outweighs the bad in my life.  Does that even make sense?  There are areas of my life that are totally tragic, and filled with doom and gloom.  But then, there are areas of my life that are so fun-filled and action packed, I can hardly contain myself.

Cam-man spent the night at my house last night.  It was a pre-planned event.  His parents needed a “date night” and plus to be honest, The Electrician and I wanted him to spend the night.  When Cam came over, we had a surprise for him.  After giving the Fisher dude a hug and kiss, he left and then the fun started.

We had a garage sale a couple of weeks ago, and Cam-man mentioned that he wanted a Sand box, with our profits from the garage sale.  The Electrician diligently searched the internet, and we found the best deal.  We ordered it and it arrived, the Electrician picked it and some sand up, and it was ready and waiting.

DSCN4515Cam Man was introduced to his Sandbox, and it was a hit.  Little dude, was all smiles, kicked off his shoes, and dug right in.  But he did ask his Papa, “You play with me Papa?”





DSCN4519Guess who climbed into the sandbox with Cam Man?  Yup…..his papa, and they both gave me the “face”.  The only thing I could do was giggle, simply because we did hand prints, foot prints, and Cam wanted to do face prints, but I drew the line at that one.

DSCN4522Next thing on the agenda was a boat ride.  Cam was totally up for this, after Papa gave him his life vest.  Cam cannot swim, and Papa was determined if the ship went down, little dude would be safe.  I cannot believe MY tongue was out for this picture.    We had a blast on the paddle boat, and Cam was a trooper.  He didn’t like the fact that maybe Jo was the reason Papa fell into the pond, but he sure giggled when instead of peddling forward, I pedaled backwards when we trying to go ashore.  OOPS, sorry Papa (hehehe not really, this was after he paddled me into the tree’s).  When we finally made it to shore, Cam helped “dock” the boat, and was ready for his bubble bath.

We had popped popcorn and Monster’s Inc. was on the t.v. and it was cool for a few, but Papa had been following the Blackhawks hockey team on the computer, and when it went into overtime, well….. Shoot in my house anything SPORTS rules.  Papa asked me turn on the t.v. in the bedroom because anything sports in my house has got to be seen.  Papa went into the bedroom and was watching Hockey, when Cam noticed he was gone, he asked me “Where’s Papa?”.  I told him, “in the other room buddy watching hockey”.  duh…it was on then….

DSCN4525I ended up in the front room watching Monsters Inc. and those two were on MY bed watching Hockey.

Needless to say, the Blackhawks won, and Cam fell asleep on the couch and I fell asleep on his bed, right next to the couch.  During the night Papa woke up, every time I rolled over, and Cam eventually rolled  off the couch onto me.

Cam and I snuggled all night, and when he woke up, I had to giggle.  His first words, “where is Papa?”, as papa came out of our room, Cam wiped the sleep out of his eyes, and gave me his “B”.  Priceless.   A few minutes later Cam arrived and sat on me with his bowl of oranges.  Papa, doesn’t have the advantage I do, and he improvised.  I got a cup of coffee with a bowl of oranges.

We all got ready and headed off to Church.   There is a Part 2 to this story, I will post the rest of it tomorrow, because between you and me, I’m tired and wiped.    I will tell you this, “Grandkids fill  a place you never knew was empty, until they arrived.”

Tomorrow is Cam Man’s b-day, we’ve got some surprise’s in store for that kid….

Before I go for the night I just want to say something.   To ALL of my kids, if I gave birth to you or not, I love ALL OF Y’ALL,  some of you have surprised me, and I am thankful for all of you.    ALL of  my kids have Blessed me in one way or another.

I am not just Blessed because of the Electrician, who goodness knows took me at my worst and has helped me to be my best, But to my Dad, who well, he gave the seed that was planted, and has helped me grow, and ALWAYS been my biggest follower, But to ALL the people who have helped me to be what I am, and also what I am growing into.   I have found, when you are so Blessed, you need to give Thanks, so I am giving Thanks to all of you.  Some of you don’t even realize that you have helped me.  To you, I say with a heartfelt Thank you.  I am Blessed.


Today….how it affected me…

Today, was a little different for me….it was a “fly by the seat” of your pants type of day.  I  got a call last night from the Nurse, asking me if I would watch Cam man today.  Pfft….is there any answer but yes?

So when the Electrician came into the bedroom and “gently” asked me to get up, I woke up swinging.  By that I mean, my hair was askew, and I tried to surface.  I grabbed the cup of coffee that was sitting there for me (Thank you honey).  I got the bed made and then got dressed.  By the way, have I mentioned how much I HATE to get up early?

I traveled over and arrived at the Nurse’s house before I was supposed to be there, and hehehe, she didn’t look any better than me, but all’s I had to do was deal with Bella the dog, and crawl on the couch, she had to go to work.

Bella and I made peace and we were both settling down to go back to sleep, but oops, Cam Man arrived.  Blanket in tow, and did not want to go back to sleep.  Sigh….After getting all his stuff together, telling Bella by, our day started.

Arriving at my house, and getting another cup of coffee and a mug of chocolate milk, we were ready.  While I will admit to laying on the couch with Cam man while “Curious George” came on, after he was done, me and Cam got busy.

Cam decided the clothes we brought over for him, wouldn’t cut it, he went into what I like to call the “blue room” and opened the drawer and dragged out his “Buzz lightyear” shirt and wanted to wear that today. So,it was.

Cam and I proceeded to breakdown a whole chicken, cuz, I was making fried chicken for dinner.  We made papa’s lunch and a pasta salad, and then decided it was time to go.  We did a few more things, but it’s ok.

On our drive to Papa Dan’s, I was peppered with, “Are we there yet?,  Now?  Now?”  We cheated this morning, we visited the golden arches.  (enough said).  (I have to admit, I was having keyboard problems last night and this is where I stopped typing, so this will be a 2 day post, as long as my keyboard co-operates.)

After arriving at the Farmer’s, we got busy with some stuff, and of course Cam-man peppered the Farmer with “Is it time to see the tractor yet?”.  After papa Dan got the John Deere out of the barn, Cam-Man and I went for a drive through the country, Cam even put his seat belt on and (imaginary) drove me everywhere.  We laughed and giggled, and just had an over all time.  It was time for us to go in and check on Momma and give her some more meds.  Cam was at the window, while I was giving meds to Momma, when Cam yelled at me.  “Jo, Papa Dan stuck”.  huh?

I was done giving meds and came to look at what he was talking about.  Sure enough, the mower was in the ditch, and Papa Dan had the John Deere tractor, ready to pull it out.  Cam and I flew out the door to offer ‘assistance”.

Cam was stationed at the top of the hill, and I went down into the ditch and helped to “drive” the mower out.  Cam was fascinated.    His eyes got so big, and he wanted to help so bad.  He was so excited when the mower got unstuck that he started jumping up and down and clapping and yelling.

With everything back to normal, I told Cam (after he had run the length of the yard, “driven” the John Deere, and conquered the pirates trying to steal the tractor) it was time to get Momma up.

We went inside and Cam-Man held Momma’s hand and gave her all the encouragement he could.  Him and Momma were “love muffins” today, the loving and hand holding and kisses going on.  Well….they make my heart melt.

Apparently, I wore Cam out, because he fell asleep on the way home and did not even want to wake up for his papa, and then when his Momma came to get him, he cried.  He was a very tired little boy.

Fast forward to today, when I wish Cam-Man had been there.  today, Papa Dan’s driveway got rocked and tarred, I wish I would have taken pictures.  (palm smack to the forehead, where is the camera?) Cam would have loved all the BIG trucks and stuff going on.

But anyway, today, was a good day.  Momma was back in form, and enjoyed  spending time with me, to holding my hand, and giggling over every day stuff.  Papa Dan got a new driveway, Papa Electrician got a note from Cam-man left on his window of his truck at work from Cam Man, and I had a good day period.

Remind me to tell y’all about the newest episode of Ms. Baby and the birds, and also it’s gonna be a good weekend.  Cam Man is spending the night.

My life if pretty busy right now, and I appreciate that fact, the busier I am keeps me out of trouble and dwelling on things.  It’s all good in my hood.  Hope it is the same for y’all….  Night…

Just another day…..

These past few days have been full, and I really haven’t had the chance to miss Cam-Man, because somehow, we have ended up with him.  Don’t take that the wrong way either, we have enjoyed every minute of it.  I’ve learned to adapt and change-up my schedule as needed.  I’m kind of liking this “new” not known schedule.

Monday afternoon, we got a call from the kids, they wanted to borrow the truck to go pick something up, but they could not fit Cam-man into the truck with them.  We told them to take the truck and leave little dude with us.  Mind you, this was after I had a really bad day with Momma.

DSCN4490DSCN4492Cam man is learning to ride his Batmobile around the yard  He has improved so much with his steering and his ability to stop and go.    He was trying to run over Papa, and he was just so cute to watch, and made me giggle a bunch.

DSCN4494Now if you look, he had a very important item to him, in the back and that was the big ball he found, and it was riding shotgun.  But, he could not figure out how to keep his “cup” on the  back, so Papa helped him out and put it in his shirt.  On the backside.  Oh the giggles that happened….

DSCN4493This is one very proud little boy, who learned how to steer, stop and go, and just drive around the yard with “freedom”.  He’s been working on this for a bit, and psst…it’s a good thing, because his Birthday is coming up and he is going to FLIP out when he sees what he’s getting.


Spending the evening with him was a blast.  From writing on the sidewalk and showing Papa the game he and I made.  He was so proud, it made me just smile.  He finally got Papa to take his drink out of his shirt.  And then headed for a bath, and some ice cream.


Fast forward to the next day, and after taking care of Momma, I went and scooped him up (I would have taken pictures, but, uhm…Camsgranny is a little NOT techno savvy and she killed the batteries on the camera the night before).

I took Cam-man to the Park and seriously giggled a bunch.  Cam loves the park, and his Momma passed by us and she honked 3 times while going by, and Cam stopped and waved.  He was thrilled to be there and ride the swing, go down the slide and made Camsgranny climb the slide backwards to allow him to skip the puddle and slide down.  (Guess you had to be there to truly appreciate THAT statement).

We arrived home, and rode the Batmobile again, although, Cam’s Daddy surprised us and showed up early, but the Fisher Dude and I sat and watched Cam ride.  The Fisher dude was a proud Daddy, while watching Cam ride through yard.  We both cracked up after Cam stopped and “did an oil change and aired up his tires”.

The Electrician and the Fisher dude, put the “topper” back on the Electrician’s beloved S-10 truck, with Cam “helping” of course.    We sent Cam and his Daddy on their way with some pulled pork BBQ that I had made (I cooked that stuff for 2 days and it was the BOMB).  The Electrician and I settled down after 2 nights of Cam-Man in our house.

Today, with Momma was….a suprise, and a Blessing.  Wherever she has been, she is back.  The Farmer came in while I gave her a bath, and was talking to her.  The Farmer cracked a joke, and while I would like to share it, it was of a risqué nature, so I won’t, but it sure brought a  big old giggle to Momma.

Momma practically danced on her way out to the front room, and she was THERE.  That made such a difference after the past couple of days. Sometimes this journey is a roller coaster ride, you never know whether to hold onto the side of your pants or just go with the flow.

I do know, that my journey is filled, and I’m loving every minute of it.  I never know what’s going to happen, and my “daily routine” has been so switched up lately, I never know what to expect, but at the same token.  I’m starting to think it’s a good thing.

I’m seriously tired of being sad, and I enjoy the giggles so much more.  While life can throw you some curve balls, I do know that with positive attitude, and God’s grace, I am doing ok.  It doesn’t hurt, though, I’ve got some guardian Angels, and they are holding my hand.

Through his eyes…..

I’ve spent a bunch of time lately with my little dude.  His name is Cam-man.

DSCN4470This little dude is about to turn 3.  He is full of questions, LOVES all things boyish, John Deere tractors, bugs, OUTSIDE, nature, and just plain everything.


He shows so much compassion at the age of “almost 3′, that truly triggers my heart.

He loves the Farmer, and the Farmer thinks it’s because of the “Big toys” he has.  Cam-Man has fallen in love DEEPLY with tractors.    Not sure why, but so it goes.

I can’t tell you, over the past couple of days, Cam-man has been at the Farmer’s and all’s he truly wanted was to be outside.  So, with the  weather cooperating, we’ve been outside.  Cam has learned how to plant a plant, tomatoes, and green peppers, and played with the dirt, and ran from one end of the Farmer’s property to the other.  He did have to stop halfway and say, “WOW“.  He got truly excited when we passed by the fields that all of the Farmers are out planting right now.  He counted the amount of tractors we have seen, and was trying to count the fingers.   On the way home today, he gave up and fell asleep at 15.

When people ask me, how I deal with everything I deal with, I simply say look at this picture,


Because truly a picture is worth 1000 words.



Whenever I see Cam and Momma together, it makes my heart burst.  This little dude has had a hard time recognizing who I am, much less the people I bring him to.  I have since been renamed, to “Jo” simply because that is what his Momma calls me and he feels comfortable with this.  He knows my Dad is his “Papa Dan” and my Mom is ‘Grandma Jo’s Momma”.

When I truly sit down and think about it, he is teaching me things.  It must be confusing for a kid, to have THAT many Grandparents’s, but Cam’s dealing with it in his own way. He tell’s me every morning, ‘We going to Papa Dan’s?”  “Yes, Cam we are, and we have to take care of Grandma Annie ok?”  “She’s your Mom right?”  “Yes, Cam that’s my Momma ok?”  “Yup”.

Cam is the light of  Momma, from him telling her to “poo on the potty and NOT in her pants” cracks me up.  Dude listen to your own advice ok?  Cam-Man stands at the front of Momma’s bed everyday when I give her a bath, and her and Cam carry on like nothing, talking back and forth, it makes me giggle.

But what I have truly realized, between the banter they carry on, they are both helping each other in a way.  Whenever it is time for Momma to take those steps into the other room, Cam sits on her walker, and gives her encouragement the whole way. he tells her “put your foot down” to “breathe, we are almost there”.

Who knew an almost 3-year-old had that kind of power, especially when his main love is “Buzz light year, and John Deere tractors?”

I’ve said this from the beginning and I will say it forever, the “new” and the “old” have so much in commen, now if they could both just poo on the potty I would be so much happier…..

Attitude, and then some….

I have noticed lately, that Momma has some “tude“.  Some of it is good, some, not so good.    While I understand, that Momma is not “Momma” in a sense, we are trying to find a balance that works.

To the Farmer, before I get into this, I’m sorry if I have “broken” our code, but sometimes, you need to share with other’s, things that you are dealing with, for other’s that are dealing with this thing called Parkinson’s.

I’ve been reluctant to talk about it, because we are dealing with “new things”, and we are still trying to find our own way through this thing called Parkinson’s.  But I had kind of moment today, call it frustration, call it AHA, call it, someone please explain this to me, or just one of those over all moments, when you facepalm your head and say, What the Heck.

I have to back up the trolley for a second and let you all in on yesterday.  We changed up Momma’s schedule yesterday, and while we thought it would not make a difference, it did.    We got Momma up an hour earlier than usual, and put her to bed earlier than usual.  It wasn’t  a major problem, other than we had to use the wheelchair all day yesterday.  Yes, I lifted Momma myself ( my back will tell you I did)  (Something about a little 4’11” roughly 115lb girl lifting her 5’7″ 138lb Momma).  Momma did not walk yesterday, she tried, but it wasn’t gonna happen.  Momma had a good day of sleep yesterday.

Today, Cam-man and I went in and visited with Momma a few times before we got her up.  Imagine my surprise when I went into give her, her meds, and I told her “Good Morning Sunshine girl, how is my Momma today?”, she replied with “Good Morning darling, not to bad.”.  All the while Cam-Man is pointing to Momma and asking me, That’s your Momma Jo?”  Yes, Cam-Man it is.  He smiled and grabbed her hand and then carried on a conversation with Momma, to which only he and her understood, because I was looking at both of them like “Uh, what????”.

When it came time to get Momma up, she was full of giggles and “back to normal”, after her bath, the Farmer was on the phone with one of his buddies from a long time ago, and it was one of those “Oh Shit” conversations. (plain english, one of his and momma’s friends had died)

Since the Farmer was on the phone, I decided not to disturb him, and put Momma on her porta potty by myself. While it may have taken me 2 tries, we did it.  Momma latched onto me like I was the last person on earth.  Cam-Man was there telling Momma, “You do it with Jo okay?”.

When the Farmer arrived, Cam-Man and Momma and me were giggling over our attempts, but when she heard the news of her friend passing, she withdrew, completely.  From there it was a very hard attempt by Momma to WALK into the other room with all of our help.

MY Momma is in there, trust me, I know this.  While Parkinson’s does what ever it does, she’s in there.  Today, was a rare glimpse into that.  I saw her fight to walk, even after I had asked her about the wheelchair, and she looked at me with spit drooling out of her mouth, because she cannot swallow  I gave her a cloth and she spit it out, and told me, I WILL  WALK into the other room.  And folks, she did.

Wherever her mind is at, I don’t know.  She see’s things that are not there, she HURTS everywhere, and sleeps probably 22 hours out of a 24 hour day.  But that hour  or so she is awake, sometimes is hell on wheels.

Cam-Man summed it up today, when we left the Farmer’s house.  I always tell him to give the Farmer and Momma loving before we leave.  Today, Momma was not quite herself, but Cam-man gave the Farmer a hug and a kiss and told him, I’ll be back.  Then went up to Momma and grabbed her hand and kissed it, and looked into her eyes, and said, “I Wove you, I’ll be back, be here ok?”

After reading this, it might sound pathetic, but ya know what?  It’s Parkinson’s, and we are dealing with it.  We are fighters here, and even Momma is still fighting.  I can only hope I can show the grace, love and dignity, when this disease robs you of all it.   Momma still has all of those.

Welcome to my day….

This morning when I woke up, I was a little groggy around the edges, but managed (with the help of something called coffee), to pull myself together before a cranky little 2 1/2-year-old arrived at my house.

Now yesterday,this little dude was a little ray of sunshine….





It was a sunny day, and we played outside, did a walk of the grounds, looked at bugs, Swept off the porch, and took care of Momma.    After leaving the Farmer’s house yesterday, he and I actually went to the park for about 1/2 an hour before I took him home.  He did wrangle a promise out of me, though, that we could go back to the park today.

When little dude arrived today, he was…well…a little on the cranky side.    After crying for a minute, I got him to calm down, and blow his Momma a kiss out of the window, and then explained a ritual that my family has.

When the Nurse pulled away from my house, she honked her horn 3 times.  (short honks).  I asked Cam-man if he knew what it meant.  When he told me no, I told him let’s go get breakfast, and I’ll explain.  After getting his cereal (which today he wanted his Papa’s cereal and not his), we sat down and I told him the story.

How when his Auntie Boo was little and his Papa used to go see her, whenever he would leave, he would always honk his horn 3 times, and it meant “I Love You”.  So that every one in the family now does this when we leave each other’s house.  So that when his Momma left him at my house this morning, even though she felt bad, because Cam-Man was crying and did not tell her by, she was still telling him  “I Love You”.  Little dude got very wide-eyed, and almost sniffled again, and told me “I love my Mom”.  We had a little conversation about how maybe sometimes when he was tired, he should ALWAYS try to tell his Mom he loved her.

With all of THAT straightened out, after breakfast, he and I headed to the park this morning, because it was supposed to start raining soon.    We hung out and did some hard playing for about 30 minutes, and then headed to the Farmer’s.  We had quite the conversation in the car, and I realised, that sometimes, the best conversations, are with younger people, who are looking for answers, and in a way they understand them.

We arrived at the Farmer’s right before the rain, and little dude was happily playing at being a pirate.  The Farmer had to run out and do a couple of errands, so Cam and I checked on Momma several times, and she was a little snoozy today, so we let her snooze.

Cam and I did the things we do, and he is such a good helper, he loves to sweep, and also to take out the trash.   I did have to laugh though because we found a new game, where he walks up my body and then stands on my shoulders.  He even told the Farmer “Look Pawpaw, I’m tall”.

It was time for me to go in and get Momma up for the day, and little dude decided to go into pirate mode, and come in and “scare” Momma and me.  I think he got a little nervous, when momma growled back at him, so he went into the front room to “growl” at the Farmer.

Now I really do have to pause here for a second and let you know, that the  78-year-old Farmer can “growl” with the best of them, and Momma and I were in fits of giggles in the bedroom over the 2 in the front room, being pirates.  At one point, Momma stated “cheekiness at it’s best”, when I asked her who was being “cheeky”  she told me, both of them.

Cam did not want to let go of the Farmer and actually had him in a “love hold”, when I came out to get the Farmer, to help me with Momma.    Cam grabbed his “B” (blanket) and went and sat in the chair and watched us get Momma up.

Momma did pretty good today, and actually got a neck and back massage by me first and then Cam.  She was so totally relaxed, she went back to sleep in her chair.  Cam and I packed up and headed out.  When we were leaving the driveway though, Cam shouted to me “honk, honk, honk”.  I didn’t get what he was saying, until I had driven off, and he brought to my attention, that I don’t honk when leaving the Farmer’s house, and maybe I should.

When we got the Nurse’s house, he did not want to be there, he wanted to go to my house and see his “Papa“.  After talking to him, and giving him my hat, he seemed ok, and as I was getting ready to leave, his Dad showed up, and he was happily playing in the garage with his Dad.  (This kid is ALL boy).

When I went to back up,  I looked at Cam and he was waving at me, so I honked 3 times, and that little kid, blew me a kiss.

My lesson today, you ask?  Sometimes I take things for granted and also, as just the norm.  I’ve decided that when I leave the Farmer’s house from now on, I will carry on the tradition of honking 3 times, just to let the Farmer and Momma know, that even though I do not say it enough, I Love them.

This little dude is teaching me, as I am teaching him.   I think sometimes we are both learning together.  But I’m serious when I say, I never knew the Farmer could be THAT loud when playing, nor did I know Momma could growl like a perfect pirate.

Thank you to the Nurse for giving me her gift….I think he is truly cherished by the Farmer, (who states, I kinda like that kid), to Momma who says “cheeky little dude, but my buddy”, to me, who Thanks God for him, and all he has brought me and my parents.

Troubled…and heart-broken….

Camsgranny is troubled…. She has had some awesome days with Cam-Man and momma.  But today when she arrived home, and checked her e-mail and other stuff, She carried on.  Nothing new here…..

I had just finished doing a warm-up meal ( food out of the fridge that was saved for day’s like this), when my phone rang, it was from one of my fellow bloggers, that I’ve known for about a year.

Her journey is similar to mine to an extent.  While I care for Momma, she cares for her brother….It broke my heart, at what she told me.  The desperation in her voice, hurt me.  While I tried to give her comfort, I knew in my heart what the new, news means.

I can’t make it all better, I could not even try, the only thing I can give her is my experience over what I’ve dealt with. It does not even reach what she is dealing with.

It’s hard this road I travel.  I don’t just deal with Momma, I deal with other people and their journey too.  Maybe I am to empathetic over not only my own struggles but other people’s as well.

My Biggest concern today?  And trust me it might change at any given time….BRING awareness into other people’s lives.  I’ve had a good long time to get prepared for what Parkinson’s will bring us, other people might not.

The biggest thing?  Parkinson‘s will attack you and take from you what you are not willing to give.  Us?   The Caretaker‘s of our family members….we sit back and try to make the person affected with this nasty disease, feel comfortable and do the best with what we know.  But…we don’t know a lot…..

While Parkinson’s might not affect you, it does affect a bunch more people than you would like to think,  Let’s be there for them?

I typed this last night, and I saved it, obviously for a reason….  Sometimes, I type out my story on this keyboard, just to let my emotions out.  It’s been my saving grace so to speak.

I’m worried tonite folks…Momma is battling a cold which could turn into pneumonia at any time.  That is one of the front-runners of killing a parks person.  My beloved Nurse, came over today to “check” Momma out, the prognosis was good at this moment.   I think we all fear the same thing.

But the fear itself is only selfishness on our part, by wanting to keep our loved one’s here.  At what price? I   probably should not post this, simply for the fact, I’m open and my heart is ready to be tromped….Please let us dodge this bullet for the time being, because honestly….I’m not ready to let go….

I was not going to post this, I have been working on it all week.  I used to post on my blog everyday.  It helped me to release some of the feelings I have.  But I have found recently, with events changing, I can’t put out there what I used to.  It is to personal for me.  The Farmer reads my blog, and he is dealing with everything that I am, if not more.

I have found through my journey, and it’s not over, but I have become aware of a bunch of different things.  I used to sail through life, not giving much attention to things, that didn’t really affect me.    My eyes have been opened to so much, and I have felt more emotion in the past 3 years, than I could ever begin to describe.  My journey has changed me as a person.

I think it has changed me for the better.  I do not judge ANYONE anymore, I have learned it is not my place.  I have also learned, compassion.  I have also learned that Parkinson’s affects more people than even I realized, and if talking about it, helps one person, than I am helping.  In some small way, I’ve helped.

Momma is ok today.  The cold has not turned into pneumonia.  The Nurse has helped me learn a bunch of new things, and if they help Momma,  I’m all for it.

While I will tell you, I will try to post more often, I sometimes hesitate, simply because, it’s real, it’s emotional, and sometimes….it hurts to open yourself up that much.

I’m still alive……

Well hello to y’all.  While it may have seemed like I have fallen off the face of the earth and left y’all hanging on my Vacation journey, I’m still here.  Just going through some changes in my life, and also busier than a fart in a whirlwind.

After starting my blog and doing the “post a day” for 2 years,  I think my writing “mojo” went somewhere for a while.  I’m still trying to find it.

Let me catch you up on some “stuff” since I’ve been back.  Apparently, while I was gone on my trip, Momma had some “not so good days”.  Since I have been back, she has still had some, not so good days.  She has cheered up a bit, and become ‘chatty” again, to an extent.

When I first started my blog, I also watched my Grandson, Cam-Man,  somewhere along the way, I stopped watching him on a daily basis, due to his parents having different schedules, and they didn’t need me.  The weekend after I arrived home from my vacation, I got a note  stating the following:  Going to need some Grandma watching action this week. Mon-Thur. Let me know if you are up for it.  Hehehe, does a duck like water?

So, things kind of are like they used to be, with the exception of the fact, Cam-man is no longer a baby, or just barely walking.  He is now a full-blown 2, almost 3-year-old, who walks, talks and is a little person. The funny thing to me, is Monday morning  when Cam-man arrived and after feeding him breakfast, we left for the Farmer’s, Cam-Man remembered the routine.

We arrived at the Farmer’s and Cam-Man swaggered into the place, and gave his “Farmer-Papa” a big hug, remembered where his toys were and then “helped” me make breakfast.  Cam-man remembered about the laundry, and the routine we shared.  The only difference now, is he walks downstairs and counts them as he goes, and then puts the laundry soap in the washer and turns it on.  It’s been about 8-12 months since this kid has followed this routine, and he fell right into it, like he had not missed a day.

When it was time to get Momma up, Cam-man helped pick out her clothes and talked to Momma the whole time, and the smile on her face, lit me up.  He sat on the bed, while she was on the potty, and had to inspect it after she was done,then holding his nose, he stated “pewee”,  and then told her “good job”, when she was finished.

I have realised something through the experience of watching the Grandson, and Momma together, that they both “connect” with each other.  The make each other smile, and it’s fun to watch.

On Monday, Momma had an appointment with the Doctor, and due to circumstances, it was just the Farmer and I and Cam-man, to get Momma to the Doctor.  I was a little nervous, but I got Momma in and out of the car by myself, and was pretty proud of that fact.   The Farmer probably felt like a chauffeur, because Cam-man’s car seat, with Cam in it, me in the middle and Momma on the other side rode in the back seat, and the Farmer drove.  Cam and Momma kept the conversation going, and Cam and Momma held hands.

While at the Doctor’s I was pretty proud of both of them.  Cam-man for behaving so well, and Momma for not being scared, especially of a new Doctor.    Momma has been scheduled for surgery to have her g-tube replaced, due to the old one being in some pretty nasty shape.  Cam-man grabbed a couple of suckers from the Doctor’s office and wanted to give Momma one, because she was good. Unfortunately, Momma could not have it.

Thursday was a pretty fun day too, simply because it had snowed the day before and the snow at the Farmer’s was “untouched” so to speak.  When we pulled up to the Farmer’s, Cam-man had to walk up the wheelchair ramp, because it was crisp clean snow.  Those little footprints totally cracked me up.  We went inside and did the stuff we do.  Then, just before we went into get Momma up, I gave in, and Cam-Man and I went outside all bundled up and made a snowman in the Farmer’s back yard.  Cam was so pleased, he went in and got Farmer Papa to come look.

Friday, Momma was in a rare mood and full of giggles and sunshine, but was a little sad, her Cam-Man wasn’t there.  She told me “I miss that little guy”.  Momma has perked up this week.  I think that he may be a “particular type of therapy”, she may need.

Hope y’all are doing well.  I’ve missed writing, and while I can honestly say, I won’t be doing it as much as I used to, I will keep y’all updated.  Life is semi good in my hood.

Snarkiness cured….

As usual, when I have a snarky day, the next day is better than the average.    Today rated right up there.

I woke up early and did a load of laundry before even leaving home.  Got busy and headed over to the Farmer’s.  First thing there, I made a cup of coffee, and then went in to chat with the Farmer.  We have kind of gotten away from this little “morning routine”, and I have missed it.  We chatted for a bit and then I went in to start making breakfast.  The “girls” followed me into the kitchen and sat waiting for a little piece of bacon.  I put it in the pan and turned it low.

the gorls


I had gone back to the Farmer’s den and told him, we needed to order some more supplies for Momma.  So, the Farmer logged onto his internet, and then we figured we would need his little “password book”.  Both of us started searching, while I say this as generally as possible, Dad, your room is a friggin mess.  I ran back to the kitchen and realized, uhm…oops, I burned the bacon.    I salvaged what I could, turned off the pan and then went back to Dad’s room to search.  I finally found it, and both of us were giggling, because it was in a place, that…well, no one would have thought of.

I went back to the kitchen, re-made some bacon, gave the “girl’s” a piece each, finished up breakfast, and then did the dishes.  I went back to grab the Farmer’s plate and he was staring at some ad that was in with his phone bill.  You see, the Farmer has internet, but it is “dial-up”.   I have been bugging him to get wi-fi or at least high-speed internet, but because he lives in the boonies, it isn’t available unless you want to pay major $$$ for it.

Well, we called.  The Farmer let me handle the phone call, the reason being is because I know more about it.  The true reason?  The Farmer does not hear as well, as he likes everyone to think he does.  After I explained that I was the Farmer’s daughter, and he was sitting right next to me and we wanted to pull his internet into the 21st century, the dude at the phone company bent over to help us.

Long story short, with quite a few giggles between the Farmer, Mark the service dude and I, the Farmer is getting high-speed internet, AND saving money in the process.   WOOHOO!!!  We have set up the date for them to come install it, and the Farmer was advised by both the service dude Mark, AND myself, he has to clean his room though.

After all of this was accomplished, I went in and checked on Momma and asked her if she was ready to get up, to which the reply was “Well…do you think I should get up now, or should I sleep some more?”  “Well Momma, it doesn’t matter to me if you want to sleep a bit longer, or you want to get up now, how do YOU feel about it?”  “Come back in a bit ok?”.  I had to giggle, simply for the fact, after I told her she could stay in bed, she grabbed Mr. Teddy and snuggled further down in the pillows and was asleep before I had even left the room.

I got all Momma’s laundry together and started that, and then waited about 30 minutes and then started getting all of her bath and other stuff ready.  I was going to wash her hair today.    I went in and snapped up her window shades, and told her “Hey pretty lady, how about we give your hair a good old scrubbing?”.  Just waiting for 30 minutes made all the difference.

I got her all ready, and proceeded to wrap her up in a towel, put the plastic over her and then started to wash her hair.  By the way, the 2 bucket method works really good.  I managed to scrub her hair, and not drown her, along with not getting one inch of the bed wet either.  We finished up her bath and got her dressed and we went for the regular “walk about”.

We have a semi new routine these days.  As soon as Momma hits her chair and has her box of kleenex and her wash rag and the daily paper in front of her, she demands orange juice on her mouth swab.  I will admit, the past few days we have stretched the limits and Momma has been able to swallow 2 teaspoons of hot tea, and she is also asking for the orange sherbet again.  I did advise the orange sherbet was only for special occasions though.

After finishing up at the Farmer’s, I drove home.  I went the back was as usual, and then as I passed the Nursing Student‘s house, I thought briefly about stopping.  I kept going and made it down the street and then turned around.  The garage door was open, so I parked and went in through the garage.  I knocked on the door, because I thought it was locked.  Cam-Man saw me and started yelling, the Fisher dude poked his head around the corner and yelled at me to come in.

Cam-Man was very happy to see me and got a little excited.  He hugged me and asked about his Papa.  So, I told Cam-man he had to ask his Momma if he could go home with me for a few hours and she could come get him.  When his Momma said yes, but only if he picked up his toys first.  Lil dude started picking up all of his toys and putting them back into his room in the toy box.  He then got his shoes and jacket and down the road he and I went.

When we arrived at my house, we pulled up to the mailbox, and found out that there was a package to be delivered, but we had to go to the post office to pick it up.  I asked Cam-Man if he had ever been to the post office, to which he said “no”, so off we went.  To get to the post office in my town you have to go by the park, and Cam KNOWS the park. It was too cute at the Post office though, because the mail lady asked Cam if he knew what we were here for, when he replied “Mail, and Papa’s package”, we all busted up.

After finally arriving at my home, at first Cam-man was upset because his beloved Papa was not here, but he got really excited when he found out we had to make cookies for Papa.

Lil’ Dude helped me with the cracking of the eggs, measuring the ingredients and using the mixer.  He watched as they came out of the oven, and didn’t even get upset when he found out he would have to wait until Papa got home before he could eat one.

When Papa pulled up in the driveway, Lil dude was in the window waving and screaming at his Papa to hurry up.    The reunion was made, and cookies were eaten.  The snarkiness is gone.