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Shopping for Groceries, Cam-man style…

Today, dawned bright.  The Electrician and I had some things to accomplish today.  We got up and surfaced with some coffee, and then I took my happy self into the kitchen and I cooked breakfast for the Electrician.  I made him hash browns, and bacon, and scrambled eggs with green chili and cheese. While the green chili definitely gave us a “wake-up”, it was good.  Showers taken and the Electrician called his own cell-phone.  We left the Nursing Student with his cell-phone, because they don’t have a landline yet.

I think I am going to like them living in town close to us.  The Electrician called to ask if it was ok if we picked Cam-man up, to go on a road trip with us.    “Come get him” was the reply.

We rolled up to their house and I put Cam-Man’s car seat into the Rav 4, and then the search was on for Cam-Man’s shoes.  Apparently the Fisher dude had told Cam-man to put his shoes into his closet.  Well, after searching for 10 minutes we found them, in the dresser drawers (which was in the closet last night).  We got ready to go when the Nursing student asked me if we needed Cam’s blankey, yup, another 10 minute search for that and we found it.  I truly think the kids are not used to having so much space, and Cam Man is spreading all of his stuff out all over the place.

Cam-man was totally happy to be on the road with us, even though we were going grocery shopping.  We went to Aldi‘s and Cam did not want to ride in the cart, he wanted to be on the Electrician’s shoulder’s.  He got a bird’s-eye view of shopping, but I had to laugh, the two of them together totally crack me up.  Cam was sticking his fingers in Papa’s ears, and nose and just generally giggling all over the place.  People were telling us how cute he was.

We bagged up all of our stuff and then proceeded to County market, for the remainder of the grocery shopping.  After much deliberation and Cam’s opinion, we decided on buying a turkey and then a turkey breast.   We had to make a pit stop at the Egg Nog, the Electrician loves the stuff, and what we bought today will probably last 3 days, and I guess Cam-man loves the stuff too.  Cam was happy to be consulted with some of the purchases that we made, as he had to squeeze the bread, and sniff the oranges. Since Cam-man has learned to wink, he’s been using “that wink” let me tell you.  He winked at me in the store when I had a bag of marshmallows in my hand, he winked at me when I had chips, and a bunch of other stuff.     We finally checked out and loaded up the stuff in the Rav 4.

On the way home, Cam-man tried so hard to stay awake, wasn’t going to happen.  He was asleep before we had even left town.  When we got home, the Electrician and I unloaded the car, and Cam-man slept.    After everything was unloaded,  the Electrician got Cam out of the car and he was pretty funny.   He came into the house with his blankey dragging behind him, and rubbing his eyes, and then roared at me.

We had a great afternoon playing hard, and being goofy.  I’m sorry but when a 2-year-old comes up to you and growls, you growl back and the chase is on.  We all sat down and had lunch and then the Nursing Student and the Fisher dude showed up, to pick up Cam-man.

The Nursing student made an observation, I had thought about earlier, Cam-man has been kind of “whiney” at the new house.  But while the Electrician and I had him, he was fine.  But like her and I discussed today, with him being sick, and then in a different house, he felt “nervous”.  While little dude is comfortable here in my house, it hasn’t changed.  His new house makes him a little scared.  Like I told her, it will pass.

We spent a good afternoon, and when they left, the Electrician laid down on the couch, watching football.  Me?  I laid on the couch next to the Electrician and went to sleep.  Apparently I snored.    Lil’ dude gave me whatever he has, and I am trying to nip it in the bud with some medicine, although I swear I DID NOT SNORE.

Today has been a good day.  Tomorrow, I am getting up early and heading to the Farmer’s so he can sleep in.




Flying by the seat of my pants….


This past week, has been a week.  While I have watched Cam-Man daily, and taken care of Momma too, I’ve seriously just been flying by the seat of my pants.

I have a routine that I follow, on a day-to-day basis.  That thing flew out the window this week.  I warned the Electrician on Sunday night, that this week was going to be a doozy.  Also, to not get upset if some things were not done. (Pfftt…he is pretty laid back, so I had nothing to worry about).

I have noticed in the past few days, the difference in Cam-Man.  Before when I used to watch him daily, he didn’t move around all that much, and he was engrossed in t.v. and naps.     It kind of helped he couldn’t really walk, but he could crawl with lightning speed.   He also, did not really talk all that much, just a bunch of nodding and uh huh’s.

Well, all’s I can say is damn, what a difference a year makes.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve interacted with Cam-Man for periods of time, like 4 hours here and 4 hours there, with sometimes weeks in between.

But having day-to-day contact with him for about 7-8 hours a day, whew.  All’s I can say is, I now know why I had kids when I was in my twenties, and hats off to the “older” Moms.

Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed all of it.  I’ve never been so bone tired at the end of the day, though for a very long time.  I guess, I forgot the endless “What’s this?”  “What’s that”, “Why?” .

But at the same time, I felt immense satisfaction today, when Cam-Man looked at me and said “What’s this?”, I replied with “It’s a car, how do you spell it?”  “C A R” .  We’ve been working on spelling, and counting this week.  I was so proud.

Today, I rolled into the Nursing student’s house at about 6:10 AM, and Cam-Man was still sleeping, so I went and laid on her bed watching t.v.  The Nursing student wanted me to do this, because Cam-Man always wakes up and comes into the bed with them, and she was nervous he might get upset if no one was there and she didn’t want him to get scared.  She told me, he would just curl up and go back to sleep for a couple of hours.  YEA RIGHT!!!

Little dude came in after making a crying noise, rubbing his eyes, and dragging his blanket behind him.  He saw me and perked right up.  He climbed up on the bed and snuggled with me for, oh about 5 minutes, and then changed the t.v. to cartoons, and started giggling.   We watched t.v. for a bout a half an hour, then got busy.

We arrived at the Park this morning about 15 minutes after it opened, simply because Cam-man has been bugging me to go to the park, and it was a little early to go to the Farmer’s because on Thursday’s he has to get up super early and take the trash out, then takes a nap.


We played for about an hour, and yes, I went down the slide with him, and we crawled all over everything, then I pushed him towards the sky, on the swing and he giggled.

We made it to the Farmer’s and Cam-Man looked at me and said “tired”.  I told him if wanted he could lay down, and even though this kid is 2 years and 3 months old, I got the LOOK.  So, I kept him busy with helping me.  Cam-Man loves to help.  From washing dishes (playing in the water), to helping me put clothes in the washer (he gets to throw the tide pod in and start the machine), to helping me sweep the floor (he holds the dustpan and scoops everything up).  He was very busy today.

At one point though, he looked at me with his toy tractor in one hand and his car in the other hand and said “Meemaw play?”.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I melted, and we then proceeded to play for about an hour, which ended up with me giving him a horsey ride on my back.

When it was time to get Momma up, Cam-Man came into Momma’s room with me, shut the door and then grabbed Momma’s hand and those two had a conversation while she got her bath.    They held hands the whole time.  When I got Momma up and on the potty, Cam-Man looked at Momma and told her “You poo now k?”.  She gave him the LOOK.  hehehe..

Cam-Man helped me strip the bed, (grabbed the soft giraffe pillow and sat in the chair with his face smashed into it), and we remade Momma’s bed.  Cam-Man was encouraging Momma the whole time the Farmer and I were getting her into the front room.

By the time we left, Cam-Man looked at me and said “Meemaw, tired!”  When I had him buckled into the car seat, I turned around and looked at him, and he smiled at me, then I asked him “Do you want your blanket?”.  Little dude nodded, and I gave it to him.  Before I had even pulled out of the driveway, his thumb was in his mouth, eyes closed,  and his head was nodding.

By the time I got to the Nursing Student‘s house, he was out cold.  I carried him from the car to his bed, and he never even moved a muscle.

I still get Cam-Man tomorrow, but only for a couple of hours.  While this week has been hard, on many different levels, it has been a Blessing, simply for the fact Cam-Man and Momma have spent some good time this week, and maybe he will remember, maybe he won’t, but I’ve had the satisfaction of seeing the both of them together, interacting, and a bunch of love thrown around.

I’ve always said that no one understands what the two of them share. I’ve seen it first hand this week.    I’ve seen how much Cam-Man has grown, I’ve seen Momma interact with Cam-Man (and tell him off when he needed it, and he listened).  When Cam-man left today, he crawled up into Momma’s chair and gave her a bear hug, and a kiss, and told her “love you”, Momma gave him a hug and a kiss back, and said “Love you too….”

Now if anyone in my family reads this they will know the significance of this.  Usually, we tell Cam-Man we love him, and he says ‘love you too”.   I thought it was special and almost teared up.

It’s been a week, that is almost over, I’ve flown by the seat of my pants, but have loved, enjoyed, and cherished every moment.


Throwback Monday….


Today for me, has been kind of like old times.  For those of you that have followed me for a while, you know, I used to watch Cam-man, and Momma everyday, together.   But since that dark day in December, things have changed somewhat.  Momma was in the ICU and then in the Nursing Home for about 3 months, and then she came home.  Since then, the Nursing student had the Summer off from school, and then when school started back up, The Fisher dude worked second shift, and she went to school in the morning.

The only day I had Cam-Man was basically Fridays, from about noon until 4:00.  Well that all changed this past weekend, when the Fisher dude got called to work first  shift for a week.  Since the Nursing student still goes to school in the mornings, they were at a loss, so they called MEMAW!!!  I really didn’t think about it at all and just said YES, I’ll do it.

This morning, I popped out of bed at about 5:45, AM, and did some stuff around the house, and then the phone rang at 7:15am.  Apparently the Fisher dude had taken off to work with both car seats in his vehicle.  So, I left the house a little early, and went and retrieved a car seat.  I arrived at the Nursing student’s and Cam-Man was still sleeping.    She hit out the doorway for class, and I settled into the chair to watch a little t.v.

Probably about 30 minutes after she left, Cam-Man came stumbling out of the bedroom, with his blankey dragging on the floor.  When he saw me, he smiled and ran the rest of the way.  I scooped him up in my arms, and we cuddled for about 10 minutes.  We decided to get things together, so we made the bed, and he washed his face, and brushed his teeth, got dressed  and off we went.

Now, the Farmer did not know Cam-Man was going to be in attendance this week, and was a little surprised to see him strut into the house this morning.  Especially when Cam-Man was shouting “PA”.  But when the Farmer saw him and said Hi, Cam-man acted all shy and would not let go of me.

We quickly got settled down, and Cam-Man had a breakfast of Oatmeal and some fruit, and was happily settled with a little bit of “Super Why“, and “Sid the Science Kid“.

I talked to the Farmer about Momma’s weekend, and some other stuff, and then the Farmer went out to mow the yard.  I went in and changed Momma’s bedclothes, and she barely woke up.  Cam-man came in and when he saw Momma sleeping, he backed slowly out of her room with his finger to his lips saying “shuushh”.  Then when I left her room, he pulled her door almost closed and then peeked in on her.

Several times during the morning, he peeked in on her, and he was very quiet (compared to Cam-Man standards).  Cam-Man helped me with the chores, he held the dustpan, after I had swept the kitchen.  He helped me wash dishes, and then helped me re-stock Momma’s food, and drinks.

He did climb into her wheelchair, and we did go for a ride around the grounds while “PA” (the Farmer) was mowing.  He sat there and waved at the Farmer and the Farmer waved back.

When it came time to get Momma out of bed, Cam-man was right there, trying to help.  He held a flashlight on Momma while I cleaned her up.  Although, I think we all had a giggle after Momma had gotten off the porta potty, and Cam-Man walked up to it, peered inside and plugged his nose and shouted ‘PUWIE”.

Momma, did really good, and Cam-man and her had a couple of conversations today, that seriously to me was like “old times”.  I felt a little “stressed” at one point, when I was giving Momma her meds, and Cam-Man was screaming at me from the bathroom “POOPOO MEMAW  NOW”.

Cam-man is learning to be potty trained.  I don’t think I made it in time to help him.  But he’s got the idea.    He had already gone in the “big people” potty twice before that.

I made it through the first day of the week, but I can’t tell you how many times I have answered the question “What’s that?”  “I want that”, and endless other things that have popped out of his mouth.

Before, it was easy, you could park Cam-Man and he would stay put, these days he is all 2-year-old boy, into everything, running everywhere, chasing the kitties, and talking endlessly.  He is a sponge.  We taught him a few things today, and he was happy.

Momma enjoyed him, to an extent.  I think the two of them have a relationship, that none of us understand.  When Momma was in her bed, getting ready to get up, Cam-Man and her were talking up a storm.  Momma has a fluffy giraffe pillow, and Cam-man loves it, along with Momma’s teddy bear.  Cam-Man asked Momma if he could have her fluffy giraffe, and Momma handed it to him.  That little kid went over to the chair and sat there and just hugged it, while I gave Momma a bath.

While I am tired, I’m ready to do it again tomorrow.  There was just so much to my day, that I can’t even begin to put into words.    I’ve only hit the highlights.  But folks, I can tell you this,  I am one blessed woman.



A Ray of Sunshine….

Things around my house have been kind of gloomy lately.  I’ve posted stuff about Momma, and I’ve been feeling kind of down.  So, when today dawned “gloomy” with storms coming our way all day, I was thankful for a Blessing from yesterday.

Yesterday, I got a call from the Nursing student.  She asked if I would come and get Cam-man today.  DUH…. Her and the Fishing Dude wanted to have a “date” afternoon before he had to go to work.    I’ve been hesitant about calling and asking if I could kidnap him, simply because, I know they have a routine, and I might just muck it up, if I go scoop him up.

But, to be truthful with y’all, I miss that little face everyday.  I used to start my day out with scooping him up and then him and I, and the Farmer taking care of Momma.

Little Dude is getting big though.  He’s changed from the “baby” to actually being a little person, who walks, talks and runs EVERYWHERE.   I got Momma up this morning, and it was all good, she had smiles.  I left to go pick up Cam-man and then we went back to the Farmer’s.

Cam-Man stated “Were here” when we pulled into the driveway. It was raining, and had been thundering and lightening on the way over, and Cam-man kept asking me “what’s that?” every time it BOOMED.    We came inside, and I’m not sure what happened, but when the Farmer told Cam-Man “Hi”, he buried his face into my neck and had a “death grip” on me and would not let go.  Funny thing though, he went right up to Momma and touched her leg and said “Hi”.

After settling down and FINALLY giving the Farmer a hug, he got busy getting into everything, and having fun.  Cam-Man wanted a snack, and let me tell you HE knows where everything is.  He opened up the fridge and pointed to the fruit cups, and asked “have one pwease?”.  Settled down with a fruit cup, I got busy and finished up the stuff I had to do.

I went in and asked Momma if she wanted to sit on the potty before I left, and at first she said ok.  When I grabbed the porta potty, and brought it into the front room, Cam-Man went up to her and told her “You pee here ok?” pointing to the potty.    I think Momma might have gotten a little spooked, because she didn’t want to go anymore.  I’m not sure if the fact that Cam-Man had put on gloves to assist may have changed her mind or what.  But we put the porta potty back (Cam-man helped) and Momma was happy.

Cam-Man and I gave kisses all round, and then hit the road.  It was still storming, mind you, and he was in the back seat just looking everywhere.  We took the back roads home, and Cam-Man perked up when he saw the cows.  “COWS Memaw” he yelled at me.  I asked him what sound they made, and I totally lost it, when he tried ever so hard to MOO and it came out as MEEEEW.

We got home and the Electrician was already there (he had a rain day).  We pulled into the driveway and I honked twice, and Cam-Man was talking to me, when I told him, “Hey, who’s that coming out of the door?”.  A BIG grin hit his mouth and he stated at the top of his lungs “PAWPA”.

The love fest started.  The two came in and then “playtime” started.   By now, I was happy to relax and just take pictures, so here is part of my afternoon, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Cam-man and Pawpa, played hard, but somewhere along the line, Cam-man wanted his Memaw.  He started getting upset when his Pawpa told him not to throw his toys, and when he did, Pawpa took it away.  Cam-man just sat and cried, when I looked at him and him at me.  It was on.  He started to come to me but Pawpa grabbed him, and they talked for a minute, but Cam-man wanted me, at that point.

I scooped him up, and he clung to me, him and Pawpa, made friends, but he held onto me like there was no tomorrow.  We cuddled, and then I asked him if he need to change his pants, and he looked at me with tears on his face and said “ywup”.    Pawpa, did the duty, and Cam-Man and I made faces at each other, and he was giggling.

You see, I am willing to share Cam-man with his Pawpa, simply because I know Cam-man loves me.  He has FUN and loves his Pawpa, him and I have fun too. Watching them, makes my heart burst at times.  Cam-man loves his Pawpa, and I may have been replaced as Cam-man’s BFF, but that’s ok, you know why?  Because in a nutshell, Cam-man still needs  his Memaw too.    He still runs to me and needs  hugs, and giggles.

When I picked up Cam-man today, and I told him “tell your Momma and Daddy Bye” , he amazed all of us, because he looked at HIS Momma and said “I Love you too”.  full sentence and all, I promptly gave him a high-five, as did the Fisher dude, and his Momma.

I Love this kid, and I have missed him oh so much, but when you look at this face how could you not?

This is MY ray of Sunshine, through some of the darkness, I am going through….

Momma update….

Today sparked, and I was up to it.  I got up early, after a late night, and a surprise.    I could not sleep last night, but hearing a voice, with a welcome accent helped me to sleep that much better.  Thank you!

I met the Farmer at the Toyota dealership, and we went and had breakfast at the Restaurant across the street.    We chatted, and ate, and well…we were both scared.    We finished up and went back and got his car.

We both went straight to the hospital after that, although to be honest, I had a raging headache that I’ve had for 2 days, so, I stopped at the gas station and bought some Tylenol and a bottle of water.

When I got up to see Momma, I was shocked.  Not a bad shock mind you, but a really good shock.  She was awake and ‘cheeky”.  The Farmer had beat me up there, and he was sitting in the chair, because Momma was getting a “bath”.  We were both “outside of the curtain” but I kept pulling the curtain back and making a comment, to which she replied and kept up with me.

The best one though and it will be forever burned in my mind, was when I pulled the curtain aside, and stuck my tongue out at her, and I think the Farmer did too. She looked at both of us and rolled her eyes, and then stuck her tongue out at us.   She told the Nurse who was giving her the bath “See, THIS is what I deal with”.

Folks, Momma is back.  Her color was good and her “cheekiness” is BACK in full force.   The Farmer was tired so, he left and went home, and I stuck around.  The Nursing Student showed up with Cam-Man and it was a welcome break.  I hijacked Cam-Man and we did an exploration of the hospital, while the Nursing Student stayed with Momma.

Me and Cam, rode the elevator about 15 times, going up and down, then we went to the floor where the babies were at, and looked through the glass at the babies, it was so cool for him to touch my cheek and point and hear him say “look, Memaw, baby”.  Then we went outside and played in the grass area, and he picked a couple of flowers for his Momma.  Somehow though on the ride up and down the elevator they may have gotten squished.

Then Cam and his Momma left, and I stayed.  I had gone out into the hall to make a phone call, and was a little surprised, because my former employer’s wife was there.  Her and I chatted for a bit.  She asked me if it was Momma who I was there for, and I replied yes.  You see, I left my last job to take care of Momma, and at the time, there were a little hard feelings.   They had called me up and asked me to come back and I told them, No.    It was my former bosses Momma who was in the Hospital, after a lengthy chat, with some words of wisdom that I have learned about the “system”, we said bye.

I will admit, I was  exhausted, and fell asleep in the chair at the hospital, when I woke up, I left for a bit.  I came home and did some stuff, and then went back to the hospital.

On my way back, I got a call from the Farmer who told me the Hospital had called him, but he couldn’t reach them  and where was I.  I told him I was on my way there, and I would call him.

Momma got discharged, but, the Insurance had approved the Medic dudes to bring her home.  WOOHOO.  While this may not mean anything to anyone, it meant a lot to us.  When I arrived the nurse Ashley had me sign paperwork to release Momma from the hospital, and the Medic dudes, were going to transport Momma home.

WHEW, I am here to tell you, loading Momma into a car and then getting her out of the car is a feat that cannot be described.

After signing Momma out of the Hospital, and finding out when the Medic dudes were going to transport Momma home, I called the Farmer, and it was ALL GOOD IN MY HOOD.

When I called  the Farmer’s house tonite,(sorry, I was late in calling, uhm, time slipped away from me)   after I had left, they were both watching the movie   “A fish called Wanda” together.  Momma was so happy to be home.

While I understand this next “phase” we have entered and I know the Farmer is scared, as am I.  It’s ok.  To the Farmer, we will do whatever we can.  I love you and Momma.

While sometimes we wish for the past, and the way they were, sometimes, we have to accept today, and the way it is.    Momma could pass on anytime now, I think  we both realize that.  But for me? It’s ok, and I hope the Farmer is too, simply for the reason, We have had oh so many good times, and when it’s time to go, well, even I am not strong enough to fight God.

Terrifying Tuesday…

Today dawned normal.  I did some stuff here at home, and then trucked on down the road to the Farmers.  We chatted for a bit, and then the Farmer headed down the road to run some errands.

I was in the other room, but I heard Momma coughing.  I went in and checked on her,  and started to get alarmed, because she was choking.  I snatched her up into a sitting position, and then started smacking her on the back, but then she started gasping, for air, and then she didn’t.  I did CPR, and got her breathing again, and her color started to come back. She then told me she was surrounded by spirits, when I told her they couldn’t have her yet.

I got on the phone to the Nursing Student who zoomed over and walked in and took Momma’s vitals.  I then called the Doctor, who told us to call 911.

Here comes the firetrucks, and ambulance, and once again, I did feel kinda silly, when the ambulance dude was asking some questions, and I, for the life of me couldn’t find an answer, and the Nursing Student pipped in.  But, looking back now, it was kinda funny when they asked me the when the last time Momma ate was, and I replied December.   ( Looking back, the look on the dude’s face was priceless)The Nursing Student once more intervened and explained Momma was NPO, and had a g-tube and then looked at me, when I responded with she ate at 8am.

Momma was whisked to the E.R.   The Nursing Student rode in the ambulance with Momma, and I followed in the car.  It was different this time, I was right behind the ambulance and followed at the same speed. I had called the Electrician and told him the following “Momma stopped breathing, I gave her CPR, Claire is in the ambulance with her I gotta go”.  I’ll come back to this later.

I parked the car and was let right into the E.R. room Momma was in, she looked very scared.  Once some tests were run, and Momma settled down, she looked at both the Nursing Student and I and told both of us she loved us to pieces.

Meanwhile, while we were at the E.R. the Farmer had no knowledge of anything going on until he got home and saw my note.  I had left a note that said, we had to take Momma to the hospital, call my cellphone.

Meanwhile, we are still sitting in the E.R. getting a chest x-ray, ekg, and blood tests, and waiting. You are only allowed to have 2 people with you in the E.R., so when a transporter came back and said there was someone there to see Momma, we figured it was the Farmer.  So, the Nursing Student left, and a few minutes, the Fisher-dude showed up with Cam-Man, who promptly gave me a hug, and waved at his Grandma.  The Doctor happened to be in checking on Momma, and was impressed, that she knew who Cam was, and she talked to Cam.  Cam, was the life of the party and told his Grandma, he loved her, and told everyone else in the room bye.  After giving me a kiss, the Fisher dude and Cam-Man and the Nursing Student went down to the cafeteria for something to eat.  They wanted me to go and my stomach rumbled, but I stayed with Momma.

The transporter came back a few minutes later to say another gentleman was outside, so I went out and there sat the Farmer.  After explaining everything to him, I took him back to see Momma.

It was decided by the Doctor’s to keep Momma over night, and keep an eye on her, simply because her monitor readings were all over the map.

Once this was decided, I went back to the house, to clean up the carnage we had left it in.  I grabbed Mr. Bear, and went back to the hospital.

They brought Momma up and she was scared and had gone all PD.  The Farmer had left to go home, to get Momma’s list of med’s, that I had already grabbed.  He called me, and I told him I would take care of all the questions for admin, I had the list of meds and other stuff, and for him to take an aspirin (he had a headache) (me too for that matter), and to grab a bite to eat.  I had this covered.

With all of the questions answered, and Momma about to get some meds, I left to come home.  I had called the Nursing Student and she was on her way up there.

Then my phone rang within 10 minutes, The Nursing Student called to tell me she had run into the Farmer on her way up, and Momma was FINALLY sleeping peacefully, so they both left her to it.

The Farmer then called me when he got home, and said he was going to bed, and how was I doing.  I told him I finally ate something, taken a shower was in my p.j.’s and I won’t have any trouble sleeping tonite.  We arranged to meet tomorrow and go up to the hospital.

Back to the Electrician, who has been in the dark most of the day.  But once we finally did get to speak (I called him after the Farmer arrived at the hospital and explained some).  When I got home, the Electrician had dinner ready, had vacuumed my upstairs and downstairs, and made his lunch.  I got a lecture that the next time something like this happens, I am at least supposed to tell him where the ambulance was going, if Momma was alive or dead, or whatever else I had forgotten to tell him.  He had an emotional day too.

It’s been a roller coaster here today, but I have to say Thank You to the Nursing Student for taking care of me and Momma.  Thank you to the Farmer for not totally freaking out on me.  Thank you to the Electrician for being my security blanket and picking me up when I got home. (I kept it together until then).  Basically, Thank you to everyone for today, with the Love, support, and just everything.


Playing Hooky….

Today, I was full of plans, I had a list a mile long of stuff I needed to get done.  I’ve told y’all I was in a funk lately.

I went to the Farmer’s and got all my stuff done there.  I did all the cleaning, and made the Farmer some apple crisp muffins (for the weekend),  and prepped a rack of ribs for him to cook for his dinner.  The Nursing student arrived and helped me to get Momma up and bathed, dressed and all that other stuff.   The Farmer was playing with Cam-man.   When Momma was settled into her chair, the Nursing Student, Cam-Man and I all left to go out to lunch.

We had a great time, and Cam-man was hilarious.   We wrapped things up and I decided to take Cam-Man for the afternoon.  After leaving the restaurant, Cam-man and I traveled to McDonald’s, because the Farmer wanted a burger for lunch.    After delivering his lunch, Cam-Man helped me finish up a couple of things and then him and I hit the road.

Now, I had a list of things I was supposed to do, but only 2 things that I absolutely HAD to do today.   So, I took Cam-Man with me on those 2 errands, and he laughed and was happy, because he got a sucker at both places we stopped at.

When we arrived at my house, and he got out of the car, he did the Cam-man swag up to the door, waited while I unlocked it, pushed it open and then proceeded to go into every room shouting at the top of his lungs “PAWPAW”.  After I had explained, that Pawpaw was at work and would be home he settled down.

We laid down on the couch for 1/2 an hour for some quiet time, because little dude had not had a nap.  We watched t.v. and stayed quiet, and then it was on.  We got up and made Pawpaw his lunch for tomorrow, with Cam-Man bagging all the stuff.

We came downstairs and then we colored some pictures for Pawpaw.   When the phone rang (the Electrician always calls me when he is leaving, simply for the fact, it’s always at different times) Cam-Man picked up the phone and said “Hello”, The Electrician who had no idea Cam-man was at the house, thought he had called the wrong number.   After getting it all figured out, Pawpaw told Cam-Man he would be there in about 20 minutes, and Cam-man kissed the phone and said bye.

We were playing pretty hard, when Pawpaw snuck up on us, and Cam-Man ran up the stairs for that big bear hug.  The Electrician has a routine he follows every Friday night, and I told him, we were playing hooky today.  The world is round, and we will get there, so let’s cherish these moments.

We all 3 played, and then Cam-Man and the Electrician did “their” thing, and went for a walk around the pond.  Cam-Man on Pawpaws shoulders and waving and yelling “Bye” to me as they took off.

The Nursing student came to pick up Cam-Man, and then I served the Electrician leftover spaghetti, (I’m still so full, I didn’t have any).

We got back into our normal evening routine a little later than usual, but it was well worth it.

That list of things to get done, I still have tomorrow, and it will get done, but I had so much fun today, just letting go of EVERYTHING.  I am truly blessed.

I am also here to tell you, the conversations between little dude and me today were so heart warming, the things that come out of a 2 year olds mouth are priceless.  Plus, I have so much fun teaching him things.   But the best prize, is when he puts those arms around you and holds on, oh so tight, and then pats your back and kisses you.

I feel relaxed and refreshed, although tired, because little dude sure has A LOT of energy.

Freaky Friday Again….sigh…

Well, this morning dawned with promise.  I woke up and did some stuff around the home front, played some “words with friends” on Facebook, answered some e-mails and then got ready to hit the road.  Today was a 2-fer day.

I had big plans for the day, I was going to spend the morning with the Farmer and Momma, and then the afternoon with Cam-Man, and then spend a relaxing evening with the Electrician.  Oh the best laid plans.  sigh…

I got to the Farmer’s and went in and stopped immediately.  The Farmer was sitting in his chair with a grimace on his face, and his leg up on the chair.  “Hi” I said with a smile.  “Jo, I eff’d up”.  Uhm, ok, first off the Farmer does not cuss, UNLESS, he’s yelling at the t.v. at some politician (that’s why I don’t discuss politic’s with ANYONE).  “ok, so what’s up Dad?” .  I got a very sheepish look from the Farmer, although I’m not to sure but there was a little pain in that look too.  I think he was embarrassed.  But Hey, I’m his kid, I’m not gonna be shocked by anything at this point, I’ve made it 50 years, so I figure he’s not gonna shock me now.

“Uhm, I twisted my ankle”,  “ok, so how did you do that?”  “Uhm, walking down to get the paper”.  Ok, so I did the only thing I know, I opened up the freezer, found a frozen bag of french fries and slapped it on his ankle.  Then I went to Wal-Mart and bought an ankle brace, and an ice pack.

I flew back to his house and then proceeded to make him a BIG breakfast, bacon, hash browns, fried eggs, toast, and apple muffins and corn dodgers.  Then I did all of my normal Friday stuff, and went and checked on Momma, changed her sheets got her dry and let her sleep in today.

I went ahead and made a pork roast with stuffing and a baked potato for the Farmer for his “late lunch”.  Then I sucked it up, put my big girl panties on and went in and got Momma up, by myself.  Now folks, even on a good day, Momma is a 2 person lift.  When I got Momma bathed and dressed , I simply told her it was her and I today, and I needed her to help me as much as she could.

What can I say?  For all of you that thought she would slither to the floor, NOPE, didn’t happen.  My Momma fought very hard today and I am so proud of her.  After getting her on and off the porta potty by myself (with her help).  I asked her if she was ready to head out to the front room.  Folks, my Momma has some grit, because she looked at me and said “Let’s do this”.  And with that being said, Momma and I walked to her chair and she sat down, and my goodness, if I had not seen it, I might not have believed it.    I think she kicked Parkinson’s to the curb, if only for a few minutes, but damn….

After getting her and the Farmer settled, I went down the road to scoop up Cam-Man.  When I arrived at the Nursing Student’s house, I could hear Cam-Man crying.  I went in and he looked at me crying, (he had gotten into trouble with the Fisher dude).  I told him to quit crying and get his shoes, because he was going with Memaw today.  He did the famous snuffle, wiping his nose and hiccuping, and I told him I had to go outside and put his seat into my car, but I would be right back.  As I was coming back inside the house, he was standing by the back door, shoes on still crying.  I scooped him up and asked him what was wrong, I’m not quite sure what he said, but I told him to grab his blankey and let’s roll.  He kissed and hugged his Daddy by, and then told him “Bye” all the way out the door.  As soon as we hit the outside, he stopped crying and looked at me and said “let’s roll”.

We went back to the Farmer’s house with Cam-Man pointing out the normal views, “Memaw, COWS”, and “MEMAW horses!”.  When we arrived at the Farmer’s he looked at me and said “we’re here”.  We went in and the Farmer (who hasn’t seen Cam-Man in quite a while) and Cam-Man had a reunion and so did Momma and Cam-Man.  Momma actually perked up, which leads me to believe she has missed little dude.

After we finished up everything (and I must confess, when the Farmer asked Cam-Man and I to water the garden, I got the LOOK from the Farmer, when Cam-Man and I returned, we may or may not have played in the water and became a muddy mess all over the kitchen floor).

Cam-Man and I headed off down the road, with a pit stop at Wal-Mart.  We had to pick up some things for the Electrician.  After our shopping excursion (I might have to apologize to Wal-Mart, because Cam-Man and I may or may not have acted like a couple of kids winging the shopping cart everywhere).

With that done, we finally headed off down the road to my house where, Papa was  waiting for both of us. (His work got called early for storms in the area).   Somewhere between Wal-mart and my house, Cam-Man dropped his eyelids and fell asleep.  When we arrived home, I unloaded everything from Wal-Mart and told Papa to go get the little dude from the car, because he was asleep.

My golly, what a Reunion, they haven’t seen each other in a while, and there was a bunch of hugging, and loving going on.  Papa changed little dude’s pants and then asked Cam-Man, “Hey Cam, do you want Papa to take you to the park?”  Hell you would have thought my house won the lottery with that statement.  It was on.  Both of them packed up and went to the park, and left Camsgranny here.    It was probably a good thing, because when Camsgranny sat down and sat for a bit, uhm, she couldn’t get up.

It appears, that somewhere along the line today, I’ve thrown my back out.  Don’t worry though, the Electrician has popped that sucker back in place and I feel great.  Anyway, the College student came to pick up Cam-Man, she actually was at the park with Cam-Man and the Electrician.  They came back here to swap out the car seat and to grab diapers for little dude.

My day, while it may not have went like I thought it would, it actually has been better than I could have ever dreamed.

Today was a Cam-Man day!

After finishing up my stuff at the Farmer’s house today, I scooted over to the Nursing Student‘s house, because I got to watch Cam-Man this afternoon.    I have been looking forward to this since Tuesday.

I arrived, and the Nursing student had already left for work. The Fisher dude was happy to see me, because he had to run to the store for more diapers.  I walked in and it seemed awfully quiet.   Fisher dude told me Cam-Man was napping.  When I asked how long he’s been asleep, he said about an hour.  So, I figured I would relax for about a half an hour, and then I would get his sleepy butt up.

I goofed off for a bit and then went in and checked on little dude.  He was sleeping so peacefully, I didn’t have the heart to wake him up.  So, I sat down and found myself watching HGTV House Hunters.  (It must run in the family because ALL of my family watches this show.)

After a few minutes, I thought I heard something, so I went into check on little dude.  He sat straight up and put his arms out to me and said MEMAW!!!!  We had a loving reunion, and then I changed his pants and got some good hugs.  I think Cam-Man had plans for me though, because he went and got his sandals, brought them to me and said “Outside?”.

So, we went outside to the backyard, and proceeded to get a little dirty.  We teeter-tottered, rode on the swing and batted the ball around a little bit.  I asked Cam-Man if he was ready for his snack, and he was all for it.  We shared a popsicle.  Cam-Man’s other Grandma was coming to pick him up, and the Nursing Student had left a list of the “approved” snacks, and dinner items.  Pfft..I didn’t pay any attention to that sucker, Cam-Man and I had a popsicle, and some juice and then I had a granola bar in my purse we shared.

We played some more, and then we heard Grandma Sue come in.  Cam-man was happy to see her, but kept shouting Papa at both of us.    I promised Cam-man that he would see his Papa tomorrow, and that I had to go and Grandma Sue was taking him to her house.    We went outside and I told him to give me a kiss and that I was going home.  Cam-Man made me giggle, because he gave me a kiss, and then waved to me.  I got in my car, and his Grandma Sue was putting the car seat into her car, and Cam-Man was patiently waiting to climb up into it.    I pulled out and waved, and lucky for me I had my windows rolled down because Cam-man turned around and waved and blew me kisses and shouted at the top of his lungs “LOVE YOU TO!”.  So, I stopped and yelled back “Love you to, see you tomorrow ok?”  to which he replied  “tomorrow, PAPA?”  “Yes Cam-Man tomorrow you will see Papa.”

Sometimes, spending time with a two-year old beats a room full of adults.

Just a thought….

For all those who love me, Thank you, and I love you too.


I am struggling right now, and so is the Electrician. This isn’t a post about marital problems, because we don’t have any of those.  What we have is a phase.

You see, while I see my parents everyday, and I try to take care of Momma and the Farmer the best I can, the Electrician is missing his parents.  I miss them too.

For me, I did something today that was one the hardest things I’ve done, not the hardest mind you, but it was still hard.  I had to tell the Nursing Student and Fisher Dude, I could not watch Cam-Man with the shift they are working.

You see, while the kids are working second shift right now, which would mean I would get Cam-man from about 3:30 to 11 pm, It won’t work right now.  The Electrician is working 10-12 hours a day.  Cam-Man is a ball of fire.  The two don’t mix.

The Electrician needs his rest, because if you saw his guest post on my blog you know, he’s working his butt off about now.  He needs his rest.   I understand that.  But…for me, the person who never says no, I had to say no.

It’s true when they tell you as you grow older it does not necessarily become easier.    I also understand that since day 1 when this little kid was born, I am attached to him.  I have formed a bond with that  kid, that no one will break.  For that reason, I hate when someone else has to watch him, because I am unable to.

I understand the reason in my head, but my heart doesn’t like it.  The Electrician  used to work on the road.  He would leave every Monday morning and come home to me every Friday evening.  I seriously hated the time we were apart, but I had a fill in.  I watched Cam-Man, and he kept me company during the week.    I’ve still watched him since the Electrician came home.   BUT  we’ve shared in his care, and now Cam-man has grown to love his Papa, so much.

I guess what it all boils down to is Memaw, misses her little buddy, and I think he misses her too. (If today was any clue).  The funny thing is, my kids have told me, you would not let me get away with what you let him get away with, and my answer is this….  I’m not his PARENT, I’m his Memaw, and I love that little kid.

The Reward is NOT having to be his Parent, the reward is being Memaw, and letting him develop his own little “tude”, without letting him get out of hand, but still being who he is.

I miss this little guy..