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Best Gift EVER!!!!

Ok, forgive me because this gift happened a few…(cough) years ago.  You see, the Electrician married me on my Birthday, simply so he could kill two birds with one stone…HAHAHA, nope, simply so he could remember 2 events in one.  I made him sign an agreement that I would get 2 presents on my day, not only my Birthday, but my anniversary too…

A few years ago, we had the time of our lives.  He SCORED tickets to “The Temptations“, on our anniversary date, the dinner before the event was my Birthday present.

That was probably the last concert he and I have attended, but my gosh what a concert it was.  It was so funny, because after dinner we went to the concert hall, and even though I was stuffed with dinner, he bought me a coke and popcorn.

There we were sitting in our seats, and well….we were surrounded with people a little older than us.  But let me tell you when the Temptations came on stage,  Camsgranny had her butt up and dancing.   I even dragged the lady sitting next to us up and had her dancing too.  The Electrician laughed his butt off that night simply because I enjoyed myself so much.  I even dragged his butt up off the chair and made him dance with me and the women sitting next to us.

I so enjoy music and everything it makes me feel.  I have songs that can bring me to tears just by memories, I have songs that make me laugh, giggle, and smile.

But to be honest, this is one of my most cherished memories.  From the snow on the ground, to freezing my butt off that night, while my beloved heated up the car and scraped ice off of it, to making sure my Birthday and anniversary was the best.

I will never forget that one.  Including dancing in the isles, and just over all having a fantastic time.

Tricky Thursday….


Before I get into my post, I would like to Thank Terry1954, for awarding me with the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  The acceptance speech is in the works.

Today, I got a phone call from the Farmer at o’ dark thirty to make sure I was awake, and was almost on my way.  Unknown to him, I had rolled out of bed at 5:30, and done my domestic diva stuff, and was already rolling, when he called me at 7:11 am.  He kind of giggled when he said how cheerful I was.  I told him I was about to leave, and then off down the road I went.

I arrived at his house, (uhm I only saw 3 deer on my way).  I got a cup of coffee and made waffles for breakfast and then off down the road he went.  He was on his way to pay taxes and then to the farm to pick some corn,  a couple of other errands, and then on to Sam’s for some peaches.

Very rarely does the Farmer have a day when he doesn’t have to worry about giving Momma her meds, and taking care of her.  Today, I tried to do that for him.    I went in and gave Momma her first meds of the day.  (She wasn’t exactly grumpy but then again….).

Meanwhile, I did some laundry and mopped some floors (HEY I won’t have to do that tomorrow).  I took phone calls.  I really do have to laugh though.  I answered the phone one time, and they asked for Momma.  Yea right like she’s gonna talk on the phone.  I talked to them instead and got things figured out.

I gave her some more meds, changed her bedding and made sure she was dry, and let her sleep in.

I was just getting ready to get her up when the Farmer showed up.  He brought in  his purchases and then told me he had to go to Wal-mart to pick up Momma’s meds.  I told him to hit the road I had it covered.    I went in and woke her up, and got her bathed and stuff.  The Farmer walked in just in time to help me get her onto the porta potty.

I saw a side of Momma I haven’t seen for a while.  She was chipper, talkative, and downright funny.   The fact that Momma lost about 5 pounds in the porta potty might have something to do with it.

(I’m sorry if this offends you, but this is my life).  After getting Momma cleaned up, she walked just fine into the other room and was “almost” her normal self.

Our afternoon was spent very pleasantly, talking about all kinds of stuff, and then after giving her some more meds, I had to go.

I got home and realized (with a palm to the forehead) I had no clue what I was going to make for dinner for the Electrician.

I think this is where I need to find some balance.  While I may think I have everything under control, I really don’t.  While I may have remembered to put his clothes out, do the laundry, vacuum our house, clean our floors, take out the trash to the street for pick up, made his lunch, I may have overlooked dinner.    Ooopsie.

So, I basically pulled dinner out of my (ha ha gotcha there didn’t I?) imagination, and we had red beans and rice pork burritos.

That may or may not have sounded a little bit snarky but guess what?  I’m feeling a little bit snarky.

Folks, Camsgranny is seriously trying to find her balance right now.  I had it, and somewhere along the line, I lost it.  I’m not sure how, why, or what.  But I really have got to find it again.  Simply for the fact, I think I am not happy right now.  I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve gotta find it.  Maybe if I stop trying so hard to find it, it might just come back.

Sometimes, life just plods along, and we are happy with the way things are going, but then somehow a wrench gets thrown into the works and all hell breaks loose, because things don’t go smoothly anymore.  Sometimes, life throws you a couple of curve balls in a row, but the catcher is not ready.

If that makes sense then maybe you are on the same road I am,  because maybe, I forgot to swerve to catch the curve balls.



Be Careful what you say….

Camsgranny learned a very valuable lesson today.  A fellow blogger had asked a question, and after giving it sufficient thought I answered from the gutt, but with no actual experience.

I had first hand experience today, I think that was God‘s way of telling me “Be Careful in what you say or advise.”

My day started off normal, Ms. Baby woke my butt up at the crack of dawn, with a paw to my forehead.  I begged her for a few more minutes,  she graciously gave it to me.  I flew out of bed, and got busy with chores at my house today.  Laundry, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, cleaning out MY kitchen cabinets,  writing a grocery list, and everything else that I did, that I really can’t remember now.

I got some Spaghetti together for the Farmer, (Yes, that was dinner last night and I promised the Farmer, I would bring him some, especially since I had made meatballs).  I flew off down the road with my list in hand and my stops strategically plotted.

I arrived at the Farmer’s and dropped off the spaghetti with meatballs, and 2 bags of corn (yea, that was yesterdays corn wait for todays),   I went to the backdoor, (like I usually do), it was locked.  Uhm…ok, I walked around to the front door.  (Things on weekends are not what I am used to).  I breezed in and dropped off the “loot”.  Tracy and Dad and Momma were in the front room, I said HI to all of them and then put the stuff away I had brought, I went up to Momma to say “hello”, when she asked me “Do I know you”?

Ok, What the….nevermind what I actually said, I told her to look me in the eyes, and I asked her, “Do YOU know me?”  She looked me in the eyes for a good couple of minutes, and then a smile slowly lit up her face, when she replied “Yes, you are Joanne Dutch”. “Uhm Momma, I’m your daughter  do YOU remember me?”    It took a few moments, and then she grabbed my hand, and she held on tight.  Then we went through a difficult conversation for me, but we did it.

Apparently, Momma was not at all receptive to her weekend care this morning.  While Tracy is good with Momma ( and I’m not being full of myself here I am being truthful), Momma was thrown for a loop because it was not me that was there.     HOW do you deal with that?  To top that off, when I called this evening, the Farmer wasn’t to up, he’s tired.   He misses me on the weekends,   But at the same time, I do have a household to take care of besides theirs.  That last statement seemed harsh to me.

I am trying to find balance, because I am torn in a lot of different directions.  I love the Farmer with all of my heart, I love the Electrician with all of my heart, Momma there is no question….  My problem is trying to find a balance between all those I care about and at the same time trying to find time for me.

My time?  Uhm…ok, Camsgranny is going to confess, she may have overspent at the Grocery Store…  I don’t know why I do it, but I always seem to do it. When the Electrician balanced the checkbook, and we had 10 cents to spare…Hey I did good right?  hehehe…It’s not as bad as all that, but ok, I cut it close…..

I figure….This too shall pass right?

Yo, Momma….HELLO

Hey y’all, my name is Ms. Baby, ok, so those humans call me Baby.  I am the daughter of the household.  The Electrician, and that crazy Camsgranny always wanted to have a baby, and guess what?  I’m it.

I’ve been a little miffed lately.  I have taken to hanging out in the garden, and they hate that.  The Electrician thinks if he waters the garden, I won’t lay in it, guess what?  He’s oh so wrong.  The cool dirt that I am laying on is oh so comfortable, plus I have to keep an eye on what’s going on out here.

I also have a master plan, just don’t let them know ok?  You see, I used to let them think that I was happy with going out and laying underneath the chairs and stuff..  HA, I got them fooled.  After having my butt dive bombed by the birds because I just happened to spot one of those feathered friends eating worms in the yard, huh… who did they think they were?

I’m on it, and I will protect my humans, from the birds, pfft, I may not have front claws, but buddy, I am fast.  Plus, my Momma, (Camsgranny) really hates when the birds let loose with all of their poop, especially when it lands on her.  Good Golly Ms. Kitty, she flops around and screams and stuff.  I got this, Momma.

The reason I’ve been hanging out in the garden (uhm….psst…don’t tell the Electrician or my Momma)  There is something living under the garden.  It’s not zombies, or anything like that, cuz if it was my butt would run for cover.

There are some creatures that are digging holes, and I think my old buddy the chipmunk is back, (if it’s not the one I cornered in the house and stalked under the bed until Momma made him run out the screen door, I would have killed his butt), and I wouldn’t have to put up with his off-spring now!

But, I’m here to tell you, I got my eyes open and no matter how many times they run me out of the garden, I am still watching and waiting, and I will get whatever is in there.

Psst, don’t tell Momma I had computer time tonite, she might just get mad, and I won’t get my treats for tomorrow…So, it’s our secret ok?


Celebration today!

While today is not “officially” Cam-man’s birthday, we celebrated it today.  Scheduling celebrations are hard with a large family, and working Mom’s and other stuff.

My day started off with the normal, going over to the Farmer’s and doing the usual, that I do on Friday’s.  Just call me Betty Crocker.  I made a batch of blue berry muffins, and a batch of corn muffins, made breakfast, and also threw a chuck roast with pearl onions and carrots, with mushroom gravy into the crock-pot for the Farmer.

I did some laundry and a little cleaning,  got Momma up and dressed and therapized.  She did really well today, she was even cracking a couple of jokes today.  When everything was done there, I  had scoot down the road.  We were going to Kickapoo State Park, for Cam-Man’s 2nd birthday party this evening.

We have all figured out that Cam-Man is the happiest when he is outside, and rolling in the dirt and having a good time.  So, his Momma (the Nursing Student) decided to have a “picnic” supper at the park.

Before we could play, open presents, and eat cake, we had to eat….

“Auntie Boo had to come and collect us, she told us to go this way, but I wasn’t sure which direction she wanted us to go.”  or..(I like this one better)  He went thataway….hehehe

“Momma, Auntie Boo said I stink and you need to change my pants…”  So, he came strolling back to our picnic area, and believe me when I say, I moved quickly from down wind of him.  Poor kid, he didn’t know.  The fun started when we went to the playground.  Now for all of you that follow my posts, you know Cam-Man and Poppa are at home in a playground.  Cam-Man rode on his Poppa’s shoulders with Brayden and the rest of us following.  We got there and first thing Cam-Man wanted to do was climb.  (He wasn’t nicknamed chunkey MONKEY” for nothing.  Although, the chunky part might not still hold true the Monkey part does.

Brayden-Boy loved the slides, although he likes to climb back up them after he rides down them.  He knew his brother was the spot-light for today, and he was such a good Big-Brother.    We don’t get to see Brayden-boy as much as Cam-Man because he only comes to stay with the Nursing student on the weekends.  My goodness how he has grown.    But, he always has a big hug for Poppa and Grandma.

Brayden-boy was all smiles watching his little brother go down the slide, and plop on the ground, because we didn’t know he would fly down that sucker like he did. 

After the park time was done, we all went back to the picnic area, of course, Cam-Man was on Poppa’s shoulders, and talking the whole time.  When both boys were told it was time for cake though  they lit up like a Christmas tree.

We all sang Cam-Man Happy Birthday, Brayden-Boy sang too, and when it came time to blow out the candles the whole gang, The Nursing Student, the Fisher Dude, Brayden Boy and Cam-Man joined in.


I think, we all had a great time, and poor Cam-Man had his face smashed into the cake (which is a tradition in the Fisher-dude’s family)

Cam-Man wasn’t really happy about this turn of events, he didn’t like having cake smooshed all over his face and started crying, until his Momma (the Nursing student) gave him smootches and shared the smooshed cake all over her face.  He was okay after that.  We all finished our cake and things were winding down, when Geema had to have her moment, so forgive me folks because this is a photo of progression.

This pic was when Brayden boy had turned 2 but Cam-Man wasn’t 1 yet.  I wish I could remember the exact date, but I cannot.  But I do know Cam-Man wasnt 1 yet.


Look at how little they both are.  Can we stop time?  Nope I guess we can’t because this is today.

Today was a great day for this Geema.  Right down to the kids yelling after they had been put in the car in their car seats, LOVE YOU POPPA AND GRANDMA!!!

Whew, what a day!

I warned y’all at the beginning of the week, the Electrician and I had to co-ordinate our calendars for this week.  It seems that this week has flown by, but my oh my the things that have been accomplished and it isn’t even Friday yet.  The BEST part is, I survived that Insanity workout.  NEVER AGAIN.  Ok enough said about THAT.

We’ve been busy this week, shaping up the Farmer’s house so to speak.

  I have to go back to Sunday, when the Electrician went over and cut some bushes, and now, we can see out of the front window.  To loading up the truck with a second load of boxes(we burned at my house).  To the Electrician re-wiring the pump-room, and then there was today.

Before I go into what happened today, I have to admit something.  I guess in my 17 years of being with the Electrician, he and the Farmer have not always seen eye-to-eye.  While as the one in the middle, I’ve been torn.  Something has changed over the years.  I think (in my own opinion, and we all know what those are worth) both have earned each other’s respect.

You see, the Farmer loves me, he’s my Daddy.  The Electrician loves me, I’m his wife.  But I think, they both love each other, but are to darn stubborn to admit it.  Ok, enough of the sappy $hit.

I got to the Farmer’s today and let him know the Electrician was coming over to finish cutting bushes.  I made breakfast, and had just started cooking bacon when I went in to check on Momma.  The Farmer had run to the Post office, and the Electrician showed up (knocking on the door, uh duh HELLO, come on in).  I left Momma in a precarious position, and ran to the door, and saw him. (Smack forehead here), I told him to watch the bacon and I went to finish changing Momma’s pants.

I came back out and he finished cooking the bacon and the Farmer walked in.  Everyone said hello, and I asked the Electrician if he wanted some breakfast, but he had already had a bowl of sugar and said “nah”.   Although, that did not stop him from eating most of the bacon on my plate.  Oh well, here I go again digressing.

Breakfast was over and the men got busy. 

 The Farmer went and fired up the tractor, and the Electrician got busy with cutting stuff away from the house next door, (uhm, it’s lovingly referred to as my house…uhm…ok, not really, it’s the house the Farmer bought so he would not have neighbors and it’s lovingly referred to as my gym, uhm…cough, it’s the house next door, the Farmer owns ok?) 

Anyhoo, I took some before shots of the house. 

 And actually I knew the Family that owned it.  There is some tragedy around the family of the previous owners.    But anyhow.  The guy’s got to work, and then realized, DAMN, it’s a little hot out here.  I brought over some water, (I let Momma sleep in today).  I went inside the house and remembered all of the exercise equipment in it, and I proceeded to work out, while the guys were outside sweating off parts of their bodies. 

I really enjoyed this thing called the Nordic track thingy, that I will take pictures of it.  I did 50 of those suckers with ease, it’s when I kept going that my arms felt like jelly and my legs turned to mush, oh yea, my stomach….well, let’s just say I get it.  O U C H.

Back to the matter at hand.  The Electrician worked his magic and the house was transformed.  The guys worked hard today.  The proof is in the pictures.  They also worked together and found respect in each other.  (I’ll explain in a bit).

When we were (OK they) were wrapping things up we were walking back to the main house and we heard a car horn.  Lo and behold the Nursing student and Cam-Man pulled into the driveway.  We were all happy to see the both of them.  But….ok give Geema some credit here.  The Nursing student told Cam-Man Poppa was here too, and he got out of the car, said hi to Poppa, and then gave me a hug that felt like no tomorrow.  That kid clung to me and made my day.  (Psst…WE are still BFF’s.)  We hug out for a bit and then I told everyone to come inside out of the heat.  By now, the Farmer who wasn’t going to give up before his son-in-law, told him, “that’s good, let’s call it a day ok?”.

We all went inside and I went in to get Momma up.  I gave Momma her bath and got her dressed (there was a lot of noise going on in the other room).  I told Momma she had some visitors, and she was excited.  Apparently while I was taking care of Momma, Cam-Man was acting like he owned the joint, but no-one understood what he was asking.    When Momma emerged from her room, with the Farmer and my assistance, she was in her glory.  Mind you she hasn’t seen the Nursing Student for a week or two, and she was so very happy to see her.  They held hands and talked. Cam-Man was getting into trouble because I guess his Momma didn’t understand what he wanted.  (I realized later that he wanted some lemonade out of the fridge with his BIG BOY cup) but it was too late.

The Nursing Student and Cam-Man got ready to go and the Electrician and I walked her and him out, buckled him up in his car seat, hugs and kisses all round, and then I kissed Cam-Man and told him Geema would see him tomorrow.  That kid kissed me(with a cracker in his mouth and stated WUB You) and off they went. 

The Electrician took me out to lunch when we left the Farmer’s.  OH MY GOODNESS.  Ok at this point screw the diet and I’ll work out more tomorrow.  I ate enough sushi to keep the rest of the world alive.

I went back to the Farmer’s tonite, so he could go to his DRPC meeting, and I had a wonderful evening with Momma and Joyce.  Joyce and I figured out how to wash Momma’s hair without it being that much of a “strain” on Momma.    Momma, had a really good day,  she has had therapy and been a wonder.  It was almost like she didn’t have Parkinson’s. 

But around 7:30 tonite, Parkinson’s reared its ugly head.  It was ok though, you know why.  Today, I saw some serious miracles in my family.  Parkinson’s while it seriously sucks, it CAN bring a family past all of the ugliness, and to a place, where they all get together, because of the one.

Because when it’s all said and done folks, my Family has rallied around to show support and to show love and to be……a family…….

Terrific Tuesday….

My day started out a little normal.  I had a restless night last night, and didn’t sleep very well.  Between me and the Electrician coughing and being restless, it wasn’t a good night of sleep.

I headed over to the Farmer’s and the Electrician was going to follow me there.  The Electrician was going to work on the Farmer’s pump-room today and get all of the Electrical stuff up to code. 

I arrived and made a cup of coffee and went in with the Farmer, we were both watching the Queen’s last day of her Jubilee Celebration.  (Momma had the t.v. on in her room although she was snoring, she opened her eyes and watched for a bit).  The Royal family arrived on the balcony and the Farmer and I watched the “Fly by” and the family waving.   Then it hit me.  This was history.  We did have a lively conversation AFTER Momma got up about how long the Queen would have to be in power to be the longest reigning Queen in history.  I was right though…HAHA to the Farmer and Momma I was right.  (On a side note, uhm 5 more years and she will have beat Queen Victoria).

But again I digress ( I have a habit of doing that).  I made breakfast for the Farmer and the Electrician, yes folks, I actually cooked for both of them.  It was biscuits and gravy with sausages too.   

The Farmer went off to mow the lawn, the electrician went off to do electrical work downstairs, me?  I went to get Momma up.  She was in fine fare today.    I got Momma up and then had to scoot on down the road to get Cam-Man.  Yes, he was part of our day today too. 

When I picked him up, he was in rare form  today too.  When I put him in the Rav 4 I threw him a curve ball.  I asked him, “Do you want to go see Granpa?”  he responded with “Uh huh”.  then I told him Poppa is there too.  I got the look.  He said “Huh?”  and I told him, Poppa is at Grampa’s house, are you going to be ok?  he just looked at me like I had lost my mind.  We pulled up at the Farmer’s house, but Poppa’s truck was gone, so I called him on the cellphone to ask him where he was.  I was advised he had to run to Lowe’s for a “box” and he would be there in a minute. 

Cam-man walked into the Farmer’s and ran up to Grampa and gave him a hug and sat in his lap for a minute.  I was busy in the kitchen getting ready to make lunch for the Farmer and the Electrician.  Cam-Man was in the living room when Poppa walked in, and Cam-Man was extremely surprised.  He left Grampa like nothing and ran into his Poppa’s arms.  (Well, if anyone ever had a doubt, Poppa is number one in this guys eyes).  (sigh) 

We finished out the day at Grampa’s house and Cam-Man picked all of his stuff up and gave hugs and kisses to Momma, and the Farmer and then let his Poppa load him into the Rav4.  Cam-Man made the comment….”Park Poppa?”.    Well, duh….Poppa and Cam -Man took off in the Rav4 to the park, and I got the truck and the errands.

WOOHOO, I was allowed to go to the grocery store….call me a girl in heaven.  I looked at everything AND only made 3 unauthorized purchases.  Seriously, I did GOOD!!!!!  I arrived at the park about 30 minutes after the Electrician and Cam-man and we played hard.  I have never seen this kid giggle so much. 

Cam-Mans Daddy called though and it was time to give him up, so we met at the car-wash and gave Cam-Man back and the Electrician and I finished our shopping and came home.

Folk’s, today has been my icing on the cake, I’ve had some of the most important people in my life be together, get along, and have some giggles.    And to ice my cake even further, my Dillinger called me to tell me everything is ok, he’s attending College and things are going good.  He also wanted to tell me he had a copy of my DD214, (ok hun it’s not the original), but it will open doors as far as grants go for him. 

Life’s good for Camsgranny…..hope it is for y’all too

Today, My story….

Today actually starts with a phone call I received yesterday, from the Nursing student.   I was at the Farmer’s taking care of Momma when my cell phone rang (ok, so Maroon 5, “Moves like Jagger” came loudly from my purse).  I grabbed the house phone (I was giving Momma her meds and missed the call).  I called the Nursing student back and asked “What’s up?”  “I know you are watching Cam-Man tomorrow, but he needs to go to the Doctor and the only appointment they have is at 2:30, can you take him for me?”  “Well, duh….of course I will, let them know I will be bringing him and all that stuff, and tell me where I have to take him ok?  I’ll pick him up about 12:30”  “Thanks!” and we hung up.

Today dawned, and I went to the Farmer’s ok, so I may have been a little later than I planned, but as some people have reminded me lately, “the world is round and I’ll get there”.  I made the Farmer his typical friday breakfast, bacon (ton’s of bacon, gotta feed the kitties), hash browns, and eggs.   I ate the bacon and eggs, cuz well….I’m on this diet, but that is another post.

Momma was a little uhm…well, we’ve had a lot of good days in a row, so I was kinda expecting a bad one, well…today was it.  She was EXTREMELY grumpy when I got her up, and she kinda froze at one point, but we worked through it.  She promptly fell asleep once we made it to her chair.  I finished all of the stuff I needed to do. 

My original plan was to go get Cam-Man and come back and finish taking care of Momma, but with Cam-Man being sick, I could not do that.  So, I finished up most of my Friday stuff,  making breakfast, washing dishes,  changing kitty litter, laundry, making Momma’s bed and setting out her night things, hanging out with Momma and the Farmer for a few, giving Momma her meds and other stuff.  Then it was time for me to leave.  I hugged and kissed the Farmer and Momma and told them I would see them Sunday.

Down the road I went.  Now, mind you I haven’t seen Cam-Man since last week (which feels like a lifetime).   I rolled into the Nursing student’s driveway and put the car seat into the Rav4 and ran to the door.  It was locked, so I knocked.  Right away I heard Cam-Man yelling and his Momma telling him to hold on.  Cam-Man opened the door and wanted to shake my hand, uhm….what?  I scooped that little man up into my arms and the first thing he said was “Poppa?”.    Uhm….nope…remember me?  “Geema?”…

He scooped up his blanket and down the road to our house we went.  In between the Electrician and I had a flurry of phone calls, I was hoping the Electrician would go to the Doctor with me and Cam-Man. 

Cam-man and I arrived at my house, and he helped me to put the garbage cans in the back of the house, and we went inside.  Cam-Man didn’t feel well and has  a cough.  I could tell this, when we got into the house, he took his jacket off and his shoes.  I felt his head and he felt warm to me, so I gave him a popsicle.  Which I might add, he scarfed down.

 The Electrician arrived home and Cam-Man saw him from the window and was yelling at the top of his lungs “P O P P A”, he then got down off the window ledge and ran to the gate (at the top of the stairs) and yelled at Poppa until he came up the stairs and the re-union was on.  (Ok, give me a minute here folks, I remember when I used to be the light of this kids life…….sigh….my days are over and Poppa reigns….sigh…I guess boys will be boys…..sigh again.)

We took Cam-Man to the Doctor and the funny thing was, our little Cam-Man has the same Doctor that my boys had when we moved to Illinois, and let me tell you she is good.  Cam-Man was the life and party at the Doctor’s office, everyone loves him, AND the Nursing Student.    Cam-Man went through his exam pretty well, except for the “let me look down your throat thing”.  He wasn’t having anything to do with it, until Geema grabbed him and told him on the count of three, let the Doctor look down your throat ok?  One, two, three….he opened his mouth and let the Doctor look, he was gripping my hand though.

The exam went well, and Poppa hugged Cam-man and picked him up and we were on our way.  Lil dude has Bronchitis, and is going to be on antibiotics, with some cough syrup too.  On the way home we had to make a couple of stops, and we happened to pass the park a couple of times.  I’ve never felt so bad.  Everytime we passed the park, Cam-Man yelled (at the top of his lungs)  “We’re Here!!!” and he threw his arms up like it was a touchdown in a football game.  Poor dude was disappointed when we did not stop.  He was promised though that when he is feeling better we will go to the park.

We finally arrived home and it was time for a snack, “Hey Poppa, I know where the cook’s (cookie’s)are, let me get them ok? ”    After a couple of cookies, and then the Fisher dude came and took Cam-Man away from us.

It’s been a good day over-all.  Busy, but a lot of fun with some of the important peeps in my life.  And just to let ya’ll know.  My first phone call this morning was from the youngest son.  He called at exactly 7;20am, to tell me, this past chapter of his life is over and he is writing a new chapter with nothing but good things.  I am so proud of what he has accomplished so far, he’s in College, and has been released from Federal custody.  To him, I say this, you have nowhere to go but UP.  I love you kiddo….but watch out, Momma may just post about you next……

Night ya’ll….I’ve been blessed with a lot of things today, and I cherish each and every one of them…. Keep Smiling…:)



Friday, sleep in and Switch up….

Today dawned a little to early for me.  The alarm clock was set for 6 am, but as usually my internal body clock went off at 5:22am.  I didn’t want to be late for picking Cam-Man up today.  Friday’s are usually VERY long days.  I peaked at the clock and made myself go back to sleep for a half an hour.  I guess I had just drifted off when the alarm clock rudely interrupted .

I got up and decided to forgo the usual and I went and picked up Cam-Man in my p.j.’s.  It was kinda fun and daring.  Cam-Man was in his bed, when I arrived,  his little butt stuck up in the air, and him just snoozing.  The Nursing student woke him up, and I grabbed some clothes and down the road we went.  Cam-Man kind of woke up when we drove into my little home town.  When we passed the graveyard and drove a few more minutes and turned down my street, he woke up and YELLED..”We’re HERE POPPA”.

That lil kid woke UP, and when I parked in front of the house, instead of the driveway, (because I was leaving the Rav4 for them and I still had to leave, I was taking the truck.)  Cam-Man came flying out of the Rav4 and kept looking at the door, when it opened and his Poppa was on the other side, well…I don’t have words to describe BOTH of them.

Cam-Man KNEW he was going to spend the day with his Poppa, and he didn’t have a hard time telling Geema BYE, after blowing me kisses from the window, and waving until I was out of sight.

I went down the road to the Farmer’s.  I was a little later than usual, but this was all part of my plan.  (hehehe, yea right I have a plan?)  I got to the Farmer’s and he had an appointment that he had to go to, so, I sent him on his way.  The Farmer had already given Momma her 8 am meds, so I just changed her bed stuff, making her roll, like a jelly roll all over the bed.  When she was clean and dry, I told her the secret.  “Psst…Momma, today is friday and you get to sleep in for a while, is that ok with you?”  “Yep, I’ll let you know when I’m ready to get up ok?”, was what she told me.

So, while Momma slept in, I got all of the Farmer’s laundry done,  Some of Momma’s laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, mopped all the floors, and straightened up some.  I gave Momma her meds, and changed her stuff and rolled her over, and she was still sleeping.

The Farmer got back home and I made him a meatloaf sammich, Momma still slept.  I finally went in and told Momma it was time to get up and I raised her window blinds and let the sun in.  She looked at me and asked “A few more minutes, PLEASE?”.  Ok, I gave in. 

About 15 minutes later, I went in and it was time to get up.  Momma was ready, her limbs were “loose”, and she had no problem going through the morning routine (although it was now afternoon).  Momma got up and walked to her chair with barely any assistance, (although a note to the Farmer, Don’t tell Momma she is doing it on her own, she get’s scared and then acts crazy).

Momma sat in her chair for a few minutes and I got stuff ready, and the Farmer did too. We were going to have Momma walk to the kitchen sink and get her hair washed today.  We have the “caps” that we use to wash her hair, and while they work, sometimes it’s just nice to get a good scalp massage and get all the oils back to normal.

Everything was in place and the Farmer and I got Momma up and into the kitchen, she stared out the window for a minute or two and remarked she missed looking out this window.   We got busy and got Momma’s hair washed (the newly mopped kitchen floor kind of went through the wringer but it was worth it). 

Folks, Momma did so good that the Farmer, and I AND Momma were so proud.  She did everything we asked her to do and then some.  Momma needs to learn trust, and I think she learned that today.  The Farmer and I kept her SAFE and she realized that today.    She remarked to me when her hair had been washed and she was in her chair after I had blow-dryed her hair.  “Joanne, you and your Dad love me don’t you?” 

“Yes, Momma we do, and we would never hurt you or let you fall”  She replied to me…

“I’m learning that.  Thank you for today, I really enjoyed having my hair washed, and you two keep me safe, I Love both of you”.

“We love you Momma”


Switch Up Friday…

Today in my world, we switched it up.  This morning, I woke up at 5:30 am because I was afraid I would be late picking Cam-Man up at 7 am.  So, I got up and drank some coffee and hit the road at 6:30.  I left a few minutes early because I had to drive by a certain residence in my small town (which will be another post).  After driving by, I giggled.

I scooped up Cam-Man who was happy to see me peering into his crib asking “Hey Cam-Man you wanna wake up and go see Poppa?”  After getting his pants changed, and me grabbing another set of clothes plus his shoes and socks, and having him grab his jacket, and his blankey.  Kissing and hugging his Momma bye, off we went.

Cam-Man looked a little confused when I told him where we were going, as we got closer to my house, that lil dude livened up BIG TIME.    We pulled up and got all our stuff and came inside, Cam-Man yelled “POPPA” when we got inside.  Usually Poppa meets us at the door, but not this morning, he was uhm…busy.  Poppa finally came upstairs and there was a squeal from Cam-Man.

I drank another cup of coffee, and fed Cam-man breakfast while the Electrician took a shower.  Then, Poppa came up and told Camsgranny, “Hit the road k?  I got this”.

Off down the road I went to the Farmer’s.  When I got there, I gave Momma her meds, and got her dry.  I made a cup of coffee and went in to chat to the Farmer.  He was going to do a road trip today, so, I shooed him off, and he left. 

I had a game plan today.  It was raining and gloomy outside, and on days like this Momma usually does not do to well.  So, we made an agreement, when I went in to get Momma up, I asked her, “do you want to get up now, or be lazy and sleep a little while longer?”‘  She replied with a little grin “Can I sleep in my bed a little longer?”  “Yes, you can sleep in your bed a little longer but we have to make a deal”..  she looked at me and asked “what’s the deal?”  I replied (trying to keep a straight face)  “You can sleep as long as you want, but every 2 hours I am coming in here and you are going to change position, and I’m gonna change your pants, and you can’t complain when I tell you it’s time to get up and YOU have to help me ok?”.  She giggled, folks, she looked me straight in the eye, gave me her hand and said “DEAL”.

So, I let her be lazy today.  However, while she was sleeping I mopped the kitchen, bathroom  and dining room floors, did ALL of the Farmer’s laundry, did ALL of Momma’s laundry, cleaned the Farmer’s bathroom, cleaned Momma’s bathroom, baked some Oatmeal raison cookies (for the Farmer, they are his favorite).  Cleaned out the fridge (I think the Farmer is trying a science experiment with mold).   Washed all the dishes and then read the paper.

After letting Momma sleep for a while, and I checked her and shifted her butt over 2 times, I finally went in and asked her if she was ready to get up.  Folks, I got the Sunny smile and was told, sure, I feel great.

So, I gave her a bath, got her dressed and between the two of us, and Momma worked hard.  We had therapy while she was in her bed, and then when she was sitting on the edge of the bed.   I will tell you now, I was a little scared, and nervous.  On a regular day it takes me and the Farmer to get Momma up and walking.  Today, Momma and I did it together.  I made sure she had all of her limbs “loose”, and I asked her if she was ready, and she told me “Joanne, you and I have this ok, trust me”.  “I always trust you Momma, and I’m glad you trust me” was all I said.

SUCCESS story, We made it with bells ringing, (literally, there was an ambulance screaming down Route One with its sirens blazing).  Momma sat in her chair and then her and I chatted.  Momma looked out the window and she said, “Wow what a grey day, it reminds me of England”.  “I know, Momma, how are you feeling?”   “Sleepy”. was her reply.  Yea, you guessed it, she fell back asleep in her chair.  Me?  I dozed off for a few minutes, until I heard the back door open, and in walked the Farmer.

“Can you help me unload?” he asked me as I walked into the kitchen.  I spent the next few minutes unloading from all of the purchases from “Sam’s Club”.  I put everything away (or so I thought) and I hugged both the Farmer and Momma and headed down the road to my house.  Half way there I realized that I had not put the freezer things away, and I called the Farmer.  “UHM, Dad, I think I forgot to put the butter and bacon in the freezer, I carried them downstairs and got sidetracked putting the paper stuff away, can you check for me please?”

I was right, I got completely sidetracked, and the Farmer put the freezer stuff away, I arrived home, and the Electrician had stuff he had to do, so he left Cam-Man (who was totally wiped out) with me.  The rest I will save for another post.

My day today, as a switch up day, The Electrician had a FANTASTIC day with his Grandson, that he will never forget, I had a Great day with Momma, the Farmer got his road trip, and well…I’m kinda tired, so for tonite,  My world is good and the FUNK is gone….

I’m just Blessed with alot of things, I’m thankful for a lot of things, and I’m whacked, kinda like Cam-man…so Nite y’all…