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Whew…that was a close one…..

About a month ago, I discovered a spot on my face, on the right side, right next to my eyebrow.  Now…to most of you, it probably does not mean much.  To me?    I kinda freaked out.  You see, I have a history of cancer.  To be exact, I am a four-time cancer survivor.

While I had this thing on my face, I went to my regular Doctor (who I used to work for and is my primary caregiver).  I haven’t been to see him for a while, because I have been semi-healthy.  If my sinus’ act up, I go to the urgent care, because I am kind of regular there with sinus infections.  After having numerous amounts of them, I know when to go and get the standard antibiotics and stuff.

This “growth” kind of freaked me and the Electrician and also the Farmer out.  To be fair and honest, I have a phobia of Doctors, Dentists, you name it.  After going through what I have been through I have a little phobia of the said mentioned Doctors.

I was referred to the Doctor I went to today, by my former employer.  Because when I went in to see him, (because of the health care system, I had to see my “primary” Doctor to be referred to another doctor to have the insurance pay). My primary Doctor told me, with your history, I am referring you okay?

Okie dokie….I arrived at the Doctor’s office at the appropriate time, filled out all of the paperwork and scratched my head, because in all honesty, I could not remember the Electrician’s social security number.  DUH…. isn’t it amazing the things you forget when you need to remember?

When I was seen in the Doctor’s office, he looked at the “growth” and did a little “tsk tsk” sort of thing, like I should have known better, and then proceeded to tell me,  “This is a growth from your exposure to the sun”.  Uhm…ok?  Folks, it’s winter here, where the heck has the sun even gotten in touch with me?

Then, after advising me this was going to sting and burn a bit, he applied something to my face that seriously hurt.  Not just my face either, along the side of my neck on the right side.  Then he smiled at me told me not to get the area wet, and it would crust up and drop off after a couple of days and to stay out of the sun.

Okay, I went and gave my paperwork to the nurse and made an appointment for 6 months down the road, with that, I headed out to my car.  The minute I hit the outside coldness, I fricking went down.   I made it to my car, but felt the whole right side of me, frozen.

I arrived home to my Electrician who was worried, but sleeping, and woke him up.  He asked me the “dreaded” question, and I told him what the Doctor had told me.    It was not Cancer, but I need to buy a hat to stay out of the sunshine. I advised the Electrician that he had better get used to his wife being a ghost, because I am semi-done with sunshine.

I also called the Farmer who has been worried about me.  I told him the news and also told him my whole right side felt frozen and my face hurt.  I won’t even begin to tell you what the response was, it was funny though HAHAHA Dad.

My Electrician has taken such good care of me today, he has asked me about a million times this past weekend if I wanted him to go with me.  I guess, I am a little  in a different mind-set for this type of support.  I’ve never had it.    I went through Cancer quite a few times, but have always done it alone.    I am not being disrespectful of anyone here, I am just stating fact.

The Electrician has been home today, and done all of the laundry, cleaned, dusted (yea I sluffed off), and cooked me an amazing dinner.  I am truly Blessed peeps, I will shout it from the rooftops…..

While my face and neck hurt, I’ve been taken care of, and I am Blessed, it was not that serious.  But I will be buying a hat for the future…