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Tuesday…(a day late) oops.

I didn’t post last night, oops.  It’s not that I didn’t want to, it’s just that 1. I was tired. 2.  I could not get my thoughts together. 3. I was tired. 4.  I was watching the Walton’s. 4.  I was tired.

So, after a good night’s sleep, I’m back and feeling refreshed, and not tired. (yet).  Yesterday was a good day.  I spent it with Cam-Man first, because the Nursing student is in her last 2 weeks of the semester and had to do her Lab practical exam.  Because it was only an hour I didn’t do the usual round robin on Tuesday.  I got over there early (I brought her a good luck cappuccino), and she was still studying right before she had to leave.  Cam-Man was hanging out in his high chair eating breakfast and watching Care Bears.  He didn’t notice me at first but when I sat down next to him, he perked up a bit.  The Nursing student left, and Cam-Man and I played a little bit and then he just wanted to sit in my lap and finish watching Care Bears.  We had our conversation and then the Nursing Student arrived (uhm…she smelled like cadavers, YUCK).  So,  down the road I went.

Got to the Farmers, and he had started to get Momma up, so I took over and bathed her and got her dressed.  I must say she looked pretty spiffy in her new pants and shirt.  We did some exercises and then she got to her chair and I started making breakfast.  Then, I got the laundry finished, started a pot of chili, and cleaned the bathroom.  After all that I told the Farmer I had to run and do a couple of errands. 

So, if you read my previous post “I got to go Shopping”, then you’ll know the Electrician and I bought a new medicine cabinet for the bathroom.  Guess what?  It didn’t fit.  So back to Menard’s I went and took it back, so we are still on a quest to find a medicine cabinet.  I did an errand for the Nursing student, and while I would really like to tell you about it, I can’t because it has to do with the Fishing-dude’s Christmas present.  Altho, I can tell you it was a very neat experience.  (more on that AFTER Christmas).

Back to the Farmer’s house,  finished some more domestic goddess stuff and made sure the Farmer (who was laying on the couch ready for a nap) and Momma (who was laying down in her chair ready for a nap), were all set.

Back to my house for….wait for it…..some more domestic goddess stuff and decided well…since the Nursing student was making chili at her house, the Farmer had chili at his house, I was going to make a pot of chili for my house. (besides it’s one of the Electrician’s favorite meals, altho I like it with chili-cheese frito’s and tons of cheese).

So while it may not seem like I did alot to get tired from, let me clue you in.  It POURED rain all day and being soaked about 100000000 times, and drying out, and coming home and being so frickin cold I had to take a HOT shower just to warm up, and I usually don’t take my shower until late evening, my body thought it was bed time at uhm…4 pm yesterday.

So here it is Wednesday morning and I better get moving because today will be a busy one, but more on that later!  Have a good day ya’ll…:)



Today started out normal (as in…no phone calls).  Mom stayed in her bed all night and was still in bed when I got there this morning.  Today was my “broke up day”.  Which means that I went and got my Mom up and bathed and dressed then flew over to the kids house to watch Cam-the-Man while the Nursing student went to class.  This is because The Fisher-dude got that welding job we all wanted him to get (and are VERY proud that he did).

Cam-the Man and I had a good time, he’s missed Granny, and I could tell because the first thing he did was hug me like no tomorrow.  His Momma, the Nursing Student put Care Bears on t.v. before she left and Cam and I snuggled in the recliner.  Complete with blanket and all and snuggled together and watched Care Bears until Cam’s Auntie Krystal showed up and at that point we all 3 played.

The Fisher dude showed up on his lunch break and we all 4 talked for a bit (while the fisher dude made his lunch), the Nursing student showed up, Auntie Krystal left and that left me and Cam and his parents…..THAT’s when they dropped the bomb on Granny.  “We are going to put Cam in daycare”  “Uh WHAT??????” ”  “He needs to interact with other kids, not just his Granny”.  Well….what do you say to that?

So I left feeling a little..uhm..dejected…I’m not sure that’s the right word but that’s the only one I can think of at the moment.    I went back to Mom & the Farmers and made sure they had dinner and that all the laundry was done.  I came home feeling a little sad.  When the Electrician came home dinner was in the oven and he noticed something was wrong.  (They have a way of knowing when your chin is on the floor).    “What’s the matter hon?”..  “They want to send Cam to daycare and we won’t be able to see him as much as we used to”. 

Let me tell you the Electrician is on the same wave length as I am because he told me “we’ll kidnap him honey, it will be okay”.  You see…Cam the man, kept me company the whole time the Electrician was on the road, and if you ask anyone they will tell you Me n Cam are “BFF’S”..hehehe.

Well….after kinda feeling sorry for myself, we got a phone call tonite…(BIG SMILE)  and yup, they still need Granny to watch Cam….so, I still have my Thursday & Friday night with Cam-the Man.  This Granny is a Happy Camper….

Can’t wait for him to use his toothbrush again on Friday nite…:):)