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Guest post…..AGAIN…

DSCN4162Hey y’all, it’s me…Ms. Baby, or as Mom calls me, “Fat cat”.

I’ve had a very productive day.  My Mom stayed home with me today, well she did go out for a bit, but it was okay, I was ready for my nap by then.

My Mom was still asleep after my Dad left this morning.  He told me to let her sleep, so I did, for a bit.  How long does a Momma need to sleep for?  I went in and woke her up, because I wanted some food, and cuddles.

Mom goofed around and did something called “cleaning”, but her and I took time out today to have some cuddles.  She washed the sheets on the bed, and we had our favorite game, I “helped” her make the bed with clean sheets.  I like how they smell.

Around noon or something like that, I wanted to go outside, so Mom let me out, and I noticed something.  Every bird in the neighborhood was visiting our middle hanging plant on our porch.  I laid underneath it, not quite sure what was going on, and Mom kept her eye on me.  Something was happening.

Mom said the birds were singing, because of an “event”.  Whatever that means.  This evening, I went outside again, and got busted in the garden by my Dad, he made me come inside, and I heard Mom and Dad talking.

Apparently the robin bird that has made her nest ON MY PLANT on the porch, had her babies tonite.  Mom said she looked from the top of the deck and there are 2 little baby birds in the nest.

Hmmm….I may have to lay underneath the nest for a bit, baby birds have to fly sometime, and I’ll be waiting.  Okay, who am I kidding, My Mom and Dad will have my skin, if I do something to a baby bird, but it might be fun to be a “God mother” or something…….


Bird’s Eye view…(Guest post)

Hey y’all, it’s me again…Ms. baby AKA, fat cat….

baby aug 09 002My Mom wanted to tell this story, but it is all mine to tell.  If you read Mom’s blog, you will know, I tried to catch a baby bird a few weeks ago, and got “dive bombed” by every bird in the neighborhood.

I don’t understand what the problem is.  I. AM. A. CAT.    Cats catch mice (haven’t you ever watched the Tom & Jerry Cartoon?)  But, we also like birds.    I have a hunters instinct about these things.  As my Mom say’s,  I am a cat.

I personally think these birds around my “hood” like to torture me, simply because they know my Mom and Dad won’t let me catch them.   Ha, I got news for my parents……

The past few years, my 2 legged siblings, buy Mom a hanging basket, that she loves, Dad waters it to keep it alive, and I do like the smell of the pretty flowers.    Well, I guess those birds like it too, because for the past couple of years, they have made a nest in it, and had babies.

This year,  A Momma Robin has decided to set up her nest in the middle basket, and I’ve been keeping tabs on her, one of her relatives flew straight at Dad and almost landed on his nose, so I have to watch out for him.  Baby birds are sort of clumsy, when they first start to fly, and that’s when I watch them closely.

DSCN4500This is the Momma bird, that has set up her house in my Mom’s plants.  She takes breaks from sitting on her nest, and I ALWAYS get yelled at, when she does this.  Pfft….I don’t want the Mom.  Dad and Mom always yell at me to behave, when she leaves the nest.  Like I am going to get her or anything.  Shoot, All her relatives that are around would probably hurt me.  I’ve been dive-bombed before.

DSCN4498This is the Mom hanging out at the basket right next to her “babies”, heck, they are still eggs at this point.  There are 2 of them, so things will be chirping up a storm here soon.

DSCN4501This is the Mom in her nest, that she made, and gets mad at Dad, whenever he waters the plant, that she is nesting in.  I lay underneath the basket every time I go outside, just in case, something falls out of it, and I can “save” whatever falls.

There are some other things hanging out around my house lately, and they look like this.

DSCN4504Now me, I love when Mom makes fried chicken, I wonder if I catch these, will she fry them up for me?  They look like big chickens to me.  I tried to catch one once.  Dad and Mom laughed at me, pfft.  If I really wanted to I could catch one of these.

But, I’m Ms. Baby AKA fat cat, and I don’t feel like running THAT hard after them.

Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know when the babies hatch, and start to fly, ahem, umm, start to leave the nest.

prrrrrrrrrr, I’m going to bed now with Mom and Dad now, someone has to keep their feet warm at night.

Happy Birthday to my Baby….

8 years ago, I fell in love.  The Electrician and I had gone to a football game, and we actually had parked at a friend’s house, and walked over to the High School in town, and watched the game and then came back and hung out with some friend’s. They are Farmer’s (sort of), and had been harvesting a field, when they found in the middle of the corn rows, a family of kittens.  The Mother had been killed, and the 3 kittens just a few weeks old.

They were running all over the yard, and were chasing leaves and butterflies, and just being cute.  One of the kittens happened to come over to me, and I scooped her up, and we nuzzled noses.  It was love at first nuzzle.  I put her down and sighed.  The Electrician was NOT really an animal person, and if it was an animal, then it had to be something OTHER than a kitty.

Our friend’s mother looked at me and said, you want her huh?  “Yes”, but then I explained about the Electrician and animals.  She yelled out to the Electrician, that I had fallen in love with the kitten and they would deliver it to my house on Wednesday (this being a Saturday).

Wednesday rolled around, and I had already shopped for a litter box, and a couple of toys.  Sure enough, Ms. baby arrived.  Fur ball full of fleas and just asking to be loved.   Her and I bonded, like Mother and daughter.


I took her to the Vet, got her shots, and de-flea’d, and then set up the appointment to have her spayed.  Obviously some of “our” “attitude” rubbed off on her.  The reason I say this, after the discussion with the Electrician about having her de-clawed at the same time as being spayed, his answer was a definite YES.    I think she was happy to be with us, because her means of showing us affection, was to claw her way up our bodies to get to our faces so we could nuzzle noses.  One to many times for the Electrician’s benefit.

I took her to the vet for her appointment, and they were going to keep her overnight, and get her front claws de-clawed, and spay her, she kept her back claws in tack.

I received a phone call from the vet the next morning, I was supposed to pick her up at 2 pm, and the phone call arrived at 9am.    “Uhm, Hi!  Ms. Baby is fine and doing well since her surgery, can you come pick her up NOW?”    “Sure, I’ll be right there”.  I’m thinking there must be some kind of problem, that they want me to come get her.  Yea, the problem?  Ms. ATTITUDE, had woken up 2 hours after surgery had mouthed off, tried to climb out of her pen, and just been over all obnoxious to everyone, and they figured I would calm her down. The Vet even remarked to me when I got there and grabbed Ms. Baby, that she “obviously” thought I was her Mother, because she shut up as soon as I arrived, and was finally sleeping.  She is still welcome at the Vet’s office as long as I take her, and do not leave her there.


The funny thing is though, we had this cat for probably 2 years before ANYONE saw her.   She really is a scared cat, whenever anyone would come to our house, she would hide underneath the bed, and not come out until they were gone.  Heck, the kids didn’t believe we had a cat.

This cat is also kind of like a dog though.  She comes when you whistle, we let her outside, and she stays out for maybe 15 minutes at a time.  She will not go off the porch if you tell her to stay on the porch.  She likes to sit in the garden and anytime she goes where she is not supposed to, she gets grounded.  


She follows us around like a puppy, and sleeps in closets, under the bed, and hangs out on the stairs.    Her favorite place though is her ‘bed” we set up for her in the garage at the window.   She is not really a cuddle kitty, and only cuddles when she wants.  She does however, sleep at the foot of the bed, every night, and is better than any alarm clock.


Happy Birthday to Ms. Baby who is now 8 years old in kitty years, thank goodness her teenage years are over.


Conspiracy theory….

The past couple of days, I have spent  quite a bit of time at the Farmer’s house.  I’ve gone over in the morning, and did my regular stuff, gotten Momma up, and then left.  Then I came back in the late afternoon/early evening  and put Momma to bed.  The Farmer has had a few nights with the “guys”.  Hey, he needs a break too, and while sometimes I hate to be away from my home,  I understand he needs time too.

For those of you that follow my posts, forgive me because I may be repeating myself here for a few seconds.  I have 2 four-legged “sisters”.  I found them one night about 3-4 years ago, when I was leaving the Farmer’s.  Someone had abandoned, (actually probably tossed them out of the car) these 2 adorable kittens, that I found on the wheel well of the Electrician’s truck one cold winter evening when I was leaving.    I couldn’t take them home (Ms. Baby would have not liked that.), so I convinced the Farmer to let them live in the shed (for 2 years, as the house was ran by Mr. Toot’s, who was quite the character in his day).  Mr. Toot’s passed away at the ripe old age of I believe (scratching my head) 19-20 years old.  Since he was no longer the ruler of the house, these 2 ladies were invited to come live in a portion of the house.  The Farmer decided he needed some rules with these 2, and they are not allowed in his bedroom, nor are they allowed to sleep in his room with him.

They were given names, “Spice Girl” and “Goldie“.  Spice gravitated to the Farmer and Goldie to Momma.   It is obvious in the way that they act, Spice is the “Alpha” of us “sisters”. (or at least THINKS she is.)   I made friends with them eventually by feeding them TONS of bacon.

When Momma was gone for the time she was, and when we knew she was coming home, we did a lot of re-arranging of furniture.  The kitty litter box got moved to a different spot.  After making sure both of my “sisters” knew where it was, I figured it was all good.  Then the kitty’s decided that we didn’t change their box often enough.  (After one particular weekend when I returned on Monday to have the Farmer ask me to change the box, as Spice had gotten miffed, because the box was “dirty” and had proceeded to leave him a present in his chair in the living room.

Ok, now that I’ve explained the back story, let me proceed with the past couple of days.  I ALWAYS have to sweep the floor around the litter box, simply for the fact, these cats spread kitty litter EVERYWHERE, this is on a normal basis, (as in everyday).

Yesterday, I noticed that Goldie was giving me the evil eye, (and this is the cat that actually likes me.)  I didn’t know what was going on.  I have noticed that both cats have lately become VERY protective of Momma.

Yesterday, the Nursing Student came over and brought Cam-man with her, and she helped me getting Momma up, and helped me to wash Momma’s hair.  Both cat’s are used to Cam-man and didn’t pay him any attention, but every time the Nursing student went close to Momma, they hissed at her.  Spice actually cracked me up, although I understand she was trying to protect Momma,  every time the Nursing Student pointed to Spice, she hissed.  When we got everything done, and the nursing student and Cam-Man left, I finished up a couple of things, and then I left, to return later.

Both kitty’s were kinda rude to me last night, but I kinda ignored it.  After Tracy and I had gotten Momma into bed, and then Tracy left,  and after taking pictures outside, I came in a sat on the couch, and this is what I saw.






I would like to state for the record, these 2 sat there for about 2 1/2 hours staring at me.

This is where the conspiracy theory comes in.  Today, when I arrived, I have NEVER seen that much kitty litter spread ALL over.    One of my usual things on Friday’s is to mop all the floors and change the kitty litter.  After changing the kitty litter, and sweeping the floor (again for the second time).  I was in the kitchen when I noticed, both kitty’s circling the litter box and Goldie, going into the box, and DIGGING in the box, spraying ALL the friggin clean litter OUT OF THE BOX, only to be followed by Spice, who did the SAME friggin thing.  So, I swept it all up and threw it ALL back into the box, and did the dreaded thing of turning on the vacuum cleaner.  They ran for cover, and I left the vacuum running while I mopped the floors.  I turned the vacuum off, and here comes Spice to pad all over my freshly mopped floor.

I decided to end the war by offering them “treats”, and brushing Goldie.  I guess we are in truce mode now, because after that they were both fine.

I did have to explain everything to the Farmer who got back from the store, and he guffawed pretty loudly.  I’m glad he laughed, those 2 can be kind of intimidating…..


Quality Control….

Ok kids, I really do not know what is going on with Ms. Baby’s fascination with our garden lately.  She is a house cat that is also a scary cat.   When she goes outside, it is usually for about 15 minutes and she lies on the back deck.  If anyone comes up to the deck, she runs inside and hides underneath the bed.

Lately, she has taken to hanging out in the garden.  I don’t now if she is providing quality control for the growing plants, or smelling them or what.

We have found her in our garden more lately than ever

. I like to think she is doing quality control on the tomato plants.  Because she is sure loving on them.

Forgive me because, I went a little crazy with the camera…. She knows I am behind her with the camera and this is her…yea, human, I know you are taking another picture of me, but I’m really happy here so don’t make me come inside please.

My cat is getting older, and she has her ways…hard headed, she gets from her Poppa, she gets her loving from me.  Yea right…this is a cat with some serious tude, and she likes to show it….  Look at her peeking out at me from between the tomato plants.  “Yea, I see you”…..

Uhm, Momma you really need to get in here and do some weeding….  just sayin….

Who needs an alarm clock?

Today did not start out quite like I thought it would. I was sleeping all snuggled up under the covers, and then a little face peered into mine, and with a very determined authority stated “MEOW”.  Now mind you, Ms. Baby is MY alarm clock, EVERY morning.  Luckily for me the Electrician shooed her out of the room and got up with her, at oh uhm 6:30am, on a SUNDAY!  I went back to sleep, and was happily making zzzz’s, when I woke up with some loud birds squawking, and then the Electrician yelling at Ms. Baby.

Apparently, a baby bird had fallen out of the nest, and all the birds were watching to see if the new baby bird would get up and fly or whatever.  Unfortunately Ms. Baby saw him fall out of the nest as well, and had designs of her own.  What I woke up to, was all of the birds in a 5 mile radius dive bombing my cat and the Electrician trying to get her back inside.  As an update, both parties were ok, and I was up.

Well, luckily for me the Electrician had made a new pot of coffee, and I hit that sucker hard.  We had plans today.  We had to go to the Farmer’s.  The Electrician was going to do some yard work, and I was going to “train” a new Caregiver for Momma.

We got to the Farmer’s and I got busy with Louanne, and the Electrician and the Farmer did whatever it is, when two guys get together.  After, I showed Louanne everything, and told her what to do, I loaded up another load of boxes into the Electrician’s truck and the Electrician started weed-eating the yard.

The next thing I knew we were searching for a hedge trimmer.  The Farmer came out and found one that the electrician could use, and he got busy on the hedges in the front yard.  Now mind you, the Farmer is 78 years old, and although he gets around pretty good and mows the yard, some things, he just hasn’t got to.

Louanne, the Farmer and I got Momma up, I showed Louanne how to do it,  so  that is not so hard on Momma.  We got out to the front room, and I told Momma to look at that sexy man outside the window trimming the bushes.  Momma’s face lit up.  The Electrician came in and gave Momma a hug and a kiss, and she lit up like a Christmas tree.  She promptly told him though “Where have you been hiding and how come you haven’t come to see me?” hehehe….

We finished everything up at the Farmer’s and then after hugs and kisses all round, we drove home.  The Electrician remarked how much work there was to be done, and I casually said well…if your up to it, come on!  (He’s planning on coming back on Tuesday with me.) 

We got home and burned all of the boxes we had brought back with us.  Then we got busy on dinner.  Yes, it was bbq baby back ribs, corn on the cob, and baked texas beans (with jalapenos).  (burp).  Sorry.

The rest of the day has been spent relaxing and plotting our calendar for the next week.  We have a lot going on right now and are trying to co-ordinate our activities, together and apart.

I was truly blessed today, simply for the fact that the Electrician, who has given his total support, but up till now has not really wanted to be involved, has made the effort to be involved.  He is also finding it is kind of rewarding in itself.   To the Electrician, I thank you, and you saw Momma’s reaction. 

I understand on a certain level though, a lot of times, it makes us uncomfortable to be around someone with an illness.  But most times, if you just jump in with both feet, it can be a very rewarding experience.  To all parties involved.


Ms. Baby

I’ve been dragging my feet, for about a month now.  You see, Ms. Baby’s annual Vet visit came and went in April, and I didn’t have the heart to take her.

Well, seeing how the Electrician and I gave her a flea treatment (much to her disdain), I figured mise well make her indignation complete, with a visit to the vet.

So, this morning, I tricked her into thinking it was going to be a good day. I let her sit out on the porch this morning for a rather long amount of time. Then I went outside and scooped her up into my arms, and we nose kissed, and then I shoved her butt into the pet carrier.

The howling started immediately.  In cat language I believe this is what she was telling me.

“You Nasty Human, what are you doing?  You tricked me, where are we going?  OH NO, the car, roll down the window, watch out for that car, hey, are we going to the Vet’s?  You are mean and rotten, and how can you make me go through this?  This is outrage I say.  Hey if you think that sticking your finger in my jail is going to make me happy, growl.  Oh no, where are we, wait, what are you doing?  Don’t drop me.   It smells funny in here, I hear other animals.  I smell CATS, alright Human, where the hell are we?”

We get to the Vet’s office and this cat has “talked” to me the whole time on  the way there (it’s about a 15 minute ride).  We get into the exam room and I let Ms. Baby out of her “jail”.  She immediately looks around and sniffs everything, and then, it happens.  She practically tries to climb into my arm pit.  She has buried her face and has her paws wrapped around me and won’t let go. 

We finally get her weighed, ahem…Ms. Baby has to go on a diet (I’ll go into that later).    Ms. Baby tolerated the weighing and the probing from the Vet, but when she saw the needle.  (Folk’s I’ve had kids and none of them like to get shots, but this is a CAT, for crying out loud.)  Ms. Baby could not find anywhere to hide, so she tried to hide in my armpit again.

We finally got the shots done, and she flew back into the pet carrier and gave me a look that said “SHUT the door now and let’s go”.

I chatted with the vet for a bit, and I found out that next year, Ms. Baby is considered a “senior”.  She is 6 years old now, and an almost senior?  Does that mean she will get a “senior discount“?  Heck, I thought she was a teenager.

Somewhere along the road, my  little baby who could fit in the palm of my hand when we first got her.  Now, she weighs a whopping  15 lbs.  (cough) I’m not quite sure how that happened, and the vet has advised me that she really needs to lose about 3 pounds, to be healthy.  So, I guess we are now going to have to buy different cat food, and see what Ms. Baby thinks about that.

When we got into the car to come back home, (usually she is extremely quiet), uhm, not so much today.  This was the conversation on the way home:

“Hey Momma Human, that was really uncalled for.  That lady probed my butt, and felt me up.  Then she gave me that wicked needle and my shoulder hurts now.  I need a treat.  Oh yea, and all that crap she said about me being fat, you can forget all that stuff, I’m not fat, I’m fluffy.  But if you DARE to tell me I’m fat and try giving me some Diet catfood, I’m going to find that stash of catnip, snort all that stuff and attack you while you are sleeping GOT IT?”.

We arrived home, and the Electrician came out to carry Ms. Baby’s jail into the house, and set her down in the entrance way, opened the door, out she came.  Of course, she started loving on him, and just swished her tail at me. 

As the day has progressed, she has officially ignored me, and loved on the Electrician.  Until, a few moments ago, when she came up next to me and rubbed against my leg.  I think she has forgiven me for her “traumatic” day.  Otherwise, it just means, “Ok Mom, now you better brush me and give me a treat”.

Pfft…my cat’s not spoiled or fat, she’s just fluffy, AND mouthy…..




I have 6 children…Ok, I gave birth to 2 of them and I got 3 more with open arms.  There was his, mine, and then there is “ours”.

This girl thinks I am her Momma.  When I first saw her, she was a small fluff of fur.  She was found in a field of corn by a Farmer that was harvesting his crops.  Apparently her “real” Momma had been killed,  and her and her 2 brother’s were left in the field, She was about 5 weeks old.  It was Love at first sight, as in, she was the only one who came running up to me and loved all over me.  The Electrician had not really ever had a cat before except for one that didn’t last very long.  I’ve always had cats.

She kind of fit in with us.  She came to us flea ridden and went directly to the Vet.  While she was at the Vet, she got treated for the fleas,  Then got “fixed” and eventually declawed on her front paws.  Partly because…she liked to climb up the Electricians legs.   He wasn’t very fond of that.  We raised our little girl, (that’s an oxy-moron of a statement), anyone that has cat’s knows that YOU don’t raise them, THEY raise you.  hehehe…

Our little girl is kinda shy, when people came to visit us, she hid under the bed.  Even family members did not know we had a cat.  She’s kinda like that.  She has a routine, that she likes to follow.  She likes to hang out on the stairs and see what’s going on…Her other spot would be the window in the garage.


  Her “Dad” has a set up for her that she loves.  There are 2 boxes filled with rags and other stuff on top of a table with blankets thrown over them that she sits at, lies on and sleeps at. It’s in the window so she see’s the outside world in her own little “spot”  Although, she has been known to get very rowdy and growl like there is no tomorrow and hiss and spit whenever a “predator” comes along, as in uhm…other cat’s from the “hood”, possums, or raccoons.  She really does NOT like possums or raccoons, and can become very LOUD and FERIOCIOUS. 

She does have ‘friends” tho, We had a toad that lived on our porch all last summer, Ms. Baby loved him, she always looked for him and they formed some kind of friendship because she looked after him.  (Maybe it was her Prince waiting to be kissed)

While I have 2 legged children, this four-legged one has a special spot in my heart. She loves unconditionally, she cuddles (psst…only when SHE wants tho), but She is a teenager in kitty years so, hey what can I expect?  She is a typical teenager, and talks back A LOT.  Folks, this kitty is pretty mouthy.

She also has her special “spots” in the house, this being one of them.    Ms. Baby is not below taking a “catnap” on the back of the chair, (especially if I am napping in same said chair)  My skinny lil ball of fluff has grown and blossomed  in our care.

But I think between the Electrician and I we did good raising this little ball of fluff….Cuz we sure do love her….

Woops, One of those Days….

Have you ever just woken up in the morning and anything and EVERYTHING you touch, just kinda goes to hell in a hand-basket real quick?

Well, today for me was one of those days.  It seemed like everything I touched went south real quick.  Spilled water, vacume cleaners, falling down the stairs, changing kitty litter, and other stuff.  So, rather than bore you with the details, I will choose to just post this picture that makes it all worthwhile to me.

Besides, I get to have another chance tomorrow…:)  






Ok maybe one more and then I’ll stop….

This was in Cozumel, Mexico.  Ok folks, I know I keep bringing up the cruise, but to tell you the truth, it was one of best experiences in my life.  Seven full days and nights with this man, and his family, was one of the best.  (Mostly spent with this man).  And trust me when I say I was spoilt rotten.





Ok just one more and THEN I will stop….

I missed these two like crazy.  I wondered what was going on while I was “sailing”  (Christopher Cross song). So, I guess I’ll say Goodnight ya’ll and HOPEFULLY tomorrow, I can do better and not have “one of those days”.

Fuzzy Face is NOT happy….

See this face?  This face has now turned extremely nervous, and clingy.  She saw the suitcases.    I have acquired a 4 legged person who follows me EVERYWHERE.   

She has been following me and the Electrician into Every room and also, back to sleeping with us.

The Electrician and I decided to get ahead and packed some things into 2 different suitcases early.  She kinda watched the Electrician fill his up, and then it was my turn, uhm..she jumped into my suitcase and looked at me and then laid down and would not move so I could put anything in it. 

You see, she remembers when the Electrician used to pack his suitcase every Sunday and then be gone all week to come home on Friday and the “Love Fest” ensued. She tolerated me during the week.

I think that since there are 2 suitcases, she’s a little nervous.  What do our animals think when they lose there owners for a week or two?  I don’t know if she knows but we have back-up “parents” to come in take care of her. 

Usually the pattern that happens is she hides for a couple of days, and then starts coming out when various people arrive to “check” on her.  She looses weight, (not a bad thing considering how FAT my cat really is). 

And then the day comes when we arrive and she VOCALIZES her displeasure at us being gone and her Pleasure at us being home.  I have a very vocal cat, she talks all the time.   

She knows something is going on and she has shown it in her behavior.  What cracks me up is that people say you never “own” a cat, uhm…seriously, my thought is ..you “never” “own” your kids.  Ok call me silly, but my Cat is one of my kids.  I’ve raised her since she was about 4 weeks old and kids, that was 6 years ago.

She’s a fussy teenager about now, and she’ll get over this one too.  But for right now she’s keeping us close….and I for one will keep her happy.