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Messes and successes…

Today has been a lazy day in my house.  We had lunch and goofed off, the Electrician has watched Basketball and football most of the day.  I decided earlier today, I would make something out of stuff I had in my kitchen.  The Electrician and I have not been to the grocery store in a while so, I wanted to make a “pantry” dinner.

I did a little research on that thing called “google” after I had scanned all of my cookbooks.  I took stock of the ingredients I had on hand and this is what I came up with.  I am taking you on a picture journey with me….


Yes, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, Artichoke hearts, mushrooms, an onion, garlic, roasted red peppers, penne pasta, chicken base. and because I am a dork, I forgot the parmesan cheese in the photo.


I had looked up recipes for  Chicken Artichoke mushroom dishes, and I found a couple I liked, so, being me, I combined them, to make it my own.

First, I smashed the chicken, and then sliced it…..


Then, I sliced and diced my way through the rest of the stuff…



I’m pretty good with my knife skills, at least, I haven’t sliced and diced any fingers lately, so that must be a plus….





The recipe I was sorta of following said to brown my chicken, so I browned my chicken in my favorite pan of the moment which is a handy-dandy cast iron frying pan, also good if you need to smack someone over the head with it…just sayin….



I decided to brown it in 2 batches because I wanted it to brown and sizzle and not steam and become limp….


I do have to say though, I really, really try not to make a mess out of my stove….uhm…head held down, I did though, my stove was truly messed up when I finished this one and I kind of felt bad when the Electrician had to scrub it to make it shiny and new again.

Next was this…  after taking the chicken out, I threw some more butter in the pan and then the onions, roasted red peppers  garlic and mushrooms.  I stirred them around for about 5 minutes, until everything was sizzling and soft


Then it was time to throw the artichoke hearts in to the mix…




I sizzled these all together for about  8 minutes, and then got busy putting the rest of the stuff in the pan.  That’s when it hit me….oops, should have used a bigger skillet….






I threw in the chicken, and some chicken stock with some butter and flour mixed together, it was supposed to thicken it up…Although this recipe was originally supposed to go in the oven, the Electrician HATES baked chicken, fry it, grill it, broil it but DO NOT bake it.  Yea, he’s a little strange about that.

So I think that’s where it got a little bit messed up.  I went ahead and boiled the penne regate pasta and then drained it and put some butter (yea, well I love butter) and some parsley on the pasta, and then served it up…


We sprinkled parmesan cheese all over it and ate dinner.  I will be truthful here, I only ate half of my plate, simply because I got full fast. Especially after the Electrician asked me, “do you think this is the Olive Garden or something?”  After much discussion, the Electrician and I have come to the conclusion while it was good, we know how to make it better.  We strained out all of the “juice” so to speak and will put the remainder of the chicken concoction in some Alfredo sauce and then I think I will have achieved a master piece.

This was my adventure of today, I hope y’all enjoyed it as much as I did, and by the way, I never really realized how hard it was to cook AND take pictures at the same time, so my hat is tipped to all of y’all that are food bloggers and do this, cuz I have figured out, I really am not that coordinated….

Macaroni and Cheese…Epic fail…


Today, as  usual was a cooking Sunday, I was ready.  I had a rack of baby back ribs, that I smothered in a dry rub, let them sit in said rub for about an hour and  slapped those puppies in the oven.  Low and slow.

The question was, what to make with them?  I googled some idea’s, I asked a friend.  My mind was made up, I was going to make Baked Beans, and Macaroni and cheese.

Let me just state for the record,  I have attempted to make Mac and cheese (from scratch) so many times, to come up extremely short.  While I appreciate the fact, the Electrician attempts to swallow my offerings, today’s was bad.

While I can make Boef a la Bougnoin, and other french dishes, and cook like a fiend any type of Mexican cooking, and may I say, I can cook Chicken and Dumplings with the best of them.  This Macaroni and cheese thing, well….  let’s just say, I’ve made dog food that tasted better.

So, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make the traditional all American meal of Macaroni and Cheese.

The Electrician has gotten to the point where he has asked me ever so gently, to forget about it.

I guess there are some things I was never meant to cook.  Macaroni and cheese, must be one of them.


Playing with Chili’s and the “look”

Today dawned nice and sunny and with the promise the Electrician and I could sleep in.  Unfortunately, Ms. Baby didn’t get the memo on that one and jumped onto the bed at 7 a.m. demanding for both of us to get up.  So, I guess we both got to sleep in per se, the Electrician usually gets up at 4 am and me at 6am.

After drinking some coffee, and chatting for a bit, the Electrician went outside to “play” in the yard.  Okay, maybe not play, he ran the lawn mower to knock down the weeds in our yard and the neighbors.

After starting some laundry, then stripping the bed, I looked on the Internet for some ideas for dinner involving Chicken.  I recently took stock of my 2 1/2 freezers and found out, I must like chicken because that is what I have the most of in the freezers.  When the Electrician asked me what was for dinner, and I replied chicken, he kind of groaned.  After looking for a bit, I fell back on one of the Electrician’s favorites.

I decided I would make Green Chili Chicken Enchilada’s, with the last remaining bag of green chili from last year in my freezer.  However, with August just around the corner, and my new shipment arriving about the second week of August, I can handle using up the last bag.

I went up into the kitchen and set up my pot to boil my chicken, I threw in some herbs, and the chicken, and uhm…a habanero pepper(AKA scotch bonnet), that I pricked with a knife.  I let that boil away on the stove and got busy making Chocolate Chip cookies for the Electrician’s lunch this week.

The Electrician came in and scooped up some cookie dough, and then we took all of my “plants” (of the plastic variety) outside for a hosing off.  It’s a known fact I can kill a cactus at 20 paces, thus the need for the plastic variety.  Although, I do have 4 plants that I have managed to keep alive for going on 3 years now, but I’m not sure so much if it’s me that’s keeping them alive or the fact that the Electrician  also takes care of them.

By now, my house is smelling yummy with the spices and chicken, so I turned the pot off and let it sit for 30 minutes, then took the chicken out to de-bone it.    I strained out the chicken broth, and thought to myself, “hmmm, maybe I should taste it.”  So, I sucked down a spoonful and coughed.  Who knew a little pepper could make it THAT hot.

I chopped up my last bag of green chili after peeling it and seeding it, added a little garlic to hit and then tasted it.  WOW, either letting it sit in my freezer since last September,made it hotter, or it was a really hot batch of New Mexico Hatch green chili.

So now, I’m thinking that while I enjoy the spicy  HOT food, I really don’t want to kill the Electrician.  So, I made this batch of enchilada’s a little different. Normally, I do not use Sour cream OR philadelphia cream cheese, but in this case I did.  (It mellows out the spiciness.)  After mixing my filling, I started rolling, and rolling, and rolling.  2 BIG casserole pans later, it dawned on me, why I don’t make enchilada’s for just me and the Electrician.  I’m used to making them for the “family” (uhm, that would be 7 who has now turned into 10 + 2 lil one’s)  So then I decided I would freeze one batch, problem solved.

I baked one pan, and told the Electrician it was time to eat, and asked him if he wanted any salad with the enchilada’s, to which he replied “nah, this is good.”  Two bites into it and I started to sweat, and looked at the Electrician underneath my eyelids, he had turned a strange shade of red, coughed, and then stated “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, JOANNE, THESE ARE HOT”.  To which I replied  “Uhm, they just came out of the oven about 10 minutes ago”.  And that is when folks, I got the “look”.

Well, I finished mine (although I did slather some Ranch dressing and lettuce on mine), and he ate half of his and said he would get the rest later.    Fast forward (because that was about 3 hours ago), he has just finished the remainder of his plate, and stated that they tasted good the “spice” had settled down, and it was actually quite tasty.  PHEW, that made me feel better, but folks I’ll share with you the facts about green chili,   after cooking it, the longer it sits, and the more you reheat it, the hotter it gets.

I’m gonna have to figure out a way to re-invent this dinner into leftovers.  Suggestions are welcomed.

My Sunday tale….

Being that today is Sunday, and the ONLY day off for the Electrician, we made a pact.  Today, we were going to sleep in, get our “chores” done early and relax the rest of the day.

We slept in, and kind of goofed off while drinking coffee and trying to wake up this morning.  For once, Ms. Baby did not come in and try to wake us up at the crack of dawn.  (Nah, she was sleeping in at the foot of the bed).

When we finally decided to get our butts in gear, the Electrician ran the lawn mower around the yard (uhm,  only to knock the weeds down, as my yard is dead, due to lack of rain). After making the bed and starting a load of laundry, I was up in the kitchen trying to figure out what I was going to cook today.

The Electrician came in and decided he needed to go to the store to get a bandage for his arm (where it got burned this past week).  I asked him to pick me up some bleach, and also a can of beer.  (I’ll explain in a minute).

I then proceeded to clean out a chicken,  make a dry rub and wait for my can of beer.  I decided it was going to be Beer Butt chicken on the grill for dinner, with a baked potato, and some Brussel sprouts in a foil package on the grill.

The Electrician called me from the store and said, “They don’t sell just a can of beer, why don’t you call our neighbors and barter a can of beer for a loaf of that pumpkin nut bread you just made”.  Hmm… I hadn’t thought of that.

So I called Farmer #2 (next door neighbor), and asked him, “Do you have any beer in your house?”  he replied “Yea, why?”, “Can I please have a can of beer, and I’ll give you a loaf of Pumpkin nut bread in exchange, is that ok?” his reply was swift  “Meet you at the back door”.  So, I got my can +2 of beer, and they got a loaf of pumpkin nut bread.

So, I proceeded to spice the chicken up, with a rub, and then I shoved 1/2 a Vidalia onion and 1/2 of a lemon , 1/2 a head of garlic, 2 sprigs of rosemary (off my wonderful rosemary plant) up its butt, then I put the other half of the garlic head in the beer, the other half of the lemon, and some onion slices and some more sprigs of fresh rosemary into the beer can.  Then The chicken and the beer can got married.  (HAHAHA, nah, really, I shoved the beer can up the chicken’s butt).  It went onto the grill, for about 2 hours, hey it was a 5 pound chicken.  I also threw the baked potato, and Brussel sprouts onto the grill about an hour after the chicken.

The Electrician, has not realized how tired he was, but he went in and took a nap, while I played “Grill-Master”.

Dinner was really good folks, I recommend  trying Beer can chicken, I’ve done it for years, but this time, the lemon and rosemary, and Vidalia onion made a real difference.

After we ate dinner, we both had showers and into the p.j.’s.  Today, has been our day to relax, recoup, and regenerate.  The Electrician and I both have difficult “jobs”, at the moment his is more demanding than mine, and I am behind him 100%.  Right down to giving him those back massages.

We got a phone call from Farmer #2, and he stated that after trying the pumpkin bread, they went out and bought another case of beer, and are ready to barter anytime.

My Sunday has been very relaxing and fun with the Electrician.  Hope y’all’s Sunday has been peaceful and full of fun too….  Right now, I have to go because one of my favorite movies is on, call me a nerd or whatever, but the Narnia Chronicles are my favorite, and this one is  Chronicles of Narnia and Prince Caspian.   Night!

Hugs from Camsgranny to you!