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Playing with Green chili today

Remember this?

Well, today was the day, my wonderful husband, The Electrician, and I were going to roast all 25 pounds, and then bag it up.

Here the Electrician is playing with the fire.  (Actually, he likes to fire up the grill.)  It is actually about 9 am this morning.

We had everything lined up, the box of chili, and then a trash can with a garbage bag in it.  Now that the fire was ready, let the roasting begin…

I started throwing the chili on the grill, and the object of roasting is to get the chili charred, and limp.  Now, I will let you know, sometimes, the chili will pop and split, and you can get hit by some seeds. Yes, this happened.

The Electrician and I took turns turning the chili’s, and then when they were ready, tossing them into the plastic bag.

This is how it looked, about 40 different times, by the way….25 pounds is a LOT of chili.

It seemed like I would never get to the bottom of the box.  I really don’t know how many times, I filled up the grill, took them off the grill, filled up , well, I think you get the picture.

It was  a family affair, with Ms. Baby sitting outside and supervising.  Although at one point, I asked the Electrician where the cat was, and apparently since both of us were distracted, she thought she would go exploring.    She got sent inside.

When the last chili came off the grill, we closed all the vents, and put the lid on the grill, and tried to save some of our charcoal for dinner.  We wrapped up the bag, and then set the garbage can in the garage, to let it steam for about 5 hours.

Meanwhile, I’ve whipped up a batch of chocolate chip/butterscotch cookies, and also made our Sunday Supper.

Usually on Sunday’s we eat at about 2 pm, and today, we had a salad, with mushrooms on the grill, Brussel sprouts, on the grill, grilled potato’s and the main star, smoked pork chops on the grill.  I figured since we had already fired up the grill once today, we might as well  keep it going.  Dinner was fantastic (burp)  (uhm, excuse me).

Now it was time to bag up the chili.  Now, I will warn you, like we found out the other night, folk’s this chili is hot.  I’m not a weenie, but it was in my best interest to wear a glove while I was bagging up the chili.  Since it has steamed for about 6 hours,  it renders a juice, which can be harmful, with repeated contact.  I have enough experience with it to know.  In the past, I’ve had my hands tingle for hours, and for goodness sake DO NOT RUB your eyes.

So, the Electrician found me some gloves, and I got to bagging.

I bagged the chili, and the Electrician was in charge of sealing the bags.

Last one whew!  We ended up with 30 quarts of fresh roasted New Mexico Hatch, Hot (Sandia) chili.

Yummo…..the things I am going to make with this stuff. On the top  shelf of the freezer, is all the corn-on-the-cob, I put up.  The second shelf would be the green chili, the third shelf is a mixture of seafood, the Electrician and I brought back from Biloxi, MS.  The fourth shelf is my made ahead dinners.  The bottom shelf, which you really cannot see, is chicken stock, I’ve made and saved.  Oh yea, I do have 2 other freezers, full of this summer’s bounty too.

Plus, the aroma from the roasted chili has filled up my house and my freezer.  Now mind you, this will last me all year, until next August, when I will probably order another 25 pounds.  I am one happy girl right now.

As a side note, I do need to mention that I got this chili from “The Hatch Chili Farm” which is actually Berridge Farms.  Here is a link to them in case you are interested….   http://hatchnmgreenchile.com  They have kept me informed with e-mails, and the like, and I would highly recommend them to anyone!  And the chili is FANTASTIC!!!


Camsgranny is making Green chili Stew….


The cast of characters… This would be Green chili, a pork sirloin roast (although, pork chops, pork roast or any type of pork works),  A couple of potatoes, onion, Chicken broth, frozen corn mine was from the freezer from some of the corn the Farmer picked and I froze.  diced tomato’s, (I didn’t have any canned, so I used some from my freezer from my garden)  a couple of cloves of garlic, then some oregano, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, and ground coriander, salt and pepper, I’m not quite sure how the Tony Chatere’s ended up in the photo other than, this spice is usually on my counter most of the time.

First, I roasted the green chili…and peeled it and chopped it…











I also cut the potato’s and onions then  peeled the tomato’s.  I did not have canned, so I used the one’s in my freezer than I had harvested out of my garden,  I spiced them up too.  I used Salt and pepper, oregano, cumin, garlic powder and onion powder…


Then, I threw the potato’s, onions and garlic into a hot pan that had olive oil heating up.  I got a semi crust on the potato’s and the onions had softened, then I threw in the cubed pork.  I let it get all white, and let the moisture cook out of it for a bit.  Then I threw in the flavored tomatoes, and the green chili and some more spices,  I usually spice things up a couple of times.  When it was all together, I threw in about a palmful of oregano, salt, pepper, cumin, ground coriander, ground garlic, ground onion powder,  the frozen corn, the green chili, and covered it in chicken broth…then I just let it simmer for about an hour…




About this time my camera dies, and I had to wait to take the after picture…  This is what the stew looked like when I was done(actually this is what was left after the Electrician and I had dived into it.)  The Electrician eats his different from me.  He gets a tortilla and lines it up with cheese and then makes a burrito.  Me?  I warm a tortilla and slather it in butter and then use my tortilla as a spoon.  I am here to tell you though, this is heaven in a bowl.


Folks, I lived for 13 years in New Mexico, I learned a lot of different cooking skills.  I learned a lot about different flavors.  Chili is one that I embraced.    There is mild chili, and then there is medium hot chili, and then there is in your face chili…

I guess for me, when times were lean, and we ate beans and chili and tortillas for weeks on end,  the flavor was there.

It’s amazing sometimes what a food can make you remember, Point in fact….When the Electrician ate his stew tonite, he smiled at me, and said “I must be used to it, but I swear, the first time you fed this to me, I thought I was going to die, but now, I actually enjoy the flavor, even though my nose is running, BUT, if my butt burns tomorrow, I’m going to get you”.

Hehehe…some things never change huh?





A Rainy Day, and chili…


For many people, they would be upset at the soft, steady rain we have had all last night and most of today.  Me?  I am ecstatic.  I am living in an area that has been in extreme drought conditions.

We actually have a no burn order, and if caught burning, its $1000.00 fine.  So, do y’all remember those boxes I brought home from the Farmer’s because his burn pit was too small.  Yea, they are still in my burn pit, and are now extremely soggy.

Today, was almost like a fall day.  Because the Electrician works outside, and it’s been raining,I figured I would surprise him with dinner.

When I left my house this morning, I had taken out ribs for dinner.  After I had gotten the Farmer’s house back into shape, and taken care of Momma, I came on home.  The ribs were still frozen, so, I slapped them back into the freezer.

While the Electrician loves my cooking, ok, most of my cooking.  There are a few things that I make, that he loves.  Chili is one of them.  I really didn’t know  how to make chili, because there are so many variations.

Until I had met the Electrician, chili to me was made with New Mexico Hatch Green Chili.  I use it for stews, (Green chili stew, green chili chicken enchilada’s, tamales, most things in Mexican cooking).

When I moved to Illinois, I got introduced to a “different” sort of chili.  Made with hamburger, kidney beans, diced tomatoes and spices.    The Farmer helped me out with his “base” chili recipe, and I invented one on my own.

Now, while I must admit, some of my creations from base recipes, might not always turn out so well.  I’ve hit a home run with this one.   I still use hamburger, although I’ve been known to sneak in some chorizo sausage, I use chili beans instead of kidney beans, and I also use Black beans.  I use Rotel tomatoes (diced tomatoes with green chili)  (I had to find a way to get some green chili in it).  I use garlic, & onion powder also fresh garlic.  Then, cumin, Hungarian HOT paprika, chili powder and some cayenne pepper.  I’ve also been known to throw in mushrooms, and some chipotle peppers in adobe sauce.  Then just for good measure, I throw in one small can of tomatoe sauce.

Tonight, is the first time I’ve made it since last winter, and I do have to say, it came out fantastic.  You know how I know that?  Because the Electrician went back for more.

This post is actually leading up to a post that will have pictures, because folks, it’s harvesting time in New Mexico, and I’ve got FRESH, just picked New Mexico Hatch green chili heading my way.  My plans for this weekend?  I will fire up the grill and roast all 25 pounds of the Sandia (HOT) New Mexico Hatch green chili.  Can you tell I’m excited about this?  I just got an e-mail telling me that my shipment just went out today.

Yes, I am excited.  I plan to do a few  “cooking” posts.  I hope y’all will stay tuned.


Playing with Chili’s and the “look”

Today dawned nice and sunny and with the promise the Electrician and I could sleep in.  Unfortunately, Ms. Baby didn’t get the memo on that one and jumped onto the bed at 7 a.m. demanding for both of us to get up.  So, I guess we both got to sleep in per se, the Electrician usually gets up at 4 am and me at 6am.

After drinking some coffee, and chatting for a bit, the Electrician went outside to “play” in the yard.  Okay, maybe not play, he ran the lawn mower to knock down the weeds in our yard and the neighbors.

After starting some laundry, then stripping the bed, I looked on the Internet for some ideas for dinner involving Chicken.  I recently took stock of my 2 1/2 freezers and found out, I must like chicken because that is what I have the most of in the freezers.  When the Electrician asked me what was for dinner, and I replied chicken, he kind of groaned.  After looking for a bit, I fell back on one of the Electrician’s favorites.

I decided I would make Green Chili Chicken Enchilada’s, with the last remaining bag of green chili from last year in my freezer.  However, with August just around the corner, and my new shipment arriving about the second week of August, I can handle using up the last bag.

I went up into the kitchen and set up my pot to boil my chicken, I threw in some herbs, and the chicken, and uhm…a habanero pepper(AKA scotch bonnet), that I pricked with a knife.  I let that boil away on the stove and got busy making Chocolate Chip cookies for the Electrician’s lunch this week.

The Electrician came in and scooped up some cookie dough, and then we took all of my “plants” (of the plastic variety) outside for a hosing off.  It’s a known fact I can kill a cactus at 20 paces, thus the need for the plastic variety.  Although, I do have 4 plants that I have managed to keep alive for going on 3 years now, but I’m not sure so much if it’s me that’s keeping them alive or the fact that the Electrician  also takes care of them.

By now, my house is smelling yummy with the spices and chicken, so I turned the pot off and let it sit for 30 minutes, then took the chicken out to de-bone it.    I strained out the chicken broth, and thought to myself, “hmmm, maybe I should taste it.”  So, I sucked down a spoonful and coughed.  Who knew a little pepper could make it THAT hot.

I chopped up my last bag of green chili after peeling it and seeding it, added a little garlic to hit and then tasted it.  WOW, either letting it sit in my freezer since last September,made it hotter, or it was a really hot batch of New Mexico Hatch green chili.

So now, I’m thinking that while I enjoy the spicy  HOT food, I really don’t want to kill the Electrician.  So, I made this batch of enchilada’s a little different. Normally, I do not use Sour cream OR philadelphia cream cheese, but in this case I did.  (It mellows out the spiciness.)  After mixing my filling, I started rolling, and rolling, and rolling.  2 BIG casserole pans later, it dawned on me, why I don’t make enchilada’s for just me and the Electrician.  I’m used to making them for the “family” (uhm, that would be 7 who has now turned into 10 + 2 lil one’s)  So then I decided I would freeze one batch, problem solved.

I baked one pan, and told the Electrician it was time to eat, and asked him if he wanted any salad with the enchilada’s, to which he replied “nah, this is good.”  Two bites into it and I started to sweat, and looked at the Electrician underneath my eyelids, he had turned a strange shade of red, coughed, and then stated “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, JOANNE, THESE ARE HOT”.  To which I replied  “Uhm, they just came out of the oven about 10 minutes ago”.  And that is when folks, I got the “look”.

Well, I finished mine (although I did slather some Ranch dressing and lettuce on mine), and he ate half of his and said he would get the rest later.    Fast forward (because that was about 3 hours ago), he has just finished the remainder of his plate, and stated that they tasted good the “spice” had settled down, and it was actually quite tasty.  PHEW, that made me feel better, but folks I’ll share with you the facts about green chili,   after cooking it, the longer it sits, and the more you reheat it, the hotter it gets.

I’m gonna have to figure out a way to re-invent this dinner into leftovers.  Suggestions are welcomed.