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SuperBowl Sunday….

As with the rest of America, the Superbowl hit my house this evening.  But, to lead you up to our “party”, I have to start with this morning.

It was a regular morning in my house.  The Electrician and I got up and then got ready to go to Church.  Upon arriving at Church, we had a “little” surprise.  The College student is home this weekend, and actually came by and had dinner at my house and hung out for a bit last night.  The College student arrived and came to Church with the Electrician and I, and the Nurse and Fisher dude.

We finalized our plans for this evening, and the Electrician and I came home, changed clothes and got busy.  Let me just insert here, I am very lucky.  While I was “playing” in my kitchen, the Electrician did his weight lifting, and also vacuumed my entire house, touched up the bathrooms, and did some laundry.  I am really Blessed to have a wonderful “house husband”.

With all of the food,I had planned to make done, I think I fell asleep on the couch for a bit.  The “party” arrived, as in, the Nurse, Fisher Dude and Cam-man.  The Nurse got busy and made something that in my house is called “baby poop” (can of chili with cream cheese melted into it), and then made brownies.  The food was set and i did take pictures of it.  Forgive the Nacho’s (served in the pan they were made in) and the Baby poop (in the pan it was made in).

DSCN4188While I did take pictures of the food, I did not get to it until we had already digged into some of it….This would be deviled eggs (I’m famous for them), with sweet gherkins in the middle, ham and cheese plate with baby crossoints (for sammiches), and jalapeno poppers in bacon (I’m famous for those also).  I used different jalapeno’s for these and they were a little on the “hot” side.  Didn’t stop them from getting scarfed up though.

DSCN4190This would be the chips and dip,  On the left is my Nacho’s (I was famous for them, but the Electrician has perfected my recipe and now owns it (pfft..)) Next to it would be the “baby poop” which everyone in my family loves.  Our assorted chips.



DSCN4191These would be the Nurse’s brownies.  Made with a special treat of Butterscotch chips added to the batter.  Now, like I told her, if I had known she was going to make brownies, I would have got some baby “Snickers” bars and then we could have made “Turtle brownies”.  But these were pretty darn good too.

DSCN4193Being that this event is at Mee-maw’s house, there are ALWAYS chocolate chip/butterscotch cookies around, and Cam-Man knows this.  He didn’t want to wait for the brownies to be finished, and he knows where the Electrician “hides” the cookies.  So, of course, he got one, or two.



Cam-Man decided he was into the picture-taking this evening, so we all had to pose for pics…..


He told me that his Meemaw makes the best cookies around!

DSCN4195The Fisher Dude and the Nurse, had a good time, They watched the game with Poppa, and Cam-Man and I had some personal time together.  While I did not mind, I kinda missed out on the commercials.  But it was all good, and they all laughed at Cam-man and I who watched 101 Dalmatians on the t.v. upstairs.  We also had some play time with the blocks, cars and everything else Cam-Man dragged out of his room.



The Electrician and I don’t usually get our picture taken together, but we did tonite, and Cam-Man just strutted his stuff into the kitchen so he could be a part of it too.

While I may not have watched the actual game, I spent some fun time with that little dude.  Sometimes, I can get to feeling a bunch better by just hearing his little giggle.  What is really cute about him at the moment, he likes to whisper and wink, and count.

What a great Sunday I’ve had.  I hope ya’ll have had a great one too!



Today, arrived….

I had a good weekend, and the Electrician and I did our thing.  We did have a bunch of giggles on Friday night though.  The Nurse and the Fisher dude, along with Cam-Man came over, and we spent our evening playing Euchre, and having a few adult beverages.

Now, mind you, we did have to look up the rules AGAIN, for playing Euchre.  We were paired the same as the last time we played (over the Christmas holidays), gals versus guys.  While the last time us gals kicked some serious guys butt, the same could not be said about Friday.

I think all of us, were celebrating (or commiserating) over one thing or another.  Little Cam-man was happy to be sitting on one or another person’s lap, telling us which card to throw out, and then running back and forth from the movie he was watching (Ice Age), and the couch that had been opened up into a BIG bed for him.  It was a fun night with a BUNCH of laughter and story telling going on.

Saturday dawned, and I did all of those domestic diva things that I have previously ignored  haven’t had time to do. With my house back to spit shiny condition, I promptly took a 2 hour nap.  The Electrician had done the grocery shopping, and I happily woke up in time to put all the groceries away.    We went to bed relatively early, because we were going to Church the next morning.

Sunday arrived and the Electrician and I were up, showered and dressed when the phone rang, early.  The Nurse, was calling, she thought Cam-man may have pink eye, and needed my expert opinion on the subject.  (Yes, I am an expert, having had pink eye in BOTH eyes, not to long ago.)  We flew over there and while I did not think it was pink eye, it was suggested he should stay home “just in case”.  Little Dude was torn up.  He brought his clothes to his Momma and said “Church, pwease???”  His Momma bribed him, telling him, it would not be a good idea for him to go to Church and she would bring him home a Happy Meal.

I usually don’t talk about Church, and my belief’s with ANYONE, but I am breaking this rule, just this once, because I found this to be extremely filled with giggles.   And I needed them at that time.  I will paste the link, feel free to go to it if you want, and if you don’t, that’s ok to.  But here it is..  http://youtu.be/ChZlxCYshv0 .

Sunday evening, the Electrician and I had a ‘moment”  simply because this time last year, he and I embarked on an adventure.   We went on our first ever Cruise, that was a present from his parents.  It was a “family” thing.  We went with his parents, and my sister-in-law.  The memories are embedded into my mind, simply because My sister-in-law and I did something on both off our bucket list’s.  We ziplined, in Jamaica. Not to mention, Momma was in the Nursing Home recovering, and I was stressed beyond all recognition at the time, and this was relaxation to the point of being comatose.  I had never been on a “cruise” before.  I think I could get used to it.


My beloved, and me with his parents…..






DCIM101MEDIAThe Electrician, his Daddy, and my co-hort in crime, My Sister in law.



Mind you, we were on the balcony and just goofing off at the time….ah..why am I the only one with a drink in my hand????  Guess they all put there’s down….figures, I’m the one to get busted….



DCIM101MEDIAYea, We were a motley crue, so to speak, but what a memory I have to fall back on in times of trouble, or just hard times.    I remember all of those good times, and I giggle.

Today arrived, and I did what I do.  I got up early, and let the Farmer sleep in.  I’ am getting pretty good at sneaking in his back door.    The Surprize was on me though this morning.  Momma had heard the door open and was waiting to greet me.

When I went in to give her the first meds of the day, she greeted me with a smile.  This is the Momma I know.  After doing our “roll all over the bed, so you can be dry” thing. Momma grabbed my hand and then my face and planted a big kiss on me, and said “Where ya been kiddo?”  THIS is my Momma.  She’s been gone for a bit and she stayed around today for a while.  I was so happy to see her.    We chatted for a bit and then I went and finished up all my stuff.

By the time I came back to get her up she was there for a bit, but was gone in a second.  It was hard to get her to back up into the chair, and after sitting in the chair, the “lady who stares at the ceiling” came back.  It’s okay though, because when I was ready to leave, “the lady who stares at the ceiling ” and “Momma” were one, who wanted my touch and kiss goodbye.

Sometimes, when I am sitting at my computer trying to figure out what I am going to share with ya’ll, it just comes to me as I let my fingers fly over the keyboard.  I’m not upset, as I used to be, I have learned,  a few things from that angry girl who used to be so hurt by all of this.

Yes, while I still may hurt, the gift of life, is for all of us.  Some would not be able to handle all of this, and truly, I haven’t handled it all that well, up until now.  Now, each day Momma gives us is a gift.  My goal, to make her happy and giggle, and know, she is never alone.

Christmas Journey..Day 2…

Today, was the second day of my Christmas Journey.  I posted last night, that our family was into making some new traditions.   Today, dawned bright and sunny.  The Electrician and I got up and prepared to go somewhere  we don’t usually go.    Don’t get me wrong, the Electrician and I have religious beliefs, we just choose to exercise them in a different manner.

Today, we went to Church.  the Grand baby boys were in there first ever Christmas program.  Let me back up a few here though, because there were a couple of giggle moments, before we ever arrived.

This morning, we got a call from the College student asking where the Church was. After giving her directions, she needed more info, to enter them into her GPS.  Then I got a call asking me if I was wearing jeans to the Service.  I guess I am “old School”, because in my day, you NEVER wore jeans to Church.  Going to Church meant you got your “Sunday Best” out and got dressed and then went to Church.  I remember (okay, so it might have been a LONG time ago,) getting a special outfit to wear for Christmas Service and an Easter outfit too.

But I digress.  The Electrician and I hit the road and went to Church.  There were quite a few people there that we know, and it was nice to see them.    The Service today was different from anything that the Electrician and I remember. Instead of pews, there were tables set up and it was more of, a “dinner party atmosphere” for lack of better words.

I thought it was AWESOME!!!  Our whole family had a table, and it was kind of personal during the Service.  The Electrician and I have been to this Church a few times, and each time we’ve gone, we’ve enjoyed it.  Today was no exception.

The Service started out with the Children’s program.  Both Grand boys were in it and it seemed to be going pretty good.

bray christmas


Brayden boy was up front (so were we), and he stared at the Nursing Student and his Daddy and all of us, as he performed his songs.  He knew he was doing okay, because we all gave him the thumbs up sign, which he gave back to us, several times throughout the songs.




cam christmas

Cam-Man was doing good for the first few minutes, he was doing what he was supposed to, and singing with the best of them until……

camchristmas 1


He saw all of us sitting at the table right next to the stage.  He saw his Momma and cried the rest of the way through the song.  When the song was over, he ran to his Momma, screaming at the top of his lungs, “MOMMA”.  You have to remember he’s had a rough couple of days.

The Aide grabbed him and took him in the back, where the kids normally have Sunday School.    Uncle Nate, didn’t handle that well, and he went and scooped up Cam-Man and brought him to sit with the rest of us, while the kids finished the program.  Cam-Man looked at his papa and said “Papa, Church with me?” We both looked at him and nodded our heads and said ‘sshh”.  He was a happy camper who went back to the kid’s Church room when the program was over.

The Service was a good one, and it felt right.  When it was over, the Electrician and I came home to change clothes and go back to the Nursing Student’s house for another “family get together to eat more food”.

I do have something serious to say here though, I found out Caregiver Beth’s Father passed away late last night.  My heart is with you Beth, and I called her and we had what I hope was a good conversation.    The fact that you donated his body for the lives of other’s is amazing. While I know it hurts, I hope you believe, that donating his organs is helping other people have a life they might not have, YOU are a hero in my eyes.  Your Father is giving life to many other’s because of organ donation.  Your gift, has given many others a Christmas, they might not have had otherwise, and while I know it hurts you, I am so proud of you, I can’t explain.  Just know, we are here for you too.

I have learned a bunch on this Christmas Journey I am on.    I just hope, that everyone, no matter where you are, no matter what your circumstances, can find a little joy, peace and love in your heart.