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A day of coffee, giggles, and fun…

This morning when I woke up and grabbed that first cup of coffee, I truly had no idea what I was going to do today.  I had no plans to leave my house, and staying in my jammies all day, sounded pretty good to me.

The Electrician was in the garage lifting weights when the phone rang, and I answered it.  It was the Nursing Student calling to ask me if I was going to the Farmer’s today.  When I told her no, I had not planned to go anywhere today, she said “Oh, ok never mind, I was going to tell you to stop by and see me on your way, but it’s ok, don’t feel bad bye”.   She hung up the phone before I even realized, she was asking me to come over.

I sat here for a few minutes and then it hit me.  I called her back and asked one question “Do you have coffee, and can I come over wearing my p.j.’s?”  She started laughing immediately and said she was still in her p.j.’s, yes she had coffee and yes, she could make more.  So, I told the Electrician I was going over to her house, and the only thing he told me was “put on a bra“.  pfft…Part of the whole experience of being in your jammies all day is the fact you don’t have to wear a bra.

I bagged up some of the coffee she gave me for my birthday.  It was a tough choice, but I went with the “nice” stuff.  It is vanilla and nutmeg spice and oh so good.  I threw on my boots, YES, I put the bra on, and headed on down the road.

I got to her house and promptly took off my boots and visited with Cam-man while the Nursing student made a fresh pot of coffee.  I did have my first giggle though when she told me “I forgot to tell you, you didn’t even have to put a bra on to come over, I mean it’s just us.”  I fell into a pile giggling and told her what her Dad had told me, and she was giggling by that time as well.

We both grabbed our coffee and headed into her living room, where she was finally unpacking the last box of stuff, and then would be completely moved into her new home.  It was a box of pictures and knick knacks.  We spent the morning figuring out where each picture would go, and a little bit of playing with Cam-Man in between.

Cam-Man decided he wanted to spend a little time in the bathtub with his toys, so he took an extended bath.  I think that Cam-man thinks the tub is his indoor swimming pool, because that’s kind of how he treats it.

I ended up hanging out there for a couple of hours and then came home, and finished some laundry and other stuff I had going on.  The Electrician and I ended up going back to her house this afternoon, and she had hung up most of the pictures and they looked really good.

Cam-Man had been sleeping when we got there, but I knew if he did not get to see his Papa, he would be more than a little upset.  It was funny because while I was there this morning, his Daddy had called and every time Cams Mom would give him the phone, he yelled PAPA.

So, I did the only normal thing a Meemaw does, and I went in and woke him up. Once he woke up, it was play time with Papa.  Cam brought out his bag of toys and then him and Paw got down on the floor and played.  The Nursing student and I were held hostage by Papa and Cam, and while both of them shot me, Cam would not shoot his Mom.  They held us at Nerf point and made us raise our hands to the sky.  It was too cute for words, and both the Nursing student and I wished we had a camera.  We played for a bit longer, and then Paw and I had to head home.

The Nursing student and I had a good time, well, I did, I think she did too.  You see, in that earlier phone call, I had forgotten something.  When it hit me is when I called her back.  The Fisher dude’s Grandpa (Pausie) died last week, and the Fisher dude is at the funeral in a different state.  This is probably the first time the 2 have been apart since the day they met.  Due to school and other obligations, they could not go together to the Funeral.

I hope that we have kept her company today, as well as played hard with Cam.  I know she’s ok tonite, because her Mom was coming over to spend the evening with her.

Sometimes, it’s the things that are not said, is when you have to listen.  I’m just glad that I “heard” the question.  To a daughter that has been there for me, oh so many times, I’m glad I was there for her.  Plus, I got some really good giggles and memories today, and that my friends, is what life is made of.



Ok, so far this morning,

I have managed to trip on the stairs over the cat.

Spill coffee all over the wall in the above mentioned trip.

Cleaned up spilled coffee.

Tripped over the above mentioned cat, while refilling her water bowl.

Cleaned up the water, at the above mentioned trip.

Grabbed lotion instead of soap, while washing my face this morning.

And the topper……

How the heck do you get toothpaste in your eye?

With all of that being said, I am heading down the road to the Farmer’s with a very “fresh and minty” eye.

Maybe I should crawl back into bed, and start over?



Cam & Momma

Ok, I’m feeling a little Snarky tonite.  Sorry, but yup, I’m there.  I guess I understand what the Nursing Student says and feels now.  You see…Cam-the-Man has only said Momma a coupla times and said “wub u” to a few people.

Oops, let me start at the beginning and then maybe you will feel snarky too.  You see, I went and got Cam-the-Man this morning (I forgot it was her Lab day and I would have him from 8:30 -12:00).  She went to lab and played with cadaver’s or whatever…Me and Cam went to the Farmer & Mom’s house. 

We got to the Farmer’s house and the Farmer was a little surprised to see him (he didn’t know he was coming over so early),  But after filling his cup with milk, and Granny Jo and Great Grampa got coffee, we sat down to hang out for a few before we got Annie up, or so I thought.   Cam-the-Man promptly went  into Annie’s room and woke her up by speaking whatever speak they have, but my Momma sure woke up with a smile on her face and was giggling.

So…I went in and got her up and gave her a bath and well….changed her diaper, I guess Cam understood that because her and my Mom were talking through it the whole time.

I got breakfast made and EVERYONE ate a good breakfast.  Cam-the-Man had brought some toys with him which he lost interest in real quick so we improvised and he made toys out of an empty coffee can, which echo’s when you yell in it (which he gave to Momma), a couple of cardboard boxes , that we made shapes with (which he gave to Momma),  a couple of old cat food cans of food (hey, they roll really good on the floor, BUT he gave to Momma).   She was laughing the whole time, and then sent the lid of the coffee can like a frisbee which started a whole “new” game.  After getting told “NO” for the umpteenth time Cam walked over to Momma and grabbed her leg and said clear as day…”I wub you”…

Now I have been in this kids life his ENTIRE life and he has NEVER told me that….but ya know what, him and my Mom’s relationship is special, which I have said for a long time.  They both understand each other, and they both  communicate on a wave length that I can’t possibly understand.  I respect that.  BUT…dang gum it I wish he would tell me “wub you”  just once…..

I brought him home after leaving Mom & the Farmer’s and told the Nursing student what he had did….welp, she’s kinda like me….she laughed and told me What the heck?   (well I changed the words but I think you get the picture.)

WOW! I got spammed!

Due to watching my Mom AND the grankid yesterday, I didn’t have a chance to post anything…didn’t even get on the computer except for 5 minutes to play my Facebook games (Scrabble addict oh yea and farkle too).

I got up this morning at 5:30 am (if ya wanna call waking up…3 cups of coffee, 2 loads of laundry later, here it is 7:30 am).  Checked the stats on my blog and Whammo….I got spammed!  Hmmm…so what does this mean?

PEOPLE are reading my BLOG!!!!  WOOHOO….

I will try and add more later, but for right now, I’ve gotta do all those domesticated things, finish laundry, put away laundry, vacume…find some more coffee, get ready and head over to the folks house and do it for them too…Oh Yea…today is the LONG…grankid day…so I’m not sure I’ll be back later or not.

Gotta figure out how to bottle up his energy, I’m feeling the need for some of it about now.

Have a GREAT day everybody!!!