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A day in the kitchen….

So, after spending all day yesterday in my p.j’s, and doing absolutely nothing all day, I had to get busy today.

Friday, I borrowed the Farmer’s Kitchen Aide Mixer, with all the attachments.  I had plans to make some cookies, and some home-made bread.   Seeing as how I did not get around to it yesterday, I got busy today. I got up and drank some coffee and chatted with the Electrician, then disappeared into my kitchen.

First thing on the agenda was to make some chocolate/butterscotch cookies.  I got all my ingredients out and had to do a face palm to the forehead.  So, I went back downstairs and asked the Electrician if he would do me a really big favor.  After getting “the look”, he asked me what the favor was.  “Uhm…could you run to the store for me?”   The Electrician said he would go after he had taken his shower. “Whew” is what I was thinking.  After he had his shower, he asked me what I needed.  Apparently this is where the mix-up came into play.  He thought I meant run up the street to our local IGA, when in fact, I meant run into Town, to our local Aldi‘s.  I told him I needed eggs, flour, and butter, oh yea some Diet coke too.    I’m not sure if he ended up going, simply because he loves me or my cookies more, but he went for me.

Now I could get busy.  Seriously though, who plans to make 6 loaves of bread and a couple batches of cookies, and does not realize they have no butter, not enough eggs, and definitely not enough flour?  Yea, you guessed it, me.

With the cookies all made and sitting on the cookie sheets,( I am lucky I have about 8 of the Industrial size cookie sheets), waiting to take their turn in the oven, I washed all the dishes, and then shredded the Zucchini, and the apples for the flavored breads I was making.

First up was the zucchini/apple bread.  It might sound like a crazy combination, but it is actually really good.   After getting it all made and sticking it in line with the last of the cookies, I washed dishes again, and got busy with the pumpkin bread.  I almost had a disaster with that one, because I forgot to mix the oil into the dough, and then looked in my lazy Susan (where all my canned stuff is, along with my cooking oils), I only found a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil.  Uhm, nope that was not going to work, then I opened up the cabinet under my sink and remembered I had bought 2 great big bottles of canola oil, so I could change the oil in my fryer (uhm, yes, I am a procrastinater and have not done that either).  Problem solved.  Mixed it all together and then put it into the loaf pans.

With all the cookies being done, I stuck the bread in the oven.  Then realized something.  ANOTHER face palm to the forehead……I had planned to make Beer butt chicken, with roasted broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms, and roasted potato’s, uhm…in my oven.  It was going on about 12:00 when I stuck the bread in the oven, and that would take about an hour.  Now on Sunday’s around here, we usually have dinner about 1:30 or 2.  Not going to happen today.

So, I warmed up the Electrician a leftover green chili cheeseburger from last night, and brought it down to him.  I don’t think he minded, as he was in pretty good humor, something about THE BEARS blowing up the Tennessee Titans.

Meanwhile, I got everything ready to stick in the oven when the bread was done.    I still had 2 more loaves of bread that I wanted to make, and these were the one’s that were going to take some time.  It’s called Amish Country Bread, and it uses yeast.

I have only just started working with yeast, because I used to be scared of it.    But the recipe I found is easy.  The mixer does most of the work, and I like that. There is the punching down of the dough, and letting it rise, but there is not much kneading, and no rolling.  I really like that.  The loaves are rustic looking, and I did something different this time.  Last time I made it, I topped the loaf with sea salt, fresh rosemary(from my plant) and Parmesan cheese.   One batch makes 2 loaves, this time, I did the rosemary one, but the second one I did with fresh Thyme (from my plant), kosher salt, and pecorino romano cheese.

Well….it is now about 5:30pm, dinner has been eaten, my kitchen is back to being squeaky clean.  I do have confess, the Electrician asked how come I made such a mess.  My kitchen kind of looked like a “flour zone”.  That’s when I told him, the Best cooks, make the biggest mess, and the food is yummy.

My breads have all been cooled, wrapped, and placed in the freezer, although I did send 1/2 a loaf of pumpkin bread to my neighbor.  I did have a bunch of fun cooking most of the day, and folks, my house smells amazing.

I did call the Farmer though and we did some negotiations over the phone, I still have 2-4 more breads I want to make, so I asked if I could keep his mixer one more day.  The price we negotiated was a small bag of cookies, and the mixer could inhabit my kitchen one more day.

So, tomorrow afternoon when I return from the Farmer’s house, I will finish up my bread making, and also some pie crusts.  Now some of you are probably asking yourself, why am I making so much bread and other stuff.  Hey call me Mrs. Ready, holidays are coming up and I am NOT waiting till the last-minute.


Monday, Monday…oops…

How come everyone seems to dislike Monday’s?  I usually don’t, but my Monday has been full of little mishaps along the way.

When I left my house this morning, I forgot the baby monitor for Momma.  So, I turned around and came back to my house and picked it up.

I tried to make waffles, and had a semi-explosion of Milk of Magnesia all over the place.  Let me back track here for a minute.

When I got to the Farmer’s and hooked up the baby monitor, and then talked to the Farmer for a bit, I was actually waiting for the waffle iron to warm up, as I had already made the waffle batter.

We decided to go ahead and give Momma some Milk of Magnesia today, due to lack of..well, you figure it out.   Constipation is a REAL problem with Parkinson’s patient’s.  We’ve relied on Milk of Magnesia and Miralax.

I went into the kitchen and checked the waffle iron, and it wasn’t ready yet.  So, I went ahead and made up Momma’s med’s.  Usually we put the MoM into her medication that we mix with Pepsi (to dissolve it).

When I grabbed the bottle of MoM (you would think that the lid would be on),  (Uhm THANKS DAD) I started to shake it when WHAMMO.  That stuff went everywhere with the cap sailing across the room.

I am now covered in Milk of Magnesia, the floor is covered, the waffle iron is covered, and now has the green light lit up (go figure).  The cabinets are covered as well.  I’m yelling, the cat is licking the floor, and I’m thinking NOOOOOOOOOOO.

I get everything cleaned up, all the while shooing the kitty’s out of the room, and praying none of that stuff went into the waffle batter.

After breakfast, and a re-cleaning of everything, including mopping the floor twice, simply for the fact, on the first mopping, I tracked all over the place, and no one can mistake MY foot print for  the Farmer’s.

I decided to give up and run to Wal-Mart.  I may now be banned from the store, but I’m not sure.  The Farmer had asked me to pick up some milk for him, and some more floor cleaner.  I had a couple of things to get as well.

Walking down the kitty litter aisle, and REALLY, why would you put a 10 pound jug of kitty litter on the top shelf?   I tried to get one down and oops, “clean up on Aisle 5”.  Yea, it fell and exploded in a cloud of kitty litter everywhere.  I grabbed another one and practically ran onto the next aisle.

“Clean up in aisle 11”, was the next thing heard.  Yea, I dropped the milk, actually, I did not drop it, when I went to pull one out, 2 came out, simply for the fact they were shoved in there so tight.   OOPS.

I won’t even tell you what happened in the Diet Coke aisle.  Except, Thank you to the 6 foot woman who handed me 3 liters of Diet Coke.  Whew…. Being short really sucks sometimes, and the store employee’s tend to frown when you climb like a monkey to get something off the top shelf.

I think everyone in Wal-Mart breathed a sigh of relief when I left.  But as I was walking out the door, they had a bin that said to put your plastic bags in it for re-cycling.  So..uhm…  I grabbed a couple of bags full.  Hey, I am recycling them.  We use them as liners for Momma’s porta potty.

After I finally got home to my house,  and felt in my “safe zone”.  I put everything away, and then remembered I was supposed to go to the post office.  OOPS.  I figure I can do that first thing in the morning.

I don’t know about y’all, but once I get home, and am home, I’m not going anywhere else.Tonite’s dinner was green chili cheeseburgers smothered in mushrooms and bacon with provolone cheese melted over top. I also went all out and made home-made french fries.  (The best kind are twice fried, fresh tater’s and not those frozen one’s).

I had taken an early shower and was just getting supper done, when my phone rang.  “Uhm, Joanne, Tracy isn’t coming tonite, someone else is that has never been here before, can you come put Annie to bed?”

Well, hells bells.   I got into the Rav4 and went on over there in my p.j.’s.  First off, Good help is hard to find, second off (and this is the important part) Momma does not like strangers, who do not know her routine.

As soon as I got there, we got down to business.  I did all the normal things Momma is used to, and then I bounced her butt into the bed, got a hug and a kiss, and a “Thank you, I love you Joanne”.  Aww….those words made my heart feel a lot better, and never mind the other stuff.

Sometimes, even when we really don’t want to leave our house, we need to, because there might come a day, when I don’t get a phone call to put Momma to bed, because she won’t be here.

So, in a nutshell, it’s been a Monday.  But I’ll take it and smile at the memories.  Also, for those of you wondering, Yes, the MoM did get into the waffle batter, both the Farmer and I and the kitties had the same type of afternoon in the bathroom.

Well Care Meeting, and ROOT Canal Wednesday!!!

Well, here it is Wednesday, January 4, 2012.  For me, the days have kinda flowed into each other, and sometimes, I’m not really sure what day it is, other than looking at the calendar and seeing where I am supposed to be at what time.

The only thing I do know is that I go to see Momma, check up on the Farmer and keep the Electrician in clean clothes, clean house and cook dinner.  Being the domestic GODDESS that I am,  this is no problem.

When I looked at the calendar this morning (something I now do early, to see what my day will be like), it said “Well-Care Meeting @ 1:30.  Whew….I had over-slept until 7:30 (something I haven’t done in a long time), and then got up drank some of the nectar of the God‘s (as in COFFEE), and planned out my day. 

I had planned to go to the Nursing Home at 11:00 and spend some time with Momma, until I got the phone call from the Farmer.  It kinda went like this…

Uhm…hello, “Hey Joanne, I read your post this morning and I agree”.  Ok, I know the Farmer reads my post’s..HI DAD!!!, I just didn’t know we were both kinda thinking the same thing.  We talked for about 30 minutes and set up our game plan for the day, although like I told the Farmer, I was clear until 2:00pm cuz then I HAD to take the Electrician to the dentist for his root canal.  (On that subject, BETTER HIM THAN ME, but I promised to drive him miracle in itself, because he tell’s me hates the way I drive) 

So, I dressed my happy butt in some sweats, ran to the Dollar Store, got that stuff, as in laundry detergent and fabric softener, carpet freshener, and ok…2 liters of Diet Coke.  I then did ALL of the laundry (mind you I still do not have a dryer, but am enjoying using my garage as a clothes line, if you manage to put enough fabric softener in the washer, you’d never know they were line dried in the garage.)

I made up some signs to hang over Momma’s bed AND on her bulletin board, they read as follows:

“Hi!  Please call me Anne, I know my name is Margaret but I use the name Anne, the only time I hear Margaret is IF I’m in trouble….Thank you!”

I did this so that the well-meaning CNA’s, Nurses and anyone else that comes in to talk, see, or take care of Momma knows to call her Anne.  Hopefully to relive some stress on her part.

I also searched out a book Momma had given to me a long time ago, titled “Aunt Diminity and the lantern” I would give you all the details of the book, but, I left it in the top drawer of Momma’s room.  Although, Momma owns all of the “Aunt Diminty” series and has read ALL of them. 

I made it to the Nursing Home after Momma had an EXCELLENT day in therapy.  The Farmer went through it with her and told me all about it.  I was so proud!  Momma stood up and took a step today.  That my friends is PROGRESS! 

I knew she was tired but she kinda perked up while I was there.  I implemented phase 2 of my plan and made her speak to me.  She didn’t want to at first, but then the Farmer got into it with me and we made her talk a little.

I read the first 2 chapters of the book to her (that was after I told her if she wanted me to read she had to say yes.)  2 chapters later, and I stopped reading and told Momma we would continue tomorrow.  When I asked her if she enjoyed it, she said “YES”.

The Farmer and I had to go to a meeting at the Home called a Well-Care Meeting.  He and I toddled off down the hall after telling Momma we would be back and that we loved her, to which she replied I Love you too.  We got down to the meeting place and had to wait a couple of minutes.

The meeting was with a Co-ordinator at the Nursing home and he came out in the hall where we were and asked if it was ok if they put Momma back in bed.  We both said yes, and while the Farmer stayed there I went toddling off down the hall to Momma’s room again. 

I got there and she perked up, apparently she had slumped in her wheelchair and was taking a “Goldie” nap.  I told her they were coming in to put her back into bed and was that okay?  She replied with she was tired, and could she please take a nap?   Well, yes, they will be in here to put you to bed in a sec, and I have to toddle on down the hall again for your meeting ok?  Yes, she replied.

Back on down the hall I went to have the meeting, but I was stopped in the hallway by a couple of residents who have seen me here and there.  I chatted to both of them for a few minutes, and I made them both smile (THAT’s always a good feeling to give another person a moment to smile).

I got to the meeting with Co-ordinator dude, and the physical therapist.  Dad and I were ready, I had a million questions, but I let them speak their piece first.   First, your Momma is making progress, but it is going to take time (DUH, we KNOW that).  They were impressed with her progress and the fact that this meeting was really just a formality, because either the Farmer or I have been to ALL of her sessions  (Apparently A LOT of people stick their loved one’s in a REHAB facility and then don’t show up again until they need to, I don’t understand this concept). 

We gave her(physical therapist) a little bit better insight as to who Momma is and noticing her “signs”  Happy face, sad face, mad face.  I am starting to understand the whole thing a little bit better.    Up to this point, I’ve been frustrated.  But I have to REALLY give PROPS to these people.  They Care.

I sometimes take for granted that I KNOW what Momma is thinking or for that matter feeling.  The Farmer and I KNOW Momma, inside and out, we know the “signs”, we know the facial expressions, we know…well you get the picture.  These GREAT caregiver people, do not.  The Therapist told both of us that all of these things we are “teaching”her helps her to give Momma what she needs.  The fact that Momma has a “short” attention span, the fact that Momma is a “nosey Parker”, the fact that Momma is a “chatty Cathy”.  These things help her.

She was also impressed that we do take the time to make sure one of us is there for her therapy sessions.  It help’s Momma to know we are there to cheer her on, to help, and plus like I told the therapist, I am learning a butt-load to HELP us all in the future.  When the day comes that she does get to come home.

Today, has been a really good day with Momma, and also with the Root-canal Electrician too.    Folks he survived too, and so far hasn’t felt to much pain (thanks to the anti-biotic and the 2 Tylenol I shoved down his throat the minute we got home).  He actually ate dinner too.

Uhm…to the Farmer…HEHEHEHE…guess who had FRIED CHICKEN from LEE’s tonite buddy?????? 

Love y’all….




Wacky Wednesday!

Today is Wednesday folks!  Hump day to some, and just plain ole wacky Wednesday to others.  Me, I wasn’t sure what day it was today, because all of my days have melded into one another.

I woke up early and could not get back to sleep, so I got up and drank enormous amounts of coffee, played on Facebook, made the bed and hit the door early.  i wanted to get up to the Hospital to see Momma.  Today was her swallow test.

She failed, but that doesn’t matter because she will have a video one tomorrow.  I scooted out of visiting Momma after about an hour.

I ran to Wal-Mart, and picked up some Diet Coke, and a few other things.  I came home and worked on my “project” for the Electrician.  Guess what….I finished my “present” to the Electrician today and I really hopes he likes it because it came from the heart.  It’s wrapped and under the tree.

While I was home I got a call from the College Student…she’s off to spend to spend a couple of days with a friend before she comes home.  We talked about Momma, and some other stuff, but she told me, “I haven’t even shopped for you and Dad yet, what do you want?”    What do I want? 

World peace, Momma to come home…uhm…whatever you want to give me, but I really, seriously cherish something that is made for me rather than something that is bought for me.  Frame a picture for me and wrap it up.  Something that you have spent time making means all the world to me.  I don’t need something bought for me.  Does that sound harsh?

Anyhoo….I went back up to the Hospital and spent some time with Momma.  She looked so sad when I got there.  Momma is on the mend and I think she misses her life before all of this, cuz her bottom lip was dragging on the floor and she was staring at the picture of her and the Farmer that I brought up. Also, clutching the Bear (the one that went on the QE II cruise with them), Now me personally I’ve never been on a cruise, (that’s gonna be another post for a different day). 

Momma perked up when she saw me and said “You came back”…”well…duh..”   We then proceeded to have quite the conversation (uhm it was LOUD and full of giggles), The Nurse came in to check on us well…okay we were LOUD.  But Momma is on the mend. 

The Admission Gal from the Rehab facility stopped by, if Momma passes her swallow test tomorrow, she is going into Rehab.  (GOOD THING)  and even IF she doesn’t pass, (she’s never been good at tests), she’s still going into rehab. 

I talked to this gal from the Hawthorne Estates Rehab Center.  She was a little shocked.  Ok, I’m not good at tests either.  I could not remember Momma’s maiden name, (I figured it out).  She was shocked at Momma’s age, (because she is young) and the fact WE wanted her TO come home. ” This is just a phase” I told her….”Momma’s coming home” .  I guess she was a little shocked at how strongly I said this, but ya know what….”MOMMA’S COMING HOME”  Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not for a month or so, but by golly….MY MOMMA is coming home.

Momma has Caretaker’s,  that would be me and the Farmer. I was really impressed when she told me that they would teach me and the Farmer “how” to take care of Momma.  So….while Momma is going into Rehab…Me and the Farmer….we’re going to School.   

For me…today has been a good day, I hope for the Farmer too, he went back and spent the evening with Momma, because he hated leaving her like he did.  The Med’s had worn off and she had a death grip on the QEII bear.  When he went back up to the ICU this evening, it was ALL good in the hood.  I think tonite, they spent the night like they normally do, with the exception that Momma is in the Hospital and the Farmer had to go home.

Folk’s….there is a bond there, they have Love….and I think the best medicine for both of them is The Farmer and Momma together……at Home….  We are working on that.

Me….I Love them both and only want to help, and make sure THEY are happy together….