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Mailboxes, Colds, and phone calls….

Today, I arrived at the Farmer’s and he is sick.  I am not going to bust him out, that he has a cold, and that installing a new mailbox yesterday, probably did not help the situation any.  Ok…let me back track here for a minute.

I arrived at the Farmer’s yesterday, and was truly amazed at how good of care, Caregiver Beth and her husband, had taken care of the Farmer and Momma.  I drove into a freshly dug out driveway, and entered the house, and it smelt clean.  (This is because she stepped up and came over and took care of them, while my happy butt was in a ditch).  Thank you Caregiver Beth!!!!

The Farmer was on a track yesterday, to reinstall his mailbox, which somehow, got plowed over by the snow plows from our snow storm.  Yes, folks, his mailbox and the neighbors mailbox was in the ditch.   For some unknown reason the Farmer HAS to get his mail everyday, and sometimes it’s like Christmas to him.  With that being said, when I pulled into the driveway, he was in the garage, working on the board that houses the 2 mailboxes.  Now, yesterday was kind of cold, but the Farmer had decided he would put up a new mailbox no matter what.

After cooking him breakfast, the Farmer took off in my car and went to get a new mailbox and do a couple of errands.  (Thanks Dad for putting gas in my car).  When he arrived back at the house, he asked for my help in putting the new mailbox up.  Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I LOVE power tools and the opportunity to use one was like a kid with an all day sucker.  What I did not realize, was that he simply wanted to me hold stuff, and NOT use the power tools.  Burst my bubble big time.  Needless to say, the new mailbox was up and running.  It also has a neat feature, that the Farmer purchased, when the mail is inserted into the box, and the door is shut on the mailbox, an alarm goes off in the house.  Kinda cool huh?  Not to mention that he also has a new driveway bell.  The Farmer is getting kind of high-tech on me.

Ok, now I digress.  Today, when I arrived, the Farmer was down and out.  So, I took care of him and Momma.  Momma had a follow-up appointment from her Surgery on Friday.  Being that we still had snow on the ground, and the fact the Farmer was not feeling good.  I called the Doctor’s office.  Momma is doing great after her surgery, no fever, no ill effects, and to be truthful, it is a major production to get her in the car and take her to the Doctor’s who will see her for 5 minutes and tell us stuff and send us on our way, and another production to get her back into the house and back to normal, simply because it takes her outside of her comfort zone.

So, I called the Doctor’s office and advised that Momma was fine and if the Doctor was okay with it, could we forgo the appointment?  Well apparently, one of the tests they did on Momma when she had her surgery came back positive, and the Doctor had ordered some meds for Momma and it was ok to not bring her in.  They would call the scripts in and then we could start giving her the medicine. I gave them our pharmacy and then I got a call from the pharmacy.    They had a question for me, wasn’t Momma allergic to penicillin?  Uhm, yes.  Another phone call back to the Doctor’s and advised one of the meds would not work.  So now, after all day phone calls, Momma has 3 meds ready to be picked up and one more to be ready after 3 pm tomorrow.

I guess the phone calls are better than to have to drag Momma out of the house, but now I have a call into the Doctor to ask what the heck does Momma have that she needs 4 medications to make her better?  I guess I should have paid more attention to some of the things he said after surgery, but to be honest, I was just so thankful it was all over that I may have “zoned out”.

Please, believe me when I say I am not complaining, because I’m really not, I’m more confused than anything.

So, when I go tomorrow to pick up Momma’s meds, and some cold medicine for the Farmer, I will be asking the pharmacist, what the heck…..

But on a happier note, I am almost over “my cold” and I will take care of the Farmer and Momma tomorrow, and see what else is in store for me.    Because ya know what I realized tonite?  I am very Blessed, just to have both of the Farmer and Momma, many kids my age, do not have their parents.    Mine are both still here and I truly love caring for them.

Sometimes, I may get “too involved” and the rest of my family may feel left behind, but ya know what?  I Love all of ya….and y’all know I’m here for all of you.  Thank you to y’all, for letting me be, me and do what I feel the need to do.

I am a very Blessed little puppy…..plus, I’m hoping should I never need the help, y’all will take care of me….


Little Dude, Doctor’s Visit and Surgery…..

I’ve already filled y’all in on my Monday of this week, but after that, things kind of went downhill from there.  I would have posted that post on Monday, as I had originally planned, but well, welcome to my goofy world.  The post disappeared into cyber space and I have just now found it again.

maybe it didn’t disappear, and I just lost it?  Who knows….onto the rest of my fun-filled action packed week…..

By Tuesday it was evident that little dude was not up to his normal stuff, and it was decided we would make a Doctor’s appointment for him.  The Nurse made his appointment and due to obligations for the remainder of the week, we negotiated and I would take little dude to the Doctor by Wednesday.

On Wednesday, we headed out and did our fun-filled activities at the Farmer’s house, and left a little early so we could head to the Doctor’s. We also had a plan of action today as well.  Cam-Man knew after the Doctor’s visit, he would be getting some ice cream.

We arrived at the Doctor’s and after giving the appropriate paperwork, we sat down to wait.  They called Cam-Man’s name and he swaggered into the exam room.  He knew what he was there for.  We went out after taking off his coat, and little dude got weighed, and is now a full 30 pounds, and then measured for his height.

Back into the exam room, and the nurse asked why we were there today, Cam pointed to his ears and nose, and also his underarm.    When his regular Doctor came in, she was a little disappointed that it was Meemaw and not the Nurse who was with Cam (she loves to hear the Nurse laugh).  Cam told her he was coughing, and had  “yucky” ears, and also a bunch of skin tags under his arm.  We got our prescription and were on our way.  After loading up into the Rav4, we drove home, and Cam got his ice cream.

Thursday was my double day, so I brought Cam with me in the morning, and the Farmer and Cam played for a bit, and then I came back and put Momma back to bed.  I kind of had to prep her for the next day (Friday), because there were events planned she had no idea about.

When Friday am arrived, I got up in the dark, and drove over to the Farmer’s, the plan was for him to sleep in, and I would get things ready.  You see, Momma was having surgery to replace her g-tube (aka tummy tube) today.  Due to the surgery, I was only allowed to give her the first round of med’s in the morning with a minimal amount of water.  When I woke her up and gave her the meds I told her, “We are going on an adventure today, so I will let you go back to sleep for a bit, but then I am coming in and getting you up at about 9:15 am OK?”  She mumbled something but was okay with it.

When I came back to get her up, she was a little feisty, and ready to roll.  Things went pretty smoothly, and I was able to get her dressed, into her wheelchair and out to the car and then into the car with no problems.    She actually was kind of fun on the car ride there, because she was talking up a storm, noticing new things on the drive, and then when we arrived at the Surgery center, she kind of quieted down.  After getting her out of the car and arriving, she went straight up Parks, and I knew we were in trouble.

We went in and let them know she was there.  The Nurse came out and took Momma back with her, but came out a few minutes later with some questions, then came back a few minutes later with more questions, so I asked her if it was okay, if I came back with her.  When I got back to the “prep” room, Momma was for lack of a better term, “Parked up”.  So, I did what I normally do, and got her undressed into a gown and onto the gurney (by myself) (this is not being disrespectful to the Nurses in any way).  Momma was scared.  I knew this, so while I was getting her undressed and into a gown, I was making jokes and getting giggles, and trying to relieve the tension, that you could cut with a knife.    I answered all of the Nurses question’s, and I kept telling Momma, she had to remember her name and ALSO her birthdate, because she was going to have to tell a Nurse that information.

Momma was prepped, and I took her picture all ready for surgery, out of privacy for Momma, I will not post it, but I did show it to her after we got home and she smiled.  They took Momma off and I sat with the Farmer while the “deed was done”.

I had asked the Nurse if she would come and help after Momma had surgery, and she told me to call her when it was over.    Now, I will be honest with y’all here, I know it was a routine surgery, but I am here to tell you, NOTHING with a PD patient is routine, so I was nervous.  When the Doctor came out and called Momma’s name, the Farmer and I went into the little “discussion” room they have. Momma did well with flying colors, and there were only a couple of things that concerned him.  After discussing the problems,  we were told we could see her in about 20 minutes.

I called the Nurse, who said she would be there in a few.  The Farmer and I were allowed to go and see Momma.  She looked so peaceful, and had answered the Nurse’s questions about her name and birthdate.  We waited while Momma came out of the anesthesia, and when she woke up, well….she wasn’t really happy with me.

The Nurse arrived and kind of took over.  (THANK GOODNESS FOR DAUGHTERS).  I left Cam-Man with his G’pa and went back in to help however I could but the Nurse, already had Momma dressed and into the wheelchair.  (WHEW).  So, I loaded up Cam into his Momma’s car, and he and I took off to go open up the house and get it ready for when they arrived.

When the Farmer arrived, we had the house almost opened up, and the Nurse got Momma into her wheelchair and we got her cleaned up and into bed.  Momma was still cross with me, but she was ok.

Momma is sporting a new g-tube, and after the Nurse gave her a feeding and her meds, Momma was a happy camper.    She went back to sleep, but did tell all of us, she really did love us.

So….that was my week, my weekend was another adventure, as the Electrician and I were keeping Cam-Man for another sleepover…..stay tuned for that one…..

I’m still alive……

Well hello to y’all.  While it may have seemed like I have fallen off the face of the earth and left y’all hanging on my Vacation journey, I’m still here.  Just going through some changes in my life, and also busier than a fart in a whirlwind.

After starting my blog and doing the “post a day” for 2 years,  I think my writing “mojo” went somewhere for a while.  I’m still trying to find it.

Let me catch you up on some “stuff” since I’ve been back.  Apparently, while I was gone on my trip, Momma had some “not so good days”.  Since I have been back, she has still had some, not so good days.  She has cheered up a bit, and become ‘chatty” again, to an extent.

When I first started my blog, I also watched my Grandson, Cam-Man,  somewhere along the way, I stopped watching him on a daily basis, due to his parents having different schedules, and they didn’t need me.  The weekend after I arrived home from my vacation, I got a note  stating the following:  Going to need some Grandma watching action this week. Mon-Thur. Let me know if you are up for it.  Hehehe, does a duck like water?

So, things kind of are like they used to be, with the exception of the fact, Cam-man is no longer a baby, or just barely walking.  He is now a full-blown 2, almost 3-year-old, who walks, talks and is a little person. The funny thing to me, is Monday morning  when Cam-man arrived and after feeding him breakfast, we left for the Farmer’s, Cam-Man remembered the routine.

We arrived at the Farmer’s and Cam-Man swaggered into the place, and gave his “Farmer-Papa” a big hug, remembered where his toys were and then “helped” me make breakfast.  Cam-man remembered about the laundry, and the routine we shared.  The only difference now, is he walks downstairs and counts them as he goes, and then puts the laundry soap in the washer and turns it on.  It’s been about 8-12 months since this kid has followed this routine, and he fell right into it, like he had not missed a day.

When it was time to get Momma up, Cam-man helped pick out her clothes and talked to Momma the whole time, and the smile on her face, lit me up.  He sat on the bed, while she was on the potty, and had to inspect it after she was done,then holding his nose, he stated “pewee”,  and then told her “good job”, when she was finished.

I have realised something through the experience of watching the Grandson, and Momma together, that they both “connect” with each other.  The make each other smile, and it’s fun to watch.

On Monday, Momma had an appointment with the Doctor, and due to circumstances, it was just the Farmer and I and Cam-man, to get Momma to the Doctor.  I was a little nervous, but I got Momma in and out of the car by myself, and was pretty proud of that fact.   The Farmer probably felt like a chauffeur, because Cam-man’s car seat, with Cam in it, me in the middle and Momma on the other side rode in the back seat, and the Farmer drove.  Cam and Momma kept the conversation going, and Cam and Momma held hands.

While at the Doctor’s I was pretty proud of both of them.  Cam-man for behaving so well, and Momma for not being scared, especially of a new Doctor.    Momma has been scheduled for surgery to have her g-tube replaced, due to the old one being in some pretty nasty shape.  Cam-man grabbed a couple of suckers from the Doctor’s office and wanted to give Momma one, because she was good. Unfortunately, Momma could not have it.

Thursday was a pretty fun day too, simply because it had snowed the day before and the snow at the Farmer’s was “untouched” so to speak.  When we pulled up to the Farmer’s, Cam-man had to walk up the wheelchair ramp, because it was crisp clean snow.  Those little footprints totally cracked me up.  We went inside and did the stuff we do.  Then, just before we went into get Momma up, I gave in, and Cam-Man and I went outside all bundled up and made a snowman in the Farmer’s back yard.  Cam was so pleased, he went in and got Farmer Papa to come look.

Friday, Momma was in a rare mood and full of giggles and sunshine, but was a little sad, her Cam-Man wasn’t there.  She told me “I miss that little guy”.  Momma has perked up this week.  I think that he may be a “particular type of therapy”, she may need.

Hope y’all are doing well.  I’ve missed writing, and while I can honestly say, I won’t be doing it as much as I used to, I will keep y’all updated.  Life is semi good in my hood.

Whew…that was a close one…..

About a month ago, I discovered a spot on my face, on the right side, right next to my eyebrow.  Now…to most of you, it probably does not mean much.  To me?    I kinda freaked out.  You see, I have a history of cancer.  To be exact, I am a four-time cancer survivor.

While I had this thing on my face, I went to my regular Doctor (who I used to work for and is my primary caregiver).  I haven’t been to see him for a while, because I have been semi-healthy.  If my sinus’ act up, I go to the urgent care, because I am kind of regular there with sinus infections.  After having numerous amounts of them, I know when to go and get the standard antibiotics and stuff.

This “growth” kind of freaked me and the Electrician and also the Farmer out.  To be fair and honest, I have a phobia of Doctors, Dentists, you name it.  After going through what I have been through I have a little phobia of the said mentioned Doctors.

I was referred to the Doctor I went to today, by my former employer.  Because when I went in to see him, (because of the health care system, I had to see my “primary” Doctor to be referred to another doctor to have the insurance pay). My primary Doctor told me, with your history, I am referring you okay?

Okie dokie….I arrived at the Doctor’s office at the appropriate time, filled out all of the paperwork and scratched my head, because in all honesty, I could not remember the Electrician’s social security number.  DUH…. isn’t it amazing the things you forget when you need to remember?

When I was seen in the Doctor’s office, he looked at the “growth” and did a little “tsk tsk” sort of thing, like I should have known better, and then proceeded to tell me,  “This is a growth from your exposure to the sun”.  Uhm…ok?  Folks, it’s winter here, where the heck has the sun even gotten in touch with me?

Then, after advising me this was going to sting and burn a bit, he applied something to my face that seriously hurt.  Not just my face either, along the side of my neck on the right side.  Then he smiled at me told me not to get the area wet, and it would crust up and drop off after a couple of days and to stay out of the sun.

Okay, I went and gave my paperwork to the nurse and made an appointment for 6 months down the road, with that, I headed out to my car.  The minute I hit the outside coldness, I fricking went down.   I made it to my car, but felt the whole right side of me, frozen.

I arrived home to my Electrician who was worried, but sleeping, and woke him up.  He asked me the “dreaded” question, and I told him what the Doctor had told me.    It was not Cancer, but I need to buy a hat to stay out of the sunshine. I advised the Electrician that he had better get used to his wife being a ghost, because I am semi-done with sunshine.

I also called the Farmer who has been worried about me.  I told him the news and also told him my whole right side felt frozen and my face hurt.  I won’t even begin to tell you what the response was, it was funny though HAHAHA Dad.

My Electrician has taken such good care of me today, he has asked me about a million times this past weekend if I wanted him to go with me.  I guess, I am a little  in a different mind-set for this type of support.  I’ve never had it.    I went through Cancer quite a few times, but have always done it alone.    I am not being disrespectful of anyone here, I am just stating fact.

The Electrician has been home today, and done all of the laundry, cleaned, dusted (yea I sluffed off), and cooked me an amazing dinner.  I am truly Blessed peeps, I will shout it from the rooftops…..

While my face and neck hurt, I’ve been taken care of, and I am Blessed, it was not that serious.  But I will be buying a hat for the future…

An Open Letter…..

I read a blog post tonite that has truly hit me in the gut and made me accept a few things.  So, in true Camsgranny fashion, I am also writing a letter.

Dear Camsgranny,

While I  know the past few days you have felt like you are on a roller coaster, maybe you need to accept that you are.  This Holiday season is a first for you.

You have so many scary memories of the last Holiday season, and you need to accept the fact you are scared.  It doesn’t help you that your Momma has said, she gets emotional over the Christmas holiday, and that she has told you she is planning to leave you this Christmas season.

While your memories flood back to you from  last year, when you actually “lost” your Momma and the fact that the Doctor’s and Nurses brought her back to you.  You need to quit being a scaredy cat, and recognize every day is a gift.

You need to quit walking on eggshells and live your life, and quit worrying.  While I understand that it gets harder and harder everyday to go take care of her, when you see that she is slowly going away, cherish what time you have with her.

Giggle those giggles, belly laugh when you both need to.  Wipe her tears when she needs it, wipe her drool away when she needs it.  Comfort her when she is confused, and let her be herself.

She loves you, oh so much, and that is why she tells you daily, she is Blessed by you, and lucky to have you.  While I understand, you tell her, You are lucky to have her.

While I understand your frustration, and that being a Caregiver is hard.  It is something you feel the need to do.  It won’t be forever, and there will come a day, when you will feel Blessed to have all these moments and also to have spent the time you did.

So to myself, I say this, Girl, you got this and quit looking behind and start looking forward, and just take one day at a time.  Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, and today?  well, it’s a present.


And the Beat goes on….

Well, today was a really good day.  I went over to the Farmer’s, after doing my domestic diva stuff here at home.   I made us a bacon, egg and toast breakfast, and then whipped myself into gear and put on a beef stew in the crock pot for the Farmer’s dinner.

I was a little behind, when Caregiver Beth arrived.  I had been in to check on Momma, but I had not changed her bed stuff at that point.  Momma had a Doctor’s appointment today, and we asked Caregiver Beth to go with us.  The reason’s were probably a bit selfish, but she can maneuver Momma into the car a BUNCH better than I can.   I’ll admit, she makes it look so easy, but for me…pfft…ain’t gonna happen without my back going out.

Caregiver Beth got Momma up and dressed into the clothes I had picked out, and I got laundry started.   We all rendezvoused into the front room and Caregiver Beth loaded Momma up into the backseat of the car, and I locked up the house, and the Farmer hit the road with his 3 lady passengers.    I think he was feeling a little special with us 3 ladies in the car.    Momma and I sat in the back, and she gripped my hand for about the first 3/4 of the journey.

Momma was quite with it today.  Mind you, the time frame for this trip was not normally her “best” time of day.    Momma stayed awake for the entire trip, and that in itself is amazing.  Momma chatted while she was in the back seat with me, and we kind of giggled at different things.  The size of her eyes when a big truck went by next to us, carrying some sort of farm equipment, was hilarious.

We arrived at the Doctor’s office, and Caregiver Beth, swiveled Momma into the wheelchair I had went and got with ease.  Momma was comfortable, and we went into the building.   A topic of conversation was, when Momma was going to get her flu shot.  While we were headed to the elevators to go the 6th floor, for Neurology, lo and behold, they were having a “flu shot clinic” on the first floor.  I stopped and asked some questions, and it was decided after Momma had seen her Doctor, she would come back down and get her shot before we went home.

We arrived for Momma’s appointment, and we actually only waited for about 5 minutes.  The Farmer and I took Momma in for her appointment, and Caregiver Beth sat watching t.v. in the waiting room.  (Thank you Beth!)    Today was our last appointment with the Doctor that has cared for Momma the past 5 1/2 years as he is retiring this month.

Momma was happy to see him, and actually, after he had talked to the Farmer and I, he talked with Momma.    Our biggest thing right now, is Dementia, along with some other normal Parkinson’s stuff.    The Doctor asked Momma if she knew who he was, and she said his name.  Then he asked her if she knew where she was, and while her answer was not necessarily on the nose right, it was right.   He then asked her what time of year it was, and she replied with Autumn, well technically she is correct, because winter does not officially start until next month.

We were told by the Doctor, whatever we are doing, keep doing it.  Momma is no worse nor any better, so as I seem to have said on the last Doctor appointment, it is Status Quo.    However, with that being said, there are differences.  The dementia is getting worse, but she is not hallucinating.  We’ve reached a plateau.  If you increase some meds you  run the risk of having hallucinations, and change of behaviour.    If we continue on, “as the beat goes on” and continue with what we are doing, it’s ok.

We have a routine, wherein, we tell Momma every day what day it is, the day, date, and year.   On the way to the Doctor’s office she had asked me,”Isn’t it St. Paddy’s day Saturday?”  “Uhm no, Momma it is December 1st, and nowhere near St. Paddy’s day”.  She looked at me and then looked down and said ‘Hm, I must be confused”.

It’s sometimes hard to deal with the confusion and Dementia, and we were told today, it was going to increase.  I already knew that, and reading this I hope the Farmer does too.    But to be truthful with all of you, I’ll take “as the beat goes on” because I really do not want to increase any meds at this time.  It could lead to a whole bunch of things, none of us want to deal with.  As long as Momma is happy, and she is, then it’s ok.

I will admit one thing here, (ok my head is hung), I bribed Momma today.  I told her this morning, if she was good, and behaved, I would let her have 3 spoonfuls of Orange sherbet when she got home.    If I could explain how her eyes lit up at the mention of being allowed to have such a treat, when she has not been allowed to eat anything in almost a year.

Momma was good, and she did get her 3 spoon fulls of Orange sherbert, and she swallowed every last drop.  She was a trooper while she got her flu shot, and that made at least 3 of us smile.    You see, we had to take her arm out of her shirt to get her shot, and Caregiver Beth held Momma’s jacket up in front of her so no one would see her exposed “cleavage”, and the Farmer held the wheelchair, and I held Momma’s hand.  it was over before we knew it.

I will admit though, I almost cried and so did Momma when we left the Doctor’s office.  This Doctor has been through all of this with us, and it was hard to tell him thank you and goodbye.  He’s referred us to one of his associates, and I can only hope they are compassionate as him.

Today….it was a good day.





The past few days with Momma have been a blessing.  She has shown a little more “attitude”, and a lot of giggles.

Yesterday, I let her sleep in a bit later than usual, because we had a “road trip” planned.  I did laugh though when I first went in to give her some meds, and change her sheets, and pants.  When I said “Good Morning Momma, how are you?”, she opened one eye, and asked me if she had to get up yet, when I replied No, she smiled, then told me the following.  “Thank you for letting me sleep, I had a hard night last night”.  Uh…what?  “I had a party in here and it got kind of loud and a lot of fun, I hope we didn’t keep your Dad awake, we were dancing in here and just having a good old-time“.  Hmm…ok….

She drifted back into sleep,  and was giggling.  I’m not sure if my feelings were hurt by not being invited to this party.  I went in and told the Farmer what she had said, and we both giggled.  It would explain why the t.v. remote was on the floor, and Mr. Bear looked EXHAUSTED from all that dancing.

I finally roused her from her dreams, and I think that’s why she is so tired, because the stories she tells me after these dreams, well…they are very interesting, full of laughter and an over all good time.

Momma, knew we were taking a road trip, when I got her dressed.  Simply for the fact, most days Momma wears very soft sweat pants and soft shirts.  I dressed her in dress pants, and a nice top, but, she had to wear shoes.  Usually, I put her in non-skid fluffy socks, and she’s happy.

I approached her with the road trip and a new way to get into the back seat of the car.  She was game.   She concentrated very hard, and the “new system” worked.  She sat down in the car and I put her legs in, and climbed in beside her.  I held her hand on the short journey, when I asked her if she knew where we were going, she replied with “Carle Clinic to see the Doctor“.

It was quite the ride there with her pointing out all the new things on the trip there.  But I was really struck, when we passed Sunset Memorial (yes, it’s a graveyard), and told me about the Swan’s that live there.  After giving me the lowdown on the Swan’s she promptly followed it up with “And you can’t steal them either, that’s their home and you can go to jail for taking them out of it”.   While this may not seem like much to anyone else, people in this area, know those Swans were stolen about 2 years ago.  It was all over the news and there was a big hunt to have them returned.    Momma remembered that.  (That’s a plus for the association of place and thing).

When we got to the clinic, Momma was fine and got out of the car into the wheelchair, no problem.  We checked into the clinic, no problem.  Got into the exam room, no problem.  Doctor comes in, problem.  We had scheduled this appointment at a “good” time of the day for Momma.  Unfortunately, Parkinson’s reared its head, and she went full-blown Parks on us and the Doctor.  We got through the exam with a little coaching from me.

When it was time to get back into the car, we had a little bit of a hard time, but when a Nurse who was leaving for the day, asked if she could help us, Momma seemed to snap to, and made it into the car.

On the ride home, she came out of the “parkiness” for a bit and looked me square in the eye, and said “I forgot to tell the Doctor hello”.    I told her it was ok, and then she saw the swans, and smiled.

We had no problem getting her out of the car to get back into the house, and we praised her oh so much.  The Farmer and I, were really quite proud of her and the way she handled everything.

Today was my “double” day, and this morning went without a hitch.  Momma even had a little extra bounce in her giddy up.  (I think it was from last nights party in her room).  I got her up with no problems, and then when I came back, she was happy to see me.

Events happened tonite,  that even I didn’t know about.  I forgot, that our regular lady, Tonya,  that comes in to put Momma to bed during the week, has a different schedule for Wednesdays.  So, when the door knock came at 4:30, I was shocked.  But then I remembered.  This girl goes to church on Wednesday nights and we broke up the evening hours for her.

Momma was happy to see her, but when the door knock came about 20 minutes later, I didn’t know who the heck it was.  It was the Home Health Care  Company owner, bringing in the newest girl who is going to be taking care of Momma on the weekends.

We did introductions, and Bethany (new girl) stayed for a bit to “meet and greet” Momma, and also find out the routine, we follow.  Unfortunately, Momma get’s a little, I don’t know what the word I’m looking for other than agitated?  When there are a lot of people around, and her eyes kept darting to mine.  She was scared.  I calmed her down, several times.

We put her to bed earlier than normal, but this is what our Wednesday’s are going to be.  Momma went with it, and when she was all tucked up like a bug in a rug, and everyone had left, and it was just her and I, she calmed down.  Her eyelids drooped, and I let her have a nap.

I came in and changed her t.v. channel to the movie R.V. with Robin Williams, and we started giggling to that.  Tonya came back, and we got Momma up and let her have a “potty break” and cleaned her all up, and changed her bed pads, and tucked her back up.

The Farmer came home, and I chatted with him for a bit.  While I am thankful we now have 2 Caregiver’s dedicated to Momma, and I hope they both stay.  My main concern is for Momma.  These parties at night with Mr. Bear, and her new buddy, Mr. Cuddly giraffe, these dudes really need to quit wearing her out.

It’s all good in my hood right now, and on a side note, we have received texts from my outlaws, and sister-in-law and the rest of the family down south, they are safe, and while there is flooding, and they have had tornado’s, God’s watching out for them, because they are all safe.  Amen.


WOW, I got offered a job….

I realize that it is late for me (12:37am).  I have spent the evening at the Farmer’s tonite, taking care of Momma.  The Electrician came home to an empty house, that I had smothered with little notes everywhere.

The Farmer had a “night out” with some of his buddies, and I think he had a good time.

Part of my evening was training yet ANOTHER person to come in and take care of Momma in the evenings.    We use a Home Health Care Agency, and it appears, that our’s is the only account she has problems with.  The owner of the company is a very nice lady, and I do like her.  She brought the new girl over tonite, so I could meet her and “train” her.

The problem with “our account” is the fact that the Farmer and I do almost EVERYTHING for Momma.  It appears that in this day and age, that is unheard of.  The fact that they are amazed at how well Momma is taken care of was remarked to me several times this evening.

The Farmer and I are not asking for much.  All’s we ask is that someone come in 2 hours an evening and put her to bed, and chat with her a bit,and then on the weekends, come in for 2 hours in the morning, to give her a bath and get her up and two hours in the evening, to put her to bed.   Is that seriously asking too much?

It was mentioned to me this evening, (ok, I may be a little snarky in the telling), that maybe some of her employee’s would be happier if they could spend 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening, and maybe I should not do so much, so the other girls would have more to do.

UHM,  EXCUSE ME,  I’m not quite sure what set me off, other than the fact, I am very “territorial” over MY parents, and I do, and am willing to do, whatever they need.    While I understand that these girl’s need to make a living to, it would seem to me, that what we are asking would be “gravy or easy money”.

I was starting to lose my patience (Thanks Momma for teaching it to me), I held onto it.  But when the owner of the business that we employ, advised me that when Momma passed, she would be willing to hire me for her company as a Caregiver…..let’s just say, I have a hole in my tongue.

Maybe, I took the whole situation wrong, but I am a little flabbergasted by the whole experience.  First of all, this is my Momma, and you casually say to me, “When she dies, I will hire you, you have experience with a feeding tube and other stuff”.  Folks, I have a serious problem with this.

I believe I will be talking to the Farmer tomorrow, because this whole evening did not sit well with me.

Maybe, I am too sensitive when it comes to Momma.  Maybe some people are insensitive.  I don’t have an answer to that question, other than I am very proud of the fact, that I didn’t give into my first instinct.

The alligator mouth did NOT over-ride the rabbit ass, and I kept my mouth shut.  To the Farmer, THAT’s a first huh?


Terrifying Tuesday…

Today dawned normal.  I did some stuff here at home, and then trucked on down the road to the Farmers.  We chatted for a bit, and then the Farmer headed down the road to run some errands.

I was in the other room, but I heard Momma coughing.  I went in and checked on her,  and started to get alarmed, because she was choking.  I snatched her up into a sitting position, and then started smacking her on the back, but then she started gasping, for air, and then she didn’t.  I did CPR, and got her breathing again, and her color started to come back. She then told me she was surrounded by spirits, when I told her they couldn’t have her yet.

I got on the phone to the Nursing Student who zoomed over and walked in and took Momma’s vitals.  I then called the Doctor, who told us to call 911.

Here comes the firetrucks, and ambulance, and once again, I did feel kinda silly, when the ambulance dude was asking some questions, and I, for the life of me couldn’t find an answer, and the Nursing Student pipped in.  But, looking back now, it was kinda funny when they asked me the when the last time Momma ate was, and I replied December.   ( Looking back, the look on the dude’s face was priceless)The Nursing Student once more intervened and explained Momma was NPO, and had a g-tube and then looked at me, when I responded with she ate at 8am.

Momma was whisked to the E.R.   The Nursing Student rode in the ambulance with Momma, and I followed in the car.  It was different this time, I was right behind the ambulance and followed at the same speed. I had called the Electrician and told him the following “Momma stopped breathing, I gave her CPR, Claire is in the ambulance with her I gotta go”.  I’ll come back to this later.

I parked the car and was let right into the E.R. room Momma was in, she looked very scared.  Once some tests were run, and Momma settled down, she looked at both the Nursing Student and I and told both of us she loved us to pieces.

Meanwhile, while we were at the E.R. the Farmer had no knowledge of anything going on until he got home and saw my note.  I had left a note that said, we had to take Momma to the hospital, call my cellphone.

Meanwhile, we are still sitting in the E.R. getting a chest x-ray, ekg, and blood tests, and waiting. You are only allowed to have 2 people with you in the E.R., so when a transporter came back and said there was someone there to see Momma, we figured it was the Farmer.  So, the Nursing Student left, and a few minutes, the Fisher-dude showed up with Cam-Man, who promptly gave me a hug, and waved at his Grandma.  The Doctor happened to be in checking on Momma, and was impressed, that she knew who Cam was, and she talked to Cam.  Cam, was the life of the party and told his Grandma, he loved her, and told everyone else in the room bye.  After giving me a kiss, the Fisher dude and Cam-Man and the Nursing Student went down to the cafeteria for something to eat.  They wanted me to go and my stomach rumbled, but I stayed with Momma.

The transporter came back a few minutes later to say another gentleman was outside, so I went out and there sat the Farmer.  After explaining everything to him, I took him back to see Momma.

It was decided by the Doctor’s to keep Momma over night, and keep an eye on her, simply because her monitor readings were all over the map.

Once this was decided, I went back to the house, to clean up the carnage we had left it in.  I grabbed Mr. Bear, and went back to the hospital.

They brought Momma up and she was scared and had gone all PD.  The Farmer had left to go home, to get Momma’s list of med’s, that I had already grabbed.  He called me, and I told him I would take care of all the questions for admin, I had the list of meds and other stuff, and for him to take an aspirin (he had a headache) (me too for that matter), and to grab a bite to eat.  I had this covered.

With all of the questions answered, and Momma about to get some meds, I left to come home.  I had called the Nursing Student and she was on her way up there.

Then my phone rang within 10 minutes, The Nursing Student called to tell me she had run into the Farmer on her way up, and Momma was FINALLY sleeping peacefully, so they both left her to it.

The Farmer then called me when he got home, and said he was going to bed, and how was I doing.  I told him I finally ate something, taken a shower was in my p.j.’s and I won’t have any trouble sleeping tonite.  We arranged to meet tomorrow and go up to the hospital.

Back to the Electrician, who has been in the dark most of the day.  But once we finally did get to speak (I called him after the Farmer arrived at the hospital and explained some).  When I got home, the Electrician had dinner ready, had vacuumed my upstairs and downstairs, and made his lunch.  I got a lecture that the next time something like this happens, I am at least supposed to tell him where the ambulance was going, if Momma was alive or dead, or whatever else I had forgotten to tell him.  He had an emotional day too.

It’s been a roller coaster here today, but I have to say Thank You to the Nursing Student for taking care of me and Momma.  Thank you to the Farmer for not totally freaking out on me.  Thank you to the Electrician for being my security blanket and picking me up when I got home. (I kept it together until then).  Basically, Thank you to everyone for today, with the Love, support, and just everything.


Happy Birthday to my youngest son!

29 years ago today, I found myself in the hospital ready to give birth to this wonderful little creature.  Back in those days we didn’t know what we were having until it arrived.  While my whole body screamed at me it was going to be a girl.  Yea, it was wrong.

I arrived at the Air Force Hospital ready to go, when my labor just stopped.    Well crap.  So my then husband and I left a little dejected, because I was sure it was going to happen today.   As we got into the car, I stated, I was starving.  So, we stopped at our local McDonald’s, where I proceeded to stuff a Big Mac and Large Fries and a chocolate shake down.  I had no sooner taken my last sip of chocolate shake when, it happened.

Back to the hospital we went, and after getting checked out by the Doctor, who stated, yep, you are now 9 cm and ready to pop.  Well duh, I knew this. They brought the incubator into the room I was in, and plugged it in and while the hubbs and nurse were scrubbing up, I heard an explosion and saw flames shooting from the incubator.  “Uh, somebody, you might want to get in here, I’m having a contraction and there is a FIRE in the friggin room”.

After the danger was eliminated, and A LOT of screaming, and maybe a few cuss words were spoken, my second son arrived into this world.

While through the years this kid has given me fits.

I am proud of the Man he has become.  (It just took a while to get there.)

Happy Birthday little one! (That’s an oxy-moron of a statement, this kid is 6’1″ and I am 4’11”)