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Welp, we made it and the kids tore my house up….

Well…here it is 9;45 pm, and everyone has left my house, and The Electrician and I are watching the Walton’s.  I am posting on here and he’s reading Facebook.

Whew….what a day.  We had a fantastic day.  We had 2 of the G-babies, the Nursing Student and the Fisher-dude, and also the College student.  Plus phone calls from various members of the family not here.

We ate….and ate…and uhm…ate some more.  Watched a few movies (2 good one’s 1 not so good).  But hey, I’m not a movie critic.    Took naps, ate some more, and watched some football, ate some more…and well I think you get the drift, unfortunately, Cam-Man now has a full on blown-out cold, so he was a little snarky at times.  But on the whole, it was a REALLY good day. 

The College student was the first to leave cuz…well….she had “plans”  Oh to be 21 again…uhm…no, I’ll pass on that one.  The Nursing student and fisher dude hung out and alot of laughing was going on between all of us.  The g-babies…well…I think they were on overload because this is them, after baths at Granny Jo’s, and well….the Electrician bought both the boys some jammies…

They were sitting underneath one of my lil’ tables.  but I personally think that the next one is my favorite….

Those 2 have a language all of their own.  Both of them love their jammies.  Brayden-boy kept telling Papa, he really, really REALLY liked Rockin’ Mockey Mouse, I think he was hinting.  Hehehe little does this little kid know, it’s already been bought, and almost wrapped.

I Love my life and everyone in it.  Today has been one that I will cherish in days to come. 

To the Nursing student stating “DAMN, it’s HOT in this kitchen”, to the Fisher dude saying Grace (before dinner and inserting into said Grace…uhmm… let’s get to eatin), to the College student saying “DAMN, I need a nap”, to listening to the Fisher-dude snoring while the Electrician and I and the Nursing Student  watched the movie “Super 8  to both of the G-babies laughing and giggling, to ALOT of laughter over life, to Christmas lists and  “PLEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEE go shopping with me tonight AND tomorrow”   (uhm…not happening).  To stuffing myself FUBAR..uhmm…  Granny Jo is going to sleep and tomorrow is filled with the Farmer and the Momma.

I Love my life….:)  Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a Good Night….:)