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Hey Y’all….

Hey Y’all…How are all of you doing?  While I have had my blog going on 3 years now, I used to post daily.  After the first year, I still posted daily and was a proud member of the Post a day, I did it for the first 2 years of my blog.  Somehow…life seemed to get in the way, and I quit laying down all the words on paper (so to speak).

Somewhere along the way, some things got to painful for me to write down anymore.  You see, if I write them, that makes them real.  Maybe I have been running from them, or maybe I just don’t want to “share” that part of me.  I’m not sure of the answer.

Lately, I feel, I have been on “overload”, and no one seems to understand it, least of all me.  I’ve been mean to my husband, I’ve been mean to the Farmer, and I’ve cried buckets.  Sometimes, I feel so torn in every direction, that somewhere along the line, I “lost” me.

Yes, I am the daughter of a Parkinson’s Momma, yes, I am the Farmer’s daughter, yes, I am the Electrician’s wife, Yes, I am Momma to the kids.  Yes, I am “Jo” to Cam-man.  But lately, I’ve  wondered, who is Jo?

I had kind of “AHA” moment this morning at Church, and the sermon filled my heart.  But after hearing it, I went on and was mean to the Farmer, of which I apologize for.

Sometimes, things hit me and I do feel on “over load”, there is so much I feel compelled to do, and not a lot of people understand it.  I don’t understand it, and it’s  me.

I feel guilt in my heart, for things I’ve done recently, and I don’t want to be the nasty person I am and can be.   I can only hope that the Farmer and the Electrician can understand me, they know me the best.

It’s not an easy road I walk, I try to balance everything and everyone, and do the best that I can.  Sometimes I fall short of everyone else’s expectations.    But I guess I will say to them, I am me, and I am doing the best I can with what I know.

I do know in my heart, I am meant to take care of Momma, and give her peace, when peace is sometimes hard to achieve. There are times, when I could just curl up and give, but I won’t, because Momma needs me right now, and I’m sorry to the rest of my family, that may have to do without me at certain times, and may have to do things for themselves.  But honestly, we are all in this thing together.  All’s I ask, is that you work with me.

I have joy in my day, at different times.  But I have also learned the hard way, I need time to myself, to just be me, if that means staying in my p.j.’s all day and not doing anything, then that is what I need.  I, as a Caretaker, am really good at taking care of everyone else, but taking care of me?  Nope, not so good at that.  I’m not complaining, really I am not, I am just trying to explain to those around me, (and they read my blog), that maybe, I might need a little bit of extra care, or maybe even just a “Thank you” and some appreciation.  Goodness, knows I appreciate all of y’all.

Sometimes, being a Caregiver is a hard thing, but sometimes, the Blessings outweigh the bad, and maybe I am just going through a rough patch right now, who knows.

Sometimes, I am so confused by the roller coaster of emotions that I go through on a daily basis, that my whole insides are overturned and then some.  Some days are a giggle fest, other’s are a crying fest.    This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and yes, while I am learning a bunch, I hurt a bunch too.  I’m trying my best not to be a wimp, and maybe my reflex is to be mean, that’s not right either.

Someone told me the following:  “Sometimes, the hardest lessons hurt the most…” True. And they often teach the most.

I’m learning a bunch right now, but that doesn’t make any less painful……

Good news….

Today was not my normal day to go over to the Farmer’s to help with Momma, but Caregiver Beth had something she had to do, so, I did it.    I did the normal Saturday stuff at my house and then went on down the road.  When I got there, I did some of the stuff I normally do, and then went into the kitchen to make the Farmer lunch.  I noticed something right off the bat, and went into the front room to question the Farmer.

Now, I have to back track a little.  A few weeks (ok so it maybe a month or so) ago, I “borrowed” the Farmer’s Kitchen aide mixer .


I kinda fell in love with it, simply because I make cookies every week, sometimes twice a week (batch for the Electrician and 1/2 a batch for the Farmer and 1/2 a batch for Caregiver Beth).   Plus, I’ve made some cakes and bread too.

The Farmer asked me last week, if I would please bring back his mixer, and his mixer wrote the Farmer a note, it said ”  Dear Dad, Please don’t worry about me, I am getting exercise, and I have a prestigious position on my sissy’s counter,   I am enjoying my time here, and sissy says she will bring me back home soon.  Love, Your mixer”.

I seriously had good intentions to bring the mixer home this week.  But when I noticed everything re-arranged in the kitchen, I asked the Farmer what gives?  He told me he had a surprise and I would have to wait until Monday to find out what it is.  Pfft…..SERIOUSLY????

I quickly informed him, I would bug the $hit out of him until he told me what it was, and I did too.   Amid a bunch of giggles, he finally gave in and  told me, the mixer could stay at my house.  WOOHOO, double back flips.  Apparently, the mixer had expressed it’s desire to stay at my house, and The Farmer, complied.  Although I will not tell the mixer, it’s been replaced, by a “newer” version.  I don’t want to hurt its feelings.

In all honesty, Thanks Dad! from the bottom of my heart.  I’ve grown quite attached to the “mixer” and I really did not want to bring it home.  It’s found a new home on my counter.  I’m sure, your new mixer will find its new home a happy one, and I will use it and so will you.

Momma today was surprised to see me, although I had told her yesterday, I would be there to get her up.   She rallied and was full of giggles when I finally got her cleaned up and ready for the day.   It was fun for me to see her on a day I normally would not.

I did have to laugh, when I was getting ready to give her a round of meds and she was “reading” the paper.  I asked her about the story she was so intensely reading.  She told me about it, funny though, the paper was upside down.  Hmmm, I had already read the paper, and she was correct in her telling of the story.  Can people read things upside down?  I don’t know for sure if they can, but Momma did.

All in all it’s been a good day for me, and I’m so thankful for those. Sometimes, its little things that our parents do for us, and we do for them, that are the best.

Love ya Daddy, and Momma too.  Just so the rest of my family does not feel left out, I love y’all with all that I am, and then some……


Taking a Minute….

I think some one has hit the fast forward button on my life at the moment.  Sometimes, I don’t know if I am coming or going, if I’ve already been there, or if I have yet to get there.

Today, was another long day for me, and I have one more and then, gasp, I may have a whole day to MYSELF, and just enjoy the heck out of it.  Ok, for those of you that know me, you are already laughing KNOWING, it won’t go that way, but a girl can hope can’t she?

Please, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do.  I take care of my Dad and my Momma and my Grandson too, but sometimes, I feel overwhelmed, and see things going by at a rapid rate.  I like to slow down and at least enjoy the moments.

I had to laugh at one part of today.  Cam and I were on the way to Papa Dan’s, and now that Cam has started “driving” so to speak, he wanted to know where we were.    He pointed out to me the “Watter” and also he knew where the cows were.  But he got confused because we went the back roads, country way instead of through town.    He made me giggle, when he constantly asked me “Jo?  Corn or beans?”  After explaining to him the difference and what they looked like, I let it go.  But on the way home, he pointed out to me the difference between the corn and beans, and I simply had to giggle.  Little Dude is only 3 now, and he is learning. (I will expand on the statement about my 3-year-old grandson driving on another post.)

After dropping Cam-Man off at his Momma’s and visiting for a bit. I have to digress for a minute and  have to say, the Nurse came over and had coffee with me yesterday morning, before I went to Papa Dan’s and I so enjoyed, just sitting on the back porch, chatting , watching Cam in the Sand box, and just peace all around us.

I seem like I am all over the map, but that is because my mind is going 1000 miles an hour and I am trying to grasp everything.  Could someone just please push the pause button.

Ok, back on track.  When I went back to Papa Dan’s tonite, Momma was just pure joy to be around.  She did everything she was supposed to and arrived in her bed, with giggles.  Somewhere along the line, she got upset.  When I came back after dumping her trash, she was in tears, and when I asked her what was the matter, she asked me “Did I get you into trouble?”  “Uhm, No Momma, it’s me Jo”.  She looked at me and then went on with some story her mind had made, and thought she had gotten me into trouble.  After a few more minutes of talking to her, she looked at me, and said “I remember you, you are my daughter right?”, “Yes, Momma, I am your daughter, Joanne”.    With everything right in her world again, she calmed down, and held my hand and kissed me and went to sleep.  It’s moments like that I want to pause, soak up each thing, and remember.  For a few minutes, she was herself, and was okay.

I have to be able to find a few minutes each day to take out for myself, because to be honest, I feel thin.

Sometimes, I have learned with Caregiving, and I am not just a Caregiver to Momma, I am with my Dad, my Grandson, and to my husband, and the rest of my family, sometimes, I would just like to sneak away and have a few moments, where I don’t have to worry about nothing.

The Nurse asked me today, “When do you have a minute for yourself?”, and that started me thinking.  Maybe, I need to start taking minutes for myself.    I think I have found my answer.  I love music.  If I can have a couple of minutes, with earphones in my ear, and no one watching, I’m gonna start shaking my butt, with earphones, and let loose.

So…if your hear on the news tonite, that some 51-year-old woman is shaking her groove thing, with earphones in her ear, and the house blows down because of shaking, ask yourself, Was this Camsgranny’s house? Yup, it could be…..:)

WOW…what a weekend….

I know y’all are probably tired of me saying how Blessed I am, but gosh darn it, I feel it.  So much at times, that it outweighs the bad in my life.  Does that even make sense?  There are areas of my life that are totally tragic, and filled with doom and gloom.  But then, there are areas of my life that are so fun-filled and action packed, I can hardly contain myself.

Cam-man spent the night at my house last night.  It was a pre-planned event.  His parents needed a “date night” and plus to be honest, The Electrician and I wanted him to spend the night.  When Cam came over, we had a surprise for him.  After giving the Fisher dude a hug and kiss, he left and then the fun started.

We had a garage sale a couple of weeks ago, and Cam-man mentioned that he wanted a Sand box, with our profits from the garage sale.  The Electrician diligently searched the internet, and we found the best deal.  We ordered it and it arrived, the Electrician picked it and some sand up, and it was ready and waiting.

DSCN4515Cam Man was introduced to his Sandbox, and it was a hit.  Little dude, was all smiles, kicked off his shoes, and dug right in.  But he did ask his Papa, “You play with me Papa?”





DSCN4519Guess who climbed into the sandbox with Cam Man?  Yup…..his papa, and they both gave me the “face”.  The only thing I could do was giggle, simply because we did hand prints, foot prints, and Cam wanted to do face prints, but I drew the line at that one.

DSCN4522Next thing on the agenda was a boat ride.  Cam was totally up for this, after Papa gave him his life vest.  Cam cannot swim, and Papa was determined if the ship went down, little dude would be safe.  I cannot believe MY tongue was out for this picture.    We had a blast on the paddle boat, and Cam was a trooper.  He didn’t like the fact that maybe Jo was the reason Papa fell into the pond, but he sure giggled when instead of peddling forward, I pedaled backwards when we trying to go ashore.  OOPS, sorry Papa (hehehe not really, this was after he paddled me into the tree’s).  When we finally made it to shore, Cam helped “dock” the boat, and was ready for his bubble bath.

We had popped popcorn and Monster’s Inc. was on the t.v. and it was cool for a few, but Papa had been following the Blackhawks hockey team on the computer, and when it went into overtime, well….. Shoot in my house anything SPORTS rules.  Papa asked me turn on the t.v. in the bedroom because anything sports in my house has got to be seen.  Papa went into the bedroom and was watching Hockey, when Cam noticed he was gone, he asked me “Where’s Papa?”.  I told him, “in the other room buddy watching hockey”.  duh…it was on then….

DSCN4525I ended up in the front room watching Monsters Inc. and those two were on MY bed watching Hockey.

Needless to say, the Blackhawks won, and Cam fell asleep on the couch and I fell asleep on his bed, right next to the couch.  During the night Papa woke up, every time I rolled over, and Cam eventually rolled  off the couch onto me.

Cam and I snuggled all night, and when he woke up, I had to giggle.  His first words, “where is Papa?”, as papa came out of our room, Cam wiped the sleep out of his eyes, and gave me his “B”.  Priceless.   A few minutes later Cam arrived and sat on me with his bowl of oranges.  Papa, doesn’t have the advantage I do, and he improvised.  I got a cup of coffee with a bowl of oranges.

We all got ready and headed off to Church.   There is a Part 2 to this story, I will post the rest of it tomorrow, because between you and me, I’m tired and wiped.    I will tell you this, “Grandkids fill  a place you never knew was empty, until they arrived.”

Tomorrow is Cam Man’s b-day, we’ve got some surprise’s in store for that kid….

Before I go for the night I just want to say something.   To ALL of my kids, if I gave birth to you or not, I love ALL OF Y’ALL,  some of you have surprised me, and I am thankful for all of you.    ALL of  my kids have Blessed me in one way or another.

I am not just Blessed because of the Electrician, who goodness knows took me at my worst and has helped me to be my best, But to my Dad, who well, he gave the seed that was planted, and has helped me grow, and ALWAYS been my biggest follower, But to ALL the people who have helped me to be what I am, and also what I am growing into.   I have found, when you are so Blessed, you need to give Thanks, so I am giving Thanks to all of you.  Some of you don’t even realize that you have helped me.  To you, I say with a heartfelt Thank you.  I am Blessed.


Today….how it affected me…

Today, was a little different for me….it was a “fly by the seat” of your pants type of day.  I  got a call last night from the Nurse, asking me if I would watch Cam man today.  Pfft….is there any answer but yes?

So when the Electrician came into the bedroom and “gently” asked me to get up, I woke up swinging.  By that I mean, my hair was askew, and I tried to surface.  I grabbed the cup of coffee that was sitting there for me (Thank you honey).  I got the bed made and then got dressed.  By the way, have I mentioned how much I HATE to get up early?

I traveled over and arrived at the Nurse’s house before I was supposed to be there, and hehehe, she didn’t look any better than me, but all’s I had to do was deal with Bella the dog, and crawl on the couch, she had to go to work.

Bella and I made peace and we were both settling down to go back to sleep, but oops, Cam Man arrived.  Blanket in tow, and did not want to go back to sleep.  Sigh….After getting all his stuff together, telling Bella by, our day started.

Arriving at my house, and getting another cup of coffee and a mug of chocolate milk, we were ready.  While I will admit to laying on the couch with Cam man while “Curious George” came on, after he was done, me and Cam got busy.

Cam decided the clothes we brought over for him, wouldn’t cut it, he went into what I like to call the “blue room” and opened the drawer and dragged out his “Buzz lightyear” shirt and wanted to wear that today. So,it was.

Cam and I proceeded to breakdown a whole chicken, cuz, I was making fried chicken for dinner.  We made papa’s lunch and a pasta salad, and then decided it was time to go.  We did a few more things, but it’s ok.

On our drive to Papa Dan’s, I was peppered with, “Are we there yet?,  Now?  Now?”  We cheated this morning, we visited the golden arches.  (enough said).  (I have to admit, I was having keyboard problems last night and this is where I stopped typing, so this will be a 2 day post, as long as my keyboard co-operates.)

After arriving at the Farmer’s, we got busy with some stuff, and of course Cam-man peppered the Farmer with “Is it time to see the tractor yet?”.  After papa Dan got the John Deere out of the barn, Cam-Man and I went for a drive through the country, Cam even put his seat belt on and (imaginary) drove me everywhere.  We laughed and giggled, and just had an over all time.  It was time for us to go in and check on Momma and give her some more meds.  Cam was at the window, while I was giving meds to Momma, when Cam yelled at me.  “Jo, Papa Dan stuck”.  huh?

I was done giving meds and came to look at what he was talking about.  Sure enough, the mower was in the ditch, and Papa Dan had the John Deere tractor, ready to pull it out.  Cam and I flew out the door to offer ‘assistance”.

Cam was stationed at the top of the hill, and I went down into the ditch and helped to “drive” the mower out.  Cam was fascinated.    His eyes got so big, and he wanted to help so bad.  He was so excited when the mower got unstuck that he started jumping up and down and clapping and yelling.

With everything back to normal, I told Cam (after he had run the length of the yard, “driven” the John Deere, and conquered the pirates trying to steal the tractor) it was time to get Momma up.

We went inside and Cam-Man held Momma’s hand and gave her all the encouragement he could.  Him and Momma were “love muffins” today, the loving and hand holding and kisses going on.  Well….they make my heart melt.

Apparently, I wore Cam out, because he fell asleep on the way home and did not even want to wake up for his papa, and then when his Momma came to get him, he cried.  He was a very tired little boy.

Fast forward to today, when I wish Cam-Man had been there.  today, Papa Dan’s driveway got rocked and tarred, I wish I would have taken pictures.  (palm smack to the forehead, where is the camera?) Cam would have loved all the BIG trucks and stuff going on.

But anyway, today, was a good day.  Momma was back in form, and enjoyed  spending time with me, to holding my hand, and giggling over every day stuff.  Papa Dan got a new driveway, Papa Electrician got a note from Cam-man left on his window of his truck at work from Cam Man, and I had a good day period.

Remind me to tell y’all about the newest episode of Ms. Baby and the birds, and also it’s gonna be a good weekend.  Cam Man is spending the night.

My life if pretty busy right now, and I appreciate that fact, the busier I am keeps me out of trouble and dwelling on things.  It’s all good in my hood.  Hope it is the same for y’all….  Night…

Pirates, Sharks and Apple Juice parties, and good news….

Today was my long day, I have them once a week, and sometimes, I feel like I will never get through them.

It started with my happy butt (uhhm, ok maybe not so happy, but my butt did) roll out of bed, because I decided that instead of Cam-man getting up SUPER early, it would be easier for me to roll out of bed, at some unheard of hour…and go to his house and let him sleep in.  When the Electrician, (who gets up at this early hour of the morning, God Love him), woke me up, I stumbled to the coffee pot.  It was still dark outside.  I managed to change out of my p.j’s into some sweats, grabbed my cup of coffee and hit the road.

I arrived at the Nurse and Fisher dude’s house, and I guess I was sorta awake, because I parked my car on the right side of the garage and stumbled into the house.  The Fisher dude was laughing at me.  I guess I might have looked a bit scary that early in the morning….  He left, and Bella (the dog) and I curled up on the couch to watch the news.  Bella and I were just getting comfy, when Cam-man came down the hallway, dragging his blanket like Linus (from Charlie Brown).  When Cam saw me in his house he yelled “No, Memaw, YOUR house”.  I guess poor little dude thought that he had to get up early to go to my house and I had him totally confused by being in HIS house.

After we both kind of woke up and let Bella go outside a couple of times, I asked him if he wanted to go to my house, and I was yelled at with a big YES.  So, Cam got dressed for the day and we headed for my house.  We had breakfast at my house and did a couple of things (Curious George was on the menu for t.v.).  We then got ready to go to the Farmer’s.  (Yes,, I did change clothes).

We were on the road and ready to go, when something the Electrician had told me last night stuck in my head.  Cam and I stopped at a favorite store of ours, and we went “shopping”.  Cam ended up with a couple of outfits and so did Camsgranny.

We headed out to the Farmer’s and things were normal there.  We did our stuff, and took care of Momma, and then we got the phone call.   Momma DOES NOT have C-def. we then planned a party. In between all the stuff Cam and I do, we decided that since the weather was so good, we (Cam and I) were going outside to play for a bit.

Imagination is alive and well.  I am here to tell you.  Between the pirate ship that attacked us  (the shed) , the sharks as well (the garden), and the whale that saved us (the gas tank), Cam and I had a really good time playing outside.  The Rabbit who fled from the tall grass, played into our favor, by being the one who showed us the “whale’.

When it was time to go, we piled into the car, and Cam was asleep before we even left the driveway.  We had a hard day of saving us from pirates.  We got to my house, and I unloaded the car and Cam never even woke up when I unloaded him and brought him inside.    Cam’s Daddy (Fisher dude) came and got Cam, and he was not to happy to be woken up.

The Electrician arrived home and we had a fleeting moment before I went back over to the Farmers to sit with Momma (today is Caregiver Beth’s day off).  When I arrived, Momma asked me if the party was still on.    Well, heck yeah it was.

Momma and I spent our evening with her in bed, and we both toasted with some apple juice, while her’s was on a mouth swab and mine was a sip, we celebrated.  We watched Little House on the Prairie, and The Walton’s,   While I may have changed her bed stuff 4 times, it was ok, because Momma and I have a routine, and she was so giggly, it made me smile.

The Best part of my day, was Momma telling me I was the Best daughter in the world, and I told her she was the Best Momma in the world.  I could not do what I do, without the Love and support of the Electrician.  Thank you so much to him for supporting me, and letting me take care of her.   The pay isn’t anything, but the rewards to my heart are everything.

Ooops.. I got in trouble….

Where I live in Central Illinois, we got a heck of a snow storm yesterday and last night, it is probably the most snow we have had all of this winter season.  It would have been nice if it happened in December, but not especially in March.  Last night, the Electrician and I watched it, had our power flicker about 3 times, and at one point, the Electrician went out and shovelled off our deck.  Simply for the fact, it was a very heavy and wet snow, and I did not want the deck to collapse.  While areas around us, got up to 18.5 inches of snow, we thought we were lucky with the 11′ we got.









DSCN4376This morning dawned and the Electrician went out and shovelled the sidewalk, and also cleared off both of our cars, but it was still snowing.  He went to work and gave me strict instructions, I was not to go anywhere.  He called several times on his normal 25 minute ride to work, which took him almost an hour, and told me it was bad.


The Farmer called me several times this morning, and while I guess His area did not get what I had, and he informed the roads were clear, I told him, at this point, I could not get out of my driveway.  The Electrician had dug out my driveway so to speak, but my neighbor came along and used his snow blower to make my driveway more accessible.  I had yet to see a snowplow.



Around noon, I got brave.  That was my first mistake.  I decided I could drive it, heck the Farmer said the roads were clear, and apparently in the next town over, the roads were clear, so what the heck?

Well, let me inform you and everyone else, my brave a$$ was very stupid.  Making it out of my driveway, piece of cake, driving through town, easy, getting out onto one of the most treacherous roads in the county, STUPID.

Driving 20 mph, I must have hit a patch of snow/ice and my Rav4 and I did a 360′ across a lane and straight into a ditch.  God was watching out after me though.  First off, there was no oncoming traffic, second off I screamed the whole time like a sissy, and third off I did not hurt the Rav4.

After catching my breath and prying my hands off the steering wheel, I took a second to get my bearings and realized I was in trouble.  It was STILL frigging snowing, and I was scared.  There was no way I could get the Rav4 out, when I opened the door to  get out and assess the damage, I stepped out into waist-high snow.  I realize I am short, but DAMN….  I called the Farmer and let vent with a stream of cuss words, (Sorry Dad).

Luckily for me, I grabbed my cell phone and called one of my BFF’s and asked her where her hubby was, she gave me his number and I called him.   He said oops, Jo, I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.  Meanwhile, a County Sheriff, (whom I also know) pulled up and was going to try to push me out, until his butt was up to it in Snow.  “Jo, uhm, I’m not sure how you did this”.  “Well duh…neither do I…”   “The only thing I am allowed to do, since I am on duty is call a towing Co. for you”…forget about that, I got a friend who is coming to help me.  He went on his merry way, and I was sitting there and the only thing I could think about, is my husband is going to kill me.

A red truck pulled over and a guy got out, and I almost got scared, until I realized it was one of the Electrician’s and my friends.  “Jo..uhm…you want me to pull you out?”  (By now I AM FACE PALMING MYSELF…duh)  “Yes, please, and what ever you do, PLEASE do not tell the Electrician that you did this ok?”  Our friend pulled the Rav4 out with no problem, and come to find out, they had passed me right after my very unhappy butt got stuck and turned around just to help me.

My friend drove my car back into town, and then let me drive my VERY unhappy butt home.  I was trying to figure out how to tell the Electrician that I had tried to venture out on my own.

I learned a very hard lesson today, folks.  By my own hard headiness (is that even a word?)  I risked my life when I should have just listened to the Electrician .  If there had been oncoming traffic when I hit that icy/snowy patch, I could be in the hospital right now. I was VERY lucky, that I live in a small town, where people “rescue”other idiot drivers, who should just stay home.

I did tell the Electrician about it, when he arrived home, he was not very happy with me at all.  Heck at this point, I am just thankful that the ending was happy.

So, I guess the moral of my story is, when it snows that much, keep your happy butt at home.  Because in all honesty, MY roads were not clear, and obviously, I cannot drive on that stuff.


Whoa….what was I thinking??????

See this little dude?

dancing monkeyThis was way back when, he was first starting to walk, dance and giggle…..

He took naps and didn’t really say very much.

He was very easy to babysit, because he pretty much just ate, slept, played, and moved around a bit.


He kept Momma on her toes, and they spent a bunch of time together.  That was back in the day, where Momma was still able to walk, and do some things for herself, she could eat meals, it might have taken her a bit, but she at least got to eat real food.   They both loved ice cream.

DSCN4193See this little dude?  Yes?  Where has the time gone?  He now walks, talks, and is not so easy to babysit anymore.

It has been a bunch of years, since I have dealt with a toddler, considering “my baby” is 29.  Somewhere along the line I forgot, the endless questions….. The biggest one being right now, What is this?, What is this? What is that?  The energy is something else that I am amazed at.

This morning, because the Nurse had a test, she brought this little ray of sunshine to my house at 7 a.m.    I need to just state for the record, I was awake (barely).  The Electrician had left the house about 30 minutes prior to this and he sent Ms. Baby in to wake me up.  Basically, I was woken up by a cat kicking me.  What the heck? It was still dark outside for crying out loud.

I managed to surface and was going for a cup of coffee when this bundle arrived.  He was just as unhappy at being snatched out of  his bed, as I was.  We both stumbled into the kitchen, me for coffee, him for a mug of chocolate milk.  I sat on the couch and turned on the t.v., Cam-man crawled into the rocker, blanket and mug in hand, then perked up when the t.v. came on.

Now Cam and I have a couple of favorite t.v. shows that we have watched all throughout his tender 2 1/2 years of growing up.  Curious George is a serious favorite of both of us.  After finishing our respective drinks, it was time for breakfast.  Cam picked out his Oatmeal for the day, and I made it and he scarfed it down.  We both got dressed and then the phone rang.  Now, honestly in my house if the phone rings before 8 am, I get nervous.  I get REALLY nervous, when the call is from the Farmer.  The Farmer was calling me to make sure I arrived at his house by 9;30, he thought he would be catching me sleeping, but guess what?  Nope I was more than half way ready to go to his house!

Cam and I did some things around my house, and then headed on down the road.  The drive to the Farmer’s almost did Cam in and his eyes were droopy.  We arrived, and Cam perked up, and then swagged into the Farmer’s to show the Farmer his new hat that he got over the weekend.

The Farmer left to do his errands, and Cam and I did some stuff around there.  We decided to go outside for a bit, even though it was not really a nice day, it was still a bit warmer than it has been.  We played a game, and Cam-man raced down the wheelchair ramp and I climbed down the stairs, we both ran to the Rav 4 touched it and then ran back.  We played races for about 20 minutes.

It was time to go in and get Momma up, and Cam helped me bring all of her bath stuff into her room, and then sat on the bed while Momma got her bath.  Momma and Cam kept up a chatter the whole time.  When it was time for Mom to get up, Cam went running into the living room to get the Farmer, he grabbed his hand and dragged him into the room.

Momma made it out into the living room and Cam, being the kid he is, had run in front of us and had his stool in front of momma’s chair and was sitting there waiting for her.  Unfortunatly, we had to kick him out of the chair, and Momma got seated and situated.

Cam picked up all of his toys that were thrown everywhere, and we got ready to leave.  We gave kisses and then I loaded Cam up and away we went.  We had not even gone about a mile down the road and I looked in the back seat, and little dude was fast asleep, with his blanket and thumb in place.    I drove back to our town and called the Nurse, when I was right around the corner from her house, and told her to meet me in the garage.    Cam was unloaded and I don’t think he ever woke up.

I arrived home and finished everything I had left to do.  I was just sitting here, reflecting on my day, and I was thinking to myself.  First, I was wondering what I got myself into, then I realised, that this is all a Blessing.  Cam, helps so much with Momma in a way I cannot describe.  She is enjoying it, and the Farmer is enjoying his company.  I can handle all of the questions, What is this? What is that?   I can proudly say that Cam, can now count to 10, can recite half of his abc’s, and he is not even 3 yet.

One of his major things, is he kept calling me Teacher this morning, until I asked him, Cam…who am I?  He looked at me, and then he said Meemaw.    So, I guess, not only am I Meemaw, I guess I am a Teacher too.  I’m cool with that……..




Adventures….Part 3….

After writing last nights post, I realized, I had forgotten to put a couple of pictures in, so I am backtracking a bit before I get to the next chapter.  As I stated before it was raining when we got to the Isle of Roatan, but after it stopped, we ventured out again.

DSCN4253This is my outlaws and me, under the sign.  It was starting to get HOT, and we had not even started walking yet.


This is what we saw when we looked out from our balcony, I don’t know what was going on over at the Marina, but it sounded like a large party.  I ended up dancing on my balcony to the music.


This was the view we had while walking around the compound.  The Carnival shipDream,” had backed into the docks, after we had docked.  The ships are both BIG, and it was neat to see how they maneuvered.

We did not do any “excursions” on this trip, simply because we wanted to just relax and not worry about having to be somewhere at a certain time, nor follow any “rules” while we were on the cruise.  We enjoyed our time while  in Mahogony Bay.  We walked around the shops, and I fell in love with a bunch of stuff.
The Electrician reminded me though, if I bought even half of what I saw and liked, I would not have room for ANYTHING in my luggage.  I will say this though, the things they make out of mahogany wood, are incredible.  They also have a hefty price tag to go with them.    I really liked a condiment dish made out of mahogany, it had a hefty price tag, and there was no way I could fit it into my luggage.  So, while I fondled it lovingly, I put it back on the shelf and kept on walking.

When we got back on the ship, it was Elegant night for the dining in the dining room.  Basically what that means, dress in your finest.  There were 2 nights like this on the cruise, and when you had to “dress up” it usually meant, your meal was going to be fabulous.    While the first of the Elegant nights, I basically wore, what I wore to oldest son’s wedding last year.  The second night though, I wore youngest daughter‘s maid of honor dress at her sister’s wedding that I had adjusted for me.  (I have no aversion to hand me downs, trust me).

DSCN4293I was ready to go, and for the first time, the Electrician was willing to take a picture with me while we were all cleaned up and looking spiffy.   He took my pic while I was on the balcony.  Then my Outlaws arrived and the serious picture-taking began…


Cleaned up, we look pretty good……

DSCN4297This is my favorite picture of the cruise.  When sissy saw it, she bawled like a baby.  (sorry sis).  This is my outlaws, they sure do clean up pretty.

We did have a very good meal that night, something about Lobster tails and prime rib, with appetizers, and a desert too.  Although not for me, I had stuffed myself silly on the other stuff, and after dinner, my happy butt went to change clothes.  I may or may have not eaten myself into a frenzy.

DSCN4264I do have to say, with Carnival (this is not a paid advertisement) I enjoyed going back to my cabin after dinner, simply because the ‘cabin dude” had already been there and turned down our bed every night, with the next day’s agenda and chocolates left on the end of the bed, along with a new “creature” made out of towels on the bed.

I actually tried to save each of them, we took pics of them, and I really enjoyed them….DSCN4220



This is most of them.  Our next port of call was Belize…..I will post more about that tomorrow, but I will leave you with a teaser…..Our ship, threw her anker down 5 miles from the port, and we had to take a “tender” ship to arrive in the port of Belize.    It was an “interesting” stop, a little scary, but enjoyable.  My beloved Electrician took this pic, which is also in my top ten of the cruise.

DSCN4290I will explain more of this tomorrow…..Stay tuned, there is still a bunch I haven’t shared with y’all.

Adventures Part 2…

After taking the flight and arriving in Biloxi, I was a happy camper.  I had left some seriously cold weather, to arrive in what is considered by “southerners” as cold weather.  60′ degree’s, wearing a short sleeve shirt and flip flops….yea, it was “torture”…hehehehe…

My “outlaws” met us at the airport, and hugs were given all round, and then we went to their house and dropped off our luggage, and then went to my sissy‘s house.  She had made dinner for all of us.  One year, is way to long to go for seeing your loved one’s.    Sissy had made dinner for us, and after the initial hugs and kisses were given, we all got busy, setting the table and scoping out all of the new things done to her house since I had last seen it.  Dinner, was awesome.  Sissy had made us Gumbo.  We spent the next day just goofing off, and doing some shopping.

Sunday morning rolled around, and the Electrician and I and my “outlaws” loaded up the car and took a trip to New Orleans.  We made our way to the niece’s house, and stopped to visit them for a bit, and then  they drove us to the New Orleans Port.    They dropped us off, and my ‘outlaws” the Electrician and I boarded the Carnival Conquest for our journey to begin.

For the past couple of years, my outlaws have given the Electrician and I, a present of a cruise.  Last year, we went to Jamaica, where sissy and I ziplined,  the Grand Cayman‘s, and then Cozumel.  Unfortunately for sissy, this year she had started a new job and could not go, and trust me when I say she was missed.

DSCN4206Yes, this would be me.  The first drink of the cruise, off of our balcony leaving New Orleans.  We have sailed on this ship before, so we kinda of knew the layout of the ship.  But for some reason the Electrician and my “outlaws” were turned around.  Our rooms were 2 rooms apart from each other on the same deck, and instead of being in front of the ship, this year we were toward the rear of the ship.  I kinda liked “knowing” where we were.



Being on the other side of the ship so to speak, we did not see the sunrise, but we had some truly awesome sunsets.  We did however, get up early enough to get some pics of the sunrise.  Okay, pfft, who am I kidding, yes, I slept in while the Electrician went up top to get pics of the sunrise.



Our first stop on our cruise after 2 days at sea was the Isle of Roatan.  It was a tropical paradise.  The Electrician and I both took pictures, and then both giggled, because we both had taken the same shots, so to speak.  I was floored by the birds.  The music of birds, was amazing.  I do remember something from my childhood, with the Farmer being in the Navy, “Red sky at night sailer’s delight, Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning”  We had mostly red sky at night…..DSCN4241DSCN4229


The day we arrived at the Isle of Roatan, it was raining, and while the Electrician and I and the “outlaws” ate our breakfast in front of the window on the top deck, we enjoyed the scene.    We laughed and giggled, and truly just enjoyed the atmosphere.     This was the first stop of 3.  The memories are truly just flowing through my mind.  I wanted to write about my journey while I was taking it, so the Electrician bought me a notebook, so I could chronicle my journey.  The funniest thing about that though?  I wrote in the journal for 3 days solid, and then could not write anymore, I just soaked up the adventure and let go of everything, that had been on my mind, and worried about.




I felt free, and no stress, no worries, just enjoying everything around me.  I still had dreams, and I tried not to let them bother me.  Sometimes, we just need to let go and just live for the moment, and that’s kinda what I did.  I cannot tell you how many times I laughed, or giggled,or just sat and people watched.  There is a lot more to my journey, but I will end it here at the first stop.

Sometimes, after a trip like this, it takes a couple of days to get back into the “swing” of it, and I’m learning, I’m not as young as I once was.    Stay tuned for part 3, cuz that’s tomorrow’s post….