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Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture


Part of my culture and heritage is Farming….. This is my Grandson….kind of carrying on the tradition….


Tales of the Lift chair.

I can tell ya’ll about my day..it involved my Mom (of course).  Today she got a new chair the  Rialto Luxury Lift® Power Recliner made by La-Z-boy.

 Yes, it is one of those fancy “lift” chairs.  Dad got it to be able to help my Mom get up and out of the chair. (Yes, this is a slight problem because he cannot body lift her like I do). 

Well…I guess I should tell you, I forgot about rule number 1.  Rule number 1, is that you don’t mess with someone’s surroundings.  After introducing my Mom to the new chair, my Dad went off to be a “farmer” (i.e. ride around the Combine and harvest some beans).  (Ok, I’m a lil’ bit jealous)  (Ok…I’m ALOT jealous, I’d like to ride in a Combine and harvest some beans.)  But I digress.

Back to the chair and rule number 1, my Mom was actually a little bit scared of the chair, it wasn’t her old uncomfortable familiar chair.    After finally calming her down enough to actually be interested in it, she actually started to have some fun.  Once she figured out to hold the up or down button (okay it was up and down & I helped), she started to get the hang of it.  At first she wasn’t to impressed especially when she confided in me that she thought the chair was going to throw her butt out of it.  But after many (and I do mean many) attempts, she finally got the hang of it. 

So, by the time my Dad who from this moment on shall AKA be the Farmer  (hehe  love ya Dad)  got home my Mom was gently lounging in what she termed “the chair that won’t throw my butt out of it”

Tune in for many more stories about “the chair”.

Fall is here…

Fall….when I think of Fall, winter automatically comes to mind.  I DISLIKE Winter…oh, sorry, this is supposed to be about Fall.

Well, I like the Fall season for alot of different reasons.  The change of colors everything goes to yellow to orange and then to brown and leaves fall off the trees and as the Youngest daughter (AKA College kid) said when she was little “the trees get snaked”.  (note to the Electrician…get the snow blower out so we can blow all those leaves into the neighbor’s yard so THEY can rake em up).  On the plus side my brown yard (which did NOT get hardly any rain this year) fits right in with color scheme now).

 Football season, tailgating, bonfires, weinie roasts, crockpot dinners, snuggling on the couch with the Electrician watching all the t.v. series premieres, wearing jeans and hoodies.  Well.. you get the picture. 

On the other hand…I live in a farming community and this is also the season of harvest and while for the farmers that is a good thing,  but for my sinus’s it really sucks.  I think I need to buy stock in Kleenex, after all I go through them and I could get rich and maybe have a free supply.  (note to self..check into this)

Also this is the time that all those critters that live in the fields now have no where to hide and they try to make thier way into all of our homes.  So…note to Ms. Baby she better be on her toes looking for them! 

That led me to another thought, last year I harvested a BUNCH of black walnuts from my Dad’s house, I brought them home only to have the Electrician tell me I could  not let them “dry” in the garage (that was due to the fact that anyone who deals with black walnuts know…they stain BAD!)  So I threw them all in my now defunked garden and waited…they have green husks on them that rot and then WHAMMO you have black walnuts (LOVE THEM).  Well… so do squirrels, and I swear they must have called each other because every squirrel from a 50 mile radius came and STOLE all my black walnuts.  They had a VERY prosperous year last year.  So this year, I am going to harvest and let them “dry” in my Dad’s barn and we will see what happens!

What are things that you like about fall?  Drop me a line and let me know!