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If all else fails…..

I am typing this post today, although it is technically about yesterday.  Bear with me here ok?

Yesterday, I got up early and headed over to the Farmer’s house and snuck in so he could sleep in.   I must have been pretty quiet, because he slept on.  I busied myself with making a cup of coffee, and lo and behold, I had run out of creamer at my house, so I was looking forward to a cup of coffee with my beloved hazelnut creamer in it.    I got momma’s med’s ready and then went into give them to her.

Momma was awake and had a smile on her face when she saw me.  She was quite chatty for it being 8 am in the morning.    I gave her the meds and she promptly went back to sleep.  I grabbed the coffee and was just sitting down to enjoy it, when the 2 “girls”  stopped me in my tracks.  Oops, I forgot to give them a treat.

The rest of the day kind of flew by, after I made the Farmer breakfast, he hit the road to run some errands, and I finished up his laundry, and also made some spaghetti sauce with meatballs, for his dinner over the weekend, and I put together my pork loin creation, that he loves.

I take a pork loin and butterfly it, then stuff it with stuffing and wrap the whole thing back together with bacon.    I threw some potato’s underneath the roast, so the potato’s would roast in the bacon drippings.

I got Momma up, and while she was not as cheerful as she was at 8 am, it was ok.    I finished up my stuff and then I hit the road.  I was on a mission.

The Electrician, and the Fisher Dude have a liking for auctions.  I have a bunch of stuff in my house, we have gotten from auctions.  There is an online auction going on right now, and you can view the stuff in the auction, but only during certain times.    I left the Farmer’s and drove 3 towns over to see a couple of items in the auction, to decide if we wanted to bid or not.  It took me about a half hour to get there and then I went inside.

Talk about feeling like a kid in a candy store.  This auction has about 1000 pieces in it.  I looked over the stuff we were interested in, and then got side tracked by a few other things.    Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I love the old-fashioned furniture, and antique stuff.   Plus, I like to try to figure out what kind of history an item has (yes, I’m a little wacko).  After looking everything over, I headed home.

I decided on the way home, I was going to make taco’s for dinner, because they are easy and for once, I had everything I needed to make them.    The Electrician arrived home, and logged onto my desktop computer and THAT’s when it happened.

My keyboard stopped working.   I have an HP desktop with a dell monitor, but my keyboard and mouse are wireless.  We figured out after a frantic call to the Farmer, that it was the batteries.  So…I ran to the store, bought more batteries, came home installed them and……nothing.

I could not get the keyboard to work for nothing.  I was devastated last night.  While we still have the laptop, I am unable to blog on it, because the program that runs it is so old, it’s not up to date with WordPress.  I swear, I tried everything I knew, but it would not work.

This morning I woke up and decided I would figure it out.  I found the diagnostic program, and ran that, nothing.  I am not a techy type of person, but I do have some working knowledge of computers, and I was flummoxed.

So, I dug into my closet and found some paperwork I brought home with me when I brought home the desk tower from the Farmer’s.  When all else fails, try to read the directions.   I found paperwork on what to do when the mouse and/or keyboard quit working.    Guess what?  It worked!!!

You would have thought, I was the one who won the Lottery, yelling and high fiving the Electrician once the keyboard started working again.

So, I guess the moral to this one is, if it doesn’t work, read the instructions, and then instead of 9 hours without a keyboard, it could have been 5 minutes.    Oh well……chalk that one up to I learned something new today….

Celebration today!

While today is not “officially” Cam-man’s birthday, we celebrated it today.  Scheduling celebrations are hard with a large family, and working Mom’s and other stuff.

My day started off with the normal, going over to the Farmer’s and doing the usual, that I do on Friday’s.  Just call me Betty Crocker.  I made a batch of blue berry muffins, and a batch of corn muffins, made breakfast, and also threw a chuck roast with pearl onions and carrots, with mushroom gravy into the crock-pot for the Farmer.

I did some laundry and a little cleaning,  got Momma up and dressed and therapized.  She did really well today, she was even cracking a couple of jokes today.  When everything was done there, I  had scoot down the road.  We were going to Kickapoo State Park, for Cam-Man’s 2nd birthday party this evening.

We have all figured out that Cam-Man is the happiest when he is outside, and rolling in the dirt and having a good time.  So, his Momma (the Nursing Student) decided to have a “picnic” supper at the park.

Before we could play, open presents, and eat cake, we had to eat….

“Auntie Boo had to come and collect us, she told us to go this way, but I wasn’t sure which direction she wanted us to go.”  or..(I like this one better)  He went thataway….hehehe

“Momma, Auntie Boo said I stink and you need to change my pants…”  So, he came strolling back to our picnic area, and believe me when I say, I moved quickly from down wind of him.  Poor kid, he didn’t know.  The fun started when we went to the playground.  Now for all of you that follow my posts, you know Cam-Man and Poppa are at home in a playground.  Cam-Man rode on his Poppa’s shoulders with Brayden and the rest of us following.  We got there and first thing Cam-Man wanted to do was climb.  (He wasn’t nicknamed chunkey MONKEY” for nothing.  Although, the chunky part might not still hold true the Monkey part does.

Brayden-Boy loved the slides, although he likes to climb back up them after he rides down them.  He knew his brother was the spot-light for today, and he was such a good Big-Brother.    We don’t get to see Brayden-boy as much as Cam-Man because he only comes to stay with the Nursing student on the weekends.  My goodness how he has grown.    But, he always has a big hug for Poppa and Grandma.

Brayden-boy was all smiles watching his little brother go down the slide, and plop on the ground, because we didn’t know he would fly down that sucker like he did. 

After the park time was done, we all went back to the picnic area, of course, Cam-Man was on Poppa’s shoulders, and talking the whole time.  When both boys were told it was time for cake though  they lit up like a Christmas tree.

We all sang Cam-Man Happy Birthday, Brayden-Boy sang too, and when it came time to blow out the candles the whole gang, The Nursing Student, the Fisher Dude, Brayden Boy and Cam-Man joined in.


I think, we all had a great time, and poor Cam-Man had his face smashed into the cake (which is a tradition in the Fisher-dude’s family)

Cam-Man wasn’t really happy about this turn of events, he didn’t like having cake smooshed all over his face and started crying, until his Momma (the Nursing student) gave him smootches and shared the smooshed cake all over her face.  He was okay after that.  We all finished our cake and things were winding down, when Geema had to have her moment, so forgive me folks because this is a photo of progression.

This pic was when Brayden boy had turned 2 but Cam-Man wasn’t 1 yet.  I wish I could remember the exact date, but I cannot.  But I do know Cam-Man wasnt 1 yet.


Look at how little they both are.  Can we stop time?  Nope I guess we can’t because this is today.

Today was a great day for this Geema.  Right down to the kids yelling after they had been put in the car in their car seats, LOVE YOU POPPA AND GRANDMA!!!

It’s been a Sleepy Monday….

While I am extremely tired for some unknown reason today, I am kinda happy.  This morning dawned, and we had some rain last night and it was a little crisp.    The shorts I had laid out got replaced by a pair of jeans.  I drank my coffee, and got ready to roll.

On the drive over to the Farmer’s this morning I was going over a conversation I had last night with a friend. The discussion was about make-up, and I stated the last time I wore it, was when we had gone on the cruise.  I guess I just don’t see the need to get all “gussied up”, when my day is spent taking care of the Farmer, Momma and Cam, and the Electrician.  Don’t get me wrong, when we go out, or do something special then I guess I do put the war paint on.  But actually this isn’t what this post is about, and I got side-tracked.

So, back on track, I got to the Farmer’s and went in to talk to him for a bit and find out how Momma progressed over the weekend.  Apparently, uhm…I had let her sleep in for a couple of days last week, and Joyce had a hard time getting her up on Saturday.  Uhm…oops.  So, now I will make sure that she is only allowed to sleep in 1 day a week.  And I might just switch it up every week so we do not develop a routine.  Folks, when Momma is cranky, she’s cranky.

I went in to get her up, and yup, I saw a little of  the cranky in her, but I joked and had her giggling by the time her bath was over and got her dressed.  The Farmer came in (he assisted today because well, Momma was not able to do it with just me and her).  Momma huffed and puffed on her walk out to her chair, but she did it.  The longer we went into it, the longer and better her stride became.  After she was sitting in her chair, I left the room to gather the laundry and took it downstairs to the washer.  By the time I got back upstairs and walked into the room, Momma was fast asleep in her chair.

I gave her the 11 am meds, and I’ll be goofy, but Momma slept through it, in her chair.  The same thing for the 12 o’clock meds.  By 12:15, I figured THAT’S it, so I woke her up.  She was fine as pie.  She was chatty, and then I dropped the bomb.  Momma uttered a bit, something about “Therapy police”, but she did the exercises.  Then I asked her, “Hey Momma, you want to try something different?”

Momma looked at me and I told her what I had planned, and she was game.  So the Farmer and I assisted her and she walked into the kitchen to look out the window, and we got ready to wash her hair.  At one point, poor Momma got “stuck”, which happens when Parkinson’s people’s limbs “freeze”.  Momma got scared for a few minutes, but then with the Farmer and I helping her she relaxed.  The Farmer and I washed her hair, and I apologized for soaking her, and she said the Farmer was trying to drown her.  But it was all good.

We got back to the chair, and can you guess what happened?  Yep, she went back to sleep while I was blow drying her hair.  Someday’s are like this.

I gave Momma her 2 pm’s and then had to scoot down the road.  The Nursing student had to work tonite, so I was going to watch Cam-Man for about 1/2 an hour.  I went to the Nursing student’s house and ….go figure, Cam-Man was taking a nap.  The Nursing student left, and I was sitting on the couch,watching t.v., when I heard it.

Cam-Man was crying, so I went in to his room and scooped him out of his crib and that kid bear hugged me.  I took him AND his blanket to the couch.  This kid had a death grip on me and sat in my lap for a good 25 minutes without moving and just snuggling.  He’s a really good snuggler with Grandma. 

The Fisher dude showed up, and I reminded him something the Nursing Student had told me, “Hey dude, did you remember to get diapers?’  Yea, the Fisher dude left again.  Cam-Man was up now, and he went to the fridge and wanted a snack, so I gave him a piece of cheese and a mug of juice.

The Fisher dude arrived back home with diapers in hand, and Cam-Man wanted to go outside, so he went and got his shoes.  Apparently the Nursing student and Fisher dude had built the boys a new toy for the backyard.  It is a teeter-totter, or a see-saw, and let me tell you Cam-Man LOVES it!  The Fisher dude welded it and it is awesome.  Cam-Man had to show me how it worked, and it was too cute.  I finally had to go back to my house, and I gave the Fisher dude and Cam-Man hugs and told Cam-Man I would see him in the morning.

I got home to my house, and the Poor Electrician had been to the Dentist today.  So,  I made the easiest thing for him to eat for dinner.  spaghetti, plus it’s his favorite.  I made enough for us for dinner, the Farmer for dinner tomorrow and the Electrician for dinner tomorrow.

I’ve had a really good day today.  But I’d better pull my socks up for tomorrow, because uhm…YES, I have Cam-Man all day, plus Momma, and the Electrician has to go to class.  It’s a rough start to the week, but it will only get better.


4 Pizza’s and Baking Bread…A day.

Today dawned far to early for it to be a Saturday.  I had to go over to the Farmer’s to watch momma for about an hour and a half this morning.  I got to the Farmer’s and he LAUGHED at me (HEY, I DID change out of my p.j.’s).  The first words out of his mouth were, “Hon, you can take a nap, Momma’s had her meds.” 

Well, the nap didn’t happen.  I made another cup of coffee, and got busy.  I changed Momma’s pants, and covered her back up, and then went down to get the paper, started a load of laundry (where does all this laundry come from?  I think there are little elves over at the Farmer’s house that purposely dirty stuff up, so I can do laundry).  I did sit on the couch and watch Food Network for a bit though.    And NO, I never did get that nap.

Joyce arrived and we chatted for a bit and then she went in to get Momma up and the Farmer got back home, so I left.  You see, today was a big day in my house.

Yesterday, the Electrician went to Monical’s Pizza and got 5 pizza’s for today.  But, I’m distracted, let me get back to it.    I got home and got things ready because, my house was about to fill up again. 

Today, The Nursing student, Fisher dude, Cam-Man, Brayden boy, Oldest son and newly engaged Fiance were coming to my house to “hang out” and talk about wedding stuff, and just have a good time.

They all arrived and we cooked 4 of the 5 pizza’s, and got full.  Then the “manly” bunch went outside to do some fishing in the pond.  Today Brayden Boy got his first fishing pole, and they were going to try it out.  The fiance hung out with the Nursing Student and I for a bit and then went outside to join the fishing gang.

The nursing Student and I have been faithfully mushing our bags of “Amish Friendship bread”.  Today was the day to bake the bread and make more bags to pass onto friends.  Before we even started, we realized that a trip to the store was needed for Instant Vanilla pudding, and oil.  So the Fiance and Nursing student ran to the store.  I got things prepped and then realized uhm, oops, I don’t think we are going to have enough milk to perform this task. 

So, we did the only thing we could think of when the 2 girls got back, we sent the Electrician to the store.  Well, I don’t know how some families do it, but when MY family gets together its chaos.  Plus, you put me and the Nursing student into the kitchen and there will be a lot of giggles and one hell of a mess.  At one point, because we had 3 different full batches going, well, one of the batches might have got 1/2 cup of extra flour, because we were talking and we both kind of lost count.

Let me just explain that one bag of mush, makes 2 loaves of friendship bread.  Yes, we were adventurous and had 6 loaves of bread, not to mention the 12 bags of “new” starter kits.  We had enough loaf pans to make them (Thanks to the Farmer for donating the 3 aluminium ones, and yes, your loaf is ready for you).  We put them into the oven and went outside to join the rest of the gang.

All in all, it was a really good day in my house.    The 6 loaves of bread turned out great.  The Nursing student and I gave the Fiance a loaf of fresh-baked bread, AND a starter kit with instructions.  The Nursing Student took home 2 loaves, and I have 3, 1 for the Farmer, 1 for us, and 1 for our neighbors.

This is the “manly men” down by the pond, getting ready for some serious fishing….

Brayden Boy caught his first fish today, and we were all so proud.  Another fisher-dude in the family.

Uncle Nate, Aunt Kari, and Cam-Man, I think they all had a good time today.

I wish the other kids could have been here, today, but I know that one of these days, we will ALL get together.


Titles…of life…

A funny thing happened today, and I have just now realized it.  (it’s been a day and I am reflecting upon it and finding good in it).

I went and scooped up Cam-Man this morning and dropped off the Nursing Student at school (yup, her car went kabluey again)(but it’s at the shop and should be fixed today).    Cam-Man and I blew into the Farmer’s house and Cam and the Farmer had a hugging session and I got busy with Momma.

Her med’s were all ready to go, so I went inside and listened on the stethoscope to her tummy, all was ok there, and then gave her med’s and “breakfast”.  I changed her pants, and got her all cleaned up and then covered her up again and let her sleep.  All the while Cam-Man was sitting on the end of the bed giving Momma encouragement by rubbing her feet.

Cam-man had pancakes for breakfast and the Farmer and I had hash browns (Cam man too) and fried ham (leftover from Easter dinner), and eggs and toast.   Cam-Man helped me with the dishes (he LOVES to help, he likes doing dishes and laundry).

We went and got Momma dressed, did some therapy, and ready to go.  We got her up and she actually walked a few steps but then Parkinson’s stepped in and took over.  So, we improvised as quick as we could, and we put her porta-potty behind her and let her sit down.    I went and got the wheelchair, and we maneuvered her into it. (I told the Farmer I was sweating like  a..oops, never mind).  We got her into the front room, and got her up and into her chair.  Cam-Man giving encouragement the whole way.

The Farmer left to run his errand and Cam-Man and I did laundry, stripped Momma’s bed and re-made it.  Folks, it’s amazing to me how much help this 22 month old lil’ person is.  He helps me do things, and plays while he does it.  We have a game of the laundry, I put it into the washer and he puts the soap in and turns it on.  I put it into the dryer, he puts the dryer sheets in and turns it on.  He unloads the dryer (it’s his favorite), throws it into the basket and then hands me everything to fold.

Momma was napping in her chair, she was still all Parked up, and it was time for some more medicine.  I gave it to her, and she slept through it.  Cam-Man and I were tidying things up when the Farmer AND the Electrician walked in.  Cam-Man went into a fit of giggles and ran to his Poppa.

The Electrician was there to fix the front porch light, and to grab the firewood  in the Farmer’s front yard, thanks to the Electric company for trimming the Farmer’s tree’s.

Some things happened, and when it was time to go, it is funny to me now.  Cam-Man has always known the Farmer as Granpa, he’s always known the Electrician as Poppa, he knows Momma by Grandma, and me…I think I’m Geema or Meemaw.

The reason I say this, is because Cam and Poppa were playing, and I told Cam to go give Grampa hugs, because it was time to go.  He went right up to the Farmer and gave him a big hug.  I then told Cam to go hug Grandma, and he went up to Momma, and gave her a “fist bump” and a hug.  I don’t know what this kid has about fist bumps but he is all over that.   Then he went up to his Poppa and raised his arms.  He said “Poppa go”.  So we left.  Although Cam-man was in my Rav 4 and his Poppa backed up and loaded the wood into the S10, with Cam watching him the whole way.

We toddled off down the road and when his Poppa turned off, Cam-Man was watching.  He waved and it was too cute.    I took Cam back to his house and was just unloading him when the Nursing Student came running out of the house and said, Hey, Jo, can you take me to pick up my car?”  “well yes, is it ready?”.

Off down the road we went again, and we got to the Nursing Student’s car.  It was really funny because she got out of my car and went inside, Cam and I were playing in the car waiting for her, when she came out with the Fisher dude. Neither one of us had noticed the Blazer there.  Fisher-dude had got off work early and was there to pay the bill.  Cam-Man lit up when his Daddy walked up and opened his door.  It was pretty funny.  They unloaded out of my car and went on their way and I came home.

I’ve been in a funk all day, I can’t explain it.  Well, I can, but I don’t want to.  But then it suddenly hit me while the Electrician and I were talking.  We all have titles in life, first it is Son or Daughter, then it is wife or husband, then Dad or Mom, then it is Granpa, Granma, or in our case Poppa and Meemaw.

I just find it funny that the Electrician NEVER wanted to be called Grandpa, and he hasn’t.  Grandpa, is the term Cam-Man knows for his Great Grandpa, and Poppa is well…Poppa.  Grandma is his Great Grandma, and me…well, on some days I’m G’eema or Meemaw.

The titles in life, that I really never gave thought to, but here they are.  What are you called?  personally, I love all of my titles, Daughter, Wife, Mother and Meemaw or Geema…….