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Giggles, My Style…

After surviving a rough week, I had decided I needed some giggles.  I’ve taken a short “vacation” so to speak.  I have not left my house since last night when I got home.

Usually, Friday nights are spent doing something silly with the Electrician.  Last night while flipping through the t.v. listings, he found out that one of my favorite movies was on.  He did not say a word to me, but at the appropriate time, he flipped the channel, and watched my face as I realized what was on.  I lite up like a Christmas tree.  “The Bucket List” was on, and I watched the whole thing, and even though I knew what would happen I still shed tears.  We played some music and then fell into to bed.

This morning, since the Electrician and I had run all of our errands yesterday, he granted my wish of a p.j. day.  When I woke up this morning and got some coffee, and then had a little computer time, the Electrician again flipped through the t.v. listings, and found one of my “childhood” favorite movies.  Sorry to sound like a “repeat” but he changed the t.v. from my beloved Food Network, and onto my screen “Mary Poppins” was on.

I seriously felt like a kid again, I watched the whole thing, and even sat through the commercials.  The Electrician admitted that he liked the movie when he was a kid, but now that he is grown up, he said it seemed…well.. boring.  Not me, I watched and sang along to all the songs.

The Electrician gave up and went to take a nap, and I played on the computer after the movie was over.  We got a call from the Nurse, who stated she was going to spend some time with her sister and did we want to see the Fisher dude?

The funniest thing, since they have moved closer, we have seen so much more of them, and that makes me happy.    We made arrangements for the Fisher dude and the 2 grand baby boys to come over after supper.  The Electrician and I did something we have never done before in all of our 18 years together.  Tonite for supper (which was after our showers and change of clothes into a different set of p.j’s) we had, bacon, hash browns and the Electrician made green chili cheese omelets.  YUM!!!!

The “boys” came over, and the giggles started in earnest…. the rest is pictures, simply because words cannot describe it…..


First order was, “Papa, put in a movie….”  So after searching through the movie selection, it was settled on Ratatouille.  Next in order was “Meemaw….popcorn?  AND chocolate milk?  pwease…  Notice, yes there is a towel lining the chair, and the chair is a new addition to my house, which will be addressed in a different post.  (It’s my Momma’s  chair and Ottoman, that she had especially made for her).


They did not sit in the chair for very long, and the next thing you knew, popcorn on the floor and toys coming out of their room.  Hey at the age of 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 I don’t think I could sit through a whole movie without being side tracked…..So, with the movie still playing, there were toys and some coloring going on.  But then….



It happened….Meemaw and Brayden boy got to being Rock stars, and singing  “We will…we will ROCK YOU!!!  right down to clapping the hands and everything.  Papa wanted to take a picture of us rocking out, and well…rock stars stick their tongues out, so we did too….

Well…next thing you know I had both boys in my lap singing at the top of their little lungs….and then the kissing fest started, I started kissing one and then the other….




And all’s they could do was giggle…. in between singing “We Will We Will Rock you”  funny thing is, we were in the rocking chair…..





I may have to go to giggles anonymous after this evening, because all’s I know, I sure did giggle a bunch.

After the week I’ve had, the Electrician sure does know how to take care of me.  I am truly Blessed by all aspects of my life.  From helping sister’s who are having a hard time, to feeling overwhelmed in my own situation, to finding the strength to carry on status quo.  To laughing myself silly with Grandkids, to being frustrated with other kids, to just finding balance, and being okay with me.

So far, this is a weekend, that I filed in my memory banks as being pretty relaxing, fun and filled with giggles, and I’m only half way through it!

Cherish what you have, never take it for granted, find the rainbow even if it feels there isn’t one, and ALWAYS try to find a giggle.  Because seriously, laughter can take some pain away and replace it with good times….With that being said, try not to pee your pants….




Family, Giggles, and Good times….Part 1…

Well, here it is Monday evening, and I’ve been flying under the radar.  To be truthful, my outlaws have been here since Friday, and will be leaving Tuesday morning.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve missed them.  Simply for the fact, when we all get together there is so much laughter, my sides hurt.  We have outdone ourselves with meals.  My MOL (Mother outlaw) and I have cooked together in my tiny little kitchen since Friday night together, and it has been a blast.

I will probably do a couple of episodes to this post, simply because there is just too much to tell in one shot.

Friday, I received a call from the Electrician, while I was at the Farmer’s, it was about 1:15, and I was in the middle of getting Momma up and bathed and dressed. He advised me that his parents were here, and what time would I be home.  I told him 2:30.  I finished getting Momma up, bathed and dressed, and gave her some meds, double checked everything I had done, and flew down the road.

I got home to see a strange car in my driveway, and came flying in the door to be told “sshhhh, Pa is sleeping”.    I came downstairs and gave my Mol a huge hug, got a cup of coffee and sat down for one of those “chat sessions” her and I are famous for.

Time flew by, and we decided to get Dinner started.  (Here is the back story for this one.)  A couple of weeks ago the Electrician and I were watching Food Network, and a recipe came on (the program was The Best thing I ever Made), for spaghetti and meatballs.  Well…we all know the Electrician loves spaghetti and meatballs, and so does my Fol.    I printed off the recipe, made sure I had all the ingredients, and away we went.

My Mol and I followed the recipe to a T.  After about the 2 hours of cooking time, her and I were laughing, because well…. The sauce, did NOT thicken like it was supposed to, and we had some really good tasting meatball soup going on.    So, we strained off some of the liquid, and then made it our own, by adding this, that and everything else.  Between the 2 of us, it was pretty darn good.

The Nursing student came over (Fisher dude was at work), and brought Cam-man who REALLY got the party started.  The Nursing student had bought the garlic bread, and I threw it in the oven.  Hey in my defense, I usually make my own, so I thought I followed the instructions.  (Enter flashback of driving to the wedding here).

We put everything on the table, and took the bread out of the oven,  who knew I was supposed to take it out of the foil and let it cook?  Yea, apparently everyone but me.   So, we ended up nuking it and it still came out ok.  We scarfed most of it up, and gave the rest to a Tupperware container for the Fisher dude when he came home from work.

The first night was a success, and we all laughed so much (which usually happens when we get together).  We went to bed, because we had a big day planned for Saturday….


Sick and Tired of Sick and Tired…

I have spent the entire day in my p.j’s laying on the couch with a blanket.  I have watched all kinds of Food Network, and some movies, and slept on and off all day. I have come to the conclusion, I am going to the walk-in Clinic on Monday.

I do not believe that green things should be coming out of my sinus’, and I have coughed myself silly and hoarse.  If I had the energy, I might try using that netti pot thingy again, but I don’t feel like drowning myself this evening, and I’m a little scared about what might come out.

You would figure after a week, I would be feeling better.  Uhm, nope.  To top it off, I have given my sickness to the Electrician, who NEVER gets sick.  But I guess with me coughing myself silly at night, and breathing on him, it was inevitable.

Plus, I simply have too much on my plate this week, to let myself be down and out.  My outlaws are coming to visit and they should be here on Friday.  That means, the Electrician is not going to rest until every little dust bunny has been found and killed, things dusted once, twice, and maybe even three times.  Windows will be scrubbed, bathrooms will sparkle and carpets will be vacuumed to within an inch of there lives.

While you and I know they are coming to visit us and not give my house a white glove inspection, the Electrician feels the need to scrub everything.  My thoughts?  Let him.

I am excited to see my outlaws though, they have not been at my house in over a year, so they will get to see the “new” bathroom, and other stuff we’ve done.

But for now, I’m sorry, I am going back to the couch that is calling me, with my warm fuzzy Illini blanket, and probably take another nap.

WOW – I was nominated for an award!

I’ve been writing my blog for 9 months now.  I originally started writing my blog because, I had a lot of things to say, and emotions that I felt, and this was my way of releasing them.   In the first few months of my blog, I slowly got more readers.  When I hit over 400 (ok, maybe by 2), I was overwhelmed that so many people would be interested in anything I had to say.  (Actually, the Electrician would tell you I did a Happy dance all over the sports room, but since I’m writing this he won’t tell you.)

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Southern-wild, and y’all really need to go check her out, at www.southern-wild.com.  I’ve been sneaking in and reading her page for quite a while.    She does some amazing photography.

With the award comes a list of rules:

1. Link Back to the person who nominated you
2. Write seven things about yourself
3. Nominate 15 or so fellow bloggers, and leave a note on their blog to let them know.

Ok, number one, check.

number 2.  Uhm.. 7 things about myself…  hmm….well ok here goes.

1.  I am exactly 4 feet and 11 inches tall, I had to get a waiver signed by the President of the United States to join the Air Force, because of the height requirement.  (Although what with getting older I may have shrunk to 4 feet and 10 1/2 inches)

2.   I worked in the Insurance Industry for over 20 years, but enjoyed being a waitress/bartender more than any other job I had.

3.  I conquered my fear of heights when I ziplined in Jamaica with my Sister-in-law.

4.  My world is my family.

5.  I am addicted to Food Network, and the Cooking Channel, and seriously think I should have just been a chef. (Although I do have some successes, don’t ask the Electrician about my messes.)

6.  I have realized in the wisdom of my 50 years, life is to short,(so am I) and things can change on a dime, so I try to live my life to the fullest each and everyday.

7. I have started working out lately, (The Electrician has done it for YEARS, and been bugging me to do it).  While I do work out everyday, if anyone were to see me (Because I will not work out if anyone can see me), I appreciate the fact that I am not the star in a workout video, and it’s pretty amusing to watch.  (The Electrician saw me working out, and actually laughed.  I guess I’m not the most coordinated person on the planet).

Ok, number 2, check.

Now onto some nominations.  And I will make a confession here, while I follow quite a few different blogs, there are only a few that I read on a daily basis.  I usually try to catch up with most of the others over the weekend.

So, with that being said, here are a few of my favorites.

terry1954.wordpress.com, Terry touches my heart, while we are in similar positions with Parkinson’s.  Terry cares for her brother Al, while I care for Momma, and we both go through a lot of the same emotions.  Terry is also a brilliant story-teller.

 happinessstanlives.wordpress.com This blog rocks my world.  First off, I was raised in the part of London where they live.  The recipes and photo’s make me happy.

singlikenooneslistening.wordpress.com.  I have followed this blog since I started blogging.  Rachel was an Au Pair in Australia, who has since returned home back to the United States, and I have been a tourist of Australia through her.

kittyblogger.wordpress.com  I love this one simply because folks, I am a cat person and where they get the photo’s of cat’s floors me but it usually gives me a giggle.

jmgoyder.com.  I have followed this blog for quite a while.  She actually has two blogs, and I follow both of them.  Julie’s husband has Parkinson’s and we have shared a lot of things.

So, while I follow a lot more blogs than the above mentioned,  some of my other favorites have already received this esteemed award.

So….from Camsgranny, thanks y’all.  I feel special!  🙂

Surprise Sunday

Well, here it is Sunday evening, and I’ve had a surprisingly terrific day.  I went over to the Farmer’s and made him go out to lunch with some friends, and I spent some quality time with Momma today. 

She was a little dozy with me, but we talked, giggled and over all had a good time.  I let her cat-nap so I could finish the laundry and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors. 

The only thing was, Momma DID NOT want any therapy today.  She advised me in her “prim and proper” voice.  “They didn’t let me do therapy at the Nursing Home on Sundays, and I think I am going to stick with that.  I’m not doing therapy its Sunday”.  Uhm…..ok, no problem.

So, I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk (part of therapy), to which she replied, “Sure, let’s go”.  So, we went for a little walk.  Then I sat her back into her chair, and then I vacuumed the part of the living room (uhm, right in front of her chair), and asked her to lift her legs so I could vacuum, she lifted them up (5 times to be exact).  I asked her to read to me from the Sunday newspaper, and she did.   Uhm…Yup, it was a NO therapy day today. (giggle, uhm, I won that round).

The Farmer arrived home, after enjoying his lunch with his friends although, he did say he needed a nap.He also remembered his daughter, you see, he went to a place called “The Beef House” who is famous for it’s dinner rolls and he brought me some home, yummo.   So, I scooted off down the road to my house with my Beef house rolls.  When I arrived home, after the Electrician had called me and asked to stop and get a bag of ice. (Yes, our ice maker has gone fritzy) 

I walked in and asked him if something was on fire, to which I got my surprise.  While I had been with Momma, my beloved Electrician had made me dinner.  After watching Food Network, in my house, it’s paid off.  This man-made me pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon (on the grill), broccoli and rice with cheese sauce, a mixed green salad with all kinds of lovely favorites in it, and grilled garlic bread.  uhm, burp, uhm, excuse me.  I was in heaven AND I washed the dishes, while he dried and put away.

This man never ceases to amaze me.  He takes such good care of me too.

I came across a saying today, and I’m using it in my closing.  First off , I have a lot of respect for the person that said it, secondly, this person also suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, and Momma reads every article he writes. I also love his movies and his series of “Back to the Future” are one of my all time fav’s.

“Family is not an important thing, it is EVERYTHING”, Michael J. Fox


Night peeps…:)

Former life meets present day life…..

Wow, I was in a tailspin last night and free-falling, until my beloved Electrician pulled me back.    I had a life before him, I was married for 13 years to the Abusive Alcoholic Dreamer.  It was an ugly divorce, and I won’t go into the details, but my kids suffered a bit.

Last night, after uhm…umpteen years, I received an e-mail from my “former sister-in-law“.  I haven’t spoken to her,  in over 1 1/2 years, since I had to tell her that her brother (former husband) , had committed suicide and the Brown County police had called ME, because he had left my number on his “note”.  (And they were looking for my son’s as next of kin).

That was a pretty terrible time in my life, but, the Electrician pulled me through it.  I just had not realised how many emotions would come to the surface after getting contacted again, by that part of my life. 

It was harmless on her part, and the emotions were all mine.  She simply wanted to get in touch with the youngest son as she had some “very important” things to tell him.

You see, my youngest son, is doing time.  He thought he was a real life Dillinger and decided to rob 7 banks in 12 days (Yes, he was messed up on drugs BAD).  Drugs can do that to you.  He is in a Federal Prison, and due to be released later this year.  (Yes, he did get out early and dealt with a lot, his Father committing suicide and other stuff, and found his non-learning butt back in Prison).

This boy is 27 years old, and I can honestly say his decisions that he made were bad, and not the way he was raised.  It’s taken me a lot of years and the Electrician’s help to realise this.

I guess,  I just didn’t realise all of the emotions still inside of me, about the whole thing.  I loved the Dreamer for a lot of years, and we even found a place where we could communicate and actually be friends again.  It ended, way to soon.  That makes me sad.

The Electrician, is my rock and my world.  He puts up with me and on another level, he knows what I need, even when I don’t.

I have spent today, in my pajama’s doing absolutely nothing.  I have napped, played on the Internet, watched Food Network, and actually mustered up the energy to take a shower, and cook dinner.  Ok, let me clarify THAT statement.  He cooked Beer in the rear chicken on the grill, and I made some fried potatoes, and asparagus, and garlic toast. 

We washed the dishes together, and I did giggle at his statement, “I cooked on the grill, where did all these pans come from?”.

I’ve had a very relaxing, getting back to myself sorta day.  There has still been a flurry of e-mails from the ex-s-i-l, but I can handle it better today.  I finally managed to get her to be able to e-mail youngest son, and she still hasn’t   told me what it’s all about, but ya know what, it’s ok.  Because HE is still a member of that side of HIS family.

That was my past, although we will always be connected through “our” children.  I’m able to deal with it, through the Electrician’s help.  Those are some “dark” memories for me.  I always remember someone telling me this statement though “That which doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”

Peeps, I am one strong cookie.


Adventures on the Sea Part One…..

Whew, what a trip.  Camsgranny has been gone from home now for 12 days, and today, after a long day of planes, trains, and automobiles, AGAIN, I am finally home.

Fuzzy face was extremely happy to see the Electrician and I.  She was sitting in her window seat when we pulled up to the driveway, and promptly ran to the front door where we were greeted, and rubbed up against and “bitched out” all in the same moment.

But let me start back about 2 weeks ago, I know.. I was kinda secretive about the whole thing, the Electrician didn’t want anyone to know we were going to be gone.  I’m not sure why because in our absence my bff Jill came to the house at least 2 times a day, and all my neighbors knew and the Nursing Student and Fisher dude stopped by to rob our freezer (permission was granted before we left hehehe).

The Electrician‘s and my Christmas present from his parents this year, was a 7 day CRUISE to Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands, and Cozumel, Mexico.  It was a family affair, with his parents and my sister-in-law and us.  Not having a computer for the 12-day duration was a little rough, so the Electrician bought me a notebook and gave it to me with a pen, and said “I know how much your blog means to you, so please, blog by writing in this journal every night so you can share with everyone else”…  AWWWWW, my heart melted, and so without further adieu here are some excerpts from my writings.  (The pictures are courtesy of the Electrician).

Day One:  First day of cruising, well….Ma, Sissy & I had VIP check-in onto the ship versus Pop & the Electrician who checked into the ship on the regular route.  This was after we had all gotten up at o’ dark thirty to load 4 people with luggage  into a 7 person van,   We cruised over to sissy’s and picked her up and tried to find room for her luggage.   We were on the road.  After arriving in New Orleans‘s and stopping at the Neice and Nephew’s house for a quick visit (AKA potty break), we all piled back into the Van, uhm… 7 people and 5 people’s luggage, let’s just say it was a little snug.

We arrived at the unloading zone for the Carnival Cruise lines, and the Neice and nephew threw the rest of us with our luggage out of the Van.  We checked in our luggage and then Pop and the Electrician went to regular check-in and Ma, sis and I went to VIP check in.  So much for being VIP’s because Pop and the Electrician got on the ship before us. 

We got on the ship and promptly called the guy’s on our cell phone.  “Uhm..where are you?”  “In our cabin Jo”.  “Ok…uhm where is that?”…hehehe… detailed instructions followed and I got up there to see our cabin.

  This was our cabin, and I’m here to tell you it was fantastic.  We didn’t take a picture of the bathroom but we had one of those too.

We did spend alot of time on the balcony

Have you ever seen such blue water?  I made the comment that it reminded me of the “tidy bowl water in the toilet”  Ok, so maybe NOT the toilet but I think you get my meaning, it was so clear and blue.    



The Electrician did me a major favor on this trip….He got up early in the morning so we could take pictures and share sunrises, and stayed up late with me for sunsets.

Our first 2 nights at sea were “dining casual”, I had dieted for a couple of days before the cruise because I knew when it started I would be on an eating “frenzy”  Can you say “food coma” and not break into a smile?  Folks, I live in a small town and there are not any “fancy smancy” places to eat, but hey I watch “Food Network” like a junkie, so I was prepared.  I was not let down.  The food, well, let’s just say I gained 5 pounds and I don’t regret any minute of it.  (The food will be a special blog, because me and sissy took pic’s and uhm…well let’s just say we might have over-eaten by a little bit.)

We were at sea for the first 3 days, and it was a blast.  We cruised all over the ship, and the Electrician and I actually shook our butts on the “Lido” deck a couple of times.    The first few days though were a little rocky due to storms in the area.  Can you say we felt “drunk” with no alcohol from walking on the decks and the movement of the ship (it was rocky).  Several of the passengers and some of the crew were sea-sick, but hey guess what?  NOT Camsgranny, I’m a trooper.  Although, I will make a confession.  The Electrician and I were exploring ALL of the decks (floors) on the ship and when we got to the Lido deck (deck 9) and I decided I wanted a cup of coffee, so I got one and then the Electrician decided we needed to explore the rest of the decks (i.e. 10, 11 and 12).  We climbed the stairs up to 10, no problem, got to 11, no problem (mind you I still have my cup of coffee that was to hot to drink so I haven’t even got a sup of it yet), onto deck 12 (top of the ship), the frigging wind was blowing so hard and I didn’t realise how hard until I realised the front of my shirt was wet.  Uhm.. the wind was blowing so hard that the cup of coffee I was so carefully holding blew out of the cup all over me. (epic fail for drinking that cup of coffee).  I was trying to take one step forward and getting blown back 3 steps.  Needless to say we did not stay up there very long, and by the way, I never did get to drink THAT cup of coffee.

After 3 days at sea, I think the whole ship was restless, we spent some time in the Casino, (yup, I didn’t win) but we met alot of different folks from alot of different places.  We also talked to alot of the employees on the ship (that have now turned into really good friends that we shared e-mail addresses, Facebook identities, and just over all good times with).

Folks, these were my first 3 days at sea and I’ve left alot out, but I have that journal, and I’m sure it will be re-visited.  but tomorrow I’m gonna tell you about something on my bucket list that I did and WEEEEEEE it was frigging exciting and I almost peed my pants.  Note to self – re-visit that bucket list cuz I’ve knocked out about 5 or 6 of those things I’ve always wanted to do….

On a side note…..Tomorrow I’m going to see Momma and I can’t wait…The Farmer said she is doing so much better and I can’t wait to see it, plus, I get to get Cam-the Man tomorrow too, and Man I can’t wait….so to ya’ll night!


Steroids might have kicked in….

Ok kids, today has been a good day.  I went to see Momma and she is doing good.  She was up when I was there and she talked to me and told me she was happy my face was back to normal.  (Who knew SHE knew).  We talked for a few and it was obvious she was tired, so I went and got the nurse and asked her to put Momma to bed for a short nap, considering she was leaning on my arm while I was giving her a hug and snoring, that was my clue.

Momma got laid down and was just drifting off when the Swallow Police arrived, and then she kinda woke up.  But the Therapist decided to come back in a few and give Momma some swallow tests…yes, folks, we are still on the feeding tube.  Meanwhile, I had been there for about an hour, and while I am feeling good, I found out the hard way, I’m still recovering and I get tired easy. 

So, I left before the Swallow police could do her tests, and the Farmer assured me he would call me as soon as he got home and tell me the results.  I got home and started cooking dinner, the Electrician and I ate dinner, and unknown to him, he was watching football in the sports room, I went in to watch Food Network in our bedroom…..uhm…confession time, I took an hour and a half nap.  Yup, I couldn’t stay awake any more.  I HATE being sick.

The Elecrician was watching his sports and was pretty quiet, I never woke up, when I finally surfaced, he was pleased as punch that I joined him in the sports room, and grabbed the laptop (have I told y’all I can’t work that thing?).  I played on the ‘puter for a bit and then….. I looked at the Calender to find out what the next week holds in store for me.

I gotta get well quick…. Tomorrow, I am going to the Farmer’s, AFTER I do some domestic goddess things at home, and then do some domestic goddess things at the Farmer’s house.  Then I am shopping….UHM, yup, I’m going to that famous Wal-Mart store and buying some more sweats for Momma. 

Then,  I am going to see Momma and then watching Cam-Man, for about 1/2 hour.  Then the rest of the week will happen.  While I am still getting my lists and packing done for the cruise, I am starting to watch Cam-Man FULL-TIME, because the Nursing Student is starting her first Semester of Nursing Classes. 

For the duration I will have Cam-Man from 8:30 to 12:30 everyday, until….Feb 22, when Thursdays will turn into 8:30 to 3:30 .  While I am not complaining…me and lil dude are going to have a blast,   I’m gonna have to start taking naps with him, cuz that lil dude has a lot of energy.

When Momma comes home I will have to adjust my schedule and I’m all for that peeps, cuz these people mean the world to me.  I might have to re-new my subscription to a drink called “Sparks” tho.  It gives you energy and it’s all natural.

It’s all good in my hood tho…I’m going on a cruise in less than 15 days and man am I jazzed.  I’ve already picked out clothes I’m taking, got minutes on my phone for my family IF they dare to call me.  And I’m just living the dream folks. 

Because it’s all good in my hood.  Don’t worry about me the steroids have kicked in and man do I have some energy….Unfortunatly, I’m gonna feel it tomorrow…cuz I’m kinda tired tonite….BUT…my face is back to normal…THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!

Antibiotics, steroids, and sleep….

Yesterday, my left side of my face was so swollen, you thought I had been in a fight.  I was, Me versus the Sinus infection.  Who knew your sinus’ could affect your face swelling and your eye looking like you’d been smacked into next year.

Oh the power of Antibiotics, and some steroids thrown in.  Today, my face is just about back to its normal self (thank goodness).  And my nose has released some of the most awful $hit, I’ve ever seen.  (for those faint of heart, sorry, but snot makes me gag too).

After having the Electrician take care of me all day and yesterday too, I decided I needed some good old-fashioned chicken and dumplings (his Mother’s recipe), to help in my recovery.  So after sleeping in (yup, about 9:00am) and getting up and watching “The Pioneer Woman‘s   newest episode on “The Food Network“,  I sat for a bit and woke up, ate a bowl of cereal and took my meds.

Whammo, I grabbed that chicken from the fridge and proceeded to boil it with some carrots, celery, onions, and garlic, rosemary and thyme, oh yea salt and pepper too.  Then with my fingers that don’t have any feeling in them cuz’ well I’ve probably by this time in my life burned any finger prints I might have off, shredded all that chicken and made a pot of Chicken and dumplings to die for. (His Momma would be proud). 

I did scrub and slice the potatoes and set them to boiling too, however in MY house, I don’t make the mashed potatoes, that would be the Electrician’s job, and man does he make mashed potatoes to die for.  He won’t tell his secret, I don’t ask, all’s I do is get them ready for him to work his magic.  Set up the hand mixer and then LEAVE the kitchen so, I don’t get in his way.

We ate, sorry kid’s I forgot to take a picture, I was to busy eating.  We got the dishes done, and then, yup, NAPTIME.  The Electrician laid down and so did I…unfortunatly for me, the Farmer called in the middle of me snoring myself silly, to give me progress on Momma.

Momma had a so-so day, she made some progress but was also tired (I can relate to that).  I told him I would call him back later, and I did.  (more on that in a bit).

I went back to sleep for a couple of more hours, and woke up to the Electrician getting ready to watch his beloved “Saint’s” play the San Fran 49’rs.  (Not a good outcome but the Saint’s had a REALLY good season).  Needless to say things around my house were a little disappointing this evening.  But The Electrician is fine, and now finding other sports on t.v. to watch tonite.

I called the Farmer back, and we had a nice little chat.  I told him about my progress and that I would be in to see Momma tomorrow about noon., I’m not in a “you can catch this from me stage anymore”

The Farmer took a little glee in telling me about the”ship incident” in Italy, of course I had to tell him that the Electrician had already seen it, and had already read about it, and had already told me about it.  (sorry, I know that is a run-on sentence but…well.. these things happen). 

Like I told the Electrician, AND the Farmer, I don’t care….if God‘s gonna take me then if he wants to take me from my cruise so be it…MY ASS IS going!!!!!  I’ve already put clothes that I am taking in a closet in one of our spare bedroom’s…uhm…note to self…check to see if the 2 pantsuits that I have put in said closet still fit my fat butt….

So, needless to say that Camsgranny is on the road to recovery, hopped up on Antibiotics and steroids, WOOHOO…

Night ya’ll….although, I’m really glad to see my face in the mirror and not the one who had half her face so swollen that I didn’t even recognize her….

T.V. viewing.


See this family?  I have spent a lot of time with them, well sorta.  My Mother Loves to watch the Walton’s, and the Electrician and I watch them on most evenings.  I think one of the reasons we watch them is because in all honesty t.v. today, well it doesn’t excite me.  I enjoy the different dynamics of this family.  Being an only child I am interested in how they all get along with each other.

Looking at them and then looking at my family, I see a couple of comparisons.  While we don’t have 7 children (only have 5), the number has grown due to acquiring son-in-laws, daughter-in-laws, grandbabies.  And when everyone gets together, usually over holidays, it is a managed chaos.

I look at the hardships that the Walton’s went through, The Depression, no work, no money, but they somehow made it with a lot of love and family.  Now, I know this is a t.v. show, that is supposed to be based on a true story. 

Just think, they had no cellphones, no t.v.,  no video games, no computers.  Kids went outside to play, AND do something called chores.  If they got in trouble, they got punished.  There was something called Respect.  They said Yes sir, or no ma’am.  Hmmm…what a concept.

I’m not saying that there are not people out there in today’s world that still have this level of Respect for each other but with all of the News and stuff going on in the world today it makes you wonder.

I think that my Mom likes watching the Walton’s because it is familiar to her.  She certainly sings the songs along with them, and laughs at something that happens on the show that trigger’s a memory for her.  She cries over sad things.  Plus this is one show that I don’t mind her watching.  If you ever look at some of the shows on t.v., well I’m sorry but her mind is a little warbled anyway, and those shows just make her more agitated.  And even though I am a Food Network junkie, she only likes certain shows.

BBC America works for her to a certain extent, she really likes Gordon Ramsey.  On some of the PBS shows they show some of the other British shows,  Are you Being Served is one she likes and then the other one Last of the Summer Wine.

But what really cracks me up I think is that I, as the daughter, am monitoring my Mother’s t.v. viewing.  Does this seem strange to anyone other than me?