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Blast from the Past….

Ok y’all, forgive me for a little reminiscing.  I came across some pictures this past week, and oh the memories they brought back to me.  I would like to share them with you.

When I first moved back to Illinois, in 1994,  I was a little broken.  I had been in an abusive marriage for quite some time, and somehow, I had lost my self-confidence, my self everything.  The Farmer and Momma took me and my two kids into their home and tried to help me heal.  (They did a really good job, just to let them know).

But that’s not what this post is about.  This is about Momma and I taking an adventure.  Back in the day it was something to go to a photographer and have a “Glamour Shot” taken.

There was an ad in the paper, that they would taking these “Glamour shots” at the mall in our town.  So, I asked Momma if she was up for the adventure and she went with me and we both had our pictures taken.

This is my beautiful Momma all “glammed” up.  But folks, she looked like this to me everyday, and in my mind she still looks like this to me.






Yea, this is me….I don’t think I look like that anymore, but well…a girl can dream…hehehe, the Electrician tells me I look better these days than those days.


And this is the Beautiful Nursing Student.  I found this picture tucked into Momma’s things.  The Electrician said he had never seen this picture, and I have to admit I hadn’t either.




The funniest thing to me about these three pictures, none of us are related by birth, but we are related because we are family.