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Guest Post….My Sisters….

DSCN0434Hey y’all.  Yes this pic is an old one, simply because our “big” sister, hasn’t taken a new one and she fell back on the oldies but goodies reel.

Our “other sister” Ms. Baby has gotten to post on the blog, so we felt we should be able to as well.  So here, goes.

I’m the one on the left, and my name is Goldie, although recently Momma has called me Ginger, (which should have been my name, but well what can I say?)  My Momma named me, as I am technically her kitty.    The one across from me ( my bigger sister), is named Spice, and she is the Farmer’s kitty, aka spoiled rotten.

Things around our house have changed lately, and we wanted to add our pawthinking into the mix.  This is our Momma’s chair, that we are both guarding.  We do it well don’t we?    When our big sister first came around, me and Spice were not to sure about her.  Yea, she saved us that cold night and begged the Farmer to put us into the shed.   Which he did, simply because she had a cat at HER house, named Ms. Baby,   But the “big house” was ruled by someone named Toots…   Apparently,

tootsHe lived in the house, and Goldie and I (Spice) were delegated to the “show room”.  Until one day, Toots, went over the “Rainbow Bridge”, and me and my sister came to live in the “Big House”.

When we first came to live in the “big house”, it was new and things were strange. We’ve gotten over that, and now WE own the joint.

Some odd things have been happening lately though, and we need to let y’all know.  While our Sister, keeps cooking the bacon and eating it, Wednesdays are our favorite.  You see, Dad goes to his Wed. thing, and Sis watches us and Momma, and at the end of the night we get chicken.

Our Big Sissy, is such a sucker, she cooks stuff and always gives us whatever she has cooked.  But on Wednesdays, the Farmer (aka Dad) brings home Lee’s Fried Chicken, and Sissy is such a sucker, she gives us at least one of her pieces of chicken.   Hey, we are not complaining.

Lately though, me, (Goldie) has taken a liking to hanging with my Mom, in the chair, in the bed, just wherever she is at.  My sis Spice freaked out my big sissy Jo today,  simply because, we were all over Momma today, we both loved on her, and sat with her, and slept by her side.

We love our Momma, and know she has some problems, but we are here with her and it is all “purrfect”. We like “The Big house” but we love Momma even more….

Full Moon Thursday…


While this picture was taken last year, I swear, when I went outside the Farmer’s house tonite and sat on the back porch for a smoke break.  This is what I saw.  There was a black cloud passing over, and the full moon was ducking inside of the clouds, it would shine for a moment and then was gone.

I seriously thought about going inside and getting the Farmer’s camera for a picture, but the speed the clouds were moving, I never would have made it.  For a mere second I thought about howling at the moon.  Yea, I’m a little crazy that way.

I went back inside, and then helped Momma to bed.  Today is my “upside down day”.   Momma got to ride to her bedroom tonite, we got her in the wheelchair and I showed her how to do a wheelie, (she was not impressed).

The Farmer and I got to talking and then I went looking.  We bought Momma a “Ferbie”  a few years ago.  I found it on the top shelf of the closet, the Farmer changed batteries, and neither him nor I could remember how to work it.  We gave it to Momma, who was tucked into her bed, nice and warm and cozy.  She immediately remembered what to do.    She stuck her finger in its mouth and it started “feeding”.  I honestly can’t believe that she remembered.

Funny thing, this Parkinson’s, Momma can’t remember somethings, but she was very happy to see her Ferbie back, and knew exactly what to do.   Hopefully it will make her happy in some way.

Momma was kinda snoozy when I first got there this evening.  I finished all the laundry and then made the Farmer dinner, (uhm…he burned some of it in the re-heating process).  The Farmer had waited until I got there to run to Wal-Mart to pick up meds, and a few groceries.    I finished up a couple of my normal things that I do, and then went in and sat with Momma.  It was me and her time.

We chatted for a bit and then she got a little sleepy, so I left her in the front room and went into the kitchen.  Goldie followed me, and then Spice girl showed up.  I think they miss the early morning bacon, and watched me put together the Farmer’s dinner, meowing very loudly.  I gave in and gave them some treats but told them they would not like “supper”.

I pulled some stuff out of the freezer, for tomorrow night, because instead of going over in the morning, I am putting Momma to bed tomorrow night.  The Farmer requested a Beef Stew for the weekend, which I will put together and put it into the crock pot for him to start on Saturday morning.  He also requested the beef steaks smothered in gravy for tomorrow nights dinner.   With everything pulled out of the freezer to thaw out, and the stuff he bought at the store, he will be set for some good eating this weekend.  Not to mention the fact, I made some more corn muffins tonite.  I had made 6 muffins yesterday, and somehow, they all disappeared today.

The “upside down” days are ok, I got a bunch done at my house today, my Electrician was a plumber today.    That was not pretty, but it needed to be done.  I am very proud of my Electrician, he tries so hard to be “Tim-the -tool-man -taylor”.    Trust me when I say, he does it all, he may get pissed and cuss something fierce, and get mad (that’s  usually when I go upstairs and say if you need me let me know).  He is truly amazing.  He has so many projects he is working on right now, it truly makes my head spin.  Although not necessarily in a bad way.

I have new appliances in my kitchen, I have a black refrigerator, which my outlaws bought for us a couple of years ago, and a new stove, which I put on layaway and purchased while the Electrician was on the road.  The only funny thing was the Electrician had taken down the hood to the stove about a 2 years ago and painted it white.  Yesterday, he took it down and sanded it and primered it, and now he has painted it black, to match everything in my kitchen.

He gets bored being laid off and starts on these projects.  I truly don’t mind, and my house is smiling at him right now.  But I truly think the full moon has played a part in today in more ways than can ever be spoken…..



Wacky Wednesday…


Have you ever had a day, where so many things happen, and then so many more things flash in your mind?    It’s like watching a movie in your brain.

My day has been a good one.  A little strange at times, but over all just good.

I got up at the crack of dawn this morning, and did my stuff here, and flew down the road.  Today I was going to let the Farmer sleep in and ‘sneak” in and give Momma her first meds of the day.

I have learned over the years how to be quiet, and I “snuck” in the house, the Farmer slept.  I went in and gave Momma her meds, today, she knew who I was and actually smiled at me.  I changed her bed stuff, got her clean and dry.

I went out and played with the kitties, who were not to happy to see me instead of the Farmer, but “Spice girl” (The Farmer’s kitty) is coming around.  She did her “song and dance” routine, ate the treats I gave her and then went back to being on Momma’s bed, sleeping with Momma.  This is something she has just started doing.  Goldie, who is Momma’s cat, has been sleeping under the bed.

I went out and made a cup of coffee and then walked down and got the paper.  On my walk back up to the house, I noticed it was starting to sprinkle.  I looked up to the heavens and said a prayer for the Electrician.

For the Electrician, he is in his last week of this job.  While some may say, why are you happy he is getting laid off?  To them I say this, this has been one of the hardest jobs the Electrician has ever done.  His body hurts, his hands, he soaks every night in ice.  His knees are sore.  I ask a question, could you climb 300 feet in the air ever day and not hurt?  He works 12 -13 hours a day.  He doesn’t complain, he just does it.  For his family.

But, yet again I digress.  The Farmer finally surfaced, fresh eyes and squeaky clean.  He had gotten up and jumped in the shower.    I got breakfast made, and then the Farmer and I planned out our game plan for the day.  The best laid plans, yea, I know.

I got busy with some domestic diva chores at the Farmer’s house.  Duh, moping the floor was NOT a good idea when it’s raining ‘cats and dogs” outside.   I say raining “Cats and dogs outside” because this is what the little weather thingy says when it is raining.

The Farmer arrived back in time for me to tell him I was getting ready to get Momma up.  I went in and shooed the kitties off the bed, both of them were up snuggled close to her by now.  I gave Momma a bath, and then got her up.  Momma was full of giggles at this time.  She actually was down right funny, and showed some of her former self.

We got her up and onto the Porta potty, and man oh man, whew, is all’s I’m gonna say.  Momma was the life and the party, for a good half an hour.  By the time we got her back into the front room, PD had taken over again.

I got everything finished up and was ready to roll on down the road.  Today I had an appointment with a new hairdresser.  Being a little nervous, hey I am really scared about someone doing my hair.  Is this a woman thing?    I’ve had the same person do my hair for the past oh uhm…9 years, and going to someone new, made me EXTREMELY nervous.

I arrive, and she can see I am nervous, so she tries to settle me down.  I’m ok, really.  Within the next 15 minutes, I am at ease and calm.  And then….my phone goes off.  I am searching for my phone, and she remarks “Nice ring tone“.  I look at the phone and it is the Farmer.  RUH ROH….

I answer the phone, and I am a little bit flummoxed. It’s the Farmer and  Half of my head is wrapped in foil, and he says Momma is acting funny and he can’t understand her.    My first question that I ask is “did you turn the heating pad off?”, after a few more comments, I tell him, “Uhm, Dad, I will tell you, turn off the heating pad, tell her to calm down, and I’ll be there in a little bit ok?”  “OK” is what I heard.

I finish getting my head up on foil, hehe, and then I sit back, relax and read a magazine.  The hairdresser has already told me I have about 35 minutes to be “all foiled up”.  I am praying by now, that everything is fine with Momma, and truly in my heart I knew it was.

Meanwhile, I got my hair scrubbed, (oh my goodness…I’m kinda in heaven about now), then, a cut and then a blow-dry.  It felt a little strange telling someone how I take care of my hair, because seriously, I don’t.  I wash it, I cream rinse it, and I throw it up in a towel, and then let down, brush it and whammno.  I’m done.    But, I kept getting told, how great shape my hair was in.    Something about not blow drying it, nor curling it, nor flat ironing it.  Ok to be truthful, do you know who I usually see in my ordinary day?  I see the Farmer, Momma and the Electrician.  Makeup, pfft, yea ok, curlers, pfft…so not me.

When I left the shop, I seriously felt like a million bucks.  I love my hair, and to be truthful, she nailed it.  Thank you to Sarah.  I will be seeing her again.  She is a marvel.

But, again I digress…..sometime between the shampoo and the cut, I received another phone call from the Farmer, telling me, Momma was ok, she just got heated up, or something like that.  Did I not ask if the Farmer had cut off the heating pad?

Feeling the joy of a new haircut and color, and then coming smack back dab into reality, which is my life,I’ve learned some things about my day.  I’m leaving a bunch out here because simply, I live in a small town, and I don’t wish to make enemy’s.

But I will tell you this…..if they are talking about me and MY life, then maybe they are leaving alone someone else who isn’t as strong as me.  Go ahead and say what you will, because 1.  You don’t walk in my shoes.  2.  I’ve little time for your small a$$ bullcrap.  and 3.  If you want to be a big girl, then step into my shoes, deal with what I am dealing with and then come to me face to face and say what you want to.

I’m sorry to the $hit stirrer, but I will not be bullied, nor will I give your crap the time of day, other than to publicly tell you, forgettaboutit, Your barking up the wrong tree here.



Conspiracy theory….

The past couple of days, I have spent  quite a bit of time at the Farmer’s house.  I’ve gone over in the morning, and did my regular stuff, gotten Momma up, and then left.  Then I came back in the late afternoon/early evening  and put Momma to bed.  The Farmer has had a few nights with the “guys”.  Hey, he needs a break too, and while sometimes I hate to be away from my home,  I understand he needs time too.

For those of you that follow my posts, forgive me because I may be repeating myself here for a few seconds.  I have 2 four-legged “sisters”.  I found them one night about 3-4 years ago, when I was leaving the Farmer’s.  Someone had abandoned, (actually probably tossed them out of the car) these 2 adorable kittens, that I found on the wheel well of the Electrician’s truck one cold winter evening when I was leaving.    I couldn’t take them home (Ms. Baby would have not liked that.), so I convinced the Farmer to let them live in the shed (for 2 years, as the house was ran by Mr. Toot’s, who was quite the character in his day).  Mr. Toot’s passed away at the ripe old age of I believe (scratching my head) 19-20 years old.  Since he was no longer the ruler of the house, these 2 ladies were invited to come live in a portion of the house.  The Farmer decided he needed some rules with these 2, and they are not allowed in his bedroom, nor are they allowed to sleep in his room with him.

They were given names, “Spice Girl” and “Goldie“.  Spice gravitated to the Farmer and Goldie to Momma.   It is obvious in the way that they act, Spice is the “Alpha” of us “sisters”. (or at least THINKS she is.)   I made friends with them eventually by feeding them TONS of bacon.

When Momma was gone for the time she was, and when we knew she was coming home, we did a lot of re-arranging of furniture.  The kitty litter box got moved to a different spot.  After making sure both of my “sisters” knew where it was, I figured it was all good.  Then the kitty’s decided that we didn’t change their box often enough.  (After one particular weekend when I returned on Monday to have the Farmer ask me to change the box, as Spice had gotten miffed, because the box was “dirty” and had proceeded to leave him a present in his chair in the living room.

Ok, now that I’ve explained the back story, let me proceed with the past couple of days.  I ALWAYS have to sweep the floor around the litter box, simply for the fact, these cats spread kitty litter EVERYWHERE, this is on a normal basis, (as in everyday).

Yesterday, I noticed that Goldie was giving me the evil eye, (and this is the cat that actually likes me.)  I didn’t know what was going on.  I have noticed that both cats have lately become VERY protective of Momma.

Yesterday, the Nursing Student came over and brought Cam-man with her, and she helped me getting Momma up, and helped me to wash Momma’s hair.  Both cat’s are used to Cam-man and didn’t pay him any attention, but every time the Nursing student went close to Momma, they hissed at her.  Spice actually cracked me up, although I understand she was trying to protect Momma,  every time the Nursing Student pointed to Spice, she hissed.  When we got everything done, and the nursing student and Cam-Man left, I finished up a couple of things, and then I left, to return later.

Both kitty’s were kinda rude to me last night, but I kinda ignored it.  After Tracy and I had gotten Momma into bed, and then Tracy left,  and after taking pictures outside, I came in a sat on the couch, and this is what I saw.






I would like to state for the record, these 2 sat there for about 2 1/2 hours staring at me.

This is where the conspiracy theory comes in.  Today, when I arrived, I have NEVER seen that much kitty litter spread ALL over.    One of my usual things on Friday’s is to mop all the floors and change the kitty litter.  After changing the kitty litter, and sweeping the floor (again for the second time).  I was in the kitchen when I noticed, both kitty’s circling the litter box and Goldie, going into the box, and DIGGING in the box, spraying ALL the friggin clean litter OUT OF THE BOX, only to be followed by Spice, who did the SAME friggin thing.  So, I swept it all up and threw it ALL back into the box, and did the dreaded thing of turning on the vacuum cleaner.  They ran for cover, and I left the vacuum running while I mopped the floors.  I turned the vacuum off, and here comes Spice to pad all over my freshly mopped floor.

I decided to end the war by offering them “treats”, and brushing Goldie.  I guess we are in truce mode now, because after that they were both fine.

I did have to explain everything to the Farmer who got back from the store, and he guffawed pretty loudly.  I’m glad he laughed, those 2 can be kind of intimidating…..


Snow, town driving….And Momma

Well kids, it happened again, here in the good ole midwest.  When I woke up this morning it was just cold.  Then BAM, I looked out the window and a lot of fluffy white stuff was falling from the sky.

Yup, we were under snowy conditions, and I had to drive into town and get Cam-Man.  Now, if you read my blog you KNOW, I am Queen of the Backroads, and HATE driving through town, on a normal sunny clear day, much less a snowy, slick, road filled with idiots day. 

But…it had to be done.  So, I warmed up the Rav4 for about 20 minutes (hey, that way you don’t have to scrape your windows, just turn the defrost up all the way, hit the back window defrost and go back inside and drink that cup of coffee).   I might just add that I live in the country, and NO-ONE (well except for Farmer McGee) plows our roads.

So, bundled up with my UGG boots (Christmas present that I FINALLY get to wear), gloves, hat and coat, down the road I went.  I didn’t think it was so bad, because the roads were being salted and all of that other fun stuff.  I made the strategic decision to drive through town INSTEAD of the Interstate, simply for the fact, the last time I tried the Interstate coming back from the Nursing student’s house, it was a sheet of ice with LOTS of idiots, and about 15 cars in the ditch.

Well, I made it into town with no problems, but when I got into town, PROBLEMS….first off, does no-one realize that there is SNOW and ICE on the road and that you can’t stop on a dime? 

 To that 4-wheel truck that buzzed by me like I was standing still, uhm…how did it feel when the light changed to red and your brakes locked up and you did a 360 in the MIDDLE of the intersection?  Or how about the other car that was passing in and out of lanes at driver’s like me who were being cautious and keeping space between our cars because well, that lane you zipped into had to come to a stop because of a school zone and you plowed right into the back of them.

Needless, to say I made it to the Nursing Student‘s house and she went to school, and then Cam-Man woke up and he and I travelled back to my house.  By now the snow had stopped and most of the idiots were at work already, or had just decided to park there car’s on the sides of the streets.

We made it back to my house, with hardly anyone on the roads, and the roads were not bad at all.    Cam-Man and I spent the morning doing domestic diva duties, and he was such a good helper.  Oh, we played some too, we also sang the alphabet song a million times, to help him with his abc’s.  The Nursing Student came to pick him up and we chatted for a bit and then she loaded Cam-Man into her car and Cam-Man was blowing me kisses.

By this afternoon the sun was shining and the roads were pretty good.  It was time for   me to head to the Nursing Home to see how Momma was doing.  Because the roads looked ok, I (true to form) took the back roads to the Nursing Home and it was smooth sailing.  I had just pulled up to the Nursing Home when my cell phone started singing “Moves like Jagger” to me (Yea, I know, I got the new phone and I have different songs programmed for different people…cool huh?)

It was the Farmer, asking me where I was…uhm…I’m at the Nursing Home….so, he told me about Momma’s morning in therapy and that she was practically RUNNING down the hallway.  We chatted for a bit and then I went into see Momma. 

Momma was “Goldie” napping when I got to her room, and when I pulled up the chair next to her bed, her eyes popped open and she smiled,  She said “Well hello Jo”  and held out her hand to me, so I took it, and she said “Wow, your hands are cold is it that cold outside?”  I said “Yea, it’s snowing, and kinda cold, but you’ll warm up my hands huh?”  She giggled and grabbed my hand in both of hers and just held them.

We chatted on and off for about an hour and then she settled into a serious nap.  I stayed with her for about another 1/2 hour and then hit the road again.

Momma is doing so good that the whole Nursing Home staff stopped me in the hallway to tell me about her progress.  We are all very proud of Momma and the fact that about a month and 10 days ago, she was admitted into the ICU, and today she was almost running down the hallways. Momma has shown focus,perseverance, tenacity, determination, hard work and backbone.  Folks, she is making progress, and doing it in leaps and bounds. 

That’s not to say we don’t still have bad days, but, Momma’s working VERY hard, and it’s starting to pay-off.  I, for one, along side the Farmer and the rest of my family are VERY PROUD of her!



Cheeky Monkies….

Hey Y’all….here it is another Monday, and it has been a busy one for me.  Domestic Goddess stuff this morning and a Momma afternoon.

Momma is doing lots better.  Enough so, that the therapy ladies saw her cheeky side today.  Although they called her “ornery”, Momma didn’t understand what that word meant, so I informed her it meant “cheeky”. 

Momma had a full morning, getting up and cleaned up and chatting with the Farmer.  She sat up in her chair for a few hours and then went down for about an hour nap.  The Farmer left, and I arrived, just in time for Momma to be getting up again.

The Therapy lady was there and they were getting Momma up to go to therapy.  Momma was in really good spirits and had good color.  She was smiling and giggling, and ready for some work.

We got down to the therapy room, and Momma did her standing, not so well with the parallel bars but a lot better with the stair-step side.   She stood up with her hands on one level of the stair-step and then moved her hands up the stair-step thing and came to a full stand.  She held her stand for quite a while.  She did that twice and then seemed pretty winded.  So they let her sit and relax for a bit. 

What the therapy lady noticed, is that while Momma was sitting there she was continuing to do leg exercises, you see, Momma knows what exercises to do, it’s getting her to do them.  But, here she was doing them on her own, so….the therapy lady gave her a ball to put between her legs to squeeze, and then …it happened.

The therapy lady turned around to help another resident, and momma batted the ball to the therapy lady as if to say, “HEY, I don’t want to do this anymore!”

The therapy lady didn’t see it, until the ball went rolling by her, just barely missing her, but…I saw it and so did the other 2 resident’s in the room and the other therapy lady.  I busted up giggling, along with everyone else.  When the therapy lady turned around asking if Momma had thrown the ball at her, Momma just smiled and winked.

So, a game of kick the ball ensued after that, of which Momma participated in, for a little bit, but Momma was getting tired.  So, we called it a day with physical therapy and went back to Momma’s room.  Her and I sat there and I asked her if she wanted me to read to her (Mrs. Spires was paying attention to this), and Momma said “Yes!”, so we got the book out and read another 3 chapters.

About the end of the 3rd chapter, the Speech therapist came in, and Momma was happy to see her.  Momma then went on to have a “LOUD” session with the Speech therapist.  I was so proud of her.  For someone who has not used her voice in about a month to say “AHHHHHHH” for 3 seconds solid at a loud pitch, it was music to my ears.  Might I just add that she did it 10 times in a row.  We had bits and pieces of a conversation in between. 

Momma told the Speech therapist, about “Goldie” and about “ME” and how she wants to go home.

By now, Momma’s had a pretty full day, and she was getting tired, plus the Nurse came into give Momma her meds.  Poor Momma, she wants a drink so bad, that she tried to grab the medicine cup from the nurse.  unfortunately right now, we have to use the feeding tube.  Hopefully if Momma keeps progressing, she will be able to have that drink.

About now, they have come to put Momma to bed, and I think she was ready.  She got a little nervous, when she had to stand and sit to get into her bed.  Momma was tired.  Well, we got her into bed, and cleaned up, and when I left, after hugging Momma for about 5 minutes, and telling her how proud I was of her, how much I loved her, she was cuddling Mr. Bear, and her eyes were closed.

Momma had a good day….so did I….Night y’all

Six Minutes……

Six Minutes….what can you do in six minutes?  I take for granted what I can do in six minutes.  For me…Watching Momma stand for six minutes this afternoon in therapy was…well…I could feel her strength, I could feel her determination, and I could feel her pain.  At the end of the six-minute mark, she sat down and breathed a little heavy.  It wore her out, but she did it.  And you know what else she did after that six minutes?  Folks, she blew me kisses.    I was blown away.  But I am WAY ahead of myself, for this was my afternoon with Momma.

 I had a whole morning with the Farmer and the “girls”.  These two had a visit with the Vet this morning….well. ..We thought the appointment was this morning.  But with everything going on the Farmer might have written down the wrong date.  So, we showed up this morning at the vet with these 2.    I brought Ms. Baby’s carrier over to the house and the Farmer took Spice girl, the tabby, and I took Goldie (name kinda speaks for her), and we shoved their butts into the carriers and off down the road we went.

We got to the Vet’s office and apparently the appointment was for tomorrow but since we were already there, they worked us in.  It was the “girls” annual appointment.  The Farmer uses a different Vet than I do so, this was a new experience for me.  Spice-girl had to have a physical and a rabies shot.  This little girl does NOT meow, well, she does, just not very much, and not very loud.  This little girl got into her carrier and never made a sound from start to finish, as long as the Farmer was there, she was happy.  She did well and weighed in at 10.4 lbs.  (She knows she is the Farmer’s FAVORITE daughter…..).

This one, well…..she’s Momma’s cat “Goldie”..psstt….she is my favorite too.  Goldie loves Momma and tries to calm Momma down when she is in the grips of Parkinson’s.  This cat has “attitude” if you don’t believe me then just listen.  We got to the Vet’s office after this one howled the whole way there.  I think the only reason she was quiet while we were in the Vet’s office was because we had both carriers facing each other and she saw her sister.    When it was her “turn” to come out, she did good untill…….well the Vet took her temperature, through her rump.  Goldie wasn’t to happy about that, but when the thermometer came out and the Vet tried to insert the rod where she collected her feces to examine for worms and stuff, uhm…Goldie wasn’t having any of that.  The Vet looked perplexed, and said “I don’t believe this”…uhmm ok what?  Goldie hid  her bum from the Vet, literally.    It took the Vet about 3 minutes to “re-find” Goldies bum.  Well…seriously folks, would you  like  something shoved up your rump?  Uhmm…me HELL NO!!!!!!  Needless to say, Her checkup was fine although, she’s a little on the heavy side at 12.4 lbs.  (Yeah, she likes bacon, but I wasn’t going to tell the Vet…THAT…)   This lil’ girl howled all the way home too. 

We got home and dumped both of the girls out of their carriers, and proceeded to give them a couple of treats each.  Then the Farmer went to the Nursing Home and I went to run some errands.

Errands done, (SCORE….killer pair of shoes from my Gal Tammy @ Payless, for the cruise).

I went back to the Nursing home where they had just got Momma up, she was running a temp…AGAIN…and they gave her some Tylenol (which did the trick), and then she was off to therapy.

Although before we went to therapy, I told Momma about Goldie, and man I wish you could have seen her giggle AND smile BIG.  The Farmer and I were both a little surprised, because she flat-out giggled AND smiled.  Momma Loves Goldie (I see why), and Goldie Loves Momma.

Momma looked good today, although when I first got there she was hot, but her fever calmed down and she did so good during therapy.  Momma is full of determination, and I see that, although she got scared at certain parts, she PREVAILED and CONQUERED the day.

When therapy was over we went back to her room and the Farmer took off, after hugs and kisses and praise.  Momma looked sad to see him go, but she perked up a bit when I told her I would read to her from “Aunt Diminity and the Latern”.  I started reading chapter 2, when I noticed that Momma’s room-mate Mrs. Spires was listening too.  So, I stopped and asked Mrs. Spires if she was enjoying the book, and she nodded yes, so I told her to swing around the bed and listen to the story.

I had a captive audience of Momma and Mrs. Spries…we read 4 chapters of the book, when I looked up and saw what time it was, I had to fly, so I made it to the end of the chapter, and told both of them we would read the rest tomorrow, I don’t know who was sadder, Momma or Mrs. Spires. 

I gave Momma a hug and a kiss, right before they put Momma to bed, and then I told both of them that I would be back to read some more.  I hugged and kissed Momma, and I told her I Loved her, and she told me….

“Thank you Joanne, I do love you and thank you”..AWWWWW…”Momma, I Love and Thank you…for all of your hard work in therapy and just for trying”…and folk’s Momma told me  “I want to come home”….What can you say to that?  I said the first thing that popped into my head.

“Momma, sometimes in this life we have to go through a little discomfort to get to the everlasting good, and you being home is the everlasting good, so please keep working as hard as you do and don’t think that the Farmer and I don’t know how hard you are working, because we do, and we are with you every step of the way. ”  She gets it because she kissed me and held me close.  I told her Night Momma, and she told me…….I Love you Joanne…..

Well Care Meeting, and ROOT Canal Wednesday!!!

Well, here it is Wednesday, January 4, 2012.  For me, the days have kinda flowed into each other, and sometimes, I’m not really sure what day it is, other than looking at the calendar and seeing where I am supposed to be at what time.

The only thing I do know is that I go to see Momma, check up on the Farmer and keep the Electrician in clean clothes, clean house and cook dinner.  Being the domestic GODDESS that I am,  this is no problem.

When I looked at the calendar this morning (something I now do early, to see what my day will be like), it said “Well-Care Meeting @ 1:30.  Whew….I had over-slept until 7:30 (something I haven’t done in a long time), and then got up drank some of the nectar of the God‘s (as in COFFEE), and planned out my day. 

I had planned to go to the Nursing Home at 11:00 and spend some time with Momma, until I got the phone call from the Farmer.  It kinda went like this…

Uhm…hello, “Hey Joanne, I read your post this morning and I agree”.  Ok, I know the Farmer reads my post’s..HI DAD!!!, I just didn’t know we were both kinda thinking the same thing.  We talked for about 30 minutes and set up our game plan for the day, although like I told the Farmer, I was clear until 2:00pm cuz then I HAD to take the Electrician to the dentist for his root canal.  (On that subject, BETTER HIM THAN ME, but I promised to drive him miracle in itself, because he tell’s me hates the way I drive) 

So, I dressed my happy butt in some sweats, ran to the Dollar Store, got that stuff, as in laundry detergent and fabric softener, carpet freshener, and ok…2 liters of Diet Coke.  I then did ALL of the laundry (mind you I still do not have a dryer, but am enjoying using my garage as a clothes line, if you manage to put enough fabric softener in the washer, you’d never know they were line dried in the garage.)

I made up some signs to hang over Momma’s bed AND on her bulletin board, they read as follows:

“Hi!  Please call me Anne, I know my name is Margaret but I use the name Anne, the only time I hear Margaret is IF I’m in trouble….Thank you!”

I did this so that the well-meaning CNA’s, Nurses and anyone else that comes in to talk, see, or take care of Momma knows to call her Anne.  Hopefully to relive some stress on her part.

I also searched out a book Momma had given to me a long time ago, titled “Aunt Diminity and the lantern” I would give you all the details of the book, but, I left it in the top drawer of Momma’s room.  Although, Momma owns all of the “Aunt Diminty” series and has read ALL of them. 

I made it to the Nursing Home after Momma had an EXCELLENT day in therapy.  The Farmer went through it with her and told me all about it.  I was so proud!  Momma stood up and took a step today.  That my friends is PROGRESS! 

I knew she was tired but she kinda perked up while I was there.  I implemented phase 2 of my plan and made her speak to me.  She didn’t want to at first, but then the Farmer got into it with me and we made her talk a little.

I read the first 2 chapters of the book to her (that was after I told her if she wanted me to read she had to say yes.)  2 chapters later, and I stopped reading and told Momma we would continue tomorrow.  When I asked her if she enjoyed it, she said “YES”.

The Farmer and I had to go to a meeting at the Home called a Well-Care Meeting.  He and I toddled off down the hall after telling Momma we would be back and that we loved her, to which she replied I Love you too.  We got down to the meeting place and had to wait a couple of minutes.

The meeting was with a Co-ordinator at the Nursing home and he came out in the hall where we were and asked if it was ok if they put Momma back in bed.  We both said yes, and while the Farmer stayed there I went toddling off down the hall to Momma’s room again. 

I got there and she perked up, apparently she had slumped in her wheelchair and was taking a “Goldie” nap.  I told her they were coming in to put her back into bed and was that okay?  She replied with she was tired, and could she please take a nap?   Well, yes, they will be in here to put you to bed in a sec, and I have to toddle on down the hall again for your meeting ok?  Yes, she replied.

Back on down the hall I went to have the meeting, but I was stopped in the hallway by a couple of residents who have seen me here and there.  I chatted to both of them for a few minutes, and I made them both smile (THAT’s always a good feeling to give another person a moment to smile).

I got to the meeting with Co-ordinator dude, and the physical therapist.  Dad and I were ready, I had a million questions, but I let them speak their piece first.   First, your Momma is making progress, but it is going to take time (DUH, we KNOW that).  They were impressed with her progress and the fact that this meeting was really just a formality, because either the Farmer or I have been to ALL of her sessions  (Apparently A LOT of people stick their loved one’s in a REHAB facility and then don’t show up again until they need to, I don’t understand this concept). 

We gave her(physical therapist) a little bit better insight as to who Momma is and noticing her “signs”  Happy face, sad face, mad face.  I am starting to understand the whole thing a little bit better.    Up to this point, I’ve been frustrated.  But I have to REALLY give PROPS to these people.  They Care.

I sometimes take for granted that I KNOW what Momma is thinking or for that matter feeling.  The Farmer and I KNOW Momma, inside and out, we know the “signs”, we know the facial expressions, we know…well you get the picture.  These GREAT caregiver people, do not.  The Therapist told both of us that all of these things we are “teaching”her helps her to give Momma what she needs.  The fact that Momma has a “short” attention span, the fact that Momma is a “nosey Parker”, the fact that Momma is a “chatty Cathy”.  These things help her.

She was also impressed that we do take the time to make sure one of us is there for her therapy sessions.  It help’s Momma to know we are there to cheer her on, to help, and plus like I told the therapist, I am learning a butt-load to HELP us all in the future.  When the day comes that she does get to come home.

Today, has been a really good day with Momma, and also with the Root-canal Electrician too.    Folks he survived too, and so far hasn’t felt to much pain (thanks to the anti-biotic and the 2 Tylenol I shoved down his throat the minute we got home).  He actually ate dinner too.

Uhm…to the Farmer…HEHEHEHE…guess who had FRIED CHICKEN from LEE’s tonite buddy?????? 

Love y’all….





When I was a little kid growing up, I had the World’s BEST Grandma, she taught me a lot of things.  One thing that she tried to teach me that NEVER stuck, was PATIENCE.

Oh, trust me I have the saying down pat “Patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace, and Grace is NOT the little girl next door”   While I am not being silly, because I have A LOT of Grace…(yea right, I am a clutz, straight up).  Right now I am learning the HARD way (is there any other way?)  PATIENCE.

You see, I want Momma to progress a lot faster than she is, some days it seem’s like we take 3 steps forward and have a really good day, only to come back and it seems we have taken 4 steps backwards.

I understand with Parkinson’s patients that things are complicated. (That’s an oxy-moron), but I am a little frustrated.  It seems that NOW,  Momma who is full of words to be spoken, has stopped speaking.  I learned this today from her Nurses and the Nursing Student, who worked last night and told me that Momma did not have a good night.

I thought it was because she was tired from therapy yesterday, because she had a really good day.  Today, not so good.  I could not get her to speak to me.  I tried to engage her in a conversation, but she either nodded her head at me or blinked.  While to some of you that might sound good, because she is still making contact, to me…well…she hasn’t spoken to anyone in a couple of days.  That disturbs me.  Momma talked to me yesterday, not much, but a little.

So, I’ll tell you what the mean old daughter did today.  I sang to her.  Yep, and this is what I sang:

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray, you’ll never know dear, how much I love you, please don’t take your voice away.”

I got a reaction, not necessarily the one I wanted, but, I got one.  She cried.

Something has to be going on with Momma, that none of us understand.  I told her today, that we really were NOT torturing her, and that we WANTED her to come home, but right now she had to work and get better so we could bring her home.  I told her that if she was giving up then I would fight to get her back.  I got a “deer in the headlight look”. and then the sun came out because folks, Momma smiled.

Well….that got me to thinking…I think Momma is lonely and scared.  Momma has ALWAYS been “Anne” or “Annie“, and now all of a sudden everyone is calling her “Margaret”.  These people do not know her, (no offense to any caregiver or CNA or Nurse or anything).  But Momma has “suffered through” the main part of her Parkinson’s with the Farmer and I and the Nursing student on occasions.  Now, there are all kinds of people she doesn’t know, and are calling her Margaret, prodding, lifting her in a hoyer lift (THAT thing is scary, although she did kinda smile when I told her today that people pay good money for a ride like that), and she only sees me and the Farmer for about 4-6 hours a day.

I think I am starting to understand.  I am trying to put myself in her shoes, and I, myself, would be scared out of my mind.  I remember when the Farmer, Momma and I went through Momma having Breast Cancer (SHE’S A SURVIVOR). Momma retreated into her mind for a while.  But she came back. 

I think she’s hiding right now because she is flat-out, scared.  I see bits and pieces of her but they seem to be getting fewer and farther between.  So…I have a plan of action for Momma tomorrow.  She may not like me for a few minutes, but that’s ok.  Because I Love her, and I want her back.

So, my plan, get there early, spend some time with her, engage her in a conversation, remind her we love her, and not ease up on her butt for nothing.  We have therapy again tomorrow, and I’ll be there to throw the ball with her, and stand her butt up, and NOT let her forget, that I and the Farmer are a part of her day and WE want her home.  I will also gently remind her that if she works hard, and quits being non-social, then we can go home and be normal…”her normal”.  Because I think that’s what she really wants, her own bed, her own walker, and her cats to sit in her lap, steal food off her plate and calm her.

I know she misses the cats, because she held their pictures in her hand today and moaned.  I told her about the “girls” activities today, because I had gone over to the Farmer’s, (he was supposed to take me out to breakfast this morning, but DAMN…it was 10′ outside and I was freezing), so I cooked breakfast instead of going back out into the cold again, besides the girl’s haven’t had bacon in a week and they look famished (hehehe). 

I told her about “Goldie” sitting sideways in her chair with the look asking me “Where’s Momma?”.  (Goldie is Momma’s kitty)  I told her about Goldie laying on the arm of her chair and Spice-girl laying across the back of her chair.  Momma was listening, but tried not to appear interested, until I told her about feeding them bacon.  You see, if you have read my blogs you’ll know I befriended these cat‘s by feeding them bacon.  (Yes, I created BACON monsters).

It was a joke between me and Momma about what was for breakfast.  We had certain meals for certain days, and Momma always remembered what days we had bacon.  She used to tell me when we were getting ready (bathed and dressed) for breakfast, who would be the first cat in the kitchen and she was ALWAYS right.  Her girl, Goldie.

Momma is homesick, and scared.  tomorrow, the mean old daughter will try to work her magic and cross fingers, and lots of prayers, things will get better.