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I did it!!!

It’s been awhile since I last posted, please forgive me.  I have been dealing with a bunch of personal issues.  Some of them I am learning and growing from, and some I am just dealing with.

My biggest news today, is I have accomplished something I never thought I would.  I actually participated in a 5K.  Yes, a marathon.  Now those of you who have followed me for a while, know I am not a “sporty” type.  But part of my “new” thing, when I quit being Momma‘s Caregiver was to try to find “myself” again.

I started working out, lost a few (10 at the moment) pounds, and just kind of focused on me and MY well-being.  I have a wonderful Coach, (whoever said that daughter’s could not be your best friend when no one else will be was crazy).


This was us this morning at o’dark thirty.  We really did not talk last night about what time we would need to get up to be there.  Here is confession time.  I am living with this wonderful girl and her family for the moment.

THAT is another story in itself which is a little to personal to talk about at the moment, but suffice to say, The Electrician and I are “working” on our relationship and it is what it is.

But, as I am famous for, I digress.  The Nurse and I have been “training” for this for about a month now.  We take nightly walks, she pushes Cam-man in his stroller and I let Bella the dog ‘pull’ me around.

We arrived a little late this morning, as i had an e-mail from my favorite cousin to meet her.  Uhm…we were late, and arrived as the prayer was being said, so the Nurse and I were in the tail end of the ‘group”.

DSCN4595With a total of 670 people, I did not think we would ever find my cousin.  Guess what?  5 minutes into it, we found my beloved cousin, and the Nurse got to meet her and we walked for a bit, with her group.  Somewhere along the line though, The Nurse and I got up to our speed and started passing peeps like there was no tomorrow.  I have never been in a marathon before, but “sis” and I have walked for an hour all over our little town and we were kicking some butt.

DSCN4597We got hit with some “fairy dust” and got us motivated.  We walked all over the little town of Bismarck, Illinois, and we had a blast.  But I do have to admit something.  I had talked to my Mother in law a couple of days ago, and she has always wanted to participate in an event such as this, so I told “sis” and we talked about her Grandma on the way, so my MIL and her Grandma was with us.  I called her this afternoon and told her about it, and she giggled.

DSCN4599This would be me and my most favorite cousin in the world.  I love this woman.  This woman was my pen pal for so many years, and actually flew to England for my graduation,  There is nothing I would not do for her, I am proud to call her my bestest friend through the years.  (Plus, she got my butt motivated to do this.)

But to be honest, my inspiration and my rock, to give true credit where it is due is the one, who did not like me very much 20 years ago, but who has turned out to be my best friend and daughter, although I can not take credit for her birth, I can take credit for some, but I love this girl like no other.  While she has had to deal with a bunch of stuff, like taking in her step-mother in and sharing her home with me,  Thank you to my Nurse, today was a blast.

DSCN4600We did it Sissy.  Thank you!  To the Moon and back…..and as Cam-Man  says….GO BULLSEYE!!!!

Celebration today!

While today is not “officially” Cam-man’s birthday, we celebrated it today.  Scheduling celebrations are hard with a large family, and working Mom’s and other stuff.

My day started off with the normal, going over to the Farmer’s and doing the usual, that I do on Friday’s.  Just call me Betty Crocker.  I made a batch of blue berry muffins, and a batch of corn muffins, made breakfast, and also threw a chuck roast with pearl onions and carrots, with mushroom gravy into the crock-pot for the Farmer.

I did some laundry and a little cleaning,  got Momma up and dressed and therapized.  She did really well today, she was even cracking a couple of jokes today.  When everything was done there, I  had scoot down the road.  We were going to Kickapoo State Park, for Cam-Man’s 2nd birthday party this evening.

We have all figured out that Cam-Man is the happiest when he is outside, and rolling in the dirt and having a good time.  So, his Momma (the Nursing Student) decided to have a “picnic” supper at the park.

Before we could play, open presents, and eat cake, we had to eat….

“Auntie Boo had to come and collect us, she told us to go this way, but I wasn’t sure which direction she wanted us to go.”  or..(I like this one better)  He went thataway….hehehe

“Momma, Auntie Boo said I stink and you need to change my pants…”  So, he came strolling back to our picnic area, and believe me when I say, I moved quickly from down wind of him.  Poor kid, he didn’t know.  The fun started when we went to the playground.  Now for all of you that follow my posts, you know Cam-Man and Poppa are at home in a playground.  Cam-Man rode on his Poppa’s shoulders with Brayden and the rest of us following.  We got there and first thing Cam-Man wanted to do was climb.  (He wasn’t nicknamed chunkey MONKEY” for nothing.  Although, the chunky part might not still hold true the Monkey part does.

Brayden-Boy loved the slides, although he likes to climb back up them after he rides down them.  He knew his brother was the spot-light for today, and he was such a good Big-Brother.    We don’t get to see Brayden-boy as much as Cam-Man because he only comes to stay with the Nursing student on the weekends.  My goodness how he has grown.    But, he always has a big hug for Poppa and Grandma.

Brayden-boy was all smiles watching his little brother go down the slide, and plop on the ground, because we didn’t know he would fly down that sucker like he did. 

After the park time was done, we all went back to the picnic area, of course, Cam-Man was on Poppa’s shoulders, and talking the whole time.  When both boys were told it was time for cake though  they lit up like a Christmas tree.

We all sang Cam-Man Happy Birthday, Brayden-Boy sang too, and when it came time to blow out the candles the whole gang, The Nursing Student, the Fisher Dude, Brayden Boy and Cam-Man joined in.


I think, we all had a great time, and poor Cam-Man had his face smashed into the cake (which is a tradition in the Fisher-dude’s family)

Cam-Man wasn’t really happy about this turn of events, he didn’t like having cake smooshed all over his face and started crying, until his Momma (the Nursing student) gave him smootches and shared the smooshed cake all over her face.  He was okay after that.  We all finished our cake and things were winding down, when Geema had to have her moment, so forgive me folks because this is a photo of progression.

This pic was when Brayden boy had turned 2 but Cam-Man wasn’t 1 yet.  I wish I could remember the exact date, but I cannot.  But I do know Cam-Man wasnt 1 yet.


Look at how little they both are.  Can we stop time?  Nope I guess we can’t because this is today.

Today was a great day for this Geema.  Right down to the kids yelling after they had been put in the car in their car seats, LOVE YOU POPPA AND GRANDMA!!!

Today, My story….

Today actually starts with a phone call I received yesterday, from the Nursing student.   I was at the Farmer’s taking care of Momma when my cell phone rang (ok, so Maroon 5, “Moves like Jagger” came loudly from my purse).  I grabbed the house phone (I was giving Momma her meds and missed the call).  I called the Nursing student back and asked “What’s up?”  “I know you are watching Cam-Man tomorrow, but he needs to go to the Doctor and the only appointment they have is at 2:30, can you take him for me?”  “Well, duh….of course I will, let them know I will be bringing him and all that stuff, and tell me where I have to take him ok?  I’ll pick him up about 12:30”  “Thanks!” and we hung up.

Today dawned, and I went to the Farmer’s ok, so I may have been a little later than I planned, but as some people have reminded me lately, “the world is round and I’ll get there”.  I made the Farmer his typical friday breakfast, bacon (ton’s of bacon, gotta feed the kitties), hash browns, and eggs.   I ate the bacon and eggs, cuz well….I’m on this diet, but that is another post.

Momma was a little uhm…well, we’ve had a lot of good days in a row, so I was kinda expecting a bad one, well…today was it.  She was EXTREMELY grumpy when I got her up, and she kinda froze at one point, but we worked through it.  She promptly fell asleep once we made it to her chair.  I finished all of the stuff I needed to do. 

My original plan was to go get Cam-Man and come back and finish taking care of Momma, but with Cam-Man being sick, I could not do that.  So, I finished up most of my Friday stuff,  making breakfast, washing dishes,  changing kitty litter, laundry, making Momma’s bed and setting out her night things, hanging out with Momma and the Farmer for a few, giving Momma her meds and other stuff.  Then it was time for me to leave.  I hugged and kissed the Farmer and Momma and told them I would see them Sunday.

Down the road I went.  Now, mind you I haven’t seen Cam-Man since last week (which feels like a lifetime).   I rolled into the Nursing student’s driveway and put the car seat into the Rav4 and ran to the door.  It was locked, so I knocked.  Right away I heard Cam-Man yelling and his Momma telling him to hold on.  Cam-Man opened the door and wanted to shake my hand, uhm….what?  I scooped that little man up into my arms and the first thing he said was “Poppa?”.    Uhm….nope…remember me?  “Geema?”…

He scooped up his blanket and down the road to our house we went.  In between the Electrician and I had a flurry of phone calls, I was hoping the Electrician would go to the Doctor with me and Cam-Man. 

Cam-man and I arrived at my house, and he helped me to put the garbage cans in the back of the house, and we went inside.  Cam-Man didn’t feel well and has  a cough.  I could tell this, when we got into the house, he took his jacket off and his shoes.  I felt his head and he felt warm to me, so I gave him a popsicle.  Which I might add, he scarfed down.

 The Electrician arrived home and Cam-Man saw him from the window and was yelling at the top of his lungs “P O P P A”, he then got down off the window ledge and ran to the gate (at the top of the stairs) and yelled at Poppa until he came up the stairs and the re-union was on.  (Ok, give me a minute here folks, I remember when I used to be the light of this kids life…….sigh….my days are over and Poppa reigns….sigh…I guess boys will be boys…..sigh again.)

We took Cam-Man to the Doctor and the funny thing was, our little Cam-Man has the same Doctor that my boys had when we moved to Illinois, and let me tell you she is good.  Cam-Man was the life and party at the Doctor’s office, everyone loves him, AND the Nursing Student.    Cam-Man went through his exam pretty well, except for the “let me look down your throat thing”.  He wasn’t having anything to do with it, until Geema grabbed him and told him on the count of three, let the Doctor look down your throat ok?  One, two, three….he opened his mouth and let the Doctor look, he was gripping my hand though.

The exam went well, and Poppa hugged Cam-man and picked him up and we were on our way.  Lil dude has Bronchitis, and is going to be on antibiotics, with some cough syrup too.  On the way home we had to make a couple of stops, and we happened to pass the park a couple of times.  I’ve never felt so bad.  Everytime we passed the park, Cam-Man yelled (at the top of his lungs)  “We’re Here!!!” and he threw his arms up like it was a touchdown in a football game.  Poor dude was disappointed when we did not stop.  He was promised though that when he is feeling better we will go to the park.

We finally arrived home and it was time for a snack, “Hey Poppa, I know where the cook’s (cookie’s)are, let me get them ok? ”    After a couple of cookies, and then the Fisher dude came and took Cam-Man away from us.

It’s been a good day over-all.  Busy, but a lot of fun with some of the important peeps in my life.  And just to let ya’ll know.  My first phone call this morning was from the youngest son.  He called at exactly 7;20am, to tell me, this past chapter of his life is over and he is writing a new chapter with nothing but good things.  I am so proud of what he has accomplished so far, he’s in College, and has been released from Federal custody.  To him, I say this, you have nowhere to go but UP.  I love you kiddo….but watch out, Momma may just post about you next……

Night ya’ll….I’ve been blessed with a lot of things today, and I cherish each and every one of them…. Keep Smiling…:)




Well folks, today marked the end of the “long” days with Cam-Man.  The Nursing student is getting ready to be on “Summer Vacation”, which means for us, (since the Electrician has become so involved with helping me take care of him.)  Today was our last “official” long day with him. 

I still get him on Wednesday, but he is going to the Farmer’s with me and won’t see his “Poppa“.  I’ve been watching this little kid since the day he was born, and in times when the Electrician was on the road, he really kept me going. 

The funniest thing was though, that when he was born, I was afraid to hold him, because he was so tiny (6lbs and some odd ounces), and it had been so long (uhm 27 years) since I had dealt with a little one. 

Today is bittersweet, in the fact, that I will no longer get up early in the morning, to go scoop him up and spend time with him on a day-to-day basis.  Now, I will have to call and “schedule” a time to get him.   I think it kinda sucks.

While I realize that I have been blessed to be able to watch him, I’m gonna miss that little dude something fierce.    For all you Mom’s, its great being a Mom, but it is something wonderful to be a Granma.

I’ve watched and taught this little dude somethings, the Electrician has too, and I will confess, he and I might have shed a tear today.  When Cam-Man got into his Momma‘s car and waved to us and yelled out the window  “LUB YOU”.

Especially when the Electrician looked at me a couple of hours later and said, “My poor Cam-Man, he doesn’t even know yet, he’s probably playing at his house thinking that him and I are going to park tomorrow, and we won’t”.

I don’t know about y’all, but I think my house has been hit with Grandparentitis, and it’s bad.  I think we will have to pull out the calendar and set up some “play dates”.  I hope Cam-Man’s Momma has realized she has created some serious Grandparent‘s that already miss their little dude.


4 Pizza’s and Baking Bread…A day.

Today dawned far to early for it to be a Saturday.  I had to go over to the Farmer’s to watch momma for about an hour and a half this morning.  I got to the Farmer’s and he LAUGHED at me (HEY, I DID change out of my p.j.’s).  The first words out of his mouth were, “Hon, you can take a nap, Momma’s had her meds.” 

Well, the nap didn’t happen.  I made another cup of coffee, and got busy.  I changed Momma’s pants, and covered her back up, and then went down to get the paper, started a load of laundry (where does all this laundry come from?  I think there are little elves over at the Farmer’s house that purposely dirty stuff up, so I can do laundry).  I did sit on the couch and watch Food Network for a bit though.    And NO, I never did get that nap.

Joyce arrived and we chatted for a bit and then she went in to get Momma up and the Farmer got back home, so I left.  You see, today was a big day in my house.

Yesterday, the Electrician went to Monical’s Pizza and got 5 pizza’s for today.  But, I’m distracted, let me get back to it.    I got home and got things ready because, my house was about to fill up again. 

Today, The Nursing student, Fisher dude, Cam-Man, Brayden boy, Oldest son and newly engaged Fiance were coming to my house to “hang out” and talk about wedding stuff, and just have a good time.

They all arrived and we cooked 4 of the 5 pizza’s, and got full.  Then the “manly” bunch went outside to do some fishing in the pond.  Today Brayden Boy got his first fishing pole, and they were going to try it out.  The fiance hung out with the Nursing Student and I for a bit and then went outside to join the fishing gang.

The nursing Student and I have been faithfully mushing our bags of “Amish Friendship bread”.  Today was the day to bake the bread and make more bags to pass onto friends.  Before we even started, we realized that a trip to the store was needed for Instant Vanilla pudding, and oil.  So the Fiance and Nursing student ran to the store.  I got things prepped and then realized uhm, oops, I don’t think we are going to have enough milk to perform this task. 

So, we did the only thing we could think of when the 2 girls got back, we sent the Electrician to the store.  Well, I don’t know how some families do it, but when MY family gets together its chaos.  Plus, you put me and the Nursing student into the kitchen and there will be a lot of giggles and one hell of a mess.  At one point, because we had 3 different full batches going, well, one of the batches might have got 1/2 cup of extra flour, because we were talking and we both kind of lost count.

Let me just explain that one bag of mush, makes 2 loaves of friendship bread.  Yes, we were adventurous and had 6 loaves of bread, not to mention the 12 bags of “new” starter kits.  We had enough loaf pans to make them (Thanks to the Farmer for donating the 3 aluminium ones, and yes, your loaf is ready for you).  We put them into the oven and went outside to join the rest of the gang.

All in all, it was a really good day in my house.    The 6 loaves of bread turned out great.  The Nursing student and I gave the Fiance a loaf of fresh-baked bread, AND a starter kit with instructions.  The Nursing Student took home 2 loaves, and I have 3, 1 for the Farmer, 1 for us, and 1 for our neighbors.

This is the “manly men” down by the pond, getting ready for some serious fishing….

Brayden Boy caught his first fish today, and we were all so proud.  Another fisher-dude in the family.

Uncle Nate, Aunt Kari, and Cam-Man, I think they all had a good time today.

I wish the other kids could have been here, today, but I know that one of these days, we will ALL get together.


Wordless Wednesday…

Happy Weekend Y’all

Switch up day.

Ok, after the last few posts, I have realized, I have taken myself FAR to serious lately.  I’ve also realized, that since this week is Spring break, and we don’t have Cam-Man on a day-to-day basis, there are some serious giggles missing in my life.

So, after going to the Farmer’s this morning and getting Momma up and ready (by the way, today was a GOOD day for Momma).  I hung out with them for a while and did the normal, however, I gave her noon meds a little early and went on a trip.

Yup, I slid by the Nursing Student’s house and kidnapped , picked up Cam-Man for the afternoon.    Here is a little bit of how my afternoon went.

The Electrician has been missing Cam-Man too.  So, after lunch, Poppa took Cam down to the see the fountain that we had put back into the pond since winter is over.  They sat on the bank, and watched the fountain. Then they saw a rather large turtle swimming just around the pond.  (it has a lot of creatures in it, not just fish, but turtles, frogs, and I believe 2 muskrats.) We had a good time in the back yard today.  I am very lucky that I have the pond in my back yard.  The fountain actually is my neighbors, however, we’ve kinda claimed ownership over the past few years, because  The Electrician and the “other” Farmer dude put it in EVERY spring, and take it out EVERY fall.

There was one summer, where we got a paddle boat and paddled under it, that was awesome.

Cam and Granny had to stop playing for a “pose” Then we raced up to the house together.  Have you ever seen a lil kid run?  This kid just cracks me up, swinging his arms to give him more momentum.  By, the way, he won the race.  By the time we got back up to the porch, we all 3 had a sit down and just played a game of peek-a-boo.  I can’t explain to you the giggles that we had, but when Cam-Man was hiding behind me on the glider and then came around the side and said “I see you Geema” and started giggling.  Well……  I think the picture says it more than I can.  This lil dude, straight up can turn some of the awful days into the brightest just by his smile.

He just straight up can make me smile, by a hug with him patting my back.  Or, him giggling his giggle and thinking he can give me a wet willy and giggle, or just pushing at my toe, and me saying “ouch”  and him letting out a giggle. 

 After we had goofed off for a little bit, Poppa told Cam, they had to water the new grass that Poppa has planted.  So, Cam man grabbed the bucket and helped Poppa carry it to the new grass. Cam-Man was talking to Poppa the whole time and I believe he was saying..”Uhm, Poppa the new grass looks great, except I just stepped on some of it, but here, let me help you water it and it will grow.  ok?” 

(I gotta laugh here, simply for the fact, that I’ve been uploading pictures and the Electrician just asked me what’s taking so long for my post) … Uhm.. The Electrician has just advised me that the pictures HE took of the afternoon were really good…uhmmm…huh?  I advised him I took the pictures and he told me that I had GREAT subjects to take pictures of, my family is very humble, can you tell?

Apparently our pond is almost famous with other members of the community because this shot showed up on my face book page yesterday after the weekend.

This photo was taken by my friend Heidi Monyok-Newlin, she is a budding photographer, but in my book.  She IS a photographer, this is my pond from the other end.  The tree that the boat is by is my tree.  And I really want to frame this one.  Thank you Heidi!


Grandma B. and older people….

I was told when I was  about 23 that I gravitated to older people.  This was because I feel for older people.  I have a respect for people older than me.  Hey kids, they know a lot more, than I could ever dream of.   I’ve learned a lot about “real” history through their eyes) I used to hang out a lot with both set’s of Grandparent‘s.  I spent half of my summer’s with my step-momma’s grandparents, and the other half with my Daddy’s Momma.

Believe it or not, I learned so much from both set’s of Grandparents.    In San Diego, I learned about the Beach, and hard working people.  I had Uncle’s that took me under their wing. (who also kicked my butt when I needed it).

My Grandma Burwash tho, was the love of my life.  She had so much grace and a VERY hard backbone and also worked very hard, that to this day I like to believe that’s where I got my “motsy” from. (It’s where I got my love of homemade Chocolate chip cookies, and popcorn for Sunday night supper from). I spent a lot of time with her.  While the Farmer helped me, (and no offense to him in any way) Grandma B.  she taught me so much.   She was the one to tell me about certain things in life.  She was the one I talked to when I needed someone to talk to about stuff in life.  When I was in Basic Training for the Air Force I called her and begged to come home.  She told me straight up “Grow up my little one and do what is right”. (She lived to the ripe old age of 98).

She made me appreciate what was.  I could listen to her for hours about what HER life was.  I used to put me in place of her and really appreciate things I had.  So, in honor of her, I guess, I’ve ALWAYS listened to older people. 

 I was a waitress at one time, and I had an older gentleman who came in everyday, and I waited on him.  He always got the same thing everyday.  I spent extra time with him, because he was interesting to me.  His life, his thoughts and everything else.  One day, he didn’t come in and I got worried, he didn’t have family close by, and I considered myself family. I worried about that man for a week until one day, a middle-aged gentleman came into the restaurant and asked for me.  I went up to him and asked him, how could I help him.  He responded to me “Thank you”…ohmm..ok…Then he told me, he was my favorite old guys son,    Apparently my “old guy” had passed away, but he had told his son about me, and I had made a difference.  Apparently I had made his Dad’s day when I waited on him, served him his meal and sat and chatted with him.

I’m not sure where this is going, except for Momma’s room-mate, Momma has been there for  4 months, and I have been to see Momma everyday.  I have yet to see anyone visit her.  This makes me sad.

I understand  people get old and we cannot take care of them, but, excuse me….if we put them in a home can we not go visit them?   SERIOUSLY…I would not be here today if my parent’s had not given me life, for me to turn my back on them when they need me, HELLO… I cannot understand people who put their loved one’s in a Nursing home and then FORGETTABBOIT. 

When my kids were growing up, and it was Halloween, or even just a down Sunday, we would go to the Nursing home and visit people.  I didn’t have to know them, I would just start a conversation with them.  I can remember many a smile from an older person and a BIG thank you for just spending a few minutes with them.

I’m not judging anyone, I am merely expressing my opinion on a situation I really don’t like.  There are plenty of people in Nursing Homes, and sometimes, when they arrive there they don’t ever see any family members again, unless it’s Christmas or some sort of Holiday.   This truly bugs me.


Kids, Grankids, and birthdays….

Today was a day in my household.  It was jammed pack and full of adventure.  I guess when you’re a Grandparent, and you have a VERY large house, your kids naturally want to have their kid’s birthday parties at YOUR house.

Today was Granbaby Brayden’s 3rd Birthday.  We got a call about a month ago that the kids wanted to have the party here.  Here is the little birthday boy who arrived at our house just full of smiles.

It was a pizza and cake party.  There were several family members present (ok, who am I kidding, it was all family).  We really did have a good time. 

When Brayden was asked what he wanted for his birthday, the only thing he told EVERYBODY, was he wanted a “piece of underwear”.  Ok, I am old but could someone please explain to me what a piece of underwear is?

We all sat around and ate pizza (YUM, it was good too, and the Electrician and I ate so much we ended up eating nachos for dinner)

Then it was time for Bray to open his presents, and man, was that lil kid excited.  His brother Cam-Man wanted to help too.  I’m not so sure though if he wanted to help or just check out the new loot. 

  Cam-Man scoped it out though….Although, when Brayden SCORED BIG time.  Cam-man just looked on.   Do you remember when you got your first wheels?  Getting a bike is a MAJOR event.  I can remember my first bike. (WOW that’s a lot of years ago)

This would be my house today, it got a little Rowdy….But the Electrician and I would not have it any other way.  Even if, I had to leave to go to the Nursing Home AND…..the Electrician pulled out the Vacume cleaner, cuz well….there were cake bits everywhere. However, the cake…uhm…that’s a story too…  BUT, with my daughters feeling’s in mind, I’m only going to say this…..The Electrician talked to the Fisher dude about Judge Judy….Love ya kid, and YOUR heart was in the right place….sorry peeps it is an inside joke…. I learned something with the other kid….To the College student….Love ya kiddo, hope you have fun in Florida and wish you could have been here.