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Name Carrier….just a thought.

This is not really what I had originally planned to post tonite, but then I started thinking about it all through out today.

I am part of a family, but…I am the last in my line of name carriers.  When I got married, I gave up my last name.  It has never changed who I am because I was born with my name.  Does that make sense? 

I was thinking about my family name today, especially when I hear the name “Grandma Burwash”, because it always brings to my mind MY Grandma, not my Mother. 

You see, My Grandma, had 2 kids, my Dad and my Aunt.  My Aunt got married and hyphenated her name, but her children have their Father’s name.  My Dad had me, an only child (ok, I really guess I broke the mold and swore him off of having any more kids…hehehe).

I got married and changed my name.  So, that leads me to thinking.  Although my children, are 1/2 Burwash’s, they have their Father’s last name.  So, I guess that means I am correct that my family name ended with me, in this line of our family.

This makes me sad, I’m not sure why, and I can’t really explain it.  We have a family member that is in “charge” of our family “tree”, I guess every family has one of those, my husband’s family has one and has extracted all kinds of information from me, so our lines will be crossed.

I guess, as I have been getting older, certain things have become more aware to me.  My question is this, When my descendants are around long after I am gone, will  they know my family and all of its rich colorful history?  Of the Farming, and hardships my Great-Great-Grandparents, Great-Grandparents and Grandparents have known?  

Will they know that the Saturn Car Dealership in Champaign Illinois was once  my Uncle Art’s Farm,   That I remember the Farmhouse and the Tree outside that I climbed as a child, or the fact that Uncle Art only had a thumb on his hand because his other fingers were taken off in a corn picker?  That the tapes the Farmer has of my Grandma and her brother Uncle Art talking about when they were kids, walking in the snow to school, and all of their escapades.

Maybe…as we get older….we appreciate what our family has gone through before us.  I know I sure do.  I miss my Grandma, I miss her telling me always it would be a brighter day tomorrow,  and eating a dinner of popcorn on Sunday nights, cuz well that’s just what we did.

I guess I am just feeling a little sad, because folks, I am the last of my line as the name carrier.  I am proud to carry my name, and if I could figure out how to carry my name with my husband’s name and not spending a million dollars to do it I would.

But…let me say this….I was born a Burwash, I am a Burwash and I will carry that name throughout my entire life and be proud.



Wacky Wednesday, Momma, Cam, & the Farmer

Well, ya’ll know how part of my morning started.  After I posted I went to the Farmer’s, and he and I chatted for a bit, then I made some pancakes and bacon.  In my morning chat with the Farmer, I learned that while I have been having “Good” mornings with Momma, the late afternoons left something to be desired by him.  Apparently yesterday, momma had a bad afternoon and didn’t really surface until about 6:45 pm. So, to the Farmer, I’m sorry, but you will have a break tomorrow night k?

I got Momma up, bathed and dressed in her new duds.  She was in really good form for me.  We did her exercises and she did really good.  I made her some chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, and then had to fly over to pick up Cam-Man.

I got to the Nursing student’s house and she was clearly a little bit upset.  Cam-Man had a Doctor’s appointment yesterday and I guess the doctor upset her.  Apparently Cam-Man is low on his weight for his height, and the Doctor said he should be talking more….uhm…huh? I’m about to get a little snarky, but EXCUSE me….As a Mother, and a Grandmother I am here to tell you there is no kid the same as any other, and I don’t care what you are basing your ASSUMPTIONS on, or the fact that there are studies on this subject, I know Cam-Man.  He talks, and he also eats.  He talked my ear off after I nabbed him to take him to the Farmer’s.  He understands what you tell him, and he has powers of reasoning that sometimes make me stop and think.  I guess I got a little snarky because it upset the Nursing Student.  But after being reassured by EVERYONE, I think she feels better now.

Back to the day,  Cam-Man arrived at the Farmer’s full of giggles and fun.  Momma was happy to see him, he went right up to the Farmer first and said his “hello’s” then up to Momma. The next hour or so we all played, and then Momma was watching the Walton’s so, I put Momma’s t.v. in her room onto some Sid the Science Kid, and Cam-Man (who was feeling a little tired by then) sat in the chair with his blankey and thumb and watched it for a bit.

After he was done with Sid, he decided that since the kitty’s were sitting in the other chair in Momma’s room he would stir them up a bit and then a little chaos ensued.    I got Momma up and we were making our way to the kitchen so we could wash Momma’s hair when the doorbell went off.  I told Momma to stay in the hallway until I could back to her and went to the front door and there was no one there, I went to the back door and there was the Farmer (he had gone shopping at Wal-Mart) .  He brought in his groceries, and I went to check on Momma who was in the bathroom by now, and yup, you guessed it Cam-Man was “helping her”  I wished I had the camera, because (for the faint of heart don’t read the next sentence), Momma was sitting on the toilet, Cam-Man was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, holding her hand and they were having a conversation.  The Farmer told me that Cam-Man was helping Momma.  After we got her back up and ready to roll, the Farmer and Cam-Man went to have a pow-wow in the den and I washed Momma’s hair.

After Momma was settled back into her chair and her hair had been washed and combed, I got us all a snack of cheese-its.  I love those crackers!  Apparently so does Cam, because he ate all of his and then because the Farmer and I hade ate all of ours he went to Momma (who is a little slower at eating than the rest of us), and begged some from her, he even said “pwease”.

It was time to take Cam back to the Nursing student, so I put Cam’s hat and coat on and told him to go tell Great G’pa bye-bye, which he did, and told him to tell great G’ma bye-bye, which he did (he even gave her a hug & kiss).  Cam was asleep before we even hit the end of the driveway.

After dropping Cam off and talking to the Nursing Student for a bit, I had to leave to go to the DMV.  Yup, the State of Illinois sent me a letter advising me that as of tomorrow I was expired.  So, I waltzed right in and renewed my driver’s license.  It was kinda funny actually.  The lovely lady that helped me after seeing my name asked me if I was the Nursing Student’s Momma, and I said uh…yea….and then proceeded to ask me about her and her wedding and her baby.  So, it was kinda not so bad to go re-new my driver’s license. Plus, I was in there and outta there in about 10 minutes.

After coming home and relaxing by doing yet some more domestic goddess duties, I made a really good dinner.  Pork tenderloin steaks braised in white wine and butter, fried potatoes, and broccoli and cheese sauce.  On that note, I’m stuffed (uhm burb). I’ve had my shower and I am calling it a night.  Hope all of your Wednesday’s were as great as mine.

Queen of the Floor Part II

Yup, if you haven’t guessed by the title, Momma got up again last night and took another spill, thus she has been renamed…Queen of the floor.

I got another one of those phone calls this morning, “Joanne”, “yea”, “I don’t know how she got there but she’s on the floor”.  “Ok, I’ll get dressed and on my way.”

So, smelling like Vick’s vapor rub, and shaking off the Thera-flu effect, I threw on some clothes (Ok sweats really), jumped into the Rav 4 and hit the road.  Only, to discover my Rav4 was screaming at me with the ding-ding-dong, I need gas.  So, I stopped at my local gas stop, got gas AND a pumpkin spice cappuccino, and flew down the back roads (all in less than 30 minutes I might add).

Well the first thing I did when I got there was to assess the damage.  Momma was ok, and I really don’t think she had been there all that long.  She skinned herself up pretty good, and I’m not sure how her head got underneath the bed, but well, we got her up and back into bed.  It wasn’t that hard this time.  Altho I did ask her why she wanted to have a tea party on the floor at 7:30 am.

The farmer and I gave her 8 am meds, and tucked her up and told her to relax, which she did, and went back to sleep. 

The farmer and I had a closed-door discussion for 30 minutes, and came up with a plan.  Neither one of us can figure out just how she managed to get out of bed.  But the bed-rail only covers a portion of her bed, so guess what?  We ordered a couple of more bed-rails for her today and figure if we can surround her bed with rails then she can’t get out right?  Well…we shall see.  If that fails we do have a back up plan.

Poor Momma has no idea….I found out more of the story when I got her to go to the bathroom and she had a really hard time, she explained to me that she had stood in the same position for an hour this morning and her bones got stiff and she couldn’t move and she cursed Dr. SOD-OFF a thousand times.  I did ask the Farmer who this Dr. was and he just looked perplexed until my Momma said, you know that Dr. I don’t like…The Farmer just laughed… Uhm…I seriously do not know who Dr. Sod-Off is but my Momma is British and I KNOW what SOD-off means…hehehe…. 

 Momma was doing better when I left and I told the Farmer to call me if he needed my help this evening, I haven’t had any phone-calls, and not that I wouldn’t go if he called but I think I have over-dosed on Thera-flu, and the smell of Vicks Vapor Rub is kinda overpowering…. Sorry to the Electrician, but he is living with it. 

I did see Cam-man today too, I watched him for an hour while the Nursing student went to class.  He’s not feeling that great either, we pretty much just snuggled and had snacks and kool-aid and watched Curious George on t.v.  The nursing student has it too, I told her about the Vics Vapor rub…we’ll see how it goes tomorrow….

But I am reminded of something…This too shall pass…..

Vicks Vapor Rub, Granny, Cam & Momma

Hey ya’ll… see this cute lil kid’

He infected me with some illness, I’m not complaining but the last few days have been filled with Vicks Vapor rub, cold pills, night sweats…and well…uhmmmI still love him.

I have still been taking care of Momma, and today was a fun one.  It is a long Tuesday, I went and picked up Cam-Man, and headed over to the Farmer’s house.  Cam-man still doesn’t feel well, he’s teething and has snuffles, and gave his Granny a full-blown out cold. (Ok the Electrician says I’m a whinny butt, but when you can’t breathe uhm…it sucks).  Anyway, we got to the Farmer’s house and uhm, well, the Farmer got upset cuz Cam-Man went full-blown crying to have to leave his Granny.

So, the Farmer went into his den and waved by-bye to Cam-Man, and Cam-Man waved bye to him, and then proceeded to eat a whole bowl of raisin oatmeal (YUCK), and a big mug of milk and then proceeded to get off the couch and go throw open the door to the den and say “Hey Gpa..qheuytsxrsfb”  (Ok, he still speaks his own language but I think you get the drift.) He then climbed up into Great G’pa’s lap and sat there for a while talking to the Farmer…(I think the farmer liked it).

Momma had a good day, she watched “Sid the Science Guy” with Cam, and I made breakfast.   It was a good day.  We all enjoyed the time spent together.

Sorry kids, the Vick’s Vapor rub is getting to my eyeballs, I still can’t breathe, but I think I might start to be feeling better because ok, Thera-Flu is starting to work….

Technology…and Camsgranny….hehehe

Ok folks, let me bring you into the picture….first off I am NOT  techno savvy in any way shape or form. It took me FOREVER to learn how to use a cell phone and also to text someone.  I live in tracphone era….I don’t want a contract because well… I just don’t use my cell phone that much.

Well, while the Electrician was on the road, the cellphone became our only mode of contact, texting each other about 1000 times a day and talking to each other 500 times a day, because he was on the road and that was his only mode of contact.  He used his phone as his alarm clock and to contact me, his beloved.

Well…his phone should be in a graveyard, because well…it’s been used and abused, half the buttons are broke off, worn off and otherwise.  So, The Electrician  bought a new phone.  I LIKE that phone, it takes pictures, and is really cool. 

We have been trying to figure out his new phone together, and we sent Sissy a picture and a text (or so we thought)…uhm…whomever we sent the picture to “HI:…uhm…sorry…. 

Okay, I may be showing our age on this one, but I really LIKE this phone, so much that the Electrician just bought me one like his……well….I don’t want to be left behind….it may take me awhile to figure it out, but watch out peeps, Granny‘s got a new phone and well….hehehe…I’ll figure it out and WHAMMO ya’ll are gonna get texted (ok kids watch out, Momma‘s on a roll, call me butter) and Good times are a comin’.

My Momma in law….

My day has been wierd….ok.. I don’t know what to say..  My morning with Momma was fine.  We did the regular thing and I got her up, bathed and dressed, and today was a GOOD day with her.  I’m tired and I know it.

 I came home, and read my stats on my blog, and then proceeded to read other blogs….I have to give this lady a shout out…that would be…      Lifeintheboomerlane.wordpress.com , I read her blog every time she posts…. I can’t tell you about all the people I have met through my blog and friends I have made.

She posted a blog about Momma in laws today and funnily enough I got a call from my Momma in law today.   She requested the year of my birth…uhm..ok…I am exactly 1 year and 3 months younger than her son, but she called me today to ask me the year of my birth, that ensued a 1 1/2 hour conversation..In the poll…uhm…I LOVE my Momma in law, and I consider her my friend.

So I’m not sure where I fit into the poll…but… gotta say I really like blogging and really like all the friends I’ve met and ok ya’ll this is just straight up cool…..

Woohoo It’s Wednesday!!!

Okay Kids, sorry, but I’m excited, tomorrow is Thursday. For me that means the hardest part of my week is over, and I made It!!….WOOHOO….

It might sound silly, stupid or otherwise but the last 3 days have been a little long for this Granny.  I love my Momma and I love Cam-man, but ok, I give, I’m a little bit older than I was uhm……30 years ago, and I’m straight up tired.  I’ve missed the Electrician too…

I did ask the Electrician a favor tonite, and (head’s up Farmer) he said yes, so Momma will be going to the Doctor sometime in the next month.  You see, the Farmer and I had a talk today (well we do everyday, but today was different). 

Momma needs to see the Dr. more than every 6 months, Momma is getting worse and the Farmer and I see this, and maybe it’s just us but we see the progression alot faster now.  I don’t understand why, how or whatever, but it is really sucking twinkies.

I can personally see the change just by looking and I don’t want the Farmer to have to deal with it all the time, and that’s why I’m there.   I can’t Imagine being in his shoes, for I am in my own and I don’t like the view.



I have done my usual Tuesday thingy today, as in, go and get Cam-the-Man and then to the Farmers house, get my Momma up and make breakfast, do the laundry, play with Momma, the Farmer and Cam. And, all of that went really well.  But I can’t shake this feeling of restlessness.

I left the Farmer’s and dropped off Cam-Man to his Momma, (poor kid was asleep within being in the car for 10 minutes, we played hard).  I got home and did some domestic goddess things, mopping floors, dusting, putting a pot roast on for dinner.  When it suddenly hit me….

Sometimes, in your lifetime it is okay to look back, while moving forward at the same time.

17 years ago, I uprooted my life as I had known it.  I left my former husband (of 13 years) and dragged 2 screaming, kicking kids across country to start a new life.   I had a rocky relationship with the father of my 2 boys, and the relationship was over. 

I stayed in Albuquerque so that the boys could have one last Trick-or-Treat with all of their Father’s  family and then packed them up and brought them to My family. 

Many, many things have happened over these past 17 years.  I made alot of mistakes, but had some real success to.  I learned that I could count on myself to make things happen, I found a true soul-mate, I found happiness.  I know at this point it sounds like I’m being kinda vague, but I guess I am.  I am filled with so many emotions at the moment, sometimes it’s hard to narrow them all down.

I truly Love what I do.  It’s not really a job, it’s more of a Caregiver to those in my family that need me right now.  I’m absolutely okay with that.  I guess I was just looking down the road I have travelled this far in my life and looked at my accomplishments and my failures, and knowing that I’ve learned from my mistakes, knowing that I am a stronger person that I ever thought I was, and also, knowing that I am completely happy with where I have arrived. 

I also know that tomorrow will take me down another road, and that road may be the one less traveled but…I’m ready, willing and able.


Props to the Electrician..hehehe

Ok, I have to give the Electrician Props (that would be an attaboy to us Air Force Vets, and yes, I am an Air Force Vet).

Knowing that my chin is on the floor and I’ve had a rough week with Momma he did the thing he does best, he made me laugh my butt off.

There was nothing and I mean NOTHING on t.v tonite other than the regular College football (that is on my t.v on a regular basis on the weekends).  He (after taking his shower and putting on his p.j.’s for a night of relaxation) went to the Video Store (Yup, my small town has one of those), and rented the movieBrides Maids”Bridesmaids (2011) PosterOkay peeps, I seriously laughed my ass off, and I also related to this movie, I don’t know why, and I don’t know how, but I did.  I’m not a movie critic nor am I am an expert but this movie had me laughing at the word go.  Uhm, I would not recommend this movie to my Mother-in-Law but I sure laughed my butt off.

So…props go to the Electrician who reminded me in his own way, It’s just life and sometimes we all have to find our own way and do it with the only thing we can, and with what we know how..Because I sure giggled for 2 hours and five minutes, and I really needed that…..

Fun weekend.

Well….Monday sure came around fast didn’t it?  I was soooo happy to see my “Outlaws” and also cried a tear (ok maybe a few) this morning when they left.  I learned a lot of stuff this weekend.

I enjoyed cooking some family recipes with my M-I-L, had fun chatting with “Papa” and felt like a kid listening to how the Electrician grew up and memories of past Grandparents and stuff. 

We had a discussion about the “older folks”, it seems funny to say this especially since “according to the young one’s”, WE are the older folks.  But what we decided was it was our responsibility to pass down all that we know, so the one’s before us will be remembered and how much they accomplished in their lifetime.

In my family, the “older folk” would be this woman….

This is my Grandmother, other people in the family called her Aunt Ruth, the Farmer called her “Mom’, I called her Grandma.  This lady gave me more than anyone else will ever know.   This is a Lady.  She had many, many qualities.  Her life was not an easy one.  She was born into a Farming family and didn’t always have a lot, but they did have values.  (To the Farmer: forgive me, for you knew her so much better than I did…but this is MY story..:) love ya).  This lady, tought  me etiquette, grace (uhmm…I don’t think I ever caught onto that one),  compassion, true grit, and a strength you would not believe.  I have a lot to be thankful for and because of her.  She stays in my heart and thoughts for ever.  From the time I was born, until the time she died, she was and is my heritage.  It is my duty to tell my children and their children about her.  I knew her a lot better than my Grandpa, simply because he died when I was little, I do have memories of him, but they are vague.  My Grandma mage a Huge impact on my life that words could never explain.

See this woman?

This is the Electrician’s Grandma, Grandma Mary.  I had the pleasure to meet and be a part of the last few years of her life.  She was a Lady too.  She reminded me alot of my Grandma but in different ways that I cannot explain.  This is the Electrician’s Mom’s Momma.  This is the Lady that my M-I-L took care of until the end.  She lived in Wyoming growing up and did not have an easy life either.  She had alot of qualities my Grandma had too, grace, patience, understanding.  This Lady had an impact on my life as well that I could never explain.

I guess for us this was a weekend of learning about our heritage, on the Electrician’s side.  I never forget my family and what they went through, but now I know more of what the Electrician’s family dealt with and went through.  And I guess the funny thing about it is both families have alot of the same things in common.  Maybe that’s why the Electrician and I, know and have the same values of what family is….