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Long Tuesday Again!

Whew, well this day is almost over and it has turned out to be a long one.  Being the wonderful homemaking goddess that I am, I asked the Electrician to wake me when he left this morning (Uhm…what was I thinking???) 

5:30 AM rolled around and I got up kissed him by, and then proceeded to, do a load of laundry, watch the weather, clean up the kitchen, brew ANOTHER pot of coffee, set his clothes out for tomorrow, make the bed, uhm..well….I played on Facebook and caught up all my words with friends games ( I really think 14 games of scrabble is a lil much but oh well).

I headed out the door by 8:10 and stopped and got the Nursing Student a cappuccino, and went and picked up Cam-man.  We headed over to the Farmer’s and proceeded to get Momma up, bathed and dressed, and then EVERYONE (except me) into the family room.  I cooked breakfast, pancakes with peach syrup (YUMMO)…(don’t tell the Electrician tho, cuz ya’ll know I don’t cook stuff like that for him). 

Cam-man was in rare form today, playing hard as ever, the Farmer even gave him a car to play with, that thing ZOOMS across the kitchen/dining room floor too.  Momma was okay this morning, but when Cam-Man and I left about 1:15, (Cam fell asleep on the way to my house), I guess Momma went straight-up Parkinson’s and the Farmer had to put her to bed and sit with her a while.  I guess it was bad, because he was afraid she might hurt herself.  The Farmer worked his magic and calmed her down tho. 

Meanwhile, at my house, Cam-man took a 2 1/2 hour nap and while he did that I did some other domestic goddess stuff. I had just sat down and almost fell asleep when the Electrician got home, so I spent some time with him when yup, you got it, Cam-Man woke up and was very excited to see his Papa.  I guess by then Cam was tired of Granny because he didn’t want to have anything to do with me.

We all hung out for a bit, and then Papa loaded up Cam-man in the Rav4 and…we were on the road again, to drop him off to the Fisher dude.  Then I did my round-robin and was back at the Farmer’s. 

Tonite was one of his night out’s and I came to “hang out” with Momma.  When I got there, the Farmer told me about their afternoon, and told me she was still in bed.  I left her there for a bit, because sometimes when she get’s all Parkinson’s you can’t do anything but wait it out. (med’s to  kick in).

I went into her room about a half hour after the Farmer had left, and leaned over her and I swear she hid the biggest smile on her face, and she said “Good Morning”.  I told her “Good Evening Momma”, to which then ensued a conversation about what time of day it was.  I won that little conversation.

Momma and I had a REALLY good time together.  We cleaned the bathroom together (ok THAT might be over-doing it a bit, I cleaned, she messed).  We watched The Walton’s.  I vacuumed the front room and made her do leg lifts while I did it.  I think she kinda likes that cuz I get her to exercise and THAT is really important for her muscles. It loosens up her VERY STIFF muscles. 

She ate her dinner and then we got her cleaned up and into her jammies.  She went back to her chair, and DEMANED her ice cream sandwich.  Ok, so I’m a sucker, she did really well so she got 2 of them (psst…don’t tell the Farmer tho).  Hey she’s my Momma, bribery works okay?

I put her Monkey Butt to bed at 9:00 and she was sleeping like a baby when I left at 10:15PM.  Here it is now…uhm…11:35PM and I’m taking my Happy Monkey butt to bed.  (yawn) 

It may have been a long day, but it was worth every second of it.




I have done my usual Tuesday thingy today, as in, go and get Cam-the-Man and then to the Farmers house, get my Momma up and make breakfast, do the laundry, play with Momma, the Farmer and Cam. And, all of that went really well.  But I can’t shake this feeling of restlessness.

I left the Farmer’s and dropped off Cam-Man to his Momma, (poor kid was asleep within being in the car for 10 minutes, we played hard).  I got home and did some domestic goddess things, mopping floors, dusting, putting a pot roast on for dinner.  When it suddenly hit me….

Sometimes, in your lifetime it is okay to look back, while moving forward at the same time.

17 years ago, I uprooted my life as I had known it.  I left my former husband (of 13 years) and dragged 2 screaming, kicking kids across country to start a new life.   I had a rocky relationship with the father of my 2 boys, and the relationship was over. 

I stayed in Albuquerque so that the boys could have one last Trick-or-Treat with all of their Father’s  family and then packed them up and brought them to My family. 

Many, many things have happened over these past 17 years.  I made alot of mistakes, but had some real success to.  I learned that I could count on myself to make things happen, I found a true soul-mate, I found happiness.  I know at this point it sounds like I’m being kinda vague, but I guess I am.  I am filled with so many emotions at the moment, sometimes it’s hard to narrow them all down.

I truly Love what I do.  It’s not really a job, it’s more of a Caregiver to those in my family that need me right now.  I’m absolutely okay with that.  I guess I was just looking down the road I have travelled this far in my life and looked at my accomplishments and my failures, and knowing that I’ve learned from my mistakes, knowing that I am a stronger person that I ever thought I was, and also, knowing that I am completely happy with where I have arrived. 

I also know that tomorrow will take me down another road, and that road may be the one less traveled but…I’m ready, willing and able.


Props to the Electrician..hehehe

Ok, I have to give the Electrician Props (that would be an attaboy to us Air Force Vets, and yes, I am an Air Force Vet).

Knowing that my chin is on the floor and I’ve had a rough week with Momma he did the thing he does best, he made me laugh my butt off.

There was nothing and I mean NOTHING on t.v tonite other than the regular College football (that is on my t.v on a regular basis on the weekends).  He (after taking his shower and putting on his p.j.’s for a night of relaxation) went to the Video Store (Yup, my small town has one of those), and rented the movieBrides Maids”Bridesmaids (2011) PosterOkay peeps, I seriously laughed my ass off, and I also related to this movie, I don’t know why, and I don’t know how, but I did.  I’m not a movie critic nor am I am an expert but this movie had me laughing at the word go.  Uhm, I would not recommend this movie to my Mother-in-Law but I sure laughed my butt off.

So…props go to the Electrician who reminded me in his own way, It’s just life and sometimes we all have to find our own way and do it with the only thing we can, and with what we know how..Because I sure giggled for 2 hours and five minutes, and I really needed that…..

A Momma’s curse…..

Has your Momma ever told you this line?  “I hope you grow up and have a kid JUST LIKE YOU, so you’ll understand what you are putting me through.”  The reason I say this is because well…uhm…that’s what I told my kids.  Guess what? hehehe  PAYBACK time….

Ok as a Grandma, which I accept whole heartedly, I’m ready…(okay truth, I have 4 Grankids).  The one’s to which I am referring to in this post are these:

These would be my oldest son’s kids.  Kendra, and Jr.  Now Kendra, who I would say takes after her Momma, is a sweet, smart and very inquisitive little girl, although she has some of her Daddy in her (i.e. cutting her hair and some other escapades).  Now we get to Jr.  First off, I am of the thinking there should never be a Jr., simply because well…just take my advice and know there should never be a jr.  He is the one to whom this post is dedicated.

This kid is the spitting image of his father at this age, 

 right down to the facial expression.  I wish I could find the picture I have of him and put the two side-by-side.  This lil’ guy is giving his parents memories of what I went through with his father.  (BIG GRIN)  I get phone calls from the oldest son that start like this.  “hello”  “Hey Mom, I just want to say I’m sorry.”  “Sorry for what”, “Whatever I put you through because Jr. is teaching me that I really should apologize to you”.    Then there are details of whatever he has gotten into now, and how did I deal with the oldest son?  Uhm…I whipped yer butt and put you to bed.  That he remembers VERY well. (Uhm, I’m 4’11” tall and this 5’9″ grown adult man is STILL scared to piss his Momma off).

Then follows the conversation of all the lil’ mishaps and alot of good times that were had while they were growing up.  There were alot of them this past 30 years.  And now he is going to start them with his kids.  They have alot of memories so far, and like I tried to explain to him, they only get better with time.

My first advice is to get a shotgun because when this lil’ charmer gets to dating age, he’s gonna need it….

She is so cute, and so smart (must take after her Granny)…(hehehe)  This lil girl sent me a Mother’s day card that was so beautiful it made me cry…but I digress.  She is full of giggles and I’m proud of her.  (Although, she can give her brother what for on occasion).

I don’t get to see these Grankids, as they live kinda far away and I don’t get the opportunities with them that I do with the other 2, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about them or wish I could spend time with them.  Someday I will get to hold them closer than I do, and until then, phone calls will have to suffice….By the way…J – have you called your Momma lately?

 But my advice for the oldest son is this…..Give them the Momma or Daddy’s curse and then sit back and wait!

Love ya, J, Misty, Kendra & Jr.


Tales of the Bedrails (cont) & Outlaws are here too!

Well…everything has arrived and the bed has been put up on a bed frame, and the rail installed.  However, we have to re-install the bedrail because we installed it backwards.  Go figure, the farmer & I weren’t quite sure about it, but between the two of us we thought we had it figured out.

However, when Mom saw it apparently she wasn’t as upset as I thought she would be.  The Farmer told her we did it to make her safe, and that she would not be able to get out of bed and fall.    She said “Thank You”, and that she liked it but we had to move it because the end hit her butt when she sat down on the bed. 

So…we will be moving it tomorrow, and it will work for tonite.

Oh yes, update…THE OUTLAWS are here!!!  So happy to see both of their faces.  We’ve had a nice supper, of course we had Cam-the-Man and his Daddy the Fisher-dude came and ate because the Nursing Student is at work.  We also got to see a sleeping Brayden for the first time in about a month. 

Brayden finally woke up long enough to ask for a glass of milk and some cookies.  Because Granny‘s house always has cookies.  So after sending the Fisher-dude and his kiddos home we all settled down to relax and stuff. 

We are in the midst of trying to figure out what we are going to do tomorrow, because now 3 of the 5 kiddos are going to be here for a quick visit with their Grandparents.  I do believe that a trip to Farm & Fleet is in order and so far not sure what else the day will bring but I know I’ve got a 9 lb Boston Butt Pork Roast that is ready to be cooked and the leaf put in the table and things might get kinda chaotic but hey….we’re all family so it’s going to be fun, 3 generations all getting together.  I guess this will be our Thanksgiving of a sort.

Surprises, reflection and thought.



Today has been a good day.  Mom’s rails for her bed arrived and so did the new bed frame, so the Farmer & I will be putting that together tomorrow.  Boy is she in for a surprise, unfortunatly…she doesn’t take to surprises that well these days, but at least she will be safer during the night and that makes the Farmer & I happy.

Mom was having a good day today and we even washed and styled her hair, after we were done, she made the comment to me “You really do take good care of me, and I love you”.  I don’t know about you, but that just makes me go AWWWW, my heart was touched.

And that was just the FIRST half of my day.  I got to see Cam-the Man today too.  However, he was sleeping the whole time, amazing how a kid can sleep with his Granny staring at him just willing him to wake up so we could play.  But it was not meant to be today.  He slept the whole time I was there, and then had to leave when the Fisher-dude came home, I hung out with him for a bit and that was nice.

My day was filled with not just these things but also with a friend whom I’ve known some 30+ years, whom I don’t talk to everyday but who after years, or months I can talk to, just like no time has passed.  I don’t have a lot of these in my life and I’m really glad I have this one.  

So my thought is this one,  I am thankful for everything that I have.  Are their days when I just don’t feel like I can make it or do it another day?  That my heart is heavy with burdens, yea, I have them, but then I do something stupid or goofy and know….Tomorrow is another day and whammo, it’s gonna start all over again, and maybe, just maybe….I can get it right.

But if I don’t….I will have known…I’m just being me…:)  and doing it the only way I know how.  And that would be by the seat of pants and full blast. 



Today started out normal (as in…no phone calls).  Mom stayed in her bed all night and was still in bed when I got there this morning.  Today was my “broke up day”.  Which means that I went and got my Mom up and bathed and dressed then flew over to the kids house to watch Cam-the-Man while the Nursing student went to class.  This is because The Fisher-dude got that welding job we all wanted him to get (and are VERY proud that he did).

Cam-the Man and I had a good time, he’s missed Granny, and I could tell because the first thing he did was hug me like no tomorrow.  His Momma, the Nursing Student put Care Bears on t.v. before she left and Cam and I snuggled in the recliner.  Complete with blanket and all and snuggled together and watched Care Bears until Cam’s Auntie Krystal showed up and at that point we all 3 played.

The Fisher dude showed up on his lunch break and we all 4 talked for a bit (while the fisher dude made his lunch), the Nursing student showed up, Auntie Krystal left and that left me and Cam and his parents…..THAT’s when they dropped the bomb on Granny.  “We are going to put Cam in daycare”  “Uh WHAT??????” ”  “He needs to interact with other kids, not just his Granny”.  Well….what do you say to that?

So I left feeling a little..uhm..dejected…I’m not sure that’s the right word but that’s the only one I can think of at the moment.    I went back to Mom & the Farmers and made sure they had dinner and that all the laundry was done.  I came home feeling a little sad.  When the Electrician came home dinner was in the oven and he noticed something was wrong.  (They have a way of knowing when your chin is on the floor).    “What’s the matter hon?”..  “They want to send Cam to daycare and we won’t be able to see him as much as we used to”. 

Let me tell you the Electrician is on the same wave length as I am because he told me “we’ll kidnap him honey, it will be okay”.  You see…Cam the man, kept me company the whole time the Electrician was on the road, and if you ask anyone they will tell you Me n Cam are “BFF’S”..hehehe.

Well….after kinda feeling sorry for myself, we got a phone call tonite…(BIG SMILE)  and yup, they still need Granny to watch Cam….so, I still have my Thursday & Friday night with Cam-the Man.  This Granny is a Happy Camper….

Can’t wait for him to use his toothbrush again on Friday nite…:):)

It was a good Day.

Today was a Good day, altho..on the other hand not so good.  But let me explain.  I got up this morning and decided I was going to take some pictures of my drive to my parents house, because in the fall it is a really pretty drive. 

 To be exact, if I take the back way it is exactly 24 minutes (obeying the speed limit and no unforseen happenings).  If I take the route through town well it’s a good 30 – 35 minutes, and NOT so pretty.  (I usually go the back way UNLESS it’s dark cuz when it’s dark….critters and deer come out and I’m REALLY not into hitting critters or deer…but that’s another story).

This is one of the most beautiful spots in my drive,  your in the country and it’s very peaceful, unless there is someone coming down the hill while you are on your way up.

Then you run into these…you see it’s Harvest season now and you run into these guys every now and then, my advice…slow down and get out of the way….


And this… I just stopped because I loved the sky and this is almost to my parents house….

When I was a kid I never appreciated any of this, it was just “beans on the left….corn on the right”, but that was before my Dad took me across the pond to England (that’s another story)….Now that I am older and have grown (okay maybe not that much I’m the same height I was when I was uhm…10…..)  to appreciate all that is around me.

I digress…that’s becoming a habit…uhm..sorry… Oh yea… I get to my parents house and the battery on my camera dies…yup…who knew?  So I swapped my memory card with my Dad’s camera and VOILA…

AND this…

p.s. I REALLY like Dad’s camera…..

I’m so easily distracted…  It was a good day because I took care of both my Mom and Cam…I had fun with both of them.  They are both alot alike, altho some people would disagree,  they both LOVE me and are both  (one from age, the other from a disease that no-one understands) kinda on the same wave-length. 

My Mom told me tonite when I put her to bed…I Love you Daughter of my heart….That to me is worth more than I could ever express in words.

The Electrician got hit today….(this is the bad part), he laughs it off and it scares me silly.  I know he is an Electrician but to get hit with 220 volts…uhm… I don’t like it and will NEVER get used to it.  There is a mark on his arm that REALLY scares me…  I’ve told him to be careful, but ya know what?  He’s an Electrician and I have to get used to it…I don’t like it any more than I like Parkinson’s….BUT…I’m dealin with it, so if I have the occasional meltdown…I’ll tell you what THEY all tell me…DEAL with it!!!

Hot Date on a Wednesday?

Ok, I feel a little guilty.  You see when I first started this blog I was going to put something into every day.  Welp, here it is a couple of days have gone by and I have not typed anything.  As the Electrician says, “I got nuthin”.

So, I thought I would tell ya’ll about spending the evening with Cam-the-Man. (That lil kid is crazy)   

Tonite, I watched him for a couple of hours while the oldest daughter AKA Nursing Student (aka Cam’s Mom), went to class. 

When I got there the Nursing student had him in his high chair and was giving him dinner.  So, I took over and “helped” him eat his “sammich” with some cheetos and mandarin oranges.  I have to say that kid LOVES mandarin oranges.  Probably because they are small like him.   Dinner was over and of course Granny had to give him a couple of vanilla wafers, he loves those too.

Then… the fun began.  We dragged ALL of his toys out and proceeded to play hard for the next hour or so.  I chased him and we ran around all over the place.  We played with cars, and emptied the toy box and filled it back up, and then we found the basketball. (ok I can palm this basketball so it really isn’t that big)  Lil’ dude has a basketball hoop in his room. 

Here I have to stop and explain something, first off I am 4′ 11″ tall, the basketball hoop is about 4’8″ tall so I AM ABLE TO DUNK THE BALL!!!!!!!  Well Cam LOVED the fact that Granny could pick him up and HE COULD DUNK THE BALL.  We played basketball dunking for about an hour. 

We finally stopped and cleaned our mess up and decided it was time for a mug of milk and a little sit down time (he didn’t need it, I did). So Granny dragged out his “kid recliner” and put it in the living room with his Dad’s recliner.  We both sat down and supped up some milk (well…I had Sierra Mist).  This is how the Nursing Student found us.

So that was my “hot date” for tonite.  I then came home to the Electrician, and that’s a plus too.  You see, the Electrician had been working on the road for about 14 months and now he’s home because there is work at home now.  But that’s another story for another day.

WOW, I learned something new.

WOW!  When I first started this blog I went with the name Camsgranny, because well..I am Cam’s Granny.  I’ve had my blog now for 2 weeks, and I learned something new.  I started a Twitter account (to help my blog), and whammo….I have some followers, some are friends and uhm…well,  some I don’t know.  So, I googled Camsgranny.

WOW…ok, I am not a teccy kinda person and there is alot of stuff I didn’t know, but there is a website for Camsgranny.  You REALLY don’t want to know what’s on there but it has NOTHING to do with being a Granny.  So, to clear up ANY misunderstandings, I am not now, nor have ever been,  a Porn star…K?

I am simply the Granny of Camden, the caretaker of my Mother who has Parkinson’s and a Goddess of homemaking (ok maybe Goddess is stretching it a bit…but hey it’s my story).