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Thanksgiving….My Style, with help….

Today is Thanksgiving, here in the good old U.S. of A.  Plenty of families come together and render themselves into a food coma.

This morning dawned with me waking up and screaming “Oh Crap, I gotta get busy”.   What did I know?  The Electrician has never actually helped me with Thanksgiving in the previous years.   He was usually in charge of grilling or smoking the turkey.  This year was different.  I was cooking all of the turkeys (yes, I had 2) in the flavor-wavor.

The Electrician stepped it up this year.  Yes, he helped me make the oyster stuffing AND the sausage stuffing.  Helped with the Green bean casserole, He was in charge of the Rolls, and the mashed potato‘s.  The man stepped up.  (burp).

I was so far ahead of my schedule, I had time to just sit and watch “Friends” on t.v. cuddled up with my Beloved.  Have you ever just sat and rejoiced in what you have?  I did, today.

The dinner today was amazing, unfortunately, the Nursing Student and I over did it a bit, by simply eating too much before the dinner.  OOPS. My poor Collage student did herself in last night  enough said…

When we had all scarfed enough to feed the world (okay might be a stretch) , I plated up a plate for the Farmer.  I made a deal with all of them, that I would take the plate to Farmer, and they would do the dishes.  (I seriously got the better end of that deal, I got to drive 30 minutes in a food coma)

When I arrived at the Farmer’s, him and Momma were asleep.   I came in, and saw they were both sleeping, and I went up to the Farmer and gently rubbed him arm.  He opened his eyes, and smiled.  I  sush’d him because Momma was truly sleeping, I mean drool and everything.  He came into the kitchen with me and made a plate and then I told him I had to go.  I gave him BIG hugs told him I loved him, kissed my still sleeping Momma and left.  Can I be honest with y’all here? On my day of Thankfulness, I am Thankful she is still here, am I happy she never woke up AND I did not want to wake her up,  No.

I got home and my kids and the Electrician had cleaned up all of the mess from my cooking.   We then watched 2 movies.    I watched the Hunger Games, which I truly thought I would not like and I did, and The Lorax, and Cam-man was truly amazed.

I have had a truly amazing day.  I have counted all my Blessings, I am not looking forward to tomorrow… But will be will be….

During my day, there have been pictures, so the rest is dedicated to that….  uhm…by the way Cam took some of these…












The Cook-off fest has started…..

For those of us here in the United States, we have a holiday coming up called Thanksgiving.   I did Google it and apparently Canada also has a Thanksgiving, just in October instead of November.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this is my time to shine and just have some good ole fun in my kitchen.  This year, I have taken a different approach and I am trying something new.  Instead of one BIG turkey, I have 1 10 pound turkey and a 9 pound turkey breast.  Usually, the Electrician grills the bird on the grill, or has been known to smoke it.  I have never brined, nor have I ever injected anything into the bird.  Until this year.  I have bought an injector and have bought Tony Chachere’s.  Yep, I’m going to inject the whole bird, and then just flavor the turkey breast, normal.

Creole Butter & Jalapeno 17 oz.


I’m going to cook the whole bird in the Flavor-Waver, and then I found a recipe for a “Crock-pot” turkey, and the Turkey breast is going into the crock pot, to be cooked in gravy and orange juice.

I am also doing something different with my dressing/stuffing.  Normally, I make the good old standby, sausage, onion, celery stuffing.  This year, I am using the oysters that my “outlaws” brought me, and I am making oyster stuffing, as well as the good old standby sausage stuffing.

Now, I know most people will make that good stuff called Green bean casserole, with the cream of mushroom soup and French’s canned fried onions.  But me?  Nope, I am trying a new version, I will use fresh fried shallots, and a homemade mushroom gravy to go with fresh green beans.

While I know that having 2 vegetables the same color is sort of no-no, I’m still making some fried Brussel sprouts, the Fisher-dude and I have agreed, we both love ’em so they will be on the table.  Although to add a little color, I will probably cook some of the corn, that I put up this past summer, and I will say my own special prayer to Dick, and give him Thanks.

Everyone in my family, knows, I seriously suck at making mashed potato’s.  It is a known fact.  So, the Electrician will be whipping those bad boys up, and I will concentrate on the Sweet Potato casserole, with brown sugar, sweet potato’s, marshmallows and pecans.  (heaven in a casserole dish).

Of coarse, in my house we have 2 options, Turkey gravy and Ranch dressing.  Yes, I have raised a bunch of weirdo’s.  My family likes to dunk turkey into ranch dressing.  Those will be on the table too.

I am toying around with a salad idea, I was thinking a jello salad with some stuff, but I still have some time so peeps shoot me some idea’s.

Rolls, I forgot about those, I have them covered though, some yummy yeast rolls that are in the freezer, just waiting to be baked.

But, folks, this is just the dinner.  There are the appetizers, which are, a standby relish tray, sweet pickles, sour pickles, green olives, black olives, radishes, and carrots.  Chips and dip, Cheese ball, spicy boiled shrimp, crackers and cheese.

But not to be left out, I am sharing the dessert portion with the Nursing Student (who is also in charge of the cheese ball), she is making a Pumpkin Roll, and I am making a pecan pie.

This is a day, that we all get together, the women all cook, the guys eat, and watch the game, or in my house, they play on the computer.  We rent movies and things are generally loud.

After dinner, some take naps, some do dishes, and then we all watch movies together, and eat some more.  One thing we do, is give Thanks for everything.

But as for me?  I get to play in my kitchen for 3 days and make an outstanding meal, and have it all gone in 20 minutes, although we all eat ALL day, and then there’s the leftovers.

I truly love to play in my kitchen, and with everything I have going on right now in my life, it is very therapeutic for me.

While the Farmer ALWAYS has an open invitation to my house, I have taken into consideration his feeling for noise, and I will take him a plate over, after all of the dishes have been washed.    Because my house can get extremely loud, with kids and Grand babies.