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What a weekend…..whew….


After the events of this week, I was ready to settle down and to relax and have a nice  calming  weekend.  Duh…what was I thinking?  We had made plans with the Nurse and Fisher dude to watch Cam-Man this weekend, so they could go spend the weekend with the younger sister, the College student, at her apartment on Campus town.

booclaire clairejosh

Cam-man arrived at my house on Saturday, and he was not happy to be there.  First off, Papa was not there (he was grocery shopping, because we all KNOW I am not ALLOWED in a grocery store.) Second, he wanted to go with his parents.  So while he was crying full-blown tears and not happy, we still managed to say Good-bye to his parents after they had brought the truck load of stuff, they did for him to stay the night at my house.

I never realized the amount of stuff a 2, almost 3-year-old needs to be able to “spend the night” at his Grandparents house. A suitcase filled with stuffed animals, and blankets. A mattress (well I did ask for that) a couple of changes of clothes, and a couple of “snack packs” because we all need our “certain snacks”.

Cam cheered up, after we called Papa to find out where he was, and he told us to look out the window.  Cam broke into BIG smiles and helped Papa unload his truck from the groceries, he had to check each bag, and had to have some help when Papa gave him the bag of toilet paper to bring in.

With all of the groceries unloaded, Papa asked Cam if he was ready to head to the park for a bit.  Cam almost broke his neck getting down the stairs and ready to go….  They headed to the park for about an hour and had a blast (or so I am told).  When they arrived home, both were tired. Papa wanted to take a nap, and Cam and I snuggled into the rocker, and Cam faded fast in my arms.

After sleeping for about an hour and a half, I warned Papa, we might want to wake him up, or else we could be in for “a night”. Besides, we needed to go let “Bella” out.  Bella is the Nurse and Fisher dudes dog, that was probably ready to go out, if ya know what I mean.

After finally rising Cam-Man who is particular to his Papa tickling him, we loaded up, and went to, as Cam put it “his house”.  After letting Bella out and playing with her for a bit, she went back into “her room” and down the road we went”.

Cam was convinced we were going to have a “party” and we proceeded to get things going.  After dinner, Cam had a bath, Papa had a shower and Meemaw had her shower.  We were all in our p.j.’s and it was on.


Papa and Cam were looking for movies, but we had already rented “Wreck it Ralph” and we got ready to put the movie in.  Cam looked at us and said “party?”  So…we went upstairs to the kitchen and made some popcorn, and a mug full of diet caffeine free coke and we were ready to roll…

I do have to say, I enjoyed the movie.  Cam watched the whole thing, and sucked down his “pop” and popcorn, and we all giggled and had a great time.

After the movie ended though, uhm..someone was not quite ready to go to bed…they wanted to play “peek a boo”…

DSCN4368So we put in another movie, and hung out for a bit.  Papa got tired and decided we all should go to bed.  (Best laid plans…..) Papa ended up going to bed at 11 pm and Cam and I hung out until about 12:15…he finally climbed into his bed and went to sleep after telling me “it’s to dark in here Meemaw…”  I lit the night lite and he drifted off.  Papa checked on us a couple of times throughout the night.  I know this, because I was on the couch with Cam on his mattress right next to me.

Cam woke up at about 5:45 am, and he was scared, simply because I don’t think he knew where he was.  He came and got on the couch with me, but by then Papa was calling from the bedroom, anc Cam wanted to go.  Something though set him off, so we were all up by 6 am.

We all got up and toddled around a bit.  I fixed breakfast for all of us, and Cam had his weight in bacon and juice.  Papa and Cam played most of the morning, and the funny thing was?  When Cam’s parent’s came to get him, he was happy to see them, but then started screaming when he realized he had to leave.  There was a tear in his Papa’s eye when little dude left.

Grandbabies….who knew they would feel this good, but wear you out so much?  (This is after little dude left and Papa and Meemaw had about a 3 hour nap….apparently we weren’t the only one’s, the Nurse said little dude had a 3 hour nap as well….Fun times…priceless……


It’s beginning to look…..

Yesterday was a fantastic day.  I celebrated my 51st birthday and my 14th wedding anniversary. After an extremely late night (for me), I slept in this morning.  Unfortunately, it was not going to be a lazy Sunday for me.  I still had to go grocery shopping, and finish all the stuff I blew off yesterday.

I got busy early and finished the grocery shopping and came home, and the Electrician had pulled out all of the decorating stuff for us to finish our Christmas decorations.

We had just barely gotten started when I bundled everything back up, because the Nursing Student, Fisher dude, and Cam-man and Brayden boy stopped by for a quick visit.    They all entered the house with each Grandson carrying a present for me for my birthday, and both of them telling me Happy Birthday G’ma! at the top of their lungs.  I just busted up into a fit of giggles, because both of the boys said Happy Birthday so clearly.  I was very happy with the presents too.  I got 2 pounds of coffee, 1 pound of “naughty” and 1 pound of “nice”.    It sure made me giggle at the titles of the coffee, but they sure do sound good.

After the kids had visited for a bit, they flew off down the road, and the Electrician and I got busy with the decorating.   Meanwhile, I had shoved a boston butt pork roast in the oven, and also a vegetable medley of mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, and potato’s into the oven a little bit later, and also threw a salad together.

We finished the decorating, and then chowed down on a wonderful dinner.  Now?  we are both stuffed again, and relaxing.  But my living room looks amazing.  We also talked about decorating downstairs, where we usually hang out.






We don’t even have all of the stockings hung up, I have about 4 more to add, but I’ve kind of run out of room.    My house looks terrific, and I have watched some Christmas shows on t.v. tonite, and I am feeling the Spirit.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.


Paying it Forward…

I have been cleaning up my blog space, and have come across some blog posts, that I meant to post, but never got around to it.  So with that being said, I am going to post a couple of them.  They are all less than a month old, so please enjoy!!

Today, while I was waiting for the Electrician to get home from work,  I did some catching up on reading blogs.  I don’t always have the time to do this.

I came across a blog post today, that has had me thinking.  It was written by Professions for Peace.  It was titled More kindness of Strangers.    Here is a link for it http://professionsforpeace.com/2012/08/11/more-kindness-of-strangers/.

I urge you to go read it, it is very uplifting.  In a day when a lot of people don’t smile at each other anymore, nor is the “Please and Thank you” forthcoming.  This was a breath of sunshine to me.

It also, got me to wondering.  There have been times, when strangers have helped me.  There have times I have helped strangers.   It may seem like a small thing, but when I go to Aldi‘s I always give my shopping cart away.  You pay 25 cents for it and then you get your money back when you are done.    I always pass my cart on to someone else.

I like the idea of paying for someone else in the drive thru though, I might have to try that one.  Another one I heard was someone who had taken 10 $1.00 bills and hid them in the toy department at different stores.

It just made me stop and think, that maybe, just maybe, if we were all nice to one another, it could be a better place for everyone.


WOW, I got offered a job….

I realize that it is late for me (12:37am).  I have spent the evening at the Farmer’s tonite, taking care of Momma.  The Electrician came home to an empty house, that I had smothered with little notes everywhere.

The Farmer had a “night out” with some of his buddies, and I think he had a good time.

Part of my evening was training yet ANOTHER person to come in and take care of Momma in the evenings.    We use a Home Health Care Agency, and it appears, that our’s is the only account she has problems with.  The owner of the company is a very nice lady, and I do like her.  She brought the new girl over tonite, so I could meet her and “train” her.

The problem with “our account” is the fact that the Farmer and I do almost EVERYTHING for Momma.  It appears that in this day and age, that is unheard of.  The fact that they are amazed at how well Momma is taken care of was remarked to me several times this evening.

The Farmer and I are not asking for much.  All’s we ask is that someone come in 2 hours an evening and put her to bed, and chat with her a bit,and then on the weekends, come in for 2 hours in the morning, to give her a bath and get her up and two hours in the evening, to put her to bed.   Is that seriously asking too much?

It was mentioned to me this evening, (ok, I may be a little snarky in the telling), that maybe some of her employee’s would be happier if they could spend 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening, and maybe I should not do so much, so the other girls would have more to do.

UHM,  EXCUSE ME,  I’m not quite sure what set me off, other than the fact, I am very “territorial” over MY parents, and I do, and am willing to do, whatever they need.    While I understand that these girl’s need to make a living to, it would seem to me, that what we are asking would be “gravy or easy money”.

I was starting to lose my patience (Thanks Momma for teaching it to me), I held onto it.  But when the owner of the business that we employ, advised me that when Momma passed, she would be willing to hire me for her company as a Caregiver…..let’s just say, I have a hole in my tongue.

Maybe, I took the whole situation wrong, but I am a little flabbergasted by the whole experience.  First of all, this is my Momma, and you casually say to me, “When she dies, I will hire you, you have experience with a feeding tube and other stuff”.  Folks, I have a serious problem with this.

I believe I will be talking to the Farmer tomorrow, because this whole evening did not sit well with me.

Maybe, I am too sensitive when it comes to Momma.  Maybe some people are insensitive.  I don’t have an answer to that question, other than I am very proud of the fact, that I didn’t give into my first instinct.

The alligator mouth did NOT over-ride the rabbit ass, and I kept my mouth shut.  To the Farmer, THAT’s a first huh?


Playing Hooky is over….

I have spent the past couple of days “playing hooky” so to speak.  I have spent time at my house, and while Momma and the Farmer are never far from my mind, I’ve concentrated on Me, and the Electrician.

Yesterday, I caught up on all of those domestic diva activities I have neglected lately.  I also did the Grocery shopping thingy, and do have to say, I came in UNDER BUDGET.  WOOHOO for Camsgranny.  I am learning I CAN go into a grocery store and not buy EVERYTHING.  However, with that being said, that does not mean that, I still don’t look at everything.

The Electrician had a very long day yesterday, so I found myself at a loose end.  So, I took a nap, and then played on the computer for a while.  When he finally called to tell me he was on the way home, I got supper ready and everything in place for him.  Hey, if it was me working 12 hours in one day, I would appreciate having my clothes set out to change into, and dinner on the table, and a few other comforts as well.

We spent a relaxing evening together, although we stayed up way to late.  Which is why we probably overslept this morning.  Ms. Baby tried to wake us up, and I cuddled her, and she went back to sleep with her head on my pillow, and on her back all fours up in the air, cuddled next to me. Although, the Electrician stated later, that her and I “hogged” the bed.

We all finally roused this morning, uhm, it was kinda later than we normally sleep. But I honestly think, we all needed it.  The Electrician mowed our weeds, that have popped up in the small amount of rain we’ve had.  Me?  I played Betty Crocker in the kitchen most of the day.

The Electrician takes his own lunch that I make for him everyday.  Today, I had to replenish the supply of things I send in his lunch.  I guess, I am old school.  I refuse to buy store-bought cookies, because I feel homemade cookies are so much better.   To back this one up, when the Electrician used to work away from home I would send him back to work every Monday morning with a double batch of cookies, he would share with his co-workers.   I was known as the Electrician’s cookie lady.

I also made a batch of brownies (HEY FARMER, yours are in a special bag, that I will bring tomorrow).  Then, I made his lunch for tomorrow, and I have kind of gotten into the hang of making wraps.  They are so easy and healthy and just fun to make.

I also made dinner, and I might of goofed up here and learned a lesson.  I really need to label what I have in the freezer.  I was making green beans with new potatoes and I thought I had grabbed one of the ham bones in my freezer, uhm, nope not so much apparently it was left over pork roast.  Oops.  The beans came out good never the less.  Then I made a Salmon fillet with herbed butter and lemon sauce, and some muscles in lemon sauce to go with it.

Then I got the phone call, I always get worried when the Farmer calls me, I don’t know why, I just do.  Apparently, good help is hard to find.  The Caregiver that was supposed to be there last night got fired, and Tracy stepped up and came and put Momma to bed.  Tracy came this morning and came and got Momma up, and there was supposed to be someone new this evening, and the Farmer called and asked if I would come over, and help.

Well, yes, I said I would, only to receive another phone call, telling me that the new person was having car trouble and Tracy was coming back to put Momma to bed.    I believe I have already told y’all how much I like Tracy.  She truly cares for Momma and does not see her as a “job”.  The reason I say this is because, Tracy knows how Momma feels sometimes, and brought Momma a stuffed Unicorn.  Between Mr. Bear and the Unicorn, they are both loved.  The reason I say this, is the other day, Momma had the Unicorn over her shoulder like a baby and was burping it.

The Farmer did ask me about bed sheets though, and I would just like to put in an “attaboy” to the Farmer.    It’s a personal thing, and I won’t bust him out, but I’m proud of you Dad.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the normal, and my “hooky” weekend is over, and I thank the Good Lord for letting me have it, because I truly needed it.  I am relaxed, refreshed and renewed, and ready for just about anything.

Smiling at a Stranger…..

I had an experience yesterday, that has kind of stuck with me.  I’ve mulled it over in my mind for a bit, and I think I’m ready to let it out.

For those of you that follow my blog, y’all know I’m not allowed in a grocery store (problem of seriously over spending, I think I am food hoarder).  But for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing the Grocery Shopping.  Yesterday, I made a stop at the local Wal-Mart, and I was only there to buy lunchmeat for the Electrician’s lunches and a couple of other things, while I was walking around and looking at things (which I usually do, I have to look at EVERYTHING).  I smiled at people, I was amazed by the amount of people who looked at me like I was crazy.

When I finally found my way to the deli area and was looking at what sandwich meat I wanted to purchase, there was a woman who was talking on her cell phone,  the lady who was waiting on her, was getting a little stressed, because she saw she had a line forming.  Everytime she would hand the cellphone lady an item, the woman would ask for something else, but when the deli lady asked her if the slice was ok, she would ignore her and keep talking on the cellphone.   When the deli lady had handed her yet another bag of stuff, the cellphone lady kept talking.  So, the deli lady went to wait on another person, when the cellphone lady told her she wanted one more thing.  By now, there were about 6 people waiting at the deli, and this poor deli lady was by herself and very stressed out.  The cellphone lady finished her conversation and ended her call and then looked around at all of us just standing there.

The deli lady went to wait on some other people and I was still standing there looking at the meat, but in my mind, I was seriously wondering when did it become ok to be rude, to other people, for the sake of a phone call.

When the deli lady came to wait on me she was breathless, and a little stressed, so I gave her a big smile, and looked at her and stated “Little busy huh?”.  She stopped and looked at me and gave me a really big smile, as if to say thank you. I asked for the meat I wanted, and after she had given me my last order, I looked at her and smiled, and said “Thank you so much, you try to have a good day ok?”.  She looked at me and said “Thank YOU, for your patience and understanding, and also for that smile, that made my day.”

So, I guess, my advice is to smile at a Stranger, you never know what they are dealing with, and it may just make someone else’s day.

Got my Catchers Mitt ready…


I’ve come to a realisation, (thanks to a couple of fellow bloggers who have helped me today).   I’ll get into this later.

First off, I woke up with that sinus gungus fungus alamungus stuff this morning.  Yup, one side of my face was swollen, no known reason other than the fact, my face felt like it.

I headed on down to the road to the Farmer’s and lo and behold, it was raining (this could explain my face explosion).   I got to the Farmer’s and grabbed a cup of coffee, and went in and sat with the Farmer for a bit.  We worked out our game plan for today, did some negotiating ( we both like to do that hehehe).

With our plan set, I went out to make breakfast, and then after the Farmer and I ate, I went in and got Momma up.  WOW, she was all in good humor today, and popped right up.    After giving her a bath and then asking her if she was ready to get up, she replied with “Daylights burning, get me up”.  Uhm, ok who are YOU and what did you do with MY Momma?

The Farmer and I got her up and put her on the porta potty, and she told us she was ready to get up.  So…we got her up and put her back down quickly.  You can read between the lines here.

I’m gonna sidetrack here, simply because for those of you that read my blog and know nothing about Parkinson’s, one of the “sidekicks” from this Disease is as progression goes there is this thing called Constipation.  There are several ways to treat it, and the Farmer and I have tried several different ways.  The fact that Momma does not eat “real” food and gets her food through a g-tube and gets something called “jevity” well…sometimes she gets a little backed up (forgive me the Electrician is telling me this is gross, but like I told him, this is a fact of our lives).    Anyway, back to the point, we’re trying a “new” cure and man…uhm…well lets just say Momma has had a weeks worth of $hit  in 2 days, and it’s still coming.  No wonder she is more cheerful and chatty lately, if I was full of $hit I’d be grumpy too.

Ok, back to the matter at hand,  when Momma was finally done and all cleaned up, we switched things up and she got into the wheelchair, after visiting parts of the house she hasn’t seen for a while, we took her into the kitchen.  You see, we had decided today was going to be Momma’s Spa day.    Usually, Joyce and I wash Momma’s hair on Wednesday’s, well, this past one was not a good day, so we didn’t do it.

The Farmer had been prepping Momma for her spa day and she seemed like she was up for it.  We got her into the kitchen and we got her to the sink and let her look out the back window, and then, as momma put it, The Farmer tried to drown her, notice I said the Farmer, because she loves me and knew that head massage she got was all me, but the water that went into her ears and down her shirt was all him.  Hey, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it ok?

After her hair was washed, we got her into her chair and then it was  pedicure time.  After soaking her feet in epsom salts for a bit, and then an exfoliating scrub, I trimmed her toe nails and used a sander (seriously no kidding) on her nails.  Parkinson‘s patients have problems with their feet.   After the whole process I massaged lotion in them and they were smooth.  After that it was her fingernails (which the Farmer stated were kinda sharp).  After her manicure and massage, Momma was a happy camper.  Me?  I’ve never been to pedicure, or nail school, but I have this one down pat.  Momma was a very happy girl and I’m serious when I say, she was smiling like a Cheshire cat.

With everything done, I went on down the road and did my errands.  I did go to the Grocery Store again today, even after my disaster of over-spending last week, I can say with a BIG grin, I was UNDER budget this week.

I even cooked dinner tonite, and it was good.  Although, to anyone reading my blog,  CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO MAKE MILK GRAVY?  Because mine seriously SUCKED.  I can make beef gravy, chicken broth gravy, but milk gravy, nope.

I had my Catchers Mitt ready today for any curve balls that would be thrown my way.  But ya know what?  Genie speaks told me that maybe if I didn’t try so hard, it would come to me, guess what?  I think she was right.

Today, I did everything on my list, and I wasn’t stressed about doing it, I just did it, and figured, It is what It is.  And guess what?  It all flowed, I’m not stressed, or snarky.

I also got some really good advice from my friend Karen H.  who told me to just relax and enjoy my moments.  Thanks Karen, I did and it was great.

Today, was a good day for me.  If I quit looking for balance, it seems to come to me.


Be Careful what you say….

Camsgranny learned a very valuable lesson today.  A fellow blogger had asked a question, and after giving it sufficient thought I answered from the gutt, but with no actual experience.

I had first hand experience today, I think that was God‘s way of telling me “Be Careful in what you say or advise.”

My day started off normal, Ms. Baby woke my butt up at the crack of dawn, with a paw to my forehead.  I begged her for a few more minutes,  she graciously gave it to me.  I flew out of bed, and got busy with chores at my house today.  Laundry, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, cleaning out MY kitchen cabinets,  writing a grocery list, and everything else that I did, that I really can’t remember now.

I got some Spaghetti together for the Farmer, (Yes, that was dinner last night and I promised the Farmer, I would bring him some, especially since I had made meatballs).  I flew off down the road with my list in hand and my stops strategically plotted.

I arrived at the Farmer’s and dropped off the spaghetti with meatballs, and 2 bags of corn (yea, that was yesterdays corn wait for todays),   I went to the backdoor, (like I usually do), it was locked.  Uhm…ok, I walked around to the front door.  (Things on weekends are not what I am used to).  I breezed in and dropped off the “loot”.  Tracy and Dad and Momma were in the front room, I said HI to all of them and then put the stuff away I had brought, I went up to Momma to say “hello”, when she asked me “Do I know you”?

Ok, What the….nevermind what I actually said, I told her to look me in the eyes, and I asked her, “Do YOU know me?”  She looked me in the eyes for a good couple of minutes, and then a smile slowly lit up her face, when she replied “Yes, you are Joanne Dutch”. “Uhm Momma, I’m your daughter  do YOU remember me?”    It took a few moments, and then she grabbed my hand, and she held on tight.  Then we went through a difficult conversation for me, but we did it.

Apparently, Momma was not at all receptive to her weekend care this morning.  While Tracy is good with Momma ( and I’m not being full of myself here I am being truthful), Momma was thrown for a loop because it was not me that was there.     HOW do you deal with that?  To top that off, when I called this evening, the Farmer wasn’t to up, he’s tired.   He misses me on the weekends,   But at the same time, I do have a household to take care of besides theirs.  That last statement seemed harsh to me.

I am trying to find balance, because I am torn in a lot of different directions.  I love the Farmer with all of my heart, I love the Electrician with all of my heart, Momma there is no question….  My problem is trying to find a balance between all those I care about and at the same time trying to find time for me.

My time?  Uhm…ok, Camsgranny is going to confess, she may have overspent at the Grocery Store…  I don’t know why I do it, but I always seem to do it. When the Electrician balanced the checkbook, and we had 10 cents to spare…Hey I did good right?  hehehe…It’s not as bad as all that, but ok, I cut it close…..

I figure….This too shall pass right?

Woops….Missed a day

While I did not post last night, I had a really good evening with the Electrician.  It was long over due, and we spent some time talking, holding hands, talking and listening to some music.

I hadn’t really thought about blogging, I had read some of the blogs I follow, and then found some new ones, thanks to other bloggers.    For me, when I find a new blog that really smacks me in the face with some new thoughts, I take a day or so to absorb it.  I went back today and read this blog today, and it still hit me again.  The blog is  professionsforpeace.com.  I was sent there by  russtowne.com.  I have just started following Russ, but I really enjoy the things he has to say.

Anyhow, in my evening, I truly forgot to blog.  I have now understood that certain people follow my blog, because I got 2 phonecalls today, asking if everything was ok.    “Uhm…yea, why?”  “Well…you didn’t blog last night and I want to know what’s going on and if everything is ok?”

To all of the concerned peeps, it’s all good in my hood.   As for my day yesterday, it was ok.  I trained yet another girl for Momma, and I like this one and hopes she stays.  I think Momma liked her.  Momma and I whispered about the secret we’ve got going on.  Yes, jmgoyder.com  I will spill the beans, and you get a really good giggle out of this one.

After tending to Momma and the Farmer (who put his crockpot into motion this morning with the succulent beef stew I had set up yesterday), I flew to do my errands.

Now mind you, I think Ms. Baby had something going on in her mind yesterday as she woke my unhappy butt up at 5:45, and I figured ok, I’ll sleep in tomorrow (today, and psst…I did, 7:45 never looked so good).  But I digress, I got up and started laundry at my house and then dusted, mopped, vacuumed, and cleaned the downstairs bathroom.  The only thing I had left was to clean the upstairs bathroom, dust, vacuumed and wipe down the kitchen.

I left the Farmer’s and went (wait for it folks), to 2 different Grocery Stores, did my shopping, CAME IN UNDER BUDGET  (this is 2 weeks in a row, wow, call me butter I’m on a roll).

I got home and my BFF was here with her son, they had come to give me a present, (they love me..awwww).  I left the Groceries in the Rav4 for the Electrician (he was home it was a short day Saturday) to unload and I visited with my bud.  I see her all the time but this is the first time in a long time, she’s stopped by.

We chatted and set some tentative plans for next weekend.  (it seems strange to say, even though we live around the corner from each other, she has a busy life as do I.)  I also got PERMISSION to go raid the corn field.

So, one day really soon, I am making sure Ms. Baby gets me up early and I am going corn picking.    This is usually how I get all my frozen corn to keep me going over the winter months.  I go pick about 4 dozen and then cut the corn off the cob and freeze it.  That’s how I have Sweet Corn at Christmas…:)

After she left and I put away the Groceries, I looked around and that wonderful man the Electrician had finished everything that was on my list to do as far as cleaning, and I didn’t have anything left to do other than to take a nap with him.

So all in all I had a good day yesterday, and I didn’t mean to make people worry about me.  But thanks for the phonecalls!!!

Domestic Saturday…

Today dawned with the promise of another day, and the promise of it being HOT.  I had my agenda all ready.  I’m having guests come over for the rest of the weekend, so my plan, was to shape up my house and do all those Domestic Goddess things, that I do at the Farmer’s, to my house.

So, after finishing the grocery list and giving it to the Electrician, he went off down the road.  Me?  I got busy.  Laundry, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, mopping floors, and the regular Domestic Goddess stuff.  Of course this was only after having 3 cups of coffee, reading my e-mail, playing on Facebook, and checking my blog.

I did do one thing  unusual today.  I made my own laundry soapThe Electrician had found a recipe for laundry soap and asked me if I wanted to try it.  Well…duh…in case any of you have been to the Grocery store lately (uhm, don’t look at me, because anyone that reads my blog KNOWS I’m not ALLOWED in a grocery store.)  ok, I digress AGAIN.

Laundry soap in the grocery store is unreasonably priced in my opinion.  The recipe for the laundry soap included 3 ingredients,  which the Electrician bought for me.  I followed the recipe, and made 10 gallons of laundry soap, for about the cost of $3.25.  Now, according to a friend of mine who made this same recipe, the 10 gallons lasted her for about 3 months, she has twins, and her and her husband.  I don’t know about you, but I am willing to save a couple of pennies (ok A LOT of pennies), for what took me about 45 minutes to make.  I think the reason it took me so long was because I was unsure about if the Fels- Naptha soap had dissolved.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll let y’all know how it works.  It sure smells good though.

After all of the domestic duties were done, I decided it was time to hit the pool.  I had worked up a sweat, and was ready to relax.  I laid in the pool for about 15 minutes, and got out and decided to dry off reading a magazine underneath the deck.  The phone rang, it was the Electrician asking me if I was going to help him unload groceries.  I came in through the sliding glass door and about had a heart attack.  The Electrician was hiding on the other side and totally spooked me.  Rotten rat.  We put away all of the groceries, and then we both laid in the pool, and giggled and just had an over-all great time.

The Electrician did surprise me though.  In those bags of groceries, he splurged, for dinner tonite, we had Ribeye steaks, corn on the cob and baked potato’s. (in honor of my HOT Potato award).

Life is good with me folks, I hope for you too.