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Trip down Memory Lane…..

Ok, ya’ll after spending the day with Cam-the-Man and also Momma, then spending the evening talking to the Electrician’s friends, I am in a nostalgic mood, and would like to take you down memory lane with me.

When I was a kid (really not that long ago), we didn’t have computer’s, cellphones, and MTV, VH1, or video games.  We had inventive entertainment.  We would get up in the morning, eat breakfast and then hit the streets. (Kind of like Back to Future, it makes A LOT more sense to me now) In my case, it was a country neighborhood, with about 20 houses and woods all around us.  I met up with the neighborhood kids and we rode our bikes all day, or played baseball, or climbed trees, or just went playing in the woods.

We invented games, but mostly we just rode our bikes on all those country roads.  We didn’t have to worry about “drugs” or being kidnapped.  Our biggest fear was not getting home before the street lights went on.  Yes, my little country “hood” had those. And if your parent’s screamed your name, you KNEW you were in trouble.

We used to catch fireflies with mason jars.  Then we did get adventurous and catch Bee’s with fireflies.  To this day I’m not sure how I never got stung, but we did catch them and then let them go.

My childhood changed when we moved to England.  I didn’t have a bike anymore, but I did still wander the “streets” of London and our small town of Surbiton Surrey.  I learned how to ride the double-decker bus, I really enjoyed the “top deck”.  I had freedom as a child, that kids today don’t have.  At age 15, I was allowed to ride the train to London by MYSELF and wander around London  and then take the train home. 

When I became a “Younger adult” and had to start working, well I did.  My first job was at a Hair Salon, I was at the wash station.  I washed client’s hair.  Uhm, probably not good for me as the first few people’s hair I washed ended up with a shower.  I guess I was never meant to be a hair dresser.

I ended up getting a job at “Boot’s the Chemist”. I remember it well, I started out at the makeup counter and moved to the soap aisle.  (My whole family remembers it too, as all they got for Christmas present’s that year was something from Boot’s).  But I remember getting my “pay-packet” and feeling VERY grown up. 

But then I decided to join the U.S. Air Force .  And that’s where I will stop my story.  Tonite, was about remembering my childhood and I had a GREAT one.  I didn’t have to face a lot of things that today’s kids do, I was NEVER bullied, or picked on, nor did I ever feel that my life wasn’t worth living. I was very active, whether it was doing something by myself (as an only child I was okay with this but I did have a LOT of imanginary friends).  I didn’t sit inside all day and play video games…we didn’t have any.  We used something called our imagination.  Man, those were some DAMN good times.  If the sun was shining…we were outside, if it was raining….9 times out of 10 we were still outside.

I drank water from a hose…uhm..to all those people who tell you it will kill you today, HEY, I’m still around and kicking!!!!!

I listened to stories from my Grandma about what she did for entertainment in her day..to my Dad telling about what they did for entertainment in his day.  Now, while I have never climbed on top of a barn and took a wagon with me, well…maybe I missed my chance.  But it seems to Camsgranny that things USED to be so much simpler and so much more fun than what the kids of today have to deal with.  This would be MY opinion.


Feeling yer age….

I guess I have been feeling my age lately.  I have a lot of memories flooding over me as my birth “golden” anniversary is in the semi-near future (ok it’s a lot closer than I want to admit).

I get tired easier, I take vitamins, well…you know….

I really never put a thought to what age means.  Some people mature on different levels, or so I’ve always been told.  And truly up to this point I’ve never given it any thought.

Alot of my friend’s and classmates, fellow dormies, have achieved that “golden” age and they appear to be okay, so why am I having such a hard time with it?

I guess, because I don’t really wanna get old.  Maybe because I don’t think I have ever really grown up.  Well really, I was 4 feet 11 inches tall when I was 16, and I am STILL  4 feet 11 inches tall (Oh GOSH am I shrinking?…that comes with older age.)  Maybe because when my Dad says my name I still feel like that lil’ girl in trouble for something……or maybe not.

Because maybe I’m not in the same “shape” I was when I was say 20 or so, ok so some things have spread further than others.

The fact that I am a Mother, well….THAT makes me old, sorta, it certainly gave me some grey hairs.  (Thanks, to all of you!).  I’m really glad I have a GREAT hairdresser who colors my hair so none of those grey ones pop up, (ok so I might wait a little long and go in with that “skunk stripe”)  But she takes care of me.

I think what REALLY scares me about my upcoming birth anniversary is what I did to the Electrician for his “Golden Anniversary”, especially when he told me  “paybacks are hell woman”.

So for tonite I will STOP thinking about my natal anniversary and remember that I had a FANTASTIC day with Momma, but that is another post for a different day.  My day had it’s up’s and downs, just like every day does.  It’s the road not everyone travels.