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Sad Again….

While I’ve had a truly laughable afternoon, I learned some news tonite, that made me a bit sad.

I went to a Boarding school, it was called LCHS (London Central High School).  We were a bunch of American kids thrown into a British community on our own little space of America on the American Air base of High Wycombe.

Some of us lived in the dorms, and some of us were day students.   We all were friends and have remained friends throughout the years.    I have to out myself here, and I have the Electrician’s permission.  When I went to High School I had a serious crush on a fellow student.  He knew this and we still remain friends to this day. We became the best of friends, and have checked up on each other throughout our growing up years.

When Momma was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s, he gave me some advice.  What I did not know, was that his Father suffered from the same disease.

My friends Momma was a friend to a bunch of us going through school, and was someone we all looked up to.  She was actually some of mine and my friends  Teacher.  Mrs. Gail Kelly.  You say that name at any High School re-union, and the stories come out.  And trust me we have a bunch of stories.

I looked in my year book, and she signed my Senior yearbook with the words “cute, cute, cute, triple times, cute, now go an become somebody”.  I like to think I have become “somebody’.

When I first started my blog, I e-mailed my friend and told him of my blog, and I know he watches it.

What I did not know, was his father suffered from Parkinson’s.  I guess it was a close secret.    What I do know is his Father was a great artist, and if you want to go to his website www.franciskelly.com  and check it out.

What I did not know, but when I checked my e-mail of an account, I normally don’t use, but still have.  I only had 2068 messages I had to go through and delete, I found an e-mail from my friend.

Apparently his father had donated his brain tissues to a a organiszion called  www.parkinsonstissuebank.org.uk .    I am truly flabbergasted that I did not know some of this information.    But it also leads me to believe, there are more of us PD peeps dealing with it than even I know.    But to find a website that is trying to make a difference is a smile in my book.

To My friend, I would just like to say, Thank you for the information you have sent me, and I truly wish you well, I am sorry for the loss of your Father, please give your Mum a Hug from me, and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Happy Birthday to my Blog!!!



I started this blog one year ago today.  This blog has helped me in so many different ways.  But before I get into that, let me just state some of those blogging “statistics”

In one year (365 days), I’ve made 408 posts.  I’ve also had 537 comments.   I’ve only just broke the 100 followers, and for that I am grateful.  My best day according to the statistic thingy, (that I don’t really pay attention to), was the day I had my blog read by over 200 people.  WOW

Now, what my blog means to me.  Before I started writing, I used to have a bunch of melt downs.  I would look at my situation, and get overwhelmed, and cry a lot.  I decided one day, I wanted to start blogging.  I asked a friend of mine from High School, (yea, even after 33 years, I still have some of my closest friends are the one’s  I went to High School, well…actually boarding school with).  This person had a blog, and after a flurry of e-mails, he told me where to go and how to set it up, and then stated, “Go for it”.

My beginning was hesitant, for anyone who’s read those first posts, well, they leave a lot to be desired.  But then something happened, and I just started letting it flow.  I wanted to tell my story.  The fact that people other than my family have read it, means something special to me.  Then, I started meeting people through this thing called “cyber space”.  People commented, and I was a little shocked.   I have to admit, I wasn’t really up on what the blogging world “manners” were.  To this day, I still lack some of those “manners” but I am trying.

When I first started writing, I wasn’t sure how to do it.  But then, something clicked in me, especially when I received a comment from another blogger who told me I “was” a writer, and to just let it flow.  Since then, I’ve tried to invite all of y’all into my life.  At times, after I have posted something, I feel very vulnerable, open and exposed.  But then I realized, if someone who is dealing with Parkinson’s Disease, or has PD or is any way involved with it, maybe MY experience will help them.

My blog, pretty much chronicles, my past years experience with this horrible disease.  I have actually gone back and read every post for the past year.  Some I can giggle and laugh about, other’s I am brought back to those horrible times.  What I do know, is that my Grankids, and my family at least will have some type of record of everything.

Friends?  Oh MY GOODNESS!!!  I can’t even begin to tell you the friendships that have been made because of this blog.  To each of you and YOU know who you are, Thank you!  From reaching out to me, to e-mailing me privately, to calling me, and putting a voice with the blog, although, to be honest, some of your accents have well…been music to my ears.    Fort the longest time, I thought I was the only one to deal with stuff like Parkinson’s.  To find friends in same situations, and also to friends that are actually suffering from this.  Well, I have a lot of Blessings.

Last night  I blogged about the tailspin.  I had a few e-mails from different people, giving me advice, and other stuff, to just support.  One friend actually e-mailed me all night with giggles, to get me to come around, YOU know who you are and “Guido” will be paying you a visit.  (sorry kids, personal joke).

I guess my point is this, I am SO GLAD I started blogging, to the new friends that I have made, to the release of emotion that goes with my blog, to helping me keep my sanity in some insane times.

We (The Farmer and I and my family) have reached a new level with this Parkinson’s thing, but we are adapting and making it work.

By seriously, from Camsgranny to you, my readers, thank you, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my blog!!!!


Slice of my history


When I graduated from High School, yep, back in 1979, I had no clue what I would do with my life.   Seriously, what do you do?  I got a phone call from one of my  best friends, and she asked me, “Hey do you wanna join the Air Force with me?  we can join and go in on the “Buddy system“.

“The Buddy system, what’s that?”  Well, folks it’s where you join  the Air Force, but you get to go through Basic training,  with your Buddy.

My friend and I decided that we would join the Air Force in March of the following year, going in for the “Delayed Enlistment program.”    Little did I know it would rake that long to get everything in order to join.

I had to take a comprehensive written test, and also a physical (where first they decided that I did not have the proper amount of internal organs, so I was sent for MORE testing.) (I ended up being fine, just not as organized as the regular person internally.)  Then we hit a road block.

My enlistment papers were put on hold, you see, folks I am exactly 4 feet and 11 inches tall.  This height has prevented me from doing a lot of different things.  (I wanted to be a stewardess, denied, you have to be 5 feet tall Uhm, NO EXCEPTIONS).  Apparently you also have to be at least 5 feet tall to be in the Military as well.  While my recruiter informed me not to worry, they would apply for a waiver.  I asked, who gives permission for the waiver’s?  Apparently, the President of the United States does.

Well, apparently he liked me, because I was sworn in on my 18th  Birthday.     The Farmer while being proud that I was going into the Military was a little “miffed”, that it was the Air Force and not the Navy.  (We have a standard argument over which one is better.)

I got all my stuff together and made plans with the “best”.  While I had remained in England after my Graduation, her family had been moved to Spain.  The plan was, that I would fly to Spain and spend a month with her and her family and then both of us would fly from Spain, to Texas on March 1st.

I had a fantastic time with my friend and her family, I’d never been in a “family” environment, I’m an only kid, and folks it was kinda neat to spend time with so many people under the same roof.

The day arrived and we got on the plane for the long flight back to the U.S.A.   2 18-year-old females who had no clue what we were in for.  We arrived at J.F.K. Airport in New York, and had to switch planes for San Antonio, Texas.

After about 21 hours, we arrived, if memory serves me right it was 3 am in the morning.    This was no vacation, as we arrived at the base, we were allowed to sleep for 2 hours and then we had “in-processing”.

After 6 weeks of probably the most intense experience in my life, I was in the best shape of my life, plus I lost about 20 lbs.  I could run a mile, stand at Attention without wavering, could shoot a gun(with a marksmanship medal to prove it.)

My Buddy, did equally as well, we leaned on each other during that time.  She helped me, and I helped her.  Especially when I had been there 1 week, and we were allowed to make a phone call, I called my Grandma (collect), crying and begging her to get me out of there.  My buddy, helped me get over my fear, and we worked together.

The day came when we Graduated from Basic Training, and it was then we had to part ways, we had picked different jobs to do and now we had to go to Technical School, for those jobs.

Saying goodbye to her was tough, we’ve stayed in contact through the years, and just recently her sister posted this picture on Facebook.  I look at this picture, and I remember how young we both were.


That’s just a slice of my history.

you can choose yer friends but not yer family…

See this?  Well this was in the year 1979, the year I graduated.  This would be my cousin Tracie Anders Collins.   She flew all the way from Illinois to England, to watch my happy butt Graduate from High School.  It was an experience to her and daily living for me.  You see, I had grown up in England, and she grew up in Illinois with her family (my cousins and my Grandma).

Tracie and I were pen-pals for so many years I can’t even begin to explain.  She lived in the town and grew up in the town that I now live in.

Over the years Tracie and I have kept in touch, she’s part of my “heritage”, and I love her dearly.  Today, my cousin Tracie finished a 60 mile walk for Cancer.  She did it because so many of her class-mates have got the disease and died from the disease…Tracie, came to visit this past summer.  She came back to her childhood home, which the Farmer bought and now lives in.  I think it was kind of wierd to her, I completely understand that…..

We had a short visit that I think we both wanted a little more out of but, time has it’s way with us…huh…She had to visit so many people in the small amount of time that she had, and I am thankful for the time we had together.  The last time I saw her…

Was 1985…gosh Tracie, we are getting old….  Her baby was new…now she is all grown up with 2 babies of her own….Where does the time go?

Basically this post is to tell my relative…the would be you Tracie…how Proud I am of you on your accomplishment.  In Tracie’s own words….

“I made it but can’t walk,
Muscles, legs did good. But, have blisters on 7 of 10 toes. Won’t post pictures. Going to lose at least 3 toe nails. Barb was a true friend and my hand through the whole walk. She is remarkable. Thank you Brandy and Patrick for being at finish line. Thank you TIM for babying me. Thanks Bev for spoiling us. Thanks Courtney for inspiring me. Thanks Cheryl for being my hero. Thanks ALL for your prayers and support” 

This woman just walked 60 miles for a cause she believes in and THAT inspires me…..

Love you Tracie…:):)