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Gone but Never Forgotten….

I have realized, I am getting older.  With that comes numerous things, while I accept most of them, I am saddened by some of them.

Over the past 3 weeks, I have had to say Good-bye to quite a few people.  Some, beloved family members, some lifetime friends, and some friends made through work, and other means.

While tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I’ve been giving a bunch of thought to all of those that have gone before me.

I am Thankful for the opportunity that I have had with these people.  To be loved by some of them, to have been friends with others.  Each of them taught me one thing or another.

While I am sad that they are no longer with me, it does not mean I don’t think about them, and say a little prayer to them.    Some of them, I am happy they are no longer in pain.

I guess I now understand what my Grandma B. used to tell me, when I was a kid.  Everyone comes into your life for a reason, you need to learn as much as you can, feel as much as you can and truly cherish your memories.  Because there will come a day, when Memories are all you have of a person.

On this Thanksgiving, I am truly Thankful, I still have both of my parents.  While there are days, I would gladly throw the towel in, I truly don’t mean it.  I just don’t like what Parkinson’s has done to my Family.

While I miss those that have passed on, I have memories, that no one can take away.

From my house to yours, While mine will be Blessed, and extremely LOUD, to each and every one of my readers, May you have a truly Blessed and Thankful Thanksgiving!



Crazy little thing called Life….

As the song goes, it’s supposed to be Crazy little thing called love.  For Me, it’s life.    Yep welcome to “mi vida loca”.  Today has been a little “loca”.

Life, it’s parent’s, spouse, kids, grandkids, and sometimes it is just downright CRAZY.  Sometime’s the best thing is to just hold on to the seat of your pants and fly with it, and them.

Somedays, when you feel un-appreciated, and told your annoying, and things just are not going your way.  Well, ya know what you do?  You look at each and everyone in your life, and you count your Blessings that you have them.

Each of them are special in some unique, or crazy sort of way.   Sometimes, you just realise that you have had enough of all of them and you go on strike.  Although in some situations (such as mine) it is NOT an option. 

So, while I love each and everyone of them in a different sort of way, sometimes, I would like to grab a picket sign and simply state to all of ya’ll  I’m on STRIKE.

It’s not just one thing today that has me all “snarky”, it’s a BUNCH of things that have all compiled to make Camsgranny a little (okay A LOT) on the snarky side.  But you see, I’m not supposed to get “Snarky”.  I’m just supposed to laugh it all off, give all of you what you need, because I have taken on the roll of a Caretaker.

Caretaker, yes, I am.  I will try and make everything right in everyone’s world, but my question to you, Who takes care of me?  That’s a given, that would be the Electrician, until HE makes me “snarky”.  Then, it’s me and the cat, and even she makes me “snarky”.

To hell with it, this Snarky brat is going to sleep and I hope tomorrow is better.  If it isn’t somebodies heads gonna roll…..just saying….