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A Christmas Present given…..

Ok, y’all, I’ve been pretty silent on some of the things I got for Christmas.  That was for a reason.  I had to wait for some of them to be unwrapped.     Well…today, some of the gifts were unwrapped so to speak.  I am leaving on an adventure.  For those of you that have followed me for a  while….  Yup… I got the same (but a little different) gift from my “Outlaws” as I did last year.    It will be spent with my “Outlaws” and my cherished hubby and I.  Unfortunately this year, my Husband’s Sissy cannot go and while I will miss her, I’m sorry.  But I am going to have a good time.  So, if you don’t hear from me for a bit, know that all is well, and I promise to tell y’all about it when I return.


Happy 2013!!!!

While, I realize that some of you have already posted this, uhm… I’m a little late.  BUT, better late than never.

It could be the fact, that my happy butt did not go to bed until about 2 am, and I had to pop, said happy butt outta bed WAY to early this morning to head over to the Farmer’s and take care of Momma.

We kind of started a new “tradition” last night.  In a way though it’s an old tradition for the Electrician and I.  We NEVER go out for New Year‘s.  Don’t get me wrong, we used to, until the one year, I had cooked some appetizer and we headed over to a friend’s house.  As we knocked on the door, I dropped off the appetizer, looked at the Electrician and said barely “home” before it hit both of us.  That year, we both spent time bowing to the porcelain goddess, without the benefit of drinking anything other than water.    It’s a really good thing we have 2 bathrooms.  Since that year, we have always spent New Year’s eve at home.

Last night, we had company, and shared our New Year’s eve with the Nurse, and Fisher dude and Cam-man.  The adults played cards, while Cam-man learned, and also over indulged with several things.  Chocolate Milk was Cam’s drink of choice, and chips and dip, with some chex mix thrown in for good measure.

Fun was had by all, and I believe Cam-Man liked the fact that Papa and Meemaw’s couch is a “transformer” and opens up into a bed, with cushion steps onto it. When the ball dropped, we all hugged and said  “Happy New Year“.  The kids packed up and did the 5 minute drive home, and then the Electrician and I played some music and danced all over the place.

My phone did ring this morning at o’ dark thirty, with Happy New Year tidings from the Electrician’s parents.  I barely remember the phone call.   When the alarm did go off, I got up and went to the Farmer’s.

The day has passed quickly, and I have figured out, I am not as young as I used to be, simply because my happy butt is tired.

So, with all that being said, I am taking myself to bed, EARLY.  Night y’all….Hope all your New Year, holds Blessings, laughter, family and love.  Do something fun, and smile at a stranger.  You might make the day of someone else, just by smiling.


Christmas Traditions……

When the kids were small, the Christmas traditions were easy.  But somewhere along the line, the kids grew up, got married and started to have their own families.    I think I am turning into the Farmer.  At least I think I am starting to feel like he did when I moved away from home, and started my own family.

We all have those memories of when we were kids, and the Christmas traditions we went through.  From getting the tree, and decorating it, from marking down the days on the Calender when Santa would come visit our house,  Making the cookies and setting them out with a glass of milk, and then trying to sleep Christmas eve.

To growing up, and having Christmas with our own little kids and full filling their dreams of Santa.  To trying to spend time with all of our families.  Sometimes, our families were miles apart and we had to make due with phone calls, and making new Christmas traditions.

This year, we’ve started new traditions, and are doing new things.  With our blended family spread out all over, it makes the time we have together even more special.

This year, we have a new daughter in the family, our family is growing in leaps and bounds.  But, our “family” Christmas was tonite, because we had to get together when we all could.    This year, the oldest daughter, The Nursing student “hosted” the festivities at her house, the one she moved into about a month ago.

It was a celebration with both the Fisher Dude’s family and ours,  and it was loud, full of giggles, and just a great time, with plenty of food, and just an over all good time.  I think even the puppies had a good time.  Especially when I went into the kitchen and Bella was nosing on the counter.  Grandma Sue gave both puppies a bite of ham.

This is the first of the next few nights to come.  Tomorrow, we are attending Church and seeing both Grandbabies participating in the Church program.  Dinner is leftovers at the Nursing Student‘s house.  Christmas Eve is at my house with the Nursing Student and Grand baby boys,  the menu is appetizers delite.  Christmas day will be spent at the Farmer’s house with him and Momma.

I think I am kind of liking spreading it out over a few days.   Instead of just one day to celebrate, we are making it a couple.  With new families, and growing families, this is kind of fun.









Christmas….It’s coming….

I have always  loved Christmas time.  Getting the tree, decorating it, and then decorating the house.  Hanging the stockings, I have so many in the family now, that I have to hang them in different places.    Doing all of the Holiday baking, and making cookies, candies, and then the Christmas meal.  Wrapping presents and putting them underneath the tree.  Christmas was full of secrets, trying to keep my mouth shut, when I wanted to blurt out what the presents were.

Over the years, I have found different web sites that help to promote Christmas, there is the web site where you can send a message to a child, or Grandchild, from Santa  www.portablenorthpole.com.  Then there is the web site where you can “elf yourself” http://host-.oddcast.com/elfyourself2012/home.php, you just add your faces and then pick the song.

Last year at this time, I was paralyzed with fear.  I really didn’t have the Christmas spirit, until probably December 24th, when I got my Christmas Miracle, and Momma was released from the hospital into the Nursing home for months of recovery and rehabilitation.  Momma got really ill on December 12th and was in ICU for over 2 weeks.  She actually died, at one point and was brought back.

I will never forget those weeks.  How scared I was, on an emotional roller coaster, and sometimes could not breathe for the fear. My days and nights were turned upside down.  I was truly afraid of the phone ringing and it would bring bad news.   To this day, when the phone rings, I still get nervous.

This year, we have kind of gone all out, While I decorated my house, and it looks good, I decided that the Farmer’s house needed to get a little decorated too.  The Farmer has 2 trees, and then the Christmas cards.  I don’t send out card’s anymore.  Maybe I should.

I worked on the Farmer’s Christmas letter and then addressed all the envelopes.  He took them on Friday to mail them all. The Farmer and Momma have received a bunch of cards that I have hung up each of the Christmas cards, after Momma has looked at each and every one.

I’ll be straight with y’all.  Momma told me she would not be here for Christmas, and I am doing everything in my  power to make sure she is.  But ya know that post, I posted about not being in control?  Well, I’m not.  I truly believe she will be here.  I can only hope she will like what I got her.

It seems to me though, this Christmas is marked by a bunch of sadness.  Events that have happened recently have taken their toll on everyone.    Me?  I will do my best to make sure that this is the best Christmas ever for Momma and my family.

We will have 5 days of Christmas this year.  The first being the Electrician and  I shutting off all the lights and cuddling on the couch and watching “The Polar Express” together the second will be  at the Nursing Student‘s, she will host the “major” family gathering.  I have my list of stuff to make and bring.  The third, will be the Grand boy’s Christmas program, which the Electrician and I will attend.  Then the Christmas Eve bash at my house with junk food and appetizers all the way, and then finally, Christmas Day at the Farmer’s.  The Electrician and I will go to the Farmer’s and share a Prime Rib dinner, and gifts with him and Momma.

We are starting new traditions this year, and while sometimes, it seems a bit over whelming, we will manage all of it.  I can only hope, that Momma is on board with our program.



A Message from Santa….

This is just a FYI for all of you, that may not know.  You can send your child an e-mail from Santa advising if they are on the naughty or nice list.

Last year, I happened to find this website, and sent my  (2 1/2 yr old) Grandson a message from Santa.  When his Momma opened up the video e-mail, his little face lit up and he was so amazed he called me on the phone to tell me, Santa had sent him a message, that Santa knew who he was, and what he had been up to over the past year.

I’ve done the same thing this year for both of the Grandboys, and it’s been a hit.   I will admit, I did one for the Electrician and some other people I know.  It’s a lot of fun, and you can play around with it.  There is a free app, or you can pay for an upgrade.

The address is  www.portablenorthpole.com.

Have fun with it, after all, truly are us grown-ups really just big kids?  Besides seeing little dude’s face light up was truly priceless……

Memories of yesterday…..

Yesterday, the Farmer and I got busy with Christmas.  While I have already put up a fiber optics tree, with no ornaments.  I found a 3 feet tree in the basement, that I tried to negotiate with him, to bring it to my house to put up in my basement.   Well…that was a no go, and it is now put up in his living room where Momma can see it.

We put it on the coffee table, and then went downstairs to try to find some ornaments to go on it.  After searching through a bunch of boxes, and a bunch of memories, we found some ornaments.

My Grandma B. used to make Christmas ornaments.  I was looking for a specific memory.  My Grandma had made some Christmas ornaments that I truly cherished.  It was a robin made out of red ribbon.  After searching through some boxes of  ornaments, and finding 3 of my own Christmas stockings from different times of my life, we found some ornaments that I had made when I was a kid.

I was a little surprised, I remembered making them.  The fact that I had signed my name on the bottom of the ornament really shocked me.    When I asked the Farmer, “You kept these?” with disbelief on my face, he laughed.

We continued with our search, it was truly a trip down memory lane for me. We slowly decorated the tree, and both of us, kind of smiled different smiles at different things.  The Farmer has some Christmas decorations from when he was a kid, and they mean something to him, I can kind of relate after seeing somethings I haven’t seen in years.

While we were searching, the flock of robins emerged, but unfortunately, there is only one red ribbon robin left.    The Farmer told me to take it and put it on my tree, but something in me told  him, “nah Dad, it’s yours this year, but I’m taking it after Christmas.”.

While we were decorating the tree, we talked about some past memories, I told him the first memory I had, was when we lived in Rancho Bernardo, California, and we lived in a house, the first Christmas we were there, I had gotten up and opened up everyone’s presents.  I remember this, and the fact that the next Christmas we had, there was a gate to go into the living room, and I could not reach the hook to go into the living room.    He laughed and said “well..after the past year what did you expect?”  Folks, this is a memory when I was 5 years old.  That is exactly 46 years ago….

I can so remember decorating the Christmas Tree with the Farmer so many years of my life.  There were a bunch that we did not do together, because I had started my own family, and did some things different, but then I came home, and we did things together again.

Christmas was never truly a “BIG” holiday in our house.  But I seem to have a bunch of memories of some really good times.  Since I have been with the Electrician, I have seen some miracles at Christmas, last year being one of them.

Last Christmas, all’s I wanted was for Momma to make it through it and be ok.  Christmas Eve of last year, Momma was discharged from the hospital into the Nursing home, for recovery to be released home when she was ready.

Momma came home, and has been with us all year.  Forgive me for a second because Momma told me she would not be with me for this Christmas, but guess what?  She’s still here and plugging along, so maybe, just maybe, it’s gonna be ok.


An Open Letter…..

I read a blog post tonite that has truly hit me in the gut and made me accept a few things.  So, in true Camsgranny fashion, I am also writing a letter.

Dear Camsgranny,

While I  know the past few days you have felt like you are on a roller coaster, maybe you need to accept that you are.  This Holiday season is a first for you.

You have so many scary memories of the last Holiday season, and you need to accept the fact you are scared.  It doesn’t help you that your Momma has said, she gets emotional over the Christmas holiday, and that she has told you she is planning to leave you this Christmas season.

While your memories flood back to you from  last year, when you actually “lost” your Momma and the fact that the Doctor’s and Nurses brought her back to you.  You need to quit being a scaredy cat, and recognize every day is a gift.

You need to quit walking on eggshells and live your life, and quit worrying.  While I understand that it gets harder and harder everyday to go take care of her, when you see that she is slowly going away, cherish what time you have with her.

Giggle those giggles, belly laugh when you both need to.  Wipe her tears when she needs it, wipe her drool away when she needs it.  Comfort her when she is confused, and let her be herself.

She loves you, oh so much, and that is why she tells you daily, she is Blessed by you, and lucky to have you.  While I understand, you tell her, You are lucky to have her.

While I understand your frustration, and that being a Caregiver is hard.  It is something you feel the need to do.  It won’t be forever, and there will come a day, when you will feel Blessed to have all these moments and also to have spent the time you did.

So to myself, I say this, Girl, you got this and quit looking behind and start looking forward, and just take one day at a time.  Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, and today?  well, it’s a present.


Thanksgiving….My Style, with help….

Today is Thanksgiving, here in the good old U.S. of A.  Plenty of families come together and render themselves into a food coma.

This morning dawned with me waking up and screaming “Oh Crap, I gotta get busy”.   What did I know?  The Electrician has never actually helped me with Thanksgiving in the previous years.   He was usually in charge of grilling or smoking the turkey.  This year was different.  I was cooking all of the turkeys (yes, I had 2) in the flavor-wavor.

The Electrician stepped it up this year.  Yes, he helped me make the oyster stuffing AND the sausage stuffing.  Helped with the Green bean casserole, He was in charge of the Rolls, and the mashed potato‘s.  The man stepped up.  (burp).

I was so far ahead of my schedule, I had time to just sit and watch “Friends” on t.v. cuddled up with my Beloved.  Have you ever just sat and rejoiced in what you have?  I did, today.

The dinner today was amazing, unfortunately, the Nursing Student and I over did it a bit, by simply eating too much before the dinner.  OOPS. My poor Collage student did herself in last night  enough said…

When we had all scarfed enough to feed the world (okay might be a stretch) , I plated up a plate for the Farmer.  I made a deal with all of them, that I would take the plate to Farmer, and they would do the dishes.  (I seriously got the better end of that deal, I got to drive 30 minutes in a food coma)

When I arrived at the Farmer’s, him and Momma were asleep.   I came in, and saw they were both sleeping, and I went up to the Farmer and gently rubbed him arm.  He opened his eyes, and smiled.  I  sush’d him because Momma was truly sleeping, I mean drool and everything.  He came into the kitchen with me and made a plate and then I told him I had to go.  I gave him BIG hugs told him I loved him, kissed my still sleeping Momma and left.  Can I be honest with y’all here? On my day of Thankfulness, I am Thankful she is still here, am I happy she never woke up AND I did not want to wake her up,  No.

I got home and my kids and the Electrician had cleaned up all of the mess from my cooking.   We then watched 2 movies.    I watched the Hunger Games, which I truly thought I would not like and I did, and The Lorax, and Cam-man was truly amazed.

I have had a truly amazing day.  I have counted all my Blessings, I am not looking forward to tomorrow… But will be will be….

During my day, there have been pictures, so the rest is dedicated to that….  uhm…by the way Cam took some of these…











Gone but Never Forgotten….

I have realized, I am getting older.  With that comes numerous things, while I accept most of them, I am saddened by some of them.

Over the past 3 weeks, I have had to say Good-bye to quite a few people.  Some, beloved family members, some lifetime friends, and some friends made through work, and other means.

While tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I’ve been giving a bunch of thought to all of those that have gone before me.

I am Thankful for the opportunity that I have had with these people.  To be loved by some of them, to have been friends with others.  Each of them taught me one thing or another.

While I am sad that they are no longer with me, it does not mean I don’t think about them, and say a little prayer to them.    Some of them, I am happy they are no longer in pain.

I guess I now understand what my Grandma B. used to tell me, when I was a kid.  Everyone comes into your life for a reason, you need to learn as much as you can, feel as much as you can and truly cherish your memories.  Because there will come a day, when Memories are all you have of a person.

On this Thanksgiving, I am truly Thankful, I still have both of my parents.  While there are days, I would gladly throw the towel in, I truly don’t mean it.  I just don’t like what Parkinson’s has done to my Family.

While I miss those that have passed on, I have memories, that no one can take away.

From my house to yours, While mine will be Blessed, and extremely LOUD, to each and every one of my readers, May you have a truly Blessed and Thankful Thanksgiving!



From the Heart, Valentine’s day and my thoughts.

Okie dokie folks, tomorrow is Valentine’s day.  Some people “hate” the day, other’s make marriage proposals, and other’s treat their special someone to something special.

I haven’t always celebrated Valentine’s day, because to me I always wondered why one day was singled out to celebrate something that should happen every day in our lives.

In my former life, I wasn’t treated the best, and I dealt with a lot of stuff, that I guess made me into who I am today.   I won’t elaborate because the Farmer reads my blog and he doesn’t know about a lot of the stuff I dealt with.  It’s ok.  I survived.

What I did find was the love of my life.  I just wish I had found him about 30 years earlier.  But, I’m not complaining.  It has just made me realize what I have now, I would not give up for anything.

You see to me…Valentine’s day, should be celebrated EVERY day of our lives.  When we find that one person who completes us, and makes us feel cherished, loved, and spoiled.  Then well..your on the right track. 

I found that, after trying 2 different times, you see this is my third marriage, and I’ve finally got it right.  The partner makes a world of difference.  Someone who thinks like you do, someone who Loves you and makes you feel like a queen, who values the same things that you do and has the same views as you do.

Someone who I can see myself getting old and sitting on the porch with.  That’s what this man does for me.

This man knows me better than I know myself sometimes, he takes care of me and he watched over me.  He knows my moods, he makes me laugh and he knows whats important to me.

The funniest thing about us, is our lives have crossed many a time, we were both in the same place but fate or God decided it wasn’t the right time for us.  When we both finally met, we were both sorta broken.  The cool thing was we both healed each other. 

So, while everyone else Celebrates Valentine’s day…I live mine 365 days a year, and to MY Electrician, I love you with All of my heart and soul, I thank you for rescuing me and healing me at the same time.

Also, thank you for fixing my dryer, and loving me everyday, for putting up with all of my sh##, and hugging me and kissing me whenever I ask or just doing it cuz……