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Super Sweet Blogging Award…Hmm…

http://mikesfilmtalk.com , has nominated me for an award… ( palm smack to the forehead!  ).  I am new to his Blog, and have followed him for about a month (silently, I might add).  He has a pretty interesting blog, so go check him out!

I tend to do that a bunch, I follow about 100 different blogs, but I am the silent type.  I will read it and if it touches me, then I will like it, but I am a little hesitant about leaving words, call me shy.  (hehehe)

I guess, I am on the same page about accepting awards, I am a little bashful, but puffed up with pride at the same token.    Who knew, that someone other than myself actually reads what I write about.    Mike’s theory is that with the awards, it’s also about promoting your Blog, as well as some of the one’s you follow. That’s ok though… Here are the “rules” so to speak…

1. Give credit to the person who chooses to nominate you, check

2. Answer the “Super Sweet” questions.  check…

3. Nominate a “Baker’s Dozen”, check….

The super sweet questions are:

1. Cookies or cake? Uhm….I hate to burst the bubble on the first question, but, I really don’t like sweets.   but, I do like thin mint cookies of the Girl Scout variety.

2. Chocolate or vanilla. Chocolate every time.( I do have a weakness for M&M’s though)

3. What is your favourite sweet treat, cheesecake or frozen yoghurt?  I would have to admit, it would be a piece of homemade cherry cheesecake, but only about once a year…

4.When do you crave sweet things the most?  I don’t crave sweet things, now ask me about a bag of potato chips, or “crisps”…

5. If you had a sweet nickname what would it be?   I’ll leave this one, after all my blog is rated G.  hehehe…

Nominate my Baker’s donzen….  Gosh….here goes…

1. http://lisasummerlin.wordpress.com

2. http://terry1954.wordpress.com/



5. http://letstalkaboutfamily.wordpress.com

6. http://craigmotor.wordpress.com

7.  http://baileyboatcat.com

8.  http://laurieanichols.wordpress.com

9. http://evilsquirrelsnest.com/

10.   http://grannyscolorful.wordpress.com

11.  http://justasmidgen.com/

12.  http://russtowne.com/

13.  http://jmgoyder.com/


Thank you once again to Mike, and Congrats to all who are nominated!!!

One Lovely Blog Award…..



I have been nominated for the One lovely blog award, by letstalkaboutfamily.wordpress.com.  First off I would love to say Thank You.  When I am nominated for awards, I kind of go mushy inside, and realize that people are really reading my blog, and sometimes my inner most thoughts.

letstalkaboutfamily,  My friend Terry introduced me to her blog.  It is a woman who is dealing with her Father who has Alzheimer’s.  I have brief knowledge of this disease as well, as some of my family have dealt with it.

Since, I have received this award before, I already have the logo in my sidebar,   For those of you that have read my acceptance “speech’s”, you know I don’t necessarily like to nominate other people, because so people do not like to get awards.

But I will tell you, that if I find a blog that I really enjoy, I usually try to share it with people that read my blog.

Thanks again!



Terribly Sad….


Like most American‘s who woke up this morning, we were all saddend by the news of what happened in Colorado.  But then as the afternoon dawned, I realised something.

One of the fatalities, of this whole mess, was someone who wrote a blog I had read not so long ago.


For someone to have gone through this and survived, to be taken  later in the same sort of circumstance saddens me.

For all my fellow wordpress peeps.  Life is short, and can be stopped at any moment.  Live each day to the fullest.


WooHoo!! Sisterhood of the WorldBloggers Award….


I have been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by Terry1954.

The rules are, Give credit to the one who nominated you, that would be Terry1954.wordpress.com.  I have become friends with Terry, as we are dealing with similar situations.  I enjoy her blog, and hope you do to, go check her out.

Tell seven secrets about yourself,  uhm, this might be harder than it looks, because I don’t like to tell all….but ok here goes…

1.  I have a fascination with wolves, one room in my house is dedicated to them, with paintings, pictures, and statues.

2.  I really enjoy shooting guns.

3.  While my pictures might show that blond hair, I am truly a brunette, but blond seems to cover grey a lot better.

4.  I really hate to exercise, and truly have to force myself to do it.

5.  I like salt versus sweet.  Give me a bag of chips versus a candy bar, and I’m in heaven.

6.  I like to smile at random people to see if it makes their day.

7.  I find being short (uhm 4’11”) sometimes a serious problem when trying to reach the top shelf at Grocery Stores, Oh wait who am I kidding, I’m not allowed in them.  hehehe…  No, really most times I enjoy being short, but really hate when what I want is just above my reach.

Nominate seven others,

I have accepted awards before, and I always hate to nominate people, simply for the fact that I don’t know if they want to be nominated, but I will tell you a couple of peeps that I really enjoy,

kanatyler.com  I seriously enjoy her blog, I’ve followed her since the day I started my blog, and she has a really good blog going.  It always interests me and gives me a lot of different stuff to ponder, plus some really good giggles.

geniespeaks.wordpress.com  I am new to Genie’s blog, but I have enjoyed it, and some of the things she says, really hit home with me.

jmgoyder.com Julie and I must have sisters in another life, because I have read her blog, for oh so many months now.  We too are going through similar situations.

russtowne.com  I have recently started following Russ, and I know this is the Sisterhood blog award, but this man has so much insight and is really worth reading.

laughteriscatching.com  This is one of the first blogs I ever read when I first started blogging.  I have followed her forever.  From the time when she was unknown to being “Fresh Pressed”.  I enjoy her blog and her thoughts.


There are so many other’s that I follow, but these peeps, besides Terry1954.wordpress.com, are some of my favorites.

Thanks y’all for this honor.  I’m sorry I didn’t dress up (ok, I may be in my p.j.’s), But thanks again!!!!