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Saturday’ n football

Well here it is Saturday, and yup, football is on the t.v. at my house.  Me?  I’ve been busy see these people….

Yup, those are my “outlaws”.  And…they are driving the 837 miles from their door to mine to spend next weekend with me and the Electrician.  They will get here on Friday and then head out on Monday to finish the journey to North Carolina to see Papa’s family.

So, while the Electrician has been enjoying his Saturday College football (well…maybe not, because at the time of this writing Illinois is loosing 10 – 0), I being the domestic goddess that I am, have been sprucing up my house.  So far, I have cleaned windows, changed bed sheets, dusted just about everything in sight, and did some general over-all making my house presentable for my Mother-in-Law.  And while I have been saying to the Electrician that they are coming to see US, and not white glove my windows or anything else for that matter, he feels the need for me to do this.  I think he just wanted me out-of-the-way so 1. I would NOT walk in front of the friggin 64 inch t.v. screen, and he would miss something.  2.  I’ve been upstairs just about all day and therefore, “not in his way”.  3.  He has been able to have his “quiet time”  (altho I’m not sure watching  football constitutes quiet time with all the yelling at the t.v. going on.)

But again, I digress.  My house is cleaned, dinner is almost ready, in keeping with “football Saturday” we are having Hot Wings and fries.  And then it struck me full on…uhm.. this is Saturday and they won’t be here until next Friday, so..what does that mean you ask?  I’ll tell you, I’m going to have to re-dust, re-vacume and re-mop, because between now and then  something is gonna get dirty all over again.