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Whew….I made it….

This week has been a week.  While I am not really complaining, because there is a silver lining in everything, and I am truly Blessed, (at least I think so), sometimes things can get a little crazy.

The beginning of the week, I’ve already told you about, and the fact the Farmer let me drive his “other” prized baby, was a feat in itself.  The fact, I drove it, and had fun in it, was a bonus.  Momma had her birthday 2 days in a row, simply because she thought it was her birthday 2 days in a row.  PDD is really a butt kicker sometimes.  But rather than spoil it for her, we celebrated her birthday 2 days in a row.

I guess, if I could not eat cake and stuff, and open presents, I would want to savor the moment as long as I could.  Momma did celebrate her birthday, by being checked out by the Nurse, and also getting to eat some sherbet.  Well….2 tablespoons of sherbet were all that she got, but she did manage to swallow all of it.    I even asked her and made her open her mouth to make sure it was gone.  Momma loves any form of ice cream,  sherbet or anything along those lines.  Her face lit up when she saw the spoon with the “cherished” treat on it.

Momma is still suffering from a cold, and has good snotty days and then better days, as in no snot.    This has been an issue for me this week, and the Farmer has truly laughed hard at me.  (Rotten rat).  It seems, that while I can handle most things, as in the crappiest pants, the vomit, and the nastiest smell, when it comes to the snot factory, I will throw up in a heart beat.   If I don’t actually throw up, I will definatley gasp and struggle for control, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.  Cam-Man has gotten into the program although unknowingly.  He will pick his nose and hand it to me, and I will start gagging.  UGH enough about THAT….

Our issues started about Thursday, when I was allowed to drive the Farmer’s beloved truck, It started raining and I did not think it would ever end.    I finished my day and went to bed as usual, but at about 4 am, the Electrician came back to bed, and said, “hon the carpet is wet”.  “Uh, what?”  I got up to go to the restroom and squished my way there.  I freaked out and started flipping on lights and then realised,  OH CRAP….I live in a bi-level and part of our main living space is downstairs.  Our “sports” room, is where we hang out the most, our bedroom is downstairs, and the garage and bathroom are here.

Well….the garage was flooded, and so was the half of the sports room.  The Electrician got up and started trying to get the water out of here.  It really was not as bad as it could have been, but it was squishy bad.    After working on the house for about 1 1/2 hours the Electrician went to work, and I took over.  I pulled up the carpet in the sports room, and did what I could, and then left for the Farmer’s house.  It was Friday, and I made a deal with the Farmer, I would let him sleep in on Fridays, so I leave my house and arrive at his house at about 7:45 am, give Momma her first meds of the day, and the Farmer gets to sleep in.

Folks, I truly wish I could have the energy I had in my 20’s and 30’s, but being where I am now (nope I’m not gonna tell you how old I am, or how old I feel), I left my house said a prayer and just hoped it would dry out.

I usually clean the Farmer’s house on Friday’s, and let me just say, while I did do somethings, I kinda let other’s go.  I played with the Farmer and gave him lessons on his new laptop computer.  I do have to say, he and I both giggled a bunch.

When I finally arrived home, I was ever so happy that it appeared things had dried out, so I finished sucking up the rest of the water with the shop vac, and moving things to help the carpet dry.  When the Electrician arrived home, and looked at what I had done, he was happy, although, call me a silly girl, but I did not move anything, and um oops, there was still some water underneath things I did not move.

Fast forward to today, and my house is finally back to normal, there is nothing wet or squishy.  Thank goodness.  Carpets have dried and been cleaned to within an inch of their lives, rugs have been washed and back into place.

While I could say this week has been trying, not just for me, but for all of America with all the things going on in the nation.  My little spot in the world is okay.  And…we are keeping on with what is our normal.


What a weekend…..whew….


After the events of this week, I was ready to settle down and to relax and have a nice  calming  weekend.  Duh…what was I thinking?  We had made plans with the Nurse and Fisher dude to watch Cam-Man this weekend, so they could go spend the weekend with the younger sister, the College student, at her apartment on Campus town.

booclaire clairejosh

Cam-man arrived at my house on Saturday, and he was not happy to be there.  First off, Papa was not there (he was grocery shopping, because we all KNOW I am not ALLOWED in a grocery store.) Second, he wanted to go with his parents.  So while he was crying full-blown tears and not happy, we still managed to say Good-bye to his parents after they had brought the truck load of stuff, they did for him to stay the night at my house.

I never realized the amount of stuff a 2, almost 3-year-old needs to be able to “spend the night” at his Grandparents house. A suitcase filled with stuffed animals, and blankets. A mattress (well I did ask for that) a couple of changes of clothes, and a couple of “snack packs” because we all need our “certain snacks”.

Cam cheered up, after we called Papa to find out where he was, and he told us to look out the window.  Cam broke into BIG smiles and helped Papa unload his truck from the groceries, he had to check each bag, and had to have some help when Papa gave him the bag of toilet paper to bring in.

With all of the groceries unloaded, Papa asked Cam if he was ready to head to the park for a bit.  Cam almost broke his neck getting down the stairs and ready to go….  They headed to the park for about an hour and had a blast (or so I am told).  When they arrived home, both were tired. Papa wanted to take a nap, and Cam and I snuggled into the rocker, and Cam faded fast in my arms.

After sleeping for about an hour and a half, I warned Papa, we might want to wake him up, or else we could be in for “a night”. Besides, we needed to go let “Bella” out.  Bella is the Nurse and Fisher dudes dog, that was probably ready to go out, if ya know what I mean.

After finally rising Cam-Man who is particular to his Papa tickling him, we loaded up, and went to, as Cam put it “his house”.  After letting Bella out and playing with her for a bit, she went back into “her room” and down the road we went”.

Cam was convinced we were going to have a “party” and we proceeded to get things going.  After dinner, Cam had a bath, Papa had a shower and Meemaw had her shower.  We were all in our p.j.’s and it was on.


Papa and Cam were looking for movies, but we had already rented “Wreck it Ralph” and we got ready to put the movie in.  Cam looked at us and said “party?”  So…we went upstairs to the kitchen and made some popcorn, and a mug full of diet caffeine free coke and we were ready to roll…

I do have to say, I enjoyed the movie.  Cam watched the whole thing, and sucked down his “pop” and popcorn, and we all giggled and had a great time.

After the movie ended though, uhm..someone was not quite ready to go to bed…they wanted to play “peek a boo”…

DSCN4368So we put in another movie, and hung out for a bit.  Papa got tired and decided we all should go to bed.  (Best laid plans…..) Papa ended up going to bed at 11 pm and Cam and I hung out until about 12:15…he finally climbed into his bed and went to sleep after telling me “it’s to dark in here Meemaw…”  I lit the night lite and he drifted off.  Papa checked on us a couple of times throughout the night.  I know this, because I was on the couch with Cam on his mattress right next to me.

Cam woke up at about 5:45 am, and he was scared, simply because I don’t think he knew where he was.  He came and got on the couch with me, but by then Papa was calling from the bedroom, anc Cam wanted to go.  Something though set him off, so we were all up by 6 am.

We all got up and toddled around a bit.  I fixed breakfast for all of us, and Cam had his weight in bacon and juice.  Papa and Cam played most of the morning, and the funny thing was?  When Cam’s parent’s came to get him, he was happy to see them, but then started screaming when he realized he had to leave.  There was a tear in his Papa’s eye when little dude left.

Grandbabies….who knew they would feel this good, but wear you out so much?  (This is after little dude left and Papa and Meemaw had about a 3 hour nap….apparently we weren’t the only one’s, the Nurse said little dude had a 3 hour nap as well….Fun times…priceless……