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The Joys…..

DSCN4507See this little face?  I had the pleasure of spending the day with him today.    I got my unhappy butt out of bed at o’dark thirty am, and brushed my teeth, got dressed grabbed a cup of coffee and flew down the road to his house.

I was met by Bella the dog and the Nurse, who blew kisses to me, as she left for work.  Lil’ dude was still sleeping, so Bella and I shared some, “she thinks her 40lb butt is a lap dog, while she loved all over me” time.  Bella finally settled down and we spent a little quiet time together, she really likes her ears rubbed.  (Uhm, please y’all don’t tell Ms. Baby the cat, I’ve been cheating on her ok?)

I heard lil dude waking up, and knew, he would come out of his room and go straight for his parents room, where he would crawl up onto their bed and curl up with whoever was there and go back to sleep, at least that is his usual routine.  I didn’t count on him, to see me sitting on the couch and the joy that lit up his face and he ran into my arms.  I scooped him up and he was giggling, and talking a mile a minute, “Hi Jo, you got me today?  We go to Papa Dan’s?  We go play with tractors?  You got oatmeal?”  And then he took a breath.  I guess it was a reunion, I haven’t seen him since last Thursday, when he spent the day with me.

We spent a few minutes just snuggling, and then Bella decided she wanted to snuggle with both of us, and all sorts of giggling, and licking and crazy stuff happened.  We got up and lil dude had to show me “I’m a big boy now Jo, watch”.   Yes, somewhere along the past few days, lil dude is almost potty trained (so much for the new batch of diapers I bought, but that’s a good thing really).

After getting lil dude dressed, complete with mickey mouse big boy briefs, we grabbed his backpack, packed a few things into it, as in a spare change of clothes,  5 favorite toys, his blankey and a sippy cup, we headed down the road.  I had to get gas, so we made a pit stop at the local Casey’s, and got some gas.  We then went in to pay and lil dude had to have “bug juice” in a Woody sippy cup (Woody as in Toy Story), and then he thought Papa Dan would like a donut, so he picked one out for him, and away we went.

Papa Dan had to visit the Vampire this morning, and that’s why we hurried over, so we could give Momma her first round of meds.  Imagine our surprise, when we arrived, Papa Dan was already home, and smiled big when he saw Cam-man.  The first words out of Cams mouth were “Papa Dan, we go see your tractors now PWEASE?”.  Cam settled down, we all decided to have breakfast first.

I in my infinite wisdom, had packed a bag from my house to bring with me this morning, it had 3 different choices of Oatmeal, 2 banana’s and some diapers, and a couple of Cam’s favorite snacks in it.

After Cam and Papa Dan had a breakfast of Oatmeal, although Cam was a little miffed because Papa Dan’s had raisins and his didn’t.   Papa Dan went to run to the store and Cam and I did some stuff around the house.  We swept the kitchen and dining room, and cleaned up some messes we had made on the kitchen floor, when we had a water fight in the sink. We watched a little t.v. and just had a good time.

Cam kept cracking me up though, because it was every 1/2 an hour, he was ready to go potty, but had to have me help a little.  We had already set up his stool by the toilet, and he knew to stand on it, but he couldn’t pull his shorts down without help.  This kid seriously cracks me up, after going, he proudly looks at me and says, “I tapped it Jo, no drips”.  I kept telling him, he was doing good, and he did ALL DAY long, there were no accidents.

Papa Dan and Cam went out to look at the tractors, and I had to laugh when, Cam told Papa Dan, he liked the cub lawn mower better than the John Deere, because of the steering wheel.

When it was time to get Momma up, Cam came in to help me, and Momma started giggling right off the bat, and said, ‘My Goodness, he is a giggle and cheeky too.”.

Fun times were had by all today, and it is such a change from the regular “doom and gloom”.   After leaving Papa Dan’s house, Cam came to my house, and we played in his sandbox for about an hour.  First I buried his feet, then he buried mine.  We both giggled a bunch!

I didn’t worry about what chores I had to do, I just had fun and  enjoyed my time with such a cool little person, although I may be biased.  But seriously…..looking at this face, it still makes me melt….

DSCN4585It also brings to mind so many giggles, I had and needed today.  Out of the mouths of a 3-year-old, especially when he was trying to figure out, how much older papa Dan was, and said to me, “Jo?  Your Daddy is old”.  I could do nothing but laugh, and say, “Yes, Cam-Man, he is, but he gets around,  and has good toys huh?”  he replied  “UH HUH, and  I  like his  twacters….”.



Sometimes, my cup runs over….

Ok, truly from my heart, with all I deal with, I took some time today to evaluate.  Lately it seems my life is running away and I’m trying to grab each moment I can, and cherish it.  Sometimes, life doesn’t stop going, while you wish it would.  There are so many moments I am trying to grab onto, I feel dizzy.

My life lately has been turned upside down and I am trying to grab the end of the rope and hang on.  It’s a good thing, but something I am not used to. Between having a crazy schedule, and being Thankful for other things, I’ve spent more time with Momma and the Farmer than I usually do.

This tells me, be Thankful, for being able to spend more time, and also, cherishing the time.  Because in all honesty, there never seems to be enough of it.

Sometimes, we get caught up in all the things we NEED to do, and the things WE do, that it all gets muddled up into a muddy mess, and we get stressed out trying to figure out the “timeline”.  But I learned a lesson today, and forgive me but I am heardheaded.

Sometimes, when you think you can not accomplish ANYTHING, you have accomplished EVERYTHING.  I had to be in 2 different places today at the same time, was I there?  Well I may have been a couple of minutes late, but I was there. Sometimes, I just need to let go of my anxieties, and all my misgivings and just let be, what will be.  I need to understand, FIRST, I am not in control, and then I feel better.

I have prayed so hard this week (okay Every day for that matter).  Just when I think  it will get better, I am given some awful news or given another set back.  It’s ok, though, because I figure the lesson’s, I’m supposed to be learning, I am.  (Thank you God),

This road I’m travelling though, I think I need a pitstop….are those allowed?


Saturday, my style….

When I woke up this morning, I was still “flaming” after last night.  I decided I would take charge and take care of all of those things I have neglected lately.  Sometimes, I just have too much on the calendar, to take care of those little day-to-day things.

So, my feet hit the floor running, and I started a load of laundry, slugged back a couple of cups of coffee and got busy.  Camsgranny, cleaned the entire house and did 4 loads of laundry (sheets and bedding stuff included), flipped mattresses around, and FINALLY put winter clothes away and went through summer clothes.

Apparently, something happened over the winter and that “full-bodied shampoo” I use, floated on down my body when I was rinsing, and well….somethings from last year just don’t fit anymore.  It’s the shampoo, trust me!

The Electrician is all in a flutter about holding a garage sale.  Our town holds an annual Garage sale town wide, and the date is rapidly approaching.  Now to be truthful, I don’t “do’ garage sales, and this is all his puppy.  I have been following him around the house when he grabs something and says ‘Yes, we can sell this”, and  I follow tucking it  into a cupboard.  I have given in to some things, but well… I could secretly be a hoarder and don’t know it.

With my house cleaned and shiny, and groceries (that the Electrician bought) put away, we headed out to the Nurse’s house for a BBQ.  We had a great time, with most of the family there, and then the Electrician did not feel well so we both came home.  After a 2 hour nap, we are back up and at it.

We did let Ms. Baby out, and let her hang out on the porch, but when we heard all kinds of birds chirping and going off, we went outside.  Apparently, Ms. Baby was stalking a baby bird and had it pinned between her paws (she has no front claws), every bird within a 2 mile radius was dive bombing her butt, and we got her to come inside, and hopefully the baby bird has made his escape. While I feel bad for the baby bird, I understand Ms. Baby’s instincts.  She was a little forlorn and gave us extra loving, because her Daddy yelled at her.

My schedule is about to change, as the Nurse is now out for summer break, and Cam Man and I won’t be spending everyday together.  That kind of makes me sad.  I had to laugh today though, because when we were pulling up at the Nurse’s house, Cam saw his “Papa’s truck” before we had even turned the corner and had already started running.  His Auntie Boo grabbed him, and he was all smiles when we got there.  Of course the first few minutes were spent with Cam loving on his Papa, and then it was ‘Will you play with me Jo?”.    We played and Papa pulled his truck up so Cam could hang out on the tailgate of Papa’s truck.    Cam looked at me and asked “Papa Dan, he ok?”  My heart kind of melted.  I told him  “Papa Dan is ok”, then he asked about Momma, it was so cute how he said it to me.  “Jo?”, “Yes?”  “Your Momma, she ok too?”.  “Yes, Cam, she is ok too”.

His and mine schedule is changing, and I think we miss each other a bunch more than we ever thought we would.  When I stopped by his house yesterday, he was knee-deep in mud and water and having a blast helping his parents get their yard into shape, but when I was ready to go, he went up to the Rav4 and was ready to go.  It broke my heart, I couldn’t take him with me.    Today, was another of the same story.  When Papa and I had to leave, I had a little talk with him, and told him we were going home, and he had to stay and play with all the kids at his house, and to be a “big boy” and give us hugs and kisses and go play.

It worked, until we were in the truck and ready to go and then all hell broke loose, he came running and screaming up to the truck and clung to me, and said, “NO, I go with you and Papa”.  Uncle Nate came and got him, and when we drove away Grandma Sue had him and he was waving with tears in his eyes.



What a Saturday…….I’ve also been helping a friend of mine with her journey with Parkinson’s, and trying to find ways for her to succeed in what she is doing. It’s a work in process, and still ongoing, but I will help, in any way I can.

While my mind is going 1000 miles an hour, and you can probably tell by this post, Welcome to my Saturday, Camgranny’s style….

Happy Anniversary to my Parents…..

While this post is a couple of days late, please forgive me.  It’s been a crazy couple of days. The past week, I had been talking to Momma and telling her what day it was, and how many more days to go before her “Big day”.

anneweddingHere they are 32 years ago, when they tied the knot.

ramp3And here we are today (well this pic was last year).  I brought Momma 3 carnations and 2 roses, and a balloon with “Happy Anniversary” on it for the Farmer.

It was too cute, when the Farmer brought in the balloon, Momma was just getting ready to get up, and Caregiver Beth was helping her.    I brought in the flowers and asked where a vase was.

Since we could not locate a vase, I improvised and used an empty wine bottle.  When I brought it in and showed Momma, she giggled and said she needed to talk to my parents.  Uhm?  I looked at her and the Farmer was already giggling, I said, “Uh, Momma you are my parent, whatcha wanna talk about?”.  She replied, I was cheeky, but was giggling the whole time.

A fellow blogger of mine, just recently posted a blog about “Nostalgia”, I guess I am feeling it too.  Over the past 32 years, I have had the BEST set of parents a girl could ever ask for. (Although in 51 years, I’ve had the Best Dad a girl could ever ask for).

The thing about Momma and the Farmer though?  They truly love each other and even though Momma has Parkinson’s, the Farmer does his best to make her feel loved.  The times they flirt like they are 18, and make ME blush,  well, I guess we all are Blessed.

Happy Anniversary Momma and the Farmer….  Love you both to the moon and back….


Welcome to my day….

This morning when I woke up, I was a little groggy around the edges, but managed (with the help of something called coffee), to pull myself together before a cranky little 2 1/2-year-old arrived at my house.

Now yesterday,this little dude was a little ray of sunshine….





It was a sunny day, and we played outside, did a walk of the grounds, looked at bugs, Swept off the porch, and took care of Momma.    After leaving the Farmer’s house yesterday, he and I actually went to the park for about 1/2 an hour before I took him home.  He did wrangle a promise out of me, though, that we could go back to the park today.

When little dude arrived today, he was…well…a little on the cranky side.    After crying for a minute, I got him to calm down, and blow his Momma a kiss out of the window, and then explained a ritual that my family has.

When the Nurse pulled away from my house, she honked her horn 3 times.  (short honks).  I asked Cam-man if he knew what it meant.  When he told me no, I told him let’s go get breakfast, and I’ll explain.  After getting his cereal (which today he wanted his Papa’s cereal and not his), we sat down and I told him the story.

How when his Auntie Boo was little and his Papa used to go see her, whenever he would leave, he would always honk his horn 3 times, and it meant “I Love You”.  So that every one in the family now does this when we leave each other’s house.  So that when his Momma left him at my house this morning, even though she felt bad, because Cam-Man was crying and did not tell her by, she was still telling him  “I Love You”.  Little dude got very wide-eyed, and almost sniffled again, and told me “I love my Mom”.  We had a little conversation about how maybe sometimes when he was tired, he should ALWAYS try to tell his Mom he loved her.

With all of THAT straightened out, after breakfast, he and I headed to the park this morning, because it was supposed to start raining soon.    We hung out and did some hard playing for about 30 minutes, and then headed to the Farmer’s.  We had quite the conversation in the car, and I realised, that sometimes, the best conversations, are with younger people, who are looking for answers, and in a way they understand them.

We arrived at the Farmer’s right before the rain, and little dude was happily playing at being a pirate.  The Farmer had to run out and do a couple of errands, so Cam and I checked on Momma several times, and she was a little snoozy today, so we let her snooze.

Cam and I did the things we do, and he is such a good helper, he loves to sweep, and also to take out the trash.   I did have to laugh though because we found a new game, where he walks up my body and then stands on my shoulders.  He even told the Farmer “Look Pawpaw, I’m tall”.

It was time for me to go in and get Momma up for the day, and little dude decided to go into pirate mode, and come in and “scare” Momma and me.  I think he got a little nervous, when momma growled back at him, so he went into the front room to “growl” at the Farmer.

Now I really do have to pause here for a second and let you know, that the  78-year-old Farmer can “growl” with the best of them, and Momma and I were in fits of giggles in the bedroom over the 2 in the front room, being pirates.  At one point, Momma stated “cheekiness at it’s best”, when I asked her who was being “cheeky”  she told me, both of them.

Cam did not want to let go of the Farmer and actually had him in a “love hold”, when I came out to get the Farmer, to help me with Momma.    Cam grabbed his “B” (blanket) and went and sat in the chair and watched us get Momma up.

Momma did pretty good today, and actually got a neck and back massage by me first and then Cam.  She was so totally relaxed, she went back to sleep in her chair.  Cam and I packed up and headed out.  When we were leaving the driveway though, Cam shouted to me “honk, honk, honk”.  I didn’t get what he was saying, until I had driven off, and he brought to my attention, that I don’t honk when leaving the Farmer’s house, and maybe I should.

When we got the Nurse’s house, he did not want to be there, he wanted to go to my house and see his “Papa“.  After talking to him, and giving him my hat, he seemed ok, and as I was getting ready to leave, his Dad showed up, and he was happily playing in the garage with his Dad.  (This kid is ALL boy).

When I went to back up,  I looked at Cam and he was waving at me, so I honked 3 times, and that little kid, blew me a kiss.

My lesson today, you ask?  Sometimes I take things for granted and also, as just the norm.  I’ve decided that when I leave the Farmer’s house from now on, I will carry on the tradition of honking 3 times, just to let the Farmer and Momma know, that even though I do not say it enough, I Love them.

This little dude is teaching me, as I am teaching him.   I think sometimes we are both learning together.  But I’m serious when I say, I never knew the Farmer could be THAT loud when playing, nor did I know Momma could growl like a perfect pirate.

Thank you to the Nurse for giving me her gift….I think he is truly cherished by the Farmer, (who states, I kinda like that kid), to Momma who says “cheeky little dude, but my buddy”, to me, who Thanks God for him, and all he has brought me and my parents.

He winked at me….

Today was my regular Monday morning of getting up, finding the coffee pot and trying to surface.  I knew I only had about an hour, before my ray of sunshine would descend upon my house.  I did some domestic goddess things, and then sat….waiting….and waiting….

Finally…little dude arrived at my house and we goofed around for a bit, and little dude, and I got back to our “normal” thing.  We were busy making our plans for the day, and came up with the following plan…

1. get gas for the Rav4.

2. Go to Granpa‘s.

3.  Go shopping…

4. Go to McDonalds‘ for a cheeseburger and fries and choc…(aka chocolate milk).

So, we headed on down the road, and stopped at the local Casey’s and got some gas.  Cam was hilarious while I was pumping gas.   He made faces at me and threw his stuffed giraffe at me.    He waved to everyone in Casey’s and was yelling out the window…”HI!”.

We arrived at the Farmer’s and Cam gave a half-hearted…”We’re here” when we arrived.  We got inside and he let G’pa B. (aka The Farmer) help him off with his coat and promptly climbed up on the couch with his blanket, said “I’ tired” and covered himself with his blanket and laid there for a bit.

When I started cooking in the kitchen though, he came flying into the kitchen and wanted to wash any dishes that were there.  Little dude loves him some bacon and fried eggs.

We had a busy morning, and got some stuff done. Cam and momma had a “cute” little chat.  Momma perked up a bit and gave me one long hug when I got her up.  We  shared some “moments” together that I have filed into my memory banks.

It was time to leave, and Cam got his shoes and coat on and while we were walking down the steps to the Rav4, he looked at me and said “shopping?”.    “Yes, Cam, we are now going shopping ok?”  “Ok.”.

We headed on down the road to the new Kohl’s store that has opened up in  town.  I was happy, as I have a gift card and a 10% off coupon in my purse, and I was going to try to find a blouse or outfit or something.

Isn’t it the truth, when you are on a mission to find an outfit, or ANYTHING, and you have a gift card, and coupon, you are doomed.  Cam rode in the cart and we looked through all kinds of stuff.  I even tried on a shirt, and Cam gave me the thumbs down.  (The Electrician asked me later, uhm, hon he is almost 3, did you trust his opinion?”…Well yes, if he doesn’t like it, who else will?).  Needless to say we left the store with no purchase.

So….onto our next plan of the day.  Cam man loaded up into the Rav4 with one thought on his mind.  He even looked at me and said “Cheeseburger and fries k?”.  So, we went to McDonald’s, and got little dude a Happy Meal.  Do you know how many years it’s been since I did that?  I didn’t even know they gave you milk or chocolate milk with it these days.

We headed on back to Cam’s home and when we arrived, he looked at me like I had lost my mind.  Cam said “My house?..no, you’re house Meema Jo”.  Now first, he has never called me Meema Jo, and second, is this the same kid who arrived at my house this morning?   With all of his “stuff” loaded up we went into his house.  His Momma asked me if he had a nap, as I hung my head down low, I mumbled “no”.  It showed.

The day ended up with Cam telling me, he would see me tomorrow, and giving me a wink.  He WINKED at me.  I had to laugh at the way he did it.  I so wish I could have taken a picture of it.

Maybe tomorrow……