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It’s HERE!!!!

This my friends, is a box of 25 pounds of New Mexico Hatch “Sandia” chili.  This is a box of spicy, smells delicious, goodness.

I could not believe when the Electrician called me today, (it’s been a very stormy day here, and he had a rain out), to tell me “It’s here, and honey, it smells good, but it might be a little spicy, because I could smell it when I opened the box.”.  I squealed, and said “really, it’s here?”  “yes, babe it is.”  to which my brain started going into over drive and I blurted out ” We are having green chili stew for dinner ok?”

Now mind you I have fed this man chili the past few days, and I think he may have cringed when I said I was making green chili stew.

When I arrived home, Yes, to the Farmer, I made it with no hail damage to the Rav4.  Although I did drive through town, and some of the streets were flooded.  By the time, I got to my little town, it had basically stopped storming and the sun was out.

I stopped at the local I.G.A. (we call it Igga here), I went in a got a gallon of ice cream for the Electrician and then I happened to look at pork roasts, now mind you I only had a certain amount of $$ on me, so I calculated, I grabbed the pork roast and ice cream, and hit the road.

I actually came home and sniffed the chili (ok, that sounds a little weird) but if you have ever smelled green chili it has an aroma all to itself. I then grabbed one out of the box and chowed down, I got about all of it gone when WHAMMO, the heat hit the back of my throat, and WOW, it was good.   Fresh, is okay, but when you roast it, well.  Let’s just say I drooled.  It brings back a lot of memories for me, some good, some bad.  But most of all it awakens my taste buds.

I made the green chili stew, and it was good.  The Electrician even enjoyed it, and commented on how the house smelled good, while I had roasted the chili’s.  Mind you, we both got our sinus’ cleaned out, (it is a little spicy).  It was worth it.

Come Saturday, I will be roasting the 24 1/2 pounds of chili on the grill outside, and I promise to take pictures.  Roasted chili means fall, fall means cooler weather, and hoodies, and bonfires, and jumping into the leaves, football games, tailgating, and a BUNCH of other good stuff.

I really like fall.


Momma got railed….

Well, today was a good day and hopefully the Farmer will get some sleep tonite.  You see, last night he was pretty upset at the fact that Momma (Queen of the Floor) had gotten out of bed and fallen AGAIN, and he got up 2 or 3 times to check on her.  We don’t have a lot of options left to us.  If she continues to get up and fall, we might have to put her into a Nursing Home and that is something that neither one of us wants.

So, we fixed her bed up GOOD today.  Yesterday we ordered 2 more bed-rails for the bed and they arrived today at about 1:00pm.  We had those puppies put together and installed by 2:00pm…hehehe… Hey Farmer…we work pretty well together huh?  (Like Father, like daughter)

Well…unless Momma is a Houdini, she “ain’t getting outta there”.  The rails now go along one side of her bed and also at the foot of the bed, and guess what’s on the other side…uhm…the wall.  So, like I said UNLESS she can do magic her butt is not going ANYWHERE!!!!!

That is a little piece of comfort to both of us, because….Momma and the floor really do not make a good couple.

All this happened while Momma was in her chair watching the Walton’s.  When we were done, the Farmer asked Momma if she wanted to watch “The cat and the mouse” on t.v.  (Tom & Jerry) and Momma told him to watch it in his room because she wanted to watch the Walton’s…(uhm…Like Mother, like Daughter).

It’s been a really good day, I’m hoping that the Farmer and Momma are enjoying the stuffed pork tenderloin with apple dressing, baked tater and green beans for dinner…oh yea, and the Ice Cream sammiches for dessert.

I will sleep good tonite (well…the Vick’s vapor rub has helped along with a Hot toddy.)

Life today was good, bring on tomorrow.