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Orange juice, vitamen’s, drugs, and kleenex…

Well, after spending yesterday, totally down and out, sleeping a bunch, sweating a bunch, coughing a bunch, and a few other things a bunch.  I feel a tad bit better today.

I am going to stay drugged until the last possible moment, carry my box of kleenex with me, and put makeup all over my “Rudolph” nose.

Wish me luck!!

This is short, because I am multi-tasking at a snail’s pace, and we’ve gotta get moving.  Plus, I’ve had some e-mails asking me where I was.

I’m still alive, just not moving at that “fart in a whrill wind speed“, like normal…..

Fall, and it’s almost here….



Being as this is the day after my blog’s birthday, I wanted to revisit one of my first posts, and  give it an “overhaul” so to speak, I originally posted this on September 25, 2011.  Life was good then (not to say that it isn’t now, but A LOT of stuff has changed since then.) ( I’ve made some changes to it, and added to  it.)


Fall….when I think of Fall, winter automatically comes to mind.  I DISLIKE Winter…oh, sorry, this is supposed to be about Fall.

Well, I like the Fall season for a lot of different reasons.  The change of colors everything goes to yellow to orange and then to brown and leaves fall off the trees and as the Youngest daughter (AKA College kid) said when she was little “the trees get snaked”.  (note to the Electrician…get the snow blower out so we can blow all those leaves into the neighbor’s yard so THEY can rake em up).  On the plus side my brown yard (which did NOT get hardly any rain this year) fits right in with color scheme now).  How true, we were in one of the worst droughts this year since about 15 years.

Football season, tailgating, bonfires, weenie roasts, crock pot dinners, snuggling on the couch with the Electrician watching all the t.v. series premieres, wearing jeans and hoodies (and not having to shave my legs). Having a fire in the fire pit, on the porch and snuggling.   Well.. you get the picture.

On the other hand…I live in a farming community and this is also the season of harvest and while for the farmers that is a good thing,  but for my sinus’ it really sucks.  I think I need to buy stock in Kleenex, after all I go through them and I could get rich and maybe have a free supply.  (note to self..check into this)

Also this is the time that all those critters that live in the fields now have nowhere to hide and they try to make their way into all of our homes.  So…note to Ms. Baby she better be on her toes looking for them! Ms. Baby is a really good cricket catcher, along with mouser, and a fly-catcher.  She finds them and then stares them down, meowing the whole time, and waits for either the Electrician (yea, usually him) or me, to come kill whatever.

That led me to another thought, last year I harvested a BUNCH of black walnuts from the Farmer’s house, I brought them home only to have the Electrician tell me I could  not let them “dry” in the garage (that was due to the fact that anyone who deals with black walnuts know…they stain BAD!)  So I threw them all in my now defunked garden and waited…they have green husks on them that rot and then WHAMMO you have black walnuts (LOVE THEM).  Well… so do squirrels, and I swear they must have called each other because every squirrel from a 50 mile radius came and STOLE all my black walnuts.  They had a VERY prosperous year last year.  So this year, I am going to harvest and let them “dry” in my Dad’s barn and we will see what happens!

This year, we have a wedding in October, the oldest son is getting married, so we will travel and have fun with that, however for me?  That means I have to go shopping for a dress.  Do you know when the last time I wore a dress was?  yea, me neither.

I do enjoy the colors of fall, the crisper weather, and the bonfires.  But, what I do not like is that Winter comes after fall, and I really don’t like that.

This  was a few years ago, and I really did not like the fact that the bottom windows of my house were covered by snow.  I stepped out in it, and I did help shovel (some).  I’m a wimp when it comes to cold, I really do not like it at all.  It’s pretty when it falls, and I like it for the first day, but after that, get rid of it, because I just don’t like it at all.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  This is about fall.

What are things that you like about fall?  Drop me a line and let me know!


The Den…and then some….

While I would like to post one of the best post’s I’ve ever written, it is not going to happen tonite.

I am kind of tired,  although I do not know why.  (pfft…I know why.)  The Farmer had to go “shopping” today, the usual once a month trip to Sam’s and then Meijer‘s in a couple of towns over from us, so it was pretty much a 4 hour shopping trip for him.

Me, you ask?  Well, after getting Momma changed and into clean bed stuff and bed pads, I asked her if she wanted to get up and got a very firm “No”, so I commenced on my cleaning bug.  I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say 4 hours later, things had been re-arranged, boxes had been burned, floors, and bathrooms had been disinfected, and vacuuming and dusting  had been done.

I even got adventurous and cleaned the Farmer’s room for him.  Now, I’m not here to bust him out, but my-oh-my have things changed from when I was a teenager.  I seriously remember being told “CLEAN YOUR ROOM!!!!!”.    So, his bedroom is now cleaned and vacuumed, and you can actually sit on his chair in his reading space. Clothes, have actually found their way into the dresser and hung up.   Your Welcome Dad!

There is one room though, that has remained taboo, all throughout my life.  The Den.   The Farmer has always had one “room” he always called his own, no matter where we lived.  It is the Den.  You are allowed to enter, and to sit and chat, but touch ANYTHING, and you are in serious trouble.   I actually told the Farmer this past week, when he was on “his” cleaning spree.  (Yes, he actually cleaned HIS DEN), what the 4377, had gotten into him (that’s code for hell on a calculator, I’m not supposed to cuss around him.)  He smiled at me and actually let me sweep the floor.

I did all the laundry and that’s when the little mishap happened.  I washed the Farmer’s jeans and shirt’s, and momma’s bed sheets and stuff, but somewhere in there, something exploded in the dryer.  When I went to take out the whites from the dryer, it looked like a box of Kleenex had exploded, and well….let’s just say, I ended up vacuuming the basement.  That stuff went everywhere, and every little piece of whatever I pulled out of the dryer, sent another “snow” shower everywhere.  Trust me folks, I will be looking closer at what I throw in there from now on.

By now, the Farmer had arrived home, and after helping him unload the truck, and putting everything away, I gave him the bad news.  Momma was not having a good day.  Someday’s when we give her the Parkinson’s meds, they help tremendously.  Other days, not so much.  Today was one of those days.  She was happy one moment, and the next gripped by Parks.  Her mind was playing tricks on her and she was terrified at one point.  It took everything in me to calm her down.

We finally got her roused, and although she did not want to leave her bed, we made her.   When we finally made it out into the front room, Momma had a few problems backing up into her chair.  That’s the only way she can sit, is to back up.  The Farmer and I  gave her some time, told her to breath and not get worked up and told her to relax, finally, she made it.

It hurts my feelings, I guess, at how apologetic she is.  She kept telling me she was sorry, and had tears on her face.  All’s I can do is tell her not to worry, and that it’s ok.  You see, she feels bad when she can’t do what she WANTS to do, because her limbs won’t allow it.  Then she gets upset because she thinks she is letting us down.  But what we keep trying to tell her, she isn’t letting anyone down, especially not us.  We will stand with her all day if that’s what she needs.

This Parkinson’s thing, it’s difficult.  For the person that has it, to the people who care for the person that has it.  It really is a No-Win situation.  The only thing that I do know, the Farmer and I are trying our hardest, to make it better for Momma.

While Parkinson’s can rob a person of about everything, they can’t take a person’s heart away.  And folks, my Momma has a really big heart.  It may get confused, but one thing she always does,  is to remind the Farmer and I everyday, just how much she loves us, and appreciates all we do.

I guess that’s the WIN, in a No-win situation.  I’ll take it too.