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Whoa….what was I thinking??????

See this little dude?

dancing monkeyThis was way back when, he was first starting to walk, dance and giggle…..

He took naps and didn’t really say very much.

He was very easy to babysit, because he pretty much just ate, slept, played, and moved around a bit.


He kept Momma on her toes, and they spent a bunch of time together.  That was back in the day, where Momma was still able to walk, and do some things for herself, she could eat meals, it might have taken her a bit, but she at least got to eat real food.   They both loved ice cream.

DSCN4193See this little dude?  Yes?  Where has the time gone?  He now walks, talks, and is not so easy to babysit anymore.

It has been a bunch of years, since I have dealt with a toddler, considering “my baby” is 29.  Somewhere along the line I forgot, the endless questions….. The biggest one being right now, What is this?, What is this? What is that?  The energy is something else that I am amazed at.

This morning, because the Nurse had a test, she brought this little ray of sunshine to my house at 7 a.m.    I need to just state for the record, I was awake (barely).  The Electrician had left the house about 30 minutes prior to this and he sent Ms. Baby in to wake me up.  Basically, I was woken up by a cat kicking me.  What the heck? It was still dark outside for crying out loud.

I managed to surface and was going for a cup of coffee when this bundle arrived.  He was just as unhappy at being snatched out of  his bed, as I was.  We both stumbled into the kitchen, me for coffee, him for a mug of chocolate milk.  I sat on the couch and turned on the t.v., Cam-man crawled into the rocker, blanket and mug in hand, then perked up when the t.v. came on.

Now Cam and I have a couple of favorite t.v. shows that we have watched all throughout his tender 2 1/2 years of growing up.  Curious George is a serious favorite of both of us.  After finishing our respective drinks, it was time for breakfast.  Cam picked out his Oatmeal for the day, and I made it and he scarfed it down.  We both got dressed and then the phone rang.  Now, honestly in my house if the phone rings before 8 am, I get nervous.  I get REALLY nervous, when the call is from the Farmer.  The Farmer was calling me to make sure I arrived at his house by 9;30, he thought he would be catching me sleeping, but guess what?  Nope I was more than half way ready to go to his house!

Cam and I did some things around my house, and then headed on down the road.  The drive to the Farmer’s almost did Cam in and his eyes were droopy.  We arrived, and Cam perked up, and then swagged into the Farmer’s to show the Farmer his new hat that he got over the weekend.

The Farmer left to do his errands, and Cam and I did some stuff around there.  We decided to go outside for a bit, even though it was not really a nice day, it was still a bit warmer than it has been.  We played a game, and Cam-man raced down the wheelchair ramp and I climbed down the stairs, we both ran to the Rav 4 touched it and then ran back.  We played races for about 20 minutes.

It was time to go in and get Momma up, and Cam helped me bring all of her bath stuff into her room, and then sat on the bed while Momma got her bath.  Momma and Cam kept up a chatter the whole time.  When it was time for Mom to get up, Cam went running into the living room to get the Farmer, he grabbed his hand and dragged him into the room.

Momma made it out into the living room and Cam, being the kid he is, had run in front of us and had his stool in front of momma’s chair and was sitting there waiting for her.  Unfortunatly, we had to kick him out of the chair, and Momma got seated and situated.

Cam picked up all of his toys that were thrown everywhere, and we got ready to leave.  We gave kisses and then I loaded Cam up and away we went.  We had not even gone about a mile down the road and I looked in the back seat, and little dude was fast asleep, with his blanket and thumb in place.    I drove back to our town and called the Nurse, when I was right around the corner from her house, and told her to meet me in the garage.    Cam was unloaded and I don’t think he ever woke up.

I arrived home and finished everything I had left to do.  I was just sitting here, reflecting on my day, and I was thinking to myself.  First, I was wondering what I got myself into, then I realised, that this is all a Blessing.  Cam, helps so much with Momma in a way I cannot describe.  She is enjoying it, and the Farmer is enjoying his company.  I can handle all of the questions, What is this? What is that?   I can proudly say that Cam, can now count to 10, can recite half of his abc’s, and he is not even 3 yet.

One of his major things, is he kept calling me Teacher this morning, until I asked him, Cam…who am I?  He looked at me, and then he said Meemaw.    So, I guess, not only am I Meemaw, I guess I am a Teacher too.  I’m cool with that……..





The Chair…..

The past week has been a little rough for me, and Momma too.  I’ve had some heart to heart’s with the Farmer.   I approached him this week, with some things I wanted.  Excuse me, I may be a little insensitive but I wants what I want.

I won this little argument, score one for me.    I wanted a particular item from Momma, and I have it. Someone else has it too.  I will not complain, I will be lucky for what I have received.  I guess the Farmer does not realize that his daughter wants to remember her Momma.

There were a couple of chairs with an ottoman that Momma wanted, the Farmer never really liked the chairs, and that’s how they ended up next door.    The funny thing about these chairs, was I only ever remembered them being in the house for a short time.

Another funny thing about these chairs?  Momma wanted them and had them specially made.    Another funny thing about the chairs?  They match my sofa perfectly.  Since giving our living room furniture away to the oldest son when he finally moved out, we had taken our time with replacing the furniture upstairs.  We don’t really spend a bunch of time up there, as we tend to gravitate to the downstairs “living room”  aka the “sports room”.

We finally found a sofa that I liked at an auction, the fact that it opened up into a double bed was a plus.   So for about 2 years, my living room has sported a couch, and a coffee table that was the Electrician’s Grandma’s, with an end table that was also his Grandma’s, plus a t.v. stand and a t.v.

Yes, it was a bit barren in there.  I guess when you look at the whole picture, I want something to remember my folks by.  (I’m still working on the wolf picture in the Farmer’s bedroom that has laid against the wall for 3 years and has 3 inches of dust on it, but hey the world is round and I’ll get there).



To make a LONG story short, I was given permission to take the chair and the ottoman to my house.    I was so proud of the fact, that I loaded both up into the Rav4 BY MYSELF….and IT FIT….  I drove home and got a little uncomfortable…  The chair and ottoman, well….they smelled.

Please believe me when I say I am not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings here, because I am not.  I am just tickled pink that I have Momma’s chair and Ottoman in my house.    Mind you, the Electrician was not sharing my enthusiasm.  The chair and ottoman spent a couple of days outside on my deck to “air out” so to speak, until I researched on-line how to take the “musty” smell out of them.

With a 47 cent box of baking soda that was spread ALL OVER both, I can honestly say, the chair and ottoman is smelling a bunch better.  And to be truthful, It has already made some memories.  Old and new blending together…..that’s what it’s truly about isn’t it?


12/12/12 what a day…

Today is 12/12/12, a day that will not hit again for quite a few hundred years.  For me?  My day was pretty good.   I’ve had some rough one’s lately and today, made me smile.

I got up with the Electrician this morning, because I was going over to the Farmer’s early, so he could sleep in.   I did some domestic diva stuff before I left, and then headed down the road, freezing my pututies off, cuz folks, it’s frickin cold out there.

I arrived and snuck in the house as quiet as I could, but the minute I opened the door the “girls” started meowing at me rather loudly.  I gave them 5 treats each and they finally shut up.  I got Momma‘s med’s ready (Thanks to Caregiver Beth, who gave me a head start).  I started a cup of coffee, and got everything together and went into Momma’s room, and I’ll admit, I was a little nervous.  Momma wasn’t so good yesterday, and I got scared.  I wasn’t sure what I would find, but was pleasantly surprised.

Momma was looking at me and smiling.  I gave her the meds and she talked to me while I was doing it, when I took her temperature, she smiled.  I’m not sure what has happened, but Momma was Momma.  When I told her she could go back to sleep for a bit, she dragged me close for a kiss and said, “Ok, I Love you”.

I spent my morning doing some stuff around the Farmer’s, he had to run to Sam’s for some much-needed supplies.    I threw some beef tips in gravy in the crock pot for his dinner, and then got side tracked with another project I was doing and completely forgot about making the rice.  I remembered it when I got home.  oops…

When it was time for Momma to get up, I went into her room and told her it was her and I today because the Farmer had gone shopping.  I gave her a bath and then between her and I, she got up.  Momma gave it her all, I’m here to tell you, simply because I cannot  lift Momma by myself.    When it was time for her to walk into the living room, I asked her, “Mom, it’s you and me, do you want me to get the wheel chair and wheel you in there or do you want to walk?”  She looked at me and smiled and said “I’ll walk, thank you”.  Uhm… ok, I was a little nervous, but felt kind of silly when we got there.  I did put the gait belt on her, and I was ready for anything, but Momma surprised me once again.

Momma and I were both sitting in the front room when the Farmer breezed in and said, “I got a truck load out there, you better get busy”.  I told Momma “Come on we have to unload the truck”.  Folks, Momma tried to get out of her chair, and then I told her I was just kidding.  She was ready to move.   I unloaded the truck with the Farmer’s help, and then got everything done.

I told the Farmer by, and then hugs and kisses, and then I went to Momma and told her I loved her and bye, but she grabbed my hand and wanted me to tell the Farmer what she was worried about.  I talked to the Farmer and he re-assured her that all was well.  With things squared at the house, I headed on down the road.

I came back home and did some more domestic diva things and then flew down the road to meet the Electrician.  We did some things and then I flew home.  Guess what?  I was out of cookies,  So I did that thing us women are known for (tongue in cheek) multi tasking.  I made a batch of cookies, cooked supper, made the Electrician’s lunch for tomorrow, and set the coffee pot.

Now?  I am kicking back and just relaxing.   Actually, I have to be truthful and admit I am watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.”

The Electrician and I have been watching a bunch of Christmas movies lately.  I’m not sure if it is to promote the Christmas  mood, or simply because we like to get sappy every now and then…or maybe we just like to giggle in my house…


Well, here it is Thursday afternoon, and I have been a busy little bee.  Today is normally the day, I stay home and do all of those domestic diva things that I do. Then go over to the Farmer’s about 4:30-5 pm and cook the Farmer dinner, and put Momma to bed.

My list was long today, because well, let’s face it, the domestic diva thing has been in procrastination mode lately.  Last night, I diligently wrote out my list of stuff I wanted to get done today.  If I don’t write a list, I end up forgetting one thing or another, or lately just kind of go pfft, and blow all of it off.

So, after being “yelled” at to wake up this morning, (Ms. Baby’s food bowl was empty), I got up and got busy.  First thing, a cup of coffee.  Quick look at the list, and BAZINGA, I got busy.

It really is amazing how much you can get done before 9 am, IF, you don’t log onto your e-mail, stop and play about 10 games of Words with Friends, check on your “Chefville” game, and read through all of your friend’s post’s on Facebook.

I had the laundry all done, sheets washed and bed re-made, and the dusting of the down stairs all done.  Whew, time for a break.    I made time for a couple of the things like e-mail, and Words with Friends.

I got back at it and completely finished the downstairs, cleaning the bathroom, and vacuuming.  Onto the Upstairs.  Now, so many people have decorated for Christmas, but not me.  I decided today, I would rearrange the living room and get the tree out and put together and let it hang out for a few days before the Electrician and I decorate it.

In the process of moving furniture and dusting and more vacuuming, I located several items that have been missing for sometime.  Apparently Cam-man’s secret stash of stuff was under the couch and a few other choice places.   After completing the living room and entryway, I just kept going until EVERYTHING on my list was done, right down to taking ALL of the trash out and the trash cans are at the curb, waiting for the trash dudes tomorrow.  My living room and entryway are now semi-decorated for Christmas, the tree is up and waiting for the Electrician and I to get to it, and I feel good.

With everything done, I got a call from the Farmer’s and found out, I get to stay home tonite as Caregiver Beth wanted to come back and put Momma to bed.  So, I finally called my cousin, and spent a good 30-45 minutes on the phone with her, (her Dad is the one who just passed).  We have set up to get together soon, and have an afternoon of giggles, and fun.

All in all, while I have pushed that procrastination thing to the curb for today, I am actually pretty happy with everything I have accomplished today.

Now, I get to play the rest of the day and figure out what’s for dinner!!!



A House is a House.

A house is just a house right?  Uhm, in my way of thinking there are houses and then there are homes. 

I guess it’s the family that makes it a home.  I know that the Electrician and I looked for a home to combine his and mine, for over a year.  We looked at houses a lot.  This one is to small, this one does not have enough bathrooms, this one is just straight up yuck.  Oh the problems, meanwhile we were living in a rental house that well…fell far short of what we needed. 

We sort of fell into this house.  Truth be told, the kids and I had come to look at a house around the corner from this one.  We saw the sign in front of it and the kids and I fell in love with it.  I came back that same day with the Electrician and well…he sort of fell in love with it too.

Here it is 14 years later.  This house has turned into a home.  It is one we have raised 4 children and also many, lost souls along the way.  The Electrician and I have soft hearts and have allowed several “down on their luck” people to come and stay with us to recover, regroup, and get a little step up.

I look around at this home and feel such comfort.  One that I have a home, and all of the many memories I have here.  I’m not so much pleased lately, that EVERYTHING is falling apart.  But a fresh coat of paint, re-arranging of furniture (My living room STILL has not recovered from the oldest son moving out and us giving him all of the furniture) (although it has been a few years, but I’m picky….hehehe). 

This is a home that has been filled with sorrow, ALOT of laughter, and so many good times, and memories.  Plus the fact, I can walk around it with the lights off and not bump into ANYTHING!  Altho there was that one time I got up in the middle of the night and BAM I hit the door and got a split lip.  My outlaws arrived the next morning.

We’ve lived through flooding of the basement (which in my house is the first floor, and where our bedroom is), we’ve learned that when we have no power, uhm…we have no toilet.  We live with a well and if you have no power you have no water.  We also live in the country and when it snows, our roads are the last one’s they plow.

When we moved into our little neighborhood, our family was the youngest one here.  We’ve seen kids across the street grow up (just as our kids have) and we’ve seen death, and new beginnings.  The Electrician and I are not the youngest kids on the block any more.  But I would not trade my neighbors for nuthin….They mow our yard, and I bake them brownies.  They took care of me while the Electrician was gone last winter.  I cannot tell you how many times I would come home from work and the driveway and sidewalk were plowed.

Neighbors sometimes make a home a better place, and to tell you the truth, I have some really good one’s.  They have kept there eye on us, as we have them.

I guess a house is just a house until you add the family to it.  I am blessed to have all these memories in this house, which really isn’t a house, It’s a home.

Can you love a house?  Maybe, but I love my HOME, and I am truly bleesed and Thankful for it.