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Smiling at a Stranger…..

I had an experience yesterday, that has kind of stuck with me.  I’ve mulled it over in my mind for a bit, and I think I’m ready to let it out.

For those of you that follow my blog, y’all know I’m not allowed in a grocery store (problem of seriously over spending, I think I am food hoarder).  But for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing the Grocery Shopping.  Yesterday, I made a stop at the local Wal-Mart, and I was only there to buy lunchmeat for the Electrician’s lunches and a couple of other things, while I was walking around and looking at things (which I usually do, I have to look at EVERYTHING).  I smiled at people, I was amazed by the amount of people who looked at me like I was crazy.

When I finally found my way to the deli area and was looking at what sandwich meat I wanted to purchase, there was a woman who was talking on her cell phone,  the lady who was waiting on her, was getting a little stressed, because she saw she had a line forming.  Everytime she would hand the cellphone lady an item, the woman would ask for something else, but when the deli lady asked her if the slice was ok, she would ignore her and keep talking on the cellphone.   When the deli lady had handed her yet another bag of stuff, the cellphone lady kept talking.  So, the deli lady went to wait on another person, when the cellphone lady told her she wanted one more thing.  By now, there were about 6 people waiting at the deli, and this poor deli lady was by herself and very stressed out.  The cellphone lady finished her conversation and ended her call and then looked around at all of us just standing there.

The deli lady went to wait on some other people and I was still standing there looking at the meat, but in my mind, I was seriously wondering when did it become ok to be rude, to other people, for the sake of a phone call.

When the deli lady came to wait on me she was breathless, and a little stressed, so I gave her a big smile, and looked at her and stated “Little busy huh?”.  She stopped and looked at me and gave me a really big smile, as if to say thank you. I asked for the meat I wanted, and after she had given me my last order, I looked at her and smiled, and said “Thank you so much, you try to have a good day ok?”.  She looked at me and said “Thank YOU, for your patience and understanding, and also for that smile, that made my day.”

So, I guess, my advice is to smile at a Stranger, you never know what they are dealing with, and it may just make someone else’s day.

Momma, the Farmer & the Electrician..

Ok y’all today was another Good day…(It’s good to have a couple of them after a couple of bad one’s.)

Momma was in top form today.  I got a cell-phone call from the Farmer (while I was on my way over to his house, okay, I MAY have overslept, and hung out with the Electrician who had the day off, a little longer than necessary).  the Farmer wanted to know if I was coming over…uhm…DUH…I told him I was a few minutes away and would be there soon. 

I screeched into the driveway and the bell was going off in the house (hehehe).  I went in and got a cup of coffee and talked to the Farmer for a few minutes and then went into give Momma her med’s.  She was SNORRING, so I woke her up and gave her meds and put her back down.  I went in and told the Farmer I really didn’t want to get her up because for once she was actually sleeping.  He agreed, so we sat and chatted for a while.

Now maybe I am wrong, but between you and me, I think the Farmer misses me on days I’m not there, you see I stayed home yesterday and it was just the Farmer and Momma.  While this may seem strange, I believe maybe the Farmer is seeing what I see.

Momma can’t do the things for herself that she used to be able to do.  I know this.  It’s hard for him to accept the changes. 

I fixed breakfast and then went and woke Momma up, and man, I’m here to tell you, she was full of good cheer.  I got her up, bathed and dressed and then we went to her chair and gave her breakfast.  Momma was in rare form today, the Farmer’s leg is bothering him and I told him to go lay down for awhile, and me n Momma had a little party.    She is having trouble eating in a reasonable amount of time.  (She falls asleep, or gets distracted).  Well, I got her butt up and did some laps around the living room, dining room (oops we had a potty break), and then back to the kitchen so we could wash her hair (the Farmer said she had been scratching at her head),  we accomplished all that and then…back to the chair. 

Momma and I did some exercises today and she was very receptive today, it was the most I have seen her participate in the past week.   I know I’m new at this Parkinson’s thing, but I really wish I could get a handle on it.  Sometimes, Momma is so good and other times she is so “not-with-it” .  I guess I’m just scared, because hey this is my Momma, and I don’t want to see the Farmer in pain.  When I left they were okay, but the Farmer needs to know that if he needs me I’m there….

On another note, when I came home today (the Electrician had the day off), we had talked about putting the Christmas tree up this weekend (last year the Electrician was on the road and I pretty much decorated the house by myself), I came home to the tree up (not decorated) but my house was decorated…Uhm..ok, call me a softy (uhm…Sally, woosh, uhm, I can’t describe the feeling).  The Electrician had cleaned (and I mean Cleaned) my house finished ALL of the laundry and had worked on the bathroom (that’s a post for another day).  The Electrician did all this because he loves me, and he loves the Farmer and Momma (that’s why he let’s me do what I do cuz, y’all I don’t make any money HE does). 

My life, while may be full of different aspects, it’s full of Love, Family and friends.  By the way, my Best friend is is the Electrician., he understands me, knows me, and still Loves me.  Thankful…ya’ll have no idea……


Technology…and Camsgranny….hehehe

Ok folks, let me bring you into the picture….first off I am NOT  techno savvy in any way shape or form. It took me FOREVER to learn how to use a cell phone and also to text someone.  I live in tracphone era….I don’t want a contract because well… I just don’t use my cell phone that much.

Well, while the Electrician was on the road, the cellphone became our only mode of contact, texting each other about 1000 times a day and talking to each other 500 times a day, because he was on the road and that was his only mode of contact.  He used his phone as his alarm clock and to contact me, his beloved.

Well…his phone should be in a graveyard, because well…it’s been used and abused, half the buttons are broke off, worn off and otherwise.  So, The Electrician  bought a new phone.  I LIKE that phone, it takes pictures, and is really cool. 

We have been trying to figure out his new phone together, and we sent Sissy a picture and a text (or so we thought)…uhm…whomever we sent the picture to “HI:…uhm…sorry…. 

Okay, I may be showing our age on this one, but I really LIKE this phone, so much that the Electrician just bought me one like his……well….I don’t want to be left behind….it may take me awhile to figure it out, but watch out peeps, Granny‘s got a new phone and well….hehehe…I’ll figure it out and WHAMMO ya’ll are gonna get texted (ok kids watch out, Momma‘s on a roll, call me butter) and Good times are a comin’.