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Good news….

Today was not my normal day to go over to the Farmer’s to help with Momma, but Caregiver Beth had something she had to do, so, I did it.    I did the normal Saturday stuff at my house and then went on down the road.  When I got there, I did some of the stuff I normally do, and then went into the kitchen to make the Farmer lunch.  I noticed something right off the bat, and went into the front room to question the Farmer.

Now, I have to back track a little.  A few weeks (ok so it maybe a month or so) ago, I “borrowed” the Farmer’s Kitchen aide mixer .


I kinda fell in love with it, simply because I make cookies every week, sometimes twice a week (batch for the Electrician and 1/2 a batch for the Farmer and 1/2 a batch for Caregiver Beth).   Plus, I’ve made some cakes and bread too.

The Farmer asked me last week, if I would please bring back his mixer, and his mixer wrote the Farmer a note, it said ”  Dear Dad, Please don’t worry about me, I am getting exercise, and I have a prestigious position on my sissy’s counter,   I am enjoying my time here, and sissy says she will bring me back home soon.  Love, Your mixer”.

I seriously had good intentions to bring the mixer home this week.  But when I noticed everything re-arranged in the kitchen, I asked the Farmer what gives?  He told me he had a surprise and I would have to wait until Monday to find out what it is.  Pfft…..SERIOUSLY????

I quickly informed him, I would bug the $hit out of him until he told me what it was, and I did too.   Amid a bunch of giggles, he finally gave in and  told me, the mixer could stay at my house.  WOOHOO, double back flips.  Apparently, the mixer had expressed it’s desire to stay at my house, and The Farmer, complied.  Although I will not tell the mixer, it’s been replaced, by a “newer” version.  I don’t want to hurt its feelings.

In all honesty, Thanks Dad! from the bottom of my heart.  I’ve grown quite attached to the “mixer” and I really did not want to bring it home.  It’s found a new home on my counter.  I’m sure, your new mixer will find its new home a happy one, and I will use it and so will you.

Momma today was surprised to see me, although I had told her yesterday, I would be there to get her up.   She rallied and was full of giggles when I finally got her cleaned up and ready for the day.   It was fun for me to see her on a day I normally would not.

I did have to laugh, when I was getting ready to give her a round of meds and she was “reading” the paper.  I asked her about the story she was so intensely reading.  She told me about it, funny though, the paper was upside down.  Hmmm, I had already read the paper, and she was correct in her telling of the story.  Can people read things upside down?  I don’t know for sure if they can, but Momma did.

All in all it’s been a good day for me, and I’m so thankful for those. Sometimes, its little things that our parents do for us, and we do for them, that are the best.

Love ya Daddy, and Momma too.  Just so the rest of my family does not feel left out, I love y’all with all that I am, and then some……


Fall Television….

Ok, I have a confession to make.  I usually do not watch to many things on t.v.  I usually play on the computer, with the t.v. in the background.  There is a show I am ‘hooked” on.

When we first heard about a show called “The Revolution“, it was from our cousin’s.  You see the Electrician’s third cousin had a part in the series.  Our little girl,  cousin Morgan Hinkleman, played the role of ‘Charlie” when she was a little girl.  There was a lot of talk going on in the family, and ok, the Electrician and I were interested.

The Premiere of The Revolution came on and the Electrician and I watched it.  I must confess, I was pleased to see little Morgan, but then the whole show took me into a life, that I could only imagine.

The premise of the show, is what would happen to the world if all the power went out. No more phones, no more t.v.’s, no more lights,no more computers,  and chaos ensues.

I do have to admit, I have been sucked into the series, and I enjoy Monday nights glued in front of the t.v. to see what happens next.  To say that, and know that the Electrician prefers watching this show with me snuggled together instead of Monday Night Football, says a BUNCH!!!  Although with that being said, if the Bears are playing on a Monday night, well, I’ll be in the other room and he will DVR it.

For those of my blogger friends that do not have the opportunity to see this show, they do have a web site and you can see the episodes online at


It is more of a Science Fiction type of thing, but the Electrician and I have sat here and plotted out how we would make it through an event such as this.   We have figured out how to make our house safer from intruders, and how to manage with no electricity.  We remembered those 7 days a couple of winters ago, when we had no electricity, and no water.  (We are in the country and live on well water, no power, no water).  Hey, I do have a pond out back though!

Considering the amount of scented candles I have around here, we could make it for approximately 78 hours of night-time.  I need more candles.    We have enough wood we could have some campfires, and I also need to go get some more charcoal.  The first few days, no problem, I’d just have to cook everything I have in the 3 freezers and we could last a couple of weeks.  With all the Deer, and other wildlife around here, we might be able to survive for a bit, but with winter coming, it’s gonna get cold.

The whole premise of the story makes you stop and think, because after all it is just a story, and a t.v. show, but the Electrician and I?  We are thinking ahead.

But, like I said at the beginning of this post, I don’t watch to many t.v. shows, but I am truly enjoying this one.


What a Monday….

Today dawned a little on the chilly side, and there was fog all over.  I got up early and did my domestic diva stuff.  I was on a mission.  I left my house, dressed in sweats, then realized, I had no gas in the car.

So, my first stop was at the local Casey’s , it’s the only place in town, to get gas, and anything else you want.  I should know, I worked there for 5 years as the Assistant manager and alternate Donut maker.

I put some gas in the Rav4, and down the road I went.  I do have to say though, I did have some giggles with the girls at Casey’s.   I got to the Farmer’s and I crept in ever so quiet.  (Years of practice from when I was a teenager).  I got Momma‘s med’s together and then went in to give them to her.

I told her “Hi momma”  when I went in and I got the deer in the head light look from her.  I understand this though, she is used to seeing her beloved Farmer’s face and not mine.

The Farmer surfaced, after having a shower, to a hot cup of coffee, and I made breakfast, and he left to go to the “big city” and do some shopping, plus take a look at the farm.

Me?  I cleaned up the house.  I would really like to know what the heck happens  in this house over the weekend, because I come back on Monday mornings, and DAMN they have had one heck of a party over the weekend.

I mopped all the floors, cleaned all of the bathrooms, did Momma’s laundry, cleaned out the fridge (simply for the fact that the Farmer really is a scientist in disguise, and is trying to grow penicillin in his fridge), cleaned up the kitty litter,  and washed dishes, vacuumed, and then….uhm… I need to confess something here..

Ok my head is hung and my eyes are downcast, I have to confess.  While searching for the spaghetti sauce and meatballs that I had made and put in the Farmer’s freezer, for later.  Uhm…I found the Farmer’s secret stash of  “Cadbury’s Chocolate bars“.  I found the spaghetti sauce and thawed it out for dinner.   Ok, I uhm…ate one of those ice cream bars…Sorry, there are some things that I can ignore, but CADBURY ICE CREAM BARS…  NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!

After getting all of my stuff done, I peeked into the freezer, and sorry, Cadbury called to me and I grabbed one.     I scarfed that sucker down and relished in the chocolate.  I had already checked on Momma and changed her pants twice. I did not want to get her up until the Farmer had arrived back home again.  At this point, I am unable to get Momma up by myself.  Those days are gone.

While I wish I could, it is too dangerous to attempt it by myself.  You see Momma has no control.  While she thinks she can stand up by herself, we all know this is not true.  When I look at my body weight compared to her’s, it’s not gonna happen.  While I may be capable of holding her up, the ending isn’t pretty.  So I am now reliant on the Farmer.

This makes me so sad.  What I used to be able to do with Momma, I am no longer capable of doing.  It is not something I like.  It is something I am becoming accustomed to.

But to be honest, If I am having these emotions, I can only wonder what she is thinking…

Monday, Monday…oops…

How come everyone seems to dislike Monday’s?  I usually don’t, but my Monday has been full of little mishaps along the way.

When I left my house this morning, I forgot the baby monitor for Momma.  So, I turned around and came back to my house and picked it up.

I tried to make waffles, and had a semi-explosion of Milk of Magnesia all over the place.  Let me back track here for a minute.

When I got to the Farmer’s and hooked up the baby monitor, and then talked to the Farmer for a bit, I was actually waiting for the waffle iron to warm up, as I had already made the waffle batter.

We decided to go ahead and give Momma some Milk of Magnesia today, due to lack of..well, you figure it out.   Constipation is a REAL problem with Parkinson’s patient’s.  We’ve relied on Milk of Magnesia and Miralax.

I went into the kitchen and checked the waffle iron, and it wasn’t ready yet.  So, I went ahead and made up Momma’s med’s.  Usually we put the MoM into her medication that we mix with Pepsi (to dissolve it).

When I grabbed the bottle of MoM (you would think that the lid would be on),  (Uhm THANKS DAD) I started to shake it when WHAMMO.  That stuff went everywhere with the cap sailing across the room.

I am now covered in Milk of Magnesia, the floor is covered, the waffle iron is covered, and now has the green light lit up (go figure).  The cabinets are covered as well.  I’m yelling, the cat is licking the floor, and I’m thinking NOOOOOOOOOOO.

I get everything cleaned up, all the while shooing the kitty’s out of the room, and praying none of that stuff went into the waffle batter.

After breakfast, and a re-cleaning of everything, including mopping the floor twice, simply for the fact, on the first mopping, I tracked all over the place, and no one can mistake MY foot print for  the Farmer’s.

I decided to give up and run to Wal-Mart.  I may now be banned from the store, but I’m not sure.  The Farmer had asked me to pick up some milk for him, and some more floor cleaner.  I had a couple of things to get as well.

Walking down the kitty litter aisle, and REALLY, why would you put a 10 pound jug of kitty litter on the top shelf?   I tried to get one down and oops, “clean up on Aisle 5”.  Yea, it fell and exploded in a cloud of kitty litter everywhere.  I grabbed another one and practically ran onto the next aisle.

“Clean up in aisle 11”, was the next thing heard.  Yea, I dropped the milk, actually, I did not drop it, when I went to pull one out, 2 came out, simply for the fact they were shoved in there so tight.   OOPS.

I won’t even tell you what happened in the Diet Coke aisle.  Except, Thank you to the 6 foot woman who handed me 3 liters of Diet Coke.  Whew…. Being short really sucks sometimes, and the store employee’s tend to frown when you climb like a monkey to get something off the top shelf.

I think everyone in Wal-Mart breathed a sigh of relief when I left.  But as I was walking out the door, they had a bin that said to put your plastic bags in it for re-cycling.  So..uhm…  I grabbed a couple of bags full.  Hey, I am recycling them.  We use them as liners for Momma’s porta potty.

After I finally got home to my house,  and felt in my “safe zone”.  I put everything away, and then remembered I was supposed to go to the post office.  OOPS.  I figure I can do that first thing in the morning.

I don’t know about y’all, but once I get home, and am home, I’m not going anywhere else.Tonite’s dinner was green chili cheeseburgers smothered in mushrooms and bacon with provolone cheese melted over top. I also went all out and made home-made french fries.  (The best kind are twice fried, fresh tater’s and not those frozen one’s).

I had taken an early shower and was just getting supper done, when my phone rang.  “Uhm, Joanne, Tracy isn’t coming tonite, someone else is that has never been here before, can you come put Annie to bed?”

Well, hells bells.   I got into the Rav4 and went on over there in my p.j.’s.  First off, Good help is hard to find, second off (and this is the important part) Momma does not like strangers, who do not know her routine.

As soon as I got there, we got down to business.  I did all the normal things Momma is used to, and then I bounced her butt into the bed, got a hug and a kiss, and a “Thank you, I love you Joanne”.  Aww….those words made my heart feel a lot better, and never mind the other stuff.

Sometimes, even when we really don’t want to leave our house, we need to, because there might come a day, when I don’t get a phone call to put Momma to bed, because she won’t be here.

So, in a nutshell, it’s been a Monday.  But I’ll take it and smile at the memories.  Also, for those of you wondering, Yes, the MoM did get into the waffle batter, both the Farmer and I and the kitties had the same type of afternoon in the bathroom.

Yup, It’s been a Monday….

Today was definitely Monday.  I woke up early, and had to deal with hosing down my eye AGAIN.  You see, what I have failed to tell all of you was that sinus infection thingy that I get, happened to surface in my eye. It started out as a sty, and quickly turned into something I really don’t want to discuss.  Your welcome, because it’s been really gross.

Before I get into my day, though,  I really do need to send out a BIG thank you to the Nursing Student who filled my shoes Saturday night, when the Farmer needed help with Momma, and there was no way I could do it, (between the fungus gungus eye situation, to running a fever, and just not emotionally nor physically able to do it.)  So, Thank you to the Nursing Student who went and helped, because the Farmer sure did appreciate it and so did I.

With that being said, I was ready for today.  When I got to the Farmer’s, he was really happy to see me, as I was him.  I got started on breakfast right away, and we chatted over fresh cups of coffee, while the bacon was gently frying in the kitchen.    I guess Momma had a pretty good day yesterday and that was a good thing, considering the Farmer is still “nursing” his sprained ankle.  They spent the day watching the Olympic‘s and Momma was rooting for all things British, while the Farmer was rooting for all thing’s U.S.A.

I always feel a little unsettled on Monday’s, simply for the fact that different Caregiver’s have been there over the weekend, and I have to go and clean everything up and straighten it back up the way I keep it.  (That sounds kinda snarky, and it isn’t really, I just like things organized).

I went into give Momma her meds, and then told her not to panic, because I was going to let her sleep in.  She replied with “You do spoil me”.  Yes, I do spoil her, but you see, for me, it is easier on all parties involved if I let her sleep her morning in her bed, rather than force her out of her bed, to snore in the chair, because that is what ultimately happens.

While I let her sleep in, the Farmer ran to Wal-Mart, to pick up a couple of things, and I mopped the kitchen floor (the one Cam-man and I trashed on Friday), did 3 loads of laundry, that were Momma’s because I really don’t like when the Caretaker’s do her laundry other than her bed stuff, because some of her clothes have been ruined by bleach.

I finally got Momma up and she was in good form, and happy.  We made it out into the front room, and we were all getting ready to watch some more Olympic’s when my eye went ballistic.  I ran to the bathroom and got a cloth, and to save y’all the disgusting and gross details, let’s just say, the danger point is over.    While I could not see out of it for about a 1/2 hour, when it was all done, I was ok.   Hopefully (crossing fingers here), I will not have to deal with THAT ever again.

Anyway, it was time for me to scoot on down the road, and I had a couple of errands I had to do first.   I did my errands and then arrived home.   I made the Electrician’s lunch for tomorrow, and then got dinner ready.  I am kinda proud of myself though, I made Chicken, broccoli, cauliflower  alfredo fettucine out of leftovers.  And it was a hit.  I’ve had my shower, in my p.j.’s and,  It’s been a day, and I’m not going into all of it at the moment,  I need time to think about all that has happened, to accept all that has happened, to process all that has happened.  Because truly, today has been a day.


Farmer Sweet Corn Friday!

Last night, I received a phone call from the Farmer, advising me he had really enjoyed the sweet corn he had picked on the farm.  He wanted to know if I wanted some.  When I said, (duh) Well sure.  So, he asked me to come over early today and he would go pick some.

My early and his early are two different things.  I rolled out of bed at about 6:15, got my workout done, laid out the Electrician’s clothes, and was just sitting down to a cup of coffee, when my phone rang.  It was the Farmer, advising me he had his shower and was waiting on me to get there.  Uhm, it was 7:13 am.  I had exactly 17 minutes to get my butt dressed and on the road.

I made it to the Farmer’s at exactly 7:59 am.  I gave Momma her 8 am’s, and I gave the Farmer some plastic shopping bags.  He asked me how much corn I wanted, and I told him about 3 dozen ears, as I was planning on freezing it.  Then he told me he wanted me to fix some for him to freeze, so I said “Ok,  throw in maybe another half-dozen or so ears.”

Well the Farmer took off like a kid going to the candy store.  Me?  I got busy with the usual Friday things at their house.  Changing kitty litter, mopping floors, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms.  I went in and gave Momma some more med’s and changed her bed pads and got her nice and dry, she told me, “Jo, I am sleeping in today, if you want to come roll me over every so often that is fine, but I’m sleeping in”.    Uhm…okay.  I got all of my stuff done, including laundry, and throwing a meatloaf together for the Farmer’s dinner.

The Farmer finally showed up about 12:30, (Uhm, Momma was still in bed).  He came into the house with his arms full of sweet corn.  He made 2 neat piles, there were 6 ears for him, and 6 ears for Joyce (the other Caretaker of Momma).  The Farmer then instructed me to come outside and get my corn out of the truck.  I grabbed 4 bags (full I might add), and then the Farmer grabbed 4 more bags, and we loaded them into the Rav 4.  I finished up some of my other stuff and gave Momma her other meds and got ready to go.  I will confess though, I asked the Farmer if I could borrow his  “Kitchen Aid Mixer”.  After a little negotiation, and promises that nothing would happen to it, AND I would bring it back on Monday, he grudgingly gave in.

Based on the negotiations, I wrapped it up with a towel and gingerly set it on my front seat, and even put the seat belt on it.  Although, I did leave a note where it usually sits on the counter that stated “Dear Daddy,  Big Sissy is taking me for the weekend, and she’s promised to be nice to me and not scratch me, or abuse me, and she promises I will be back on Monday.  Love, Your Mixer, p.s. she said she would bring you a loaf of the bread she is going to be making, and even some cookies too, so it looks like I may be over worked  but I’ll be back Monday!”

I did a couple of errands and then arrived home and unloaded the RAV 4 with all of my “loot”.  I decided to go ahead and get the corn frozen and started shucking it, and shucking it.  I counted 39 ears that I had shucked, and then looked at the uhm…5 remaining bags filled with corn on the floor of my kitchen.    I cut the kernels off the cob and filled up 7 quart size bags.

I then called the Farmer, the conversation kinda went like this,

“Hello?”  “Hey Dad, uhm, did you count how many ears of corn you picked?”  “No, I just started picking and I only went half way down one of the rows why?”  “I have just put up 7 quarts of corn and went through 39 ears, and I still have oh about 5 bags that are FULL left of corn.”  “Well, good, I need about 3 or 4 quarts”  “Uhm Dad?”  “Yes?”  “If I finish all 5 bags we will probably end up with about 700 quarts of corn to freeze.  So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to give some to my neighbors ok?”  “That’s fine.”  Mind you the WHOLE time this conversation is going on he is laughing his butt off at me.

Let me just say, that I have some VERY happy neighbors right now.  I spread the wealth of sweet corn, which considering  the drought we are going through right now is in itself  a miracle.    I still have about 3 bags left to  freeze tomorrow, but that’s ok, because this winter, when there is no possible way to find sweet corn, my freezer will be full.  And I’m here to tell you this girl LOVES sweet corn (as well as all of my family).


Monday, Monday, oh how….

Ok finish that sentence how you want.  For me, my Monday was business as normal.  What does that mean?  Well, it means getting back up at o’dark thirty and picking up Cam-Man and coming back to my house and feeding the lil dude some breakfast and then play time

Today was a little different though, because my sidekick (The Electrician) wasn’t up to “playtime”.  He did hang out pretty good though.  He tried, and for that I give him credit.  He tried to play with Lil Mr. Energy, but he just plain ole doesn’t feel good.

Mr. Cam-Man and I did have a good time today, the goal was to keep him awake until his Momma came to get him, I think it was because she wanted to have nap-time with him.  I did have to laugh, the full belly laugh, and even the Electrician belly laughed too.  You see, we have routine in our house, and Cam-Man knows this, so when his appropriate nap-time came and went, he got a little flustered. 

Now folks, this lil kid is smart and KNOWS when he needs to take a nap.  The reason I say this is, because he went into his room and figured out how to climb INTO his crib so he could take a nap.  unfortunately for him, I yanked his butt back out and kept him going.  When his Momma arrived he was VERY happy to see her and after he got his coat and hat on and he was walking out of our house, after giving the Electrician and I a kiss, he screamed “I WUB YOU” all the way to the car, blowing us kisses and stuff.  I told him, see you tomorrow and he just blew kisses, it was too cute.

After Cam-Man left, the Electrician vacuumed upstairs and downstairs and then took a nap, and I went to the Nursing Home (first time in a couple of days) to see how Momma was doing.  I took back the laundry I had taken and washed.  I got to the home, and well…Momma did not have a good day.  I was a little disappointed, especially because usually Momma perks up when I am there.  Today, not so much.

Today, she kinda looked at me all Parkinson’s and I knew the meds were not working.  I sat and chatted with the Farmer, and we had a good time together.  I understand there are gonna be good days and bad days.  I guess today was a bad day.  BUT I am of positive thinking and tomorrow will be a better day.

On a different note, I would like to say thank you to some friends that I have met through my blog.  You see, I KNEW I wasn’t the only person dealing with a family member who has Parkinson’s but I guess I never believed it until I’ve met some of the folks, I’ve met.http://jmgoyder.com/, and I read her blog everyday, we share something in common.  Do me a favor and go over and read her blog.  To the Farmer, you guys have a lot in common in some aspects.

So to finish my first statement Monday, Monday, Oh how..you are…Tomorrow is Tuesday, and ok I suck at rhyming. so y’all fill in the blank ok?

Rude Awakening, Happy ending

Well here it is Monday.  Mine started a little (ok A LOT)  earlier than I had anticipated.   I was hogging sleeping in the bed after the Electrician got up and got ready for work.  He woke me up and kissed me, like he does every morning.  I went back to sleep, like I do every morning.   unfortunately, for me, my cat, Ms. Baby decided that she had turned into a lion (she was at the Garage window in her bed).  I woke up to a LOUD snarling, growling, spitting, hysterical cat.  I yelled at her to shut up, THAT didn’t work.  So I got up and went to investigate, I figured it was probably the black cat that periodically travels around our neighborhood.  Oops, my bad, I went into the garage and she was louder than all get out, I looked out  the window, and was being stared at by 2 very red beady eyes.  So, I went upstairs and turned the porch light on and, there was a rather large Possum trying to attack my little Lion through the window.  The light scared it, and it left, but it took a little while for my Kitty (AKA little lion), to calm down. 

I went up and got a cup of coffee, because there was no way I was going to able to get back to sleep after all that.  So, I started my day a little earlier than I had planned.  I went ahead and did my normal Monday routine and then left early for the Farmer’s house.

I got there and had a pow-wow with the Farmer, I also got a shopping list from the Farmer and some money.  (GLORY BE, I got to go SHOPPING, AGAIN!!!)   

I cooked breakfast, and got Momma up and bathed, and did some exercises with her.  Apparently, Momma had a GOOD weekend.   I got laundry started and then had to jet over to Cam-Man. 

I got to the Nursing Student’s house and walked in the back door like normal, only to be handed a roll of wrapping paper and a roll of tape and the Nursing student went flying into the living room, running.  What the heck?  “Jo, Cam unwrapped one of my presents that was under the tree and the Fisher-dude told me NOT to open anything, and he won’t believe me if I told him what really happened, so re-wrap it for me PLEASE.”  Laughing, I asked her “what happened?”  “I was playing on the computer and Cam-man was playing with this box, and the next thing I knew he had it unwrapped, so I grabbed it, I didn’t see nothing, I swear, and threw it up on the counter and then you walked in.”.  I’m sorry kids, all’s I could do was giggle my butt off and re-wrap the gift.  (UHM….nice choice Fisher-Dude).  And that’s all I’m going to say about THAT.

After about an hour of snuggling with Cam-Man, who has turned into quite the snuggler with me.  He sat on my lap, and put his hand on my cheek and we had a little conversation, about how NOT to play with stuff under the tree, then we both just relaxed and hugged each other.  I love that little dude.

I left the Nursing Student’s and proceeded to…you guessed it Wal-Mart.  I got the Farmer’s Groceries, and some shopping for Momma.  I bought her 3 new pair of sweat pants, I figure, because the waist is elastic it is easier to pull them up and down, and she will be able to handle it.  Plus, they will keep her warm this winter.  I only had one unauthorized purchase…..hehehe…I bought them a box of soft oatmeal cookies.  I was forgiven by the Farmer for the unauthorized purchase (that AND I came in under budget). 

I spent some time with Momma when I got back, she was really happy about her new pants.  She asked me if I had done it so she wouldn’t be as much trouble as she was.  I looked at her and replied, “You are no trouble to me, I  do what I do, because I love you, I just thought it might help you, and keep you warm.”  Momma grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes, and said “I Love you, Joanne, thank you”.

Let’s just say that today was an EXCEPTIONAL day…nite all’…..