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I did it!!!

It’s been awhile since I last posted, please forgive me.  I have been dealing with a bunch of personal issues.  Some of them I am learning and growing from, and some I am just dealing with.

My biggest news today, is I have accomplished something I never thought I would.  I actually participated in a 5K.  Yes, a marathon.  Now those of you who have followed me for a while, know I am not a “sporty” type.  But part of my “new” thing, when I quit being Momma‘s Caregiver was to try to find “myself” again.

I started working out, lost a few (10 at the moment) pounds, and just kind of focused on me and MY well-being.  I have a wonderful Coach, (whoever said that daughter’s could not be your best friend when no one else will be was crazy).


This was us this morning at o’dark thirty.  We really did not talk last night about what time we would need to get up to be there.  Here is confession time.  I am living with this wonderful girl and her family for the moment.

THAT is another story in itself which is a little to personal to talk about at the moment, but suffice to say, The Electrician and I are “working” on our relationship and it is what it is.

But, as I am famous for, I digress.  The Nurse and I have been “training” for this for about a month now.  We take nightly walks, she pushes Cam-man in his stroller and I let Bella the dog ‘pull’ me around.

We arrived a little late this morning, as i had an e-mail from my favorite cousin to meet her.  Uhm…we were late, and arrived as the prayer was being said, so the Nurse and I were in the tail end of the ‘group”.

DSCN4595With a total of 670 people, I did not think we would ever find my cousin.  Guess what?  5 minutes into it, we found my beloved cousin, and the Nurse got to meet her and we walked for a bit, with her group.  Somewhere along the line though, The Nurse and I got up to our speed and started passing peeps like there was no tomorrow.  I have never been in a marathon before, but “sis” and I have walked for an hour all over our little town and we were kicking some butt.

DSCN4597We got hit with some “fairy dust” and got us motivated.  We walked all over the little town of Bismarck, Illinois, and we had a blast.  But I do have to admit something.  I had talked to my Mother in law a couple of days ago, and she has always wanted to participate in an event such as this, so I told “sis” and we talked about her Grandma on the way, so my MIL and her Grandma was with us.  I called her this afternoon and told her about it, and she giggled.

DSCN4599This would be me and my most favorite cousin in the world.  I love this woman.  This woman was my pen pal for so many years, and actually flew to England for my graduation,  There is nothing I would not do for her, I am proud to call her my bestest friend through the years.  (Plus, she got my butt motivated to do this.)

But to be honest, my inspiration and my rock, to give true credit where it is due is the one, who did not like me very much 20 years ago, but who has turned out to be my best friend and daughter, although I can not take credit for her birth, I can take credit for some, but I love this girl like no other.  While she has had to deal with a bunch of stuff, like taking in her step-mother in and sharing her home with me,  Thank you to my Nurse, today was a blast.

DSCN4600We did it Sissy.  Thank you!  To the Moon and back…..and as Cam-Man  says….GO BULLSEYE!!!!

Family, Giggles, and Good times….Part 3

Sunday dawned, and in our house, it was going to be our “mini” Thanksgiving Day. We ate our breakfast, and my Mol and I got busy.  We baked a fruit tart for dessert, and then got busy with our “dinner”.

The kids were coming today, and we were enjoying the “quiet” before the “storm”.  When all of us get together, it tends to be a little loud, chaos and fun.

We had a turkey breast all prepped, to be cooked in the ‘flavor-waver”, a hash brown casserole, and zucchini, broccoli, and cauliflower to be roasted in the oven.  My Mol made her famous apple salad, and we had some dinner rolls that had risen to 3 times the normal size.

The Dining room table had the leaf put into it, the Electrician scrounged 4 more chairs, and brought out the high chair.  The table was set, and the food was cooking, when the kids all arrived.  We were just putting it all together when the College student arrived, she had driven about an hour to make sure she made it in time to see her Grandparents.

The Blessing was said, and the food disappeared.  Then it was family fun time.  We all laughed, and giggled.  We decided it was time to go outside and take some pictures…  So the next part of this story will be told by the camera..

Cam-Man was outside while we were all sitting on the patio, and he was ever so excited to see the Moon.  It was pretty visible in the daylight.  He ran inside and yelled at his Papa “Come NOW”, he wanted to show it to him.  The kids and I were on the porch just giggling, because of the excitement of a 2-year-old trying to get his Papa to come out NOW.


Yea, I’m not quite sure what the discussion was but it was a good picture.

We then got busy, first off 3 of us with a camera is really kind confusing.  Each of us were saying “Smile” and no one knew where to look.


At one point, Cam-man and I decided to take a picture of each other….. You can see how mine turned out…


Auntie Boo went chasing after Cam-Man (AKA Monkey) this might be why she says she’s not having kids for a LONG TIME….



This is how sisters take pictures to put on their Facebook page, they don’t bother anybody, just snap the picture and away they go….

This would be the girls with the Electrician and I, of course Cam-Man had to smile his part….


This would be the Great Grandparents and Grandparents of Cam-Man.   AKA the Electricians Dad & Mom.


The Men…..

And the women….


After all of the pictures were taken, we came back inside and all hung out for a bit,


The evening ended with all the kids going home, but not until, ALL of the kids did a search for the cookies, that they knew I baked, but the Electrician had hidden.  The Electrician‘s parents truly laughed at how hard those kids searched.  And all because the Electrician had given Cam-Man a cookie after all the pictures were taken.  They searched the trash for the bag they knew the cookies were in.    They took things out of my cabinet and finally found them.

Uhm…I gotta make some more cookies now…:)





















Happy BIRTHDAY!!! To My Electrician..


While yesterday was the Birthday party for my two Birthday peeps, today is actually the Electrician’s birthday.

We stayed up kind of late last night, so we slept in this morning.  While we were cuddled up snoring, Ms. Baby decided she would come in and sing “Happy Birthday” to her Daddy.   Normally, she usually comes in and jumps on my side of bed and peers into my face meowing, then proceeds to kick me with her back legs. I guess she knew it was the Electrician’s birthday, because although she jumped up on the bed on my side, she gently stepped over me and peered into his face and   “meowed“, then promptly kicked him with her back paw.    Me ?  I slept for another 10 minutes, then jumped out of bed.

The Electrician was just waking up, so I went and got us both a cup of coffee, and then I sang Happy Birthday to him.  Now, for those of you who follow my blog, you know,  I don’t EVER cook this man breakfast.    This morning, I cooked French toast and 2 eggs “over-easy” just the way he likes them.  I even served his breakfast to him on a decorated tray, so he could eat, while he replied to everyone that wished him a Happy Birthday, on the computer.

We’ve had phone calls all day from various kids, and people calling to wish him Birthday greetings.  We had a hilarious call from my “outlaws” and his sister, and we were serenaded by all three.  I had to laugh though, because when it came time to say “Happy Birthday to”  they all 3 inserted “Happy Birthday to Oink”, “Happy Birthday to You“.  Apparently when the Electrician was just a wee little dude, and his sister. who is 3 years younger, tried to say his name it always came out as “Oink”.

We’ve had a very relaxing day, and for those of you that know me, we have 2 computers in the house.  The main computer (which I normally use) at the desk and then we have the laptop (which he usually uses).   Today, I have given up my computer time and let him use the desktop.

I made him a dinner he had semi-requested, the only thing, is usually on Sundays, I get everything together and he grills it.  Today, I cooked everything in my kitchen, and just called him when it was time.

This is my beloved, sitting down to his Birthday meal.

This would be his place setting.  Yes, that is a Ribeye Steak cooked to perfection, with some mushrooms cooked in butter, with some Worcestershire sauce thrown in and a couple of cloves of garlic, a baked potato, and also some roasted broccoli and cauliflower , and a bowl of salad (that he loves to smother with sunflower seeds, parmesan cheese, Colby/jack cheese and ranch dressing) .

After dinner, I told him to get lost and I would clean up the kitchen, but my Electrician reminded me of the agreement we made when we got married, oh so many years ago.  You see, I HATE to wash dishes.  I love to cook, but the clean-up, uhm, not so much.  So, he washed and I dried and put away.  My kitchen was cleaned up in no time, and we both came downstairs.  Seeing as how we were both still tired and in a food coma, we both laid down for a nap.

Supper for us?  we are both still kinda full from the feast we had earlier, so our supper will consist sharing a big hunk of cherry cheesecake.

I hope my Electrician has enjoyed his Birthday.

To Him, I say this.  Thank you each and everyday for loving me and giving me the life I never thought I would have.  I love you to the Moon and back and then some. Thank you for also teaching me all of the life lessons that you have.  When we met, I was broken, you gave me faith, and healed me.  You taught me not all men hit women, and that I will always be safe around you.  You taught me it is ok to disagree, and to also work through any problems we may have.  You taught me what it was to miss someone so much, but to know they were on the road working to save their family. You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me so mad at times, I could strangle you, but then you give me that look, and I start giggling and it’s all good.

Thank you to my Electrician, for giving me and showing me what family was all about.   Also, for the power of laughter, and knowing that no matter what we go through, we have each other, because YOU are my rock.

Happy Birthday “Oink”!  and here’s to many more!






Some History, gone….

The date was July 20th, 1969, 43 years ago, I was a little one, yes, smaller than I am now.  I was 7 to be exact.  We lived in St. Charles, Missouri, the Farmer and I.    I can remember sitting in the front room and watching with excitement, at what was unfolding on the t.v.

Neil Armstrong, of the Apollo 11, was making his first step onto the Moon.  What a feat, for our day and age.  I can remember clearly, those words spoken and broad casted  “One Small step for man, one Giant Leap for mankind.”

It was with sadness  to learn that he died today.  He was 82 years old.  Because of him, I would lay on the grass in the back yard and look up to the Moon and dream maybe someday I would walk there.

I am learning through age, what many before me have learned.  I have seen some really great things in my lifetime, and I’ve seen some ugly things in my lifetime, but time does not stand still, and progress keeps being made.

R.I.P. and fly with the stars, Neil Armstrong

A message from his family:

Beautiful message from the family of Neil Armstrong: “For those who may ask what they can do to honor Neil, we have a simple request. Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty, and the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink.”


This was the moon on Saturday night.  It was called a “Supermoon”.  Unfortunatly I did not take this picture, I borrowed it from one of my husband’s classmates.  I don’t have a camera good enough to catch it other than as a little dot. 

I did call the Farmer and asked him to try and take a picture of it, but like he stated to me today, we needed a tri-pod, so we could take a timed shutter release.  (Not that I am photo savvy in any way shape or form).

Saturday night though, the Electrician and I did stand on the deck looking at it, and it was bright.   I like this shot of it though.  After being on a cruise, everything looks better on the water.

The Moon and beyond….

I was at the folks house watching my Mom while the Farmer went out to one of his meetings that he goes to.  I had already been there in the morning/early afternoon doing the usual every day stuff that I do,  and then I went home to do domesticated stuff at MY house. 

When I got back to my folks house, Mom was having an “attack”  so I laid her down for a little while and I got stuff for dinner ready.  After about a half an hour, I went and dragged her monkey butt out to the living room (partly so I could keep an eye on her and partly because I thought I would do better calming her down with me there.)  She slowly came around (her meds kicked in), and we proceeded to have “quite” the conversation.  We talked about old friends, relatives, was Mom loosing weight, to how come her skin wasn’t tanned like mine was, to,  did I think she was up for a trip home.  Uh…what?  I told her she was home, to which she promptly told me,  No, she wanted to go home, to visit England.

I’m sorry I didn’t know what to tell her.  My Mother’s physical condition is in No Way Shape or Form  to be able to make such a trip.  And then I started thinking…..When I was a kid, an American kid, stuck  in England (ok maybe not stuck I came home to the good old USA at least once every 2 years), I kinda remember how that felt.    So I asked her what she missed.  She kind of looked at me blankly for a few minutes and then said….Let’s go to Paris instead and speak french.   Uh…ok…Ca va? and she replied and we then had an interesting conversation in french for a few minutes.  By now, I’m having a hard time keeping up with her, so I told her I was going outside for a minute, and not to move I would be right back….

I stepped outside and this is what I saw…

I ran back inside and told Mom to hold that thought it was a full moon and I wanted to take a picture of it.  I grabbed the Electrician’s camera and took pictures ran inside and oops…(sorry to the Electrician) I didn’t like the pic, so I grabbed the Farmer’s camera (psst….don’t tell him I played with his camera while he was not there ok?)  and put my memory card in it and  VOILA I got a pic of the moon!  I brought the camera inside and showed Mom…

Ya know what she said?  I’ll tell you,  “Maybe that’s why I feel all weird tonite”  uh..hum…well.. ok….

I hate to ruin a good story but it pretty much ends there because she told me she wanted to go to bed so, I got her jammies on and put her to bed, and then sat there for a while trying to figure out just what the heck happened….