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The 5 Languages of Love.

The other night, I was goofing around and reading some blogs that I follow.  I came across one that mentioned,  The 5 languages of love,  http://www.5lovelanguages.com/assessments/love/.

Just for fun, I logged on and took the quiz.  But after answering the 30 questions, I thought that the Electrician should take the test as well.    Let me just say, he was nothing but enthusiastic (can you note the sarcasm here?)  But he was good-natured enough to take the quiz for me.  (He really does love me).  I know this and I’ll explain after a minute.

Some of the questions, made me stop and think.  The same with him.  The whole concept of the 5 languages of love are :

1.  Words of Affirmation.

2. Quality time.

3. Receiving gifts.

4. Acts of Service

5.  Physical touch.

Some of the questions, were a little, well…silly, but some of them made me stop and think.  Not all of the questions applied to us, but you are supposed to pick the best answer out of the question.

After we had both finished the quiz, and our scores were tallied.  I do have to say quite honestly, I’ve met my “soul mate” and also we share the same “Language of love”.

This IS something I already knew, but it was kind of fun taking the quiz.  We scored pretty much the same scores in the same category of things, with a couple of deviations, by only 1 point or two.

So,  if your bored one evening, take the quiz.  We sure had a bunch of giggles when we did it.


Name that Tune….Nightly….

Every night at about 7 pm, the Electrician and I log onto Facebook, to play “Name that tune” with one of his classmates.  We play every night and have made quite the game of it. 

There are several follower’s and we all try super hard to be the winner for month.  So far, the Electrician has won it the first month, and we got a spanking gift card to “Starbucks”.  Now, while there was not a Starbucks near us, we happily used the card yesterday when we went to Terre Haute, Indiana. 

The reason, I mention this, is simply for the fact how one post can turn into 75-100 comments later.  Mind you, I do not know most of the people who play, I’ve never met any of them.  But I can say that over time, I have come to cherish these people.    We laugh, giggle and actually “spew” out drinks over some of the comments.

This is something that has become the “highlight” of my evenings.  Usually after we play I write my post and then the Electrician and I relax for a few and then go to bed. 

We had a discussion the other night, because most of the music is from the 70’s and 80’s, psst, let me just tell you on an average, I get maybe 3 a month right, while the Electrician usually knows just about all of them.  But, we had a conversation about the 90’s music.  It was quite a long conversation and without going into it, let’s just say the 90’s for all of us…was…well…memorable for a lot of things and music was not one of them.

This month Helen was the winner, it was a tight race, and let’s just say next month will be interesting.  I’ve been studying and I plan to give them a run for their money…:) 

The fact that the Electrician has friends like this, that have accepted me with open arms, makes me smile.  Music is a form of communication, and I really enjoy these evening episodes, they  really fill me  with warm fuzzy feelings.

So, to Bet, Helen, The Electrician, Donna, and countless others, Thank you!  I enjoy our group hugs every night, and plus just the plain old fun of playing!  Oh Yea Name this tune….

“When you’re down and troubled and you need a helping hand
and nothing, whoa, nothing is going right.”

For those of you that wish to answer, please feel free to do so, I’ll give ya the answer tomorrow….:0)

Enjoy ya’ll,  “yesterday was the past, today was the present, tomorrow is a gift.”

Ok, I have to add an addendum to this post, I will confess, the Electrician is my proof-reader every night and tells me thumbs up or thumbs down.  He tells me what he thinks and that’s important to me.  Tonite, I had him proof-read, and DAMN, he named that song, and I thought for sure I would have stumped him, so back to the drawing board I go.

Night ya’ll…:)