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Monday, Monday, O What a day….

While the title of the blog is for today, I realize that most people will read this on a Tuesday.

Today is the start of a New Year week for me.  I am going to be giving Caregiver Beth Mondays off from now on.  So, today was my “double day”.  Add to the fact that I let the Farmer sleep in and arrived at exactly 7:47am at his house and snuck in the door.  I guess I was quiet because nobody stirred, except for the 2 kitty’s.  They saw me arrive and then begged for treats, which I gave them.  I made myself a cup of coffee, and then got Momma‘s meds ready.

I went in and she was snoring.  I took her temp, listened for “bubbles” and then gave her the meds.  Then I played let’s roll Momma all over the bed, to get her dry.   She slept through the first part, and was grumpy with the second part.

With Momma all settled, I proceeded to look at yesterday’s paper and cut some coupon’s and then figure out what I was going to make for breakfast.  I guess the Farmer was sleeping soundly because he didn’t surface for a bit, heck, I had already swept the kitchen and dining room and did some other cleaning before he made his way out.

When he did make his way out I had to laugh at the “girls” they both acted like they had never had any treats this morning, and he gave them a couple more.    The Farmer and I talked for a bit and I made breakfast, and then off down the road he went, he had some errands he had to do.

I did those domestic diva things, I am supposed to do at my house but, with my Electrician laid off right now, he doesn’t give me a chance to do them.   Uhm, I’m not complaining either, a  Man who cleans up after me, does my laundry, and cooks for me is pure sexiness.    But again I digress….

I had a wild thought in my head today, that I wanted to “clean” Momma’s room and also make it a little bit more “safe” for her.    Time flew away from me, but since I was coming back this evening, I didn’t sweat it.  I took care of stuff and then flew back down the road to my house a little earlier than normal, simply because I was coming back tonite.

During most of my day, I received a phone call from the Nurse, who asked me if she could come over tonite, because she wanted to spend time with us tonite, before she starts back up with school next week.  Knowing that I would be gone tonite with Momma, I set her and the Electrician up to have some “Daddy and Daughter and Grandson” time.  From what electrician  told me it was hit.  I made some chili last night and tonite was  what I call chili spaghetti.  It was a hit with the Nurse, and the Electrician.  From what I’ve been told, the Nurse and the Electrician and Cam-Man had a good evening together.  I am so glad.  It appears there was more than one “Daddy Daughter” nite tonite.

I cooked for the Farmer tonite, I made him something I like to call   “polka keilbasa scalloped potato’s with peas and carrots.  Apparently it was a hit, because there was nothing left over.

When I came back tonite to the Farmer’s I got busy with Momma’s closet.  After about 10 trips of taking stuff down to the basement, I have made her room “safe” for her.    I was really pleased with everything I had done, and the Farmer even said it was better.  Momma?  She liked it, and while she has  been for lack of a better word, good all day, she and I kind of lost it at the end.

I will say this, My emblem that hangs from my mirror on the Rav 4 which has all three of our birthstones in it, is one of the best gifts I have ever received.  Simply for the fact, when I left there tonite, I looked at it, and I reflected on my day.

I have come to the conclusion, Parkinson’s Disease SUCKS.  I have come to the conclusion, I Love my Momma, I have come to the conclusion, I am Blessed with everything I am given at this point.    While the Farmer is living it day-to-day, I do not.  I have spent this past weekend without dealing with it.  Forgive me for being selfish, because I was.  But after not having to deal with it for 2 days, I am a little shell-shocked at the progression of even 2 days.  While the Farmer does not see what I see, I am thankful.

It is what it is.  Ours is just the path to travel.  My only hope, and I know this to be true, is Momma knows she is loved, and taken care of.  The funny thing about that?  She does.



Happy 2013!!!!

While, I realize that some of you have already posted this, uhm… I’m a little late.  BUT, better late than never.

It could be the fact, that my happy butt did not go to bed until about 2 am, and I had to pop, said happy butt outta bed WAY to early this morning to head over to the Farmer’s and take care of Momma.

We kind of started a new “tradition” last night.  In a way though it’s an old tradition for the Electrician and I.  We NEVER go out for New Year‘s.  Don’t get me wrong, we used to, until the one year, I had cooked some appetizer and we headed over to a friend’s house.  As we knocked on the door, I dropped off the appetizer, looked at the Electrician and said barely “home” before it hit both of us.  That year, we both spent time bowing to the porcelain goddess, without the benefit of drinking anything other than water.    It’s a really good thing we have 2 bathrooms.  Since that year, we have always spent New Year’s eve at home.

Last night, we had company, and shared our New Year’s eve with the Nurse, and Fisher dude and Cam-man.  The adults played cards, while Cam-man learned, and also over indulged with several things.  Chocolate Milk was Cam’s drink of choice, and chips and dip, with some chex mix thrown in for good measure.

Fun was had by all, and I believe Cam-Man liked the fact that Papa and Meemaw’s couch is a “transformer” and opens up into a bed, with cushion steps onto it. When the ball dropped, we all hugged and said  “Happy New Year“.  The kids packed up and did the 5 minute drive home, and then the Electrician and I played some music and danced all over the place.

My phone did ring this morning at o’ dark thirty, with Happy New Year tidings from the Electrician’s parents.  I barely remember the phone call.   When the alarm did go off, I got up and went to the Farmer’s.

The day has passed quickly, and I have figured out, I am not as young as I used to be, simply because my happy butt is tired.

So, with all that being said, I am taking myself to bed, EARLY.  Night y’all….Hope all your New Year, holds Blessings, laughter, family and love.  Do something fun, and smile at a stranger.  You might make the day of someone else, just by smiling.


Lesson’s learned……



“When I look back on on my life, I can see the pain I’ve endured, the mistakes I’ve made and the hard times I’ve suffered.  When I look in the mirror, I see how strong I’ve become, the lessons I’ve learned and I’m proud of who I am”.

When I saw this last night on Facebook, I have to admit, I posted it.    You see, it kind of means a bunch to me.  I am a work in progress.

I have not always been the Woman I am today.   I have endured some really hard times, but who hasn’t?  I’ve made a BUNCH of mistakes, but who hasn’t?  I’ve suffered some really cruel things, but who hasn’t?.

I have prayed so hard, I thought no one heard me.  Guess what?  Sometimes what you pray for, is not necessarily what you need.

But I will have to say, I am still learning things today.  I am a work in progress.

I have been told by quite a few people, that I am strong.  I don’t always feel that way.  I have days where things happen, and I would like to crawl into a little ball and forget about everything.  But that is not who I am.

I have had a bunch of different experiences in my life, they have all contributed to who I am today.  I have not always made the best of choices, and I have made a BUNCH of mistakes.  But one thing I have learned?  I have learned something from each of those mistakes, and have learned lessons in each experience.

It has taken me 51 years to be comfortable with who I am.  To me?  That’s progress, and I still have ways to go.

I am proud of who I am today.  I have learned that the most important thing to me, is to give what I am capable of giving.  I am a Caregiver to my Momma, because I choose to be.  Because while she may not mean anything to someone else, she means the world to me.

I have learned  you don’t have to be blood to be family.  and sometimes just because your blood doesn’t necessarily make you family.  I’ve learned that the love between a Farmer, and his Daughter, while in the early years was misunderstood, is truly strong, and has learned to be verbal, along with lots of hugs.

I’ve learned that sometimes, what you give is what you receive.  It’s better to be positive, and it is very easy to be taken in by the negative, but that the negative will draw you down to somewhere you really do not want to go.

Strength is learned, by every event in your life.  It’s your choice, and you always have one.  But I have learned over time, that I choose, to be positive, and I choose to see the goodness, and let the negative go.  If I can help, I will, and if I cannot, I will find a way to try.

I’ve had messages from my blog, of people who are in a situation such as mine, and they are not as vocal as I am about it.  But they have said Thanks to me for being vocal and sharing my story.    Maybe, it is something I was meant to do.  I will be honest with you though, I do not post about everything with Momma.  Simply because some things, I am still learning to deal with, and some things to me are just to personal to put out there.  Also, the Farmer is my number one blog fan, and I will not post anything that could possibly hurt him.

I am who I am, simply by living my life, and learning from my mistakes, and becoming stronger through all my endeavors.  I try to learn from every experience.  I’ve got a bunch of living and learning to do, so as I said, I am a work in progress with some more lessons to learn.


Hey y’all,   just wanted to give a “Momma” update, Momma has a touch of pneumonia.  While for a Parkinson’s patient this can be fatal.  It is not so in this case.  We caught it in time, and Momma is antibiotics.

I will say though, she has been making REMARKABLE leaps and bounds in her recovery.  She has taken a couple of steps, and the horrible “Hoyer” lift (of which Momma had a SERIOUS fear of)  has been retired for a new standing/sitting device.  She hasn’t been loafing in bed all day either, she’s been up sitting in her wheelchair, and chatting a lot more.

When I left her this evening she was gazing lovingly at “Goldie’s” picture.  Momma misses that little kitty something fierce.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to spend some time with Cam-Man, and he and I went to visit Momma.  Momma was having therapy at the time, and Cam-Man walked in like he owned the joint.  (Remember HIS Momma works there so, I guess he knows the lay of the land so to speak, because he visits Residents on regular occasions.)

Cam-Man decided since he hadn’t seen the Farmer for a while, he would pay his respects, and climbed up on Great-Grampa’s lap and proceeded to have a short conversation.  Then in normal Cam-Man fashion he climbed down and went and said “HI” to Great Gramma, and then started collecting all of the balls in the therapy room into his arms and wanted to play with anyone that would play with him.  The therapy girls blew up a balloon for Cam, and he played with it with Momma.  They batted it back and forth for a while, and then…someone turned into Mr. Crankypants, so he and I left.

Back on the home front, Mr. Cam took a 2 1/2 hour nap, and woke up when the Electrician came home.  The Electrician knew he would be here so, he made a pit-stop and bought the lil dude a treat.

An Orange Crush soda.  We all 3 shared it but Cam-Man loves that stuff.  We told the Nursing Student when she came to pick him up.  Hey we are Grandparents and are ALLOWED to do that kind of stuff.  Just because we did not feed it to OUR kids when they were little….well….hehehe….

If you’ve been reading my posts, then you’ll know that over the New Year, the Electrician had a tooth infection and did not get to have the feast that I was going to make.  But after his infection has disappeared and his Root canal is all but finished, we decided to have our dinner tonite.

This would be it…New York Strip Steak, Maine Lobster tail, twice baked potato, and a small salad.  Yes, folks, I am stuffed….(burp)…..I’ve had my shower, I’m in my p.j.’s, and the Saints are playing the Lion’s  on t.v.     So to all of you,  always count your Blessings, and make a stranger smile.

I say make a stranger smile because I am making all kinds of older folks that are in the Nursing Home smile, people I don’t know, but I always stop to talk to someone.  I met a lady on my way out this evening, her name is Mrs. Michner.  She stopped me in the hallway and asked me “Where are you going?”  I have seen her in the hallway before,  I told her “I’m on my way home, I just got done visiting with my Momma”  “Oh,  I’m waiting for someone to visit me”  “Who is coming to visit you?”  I asked….”I don’t know but someone is”  so I told her this…”Well Mrs. Michner it is a pleasure to meet you, and I would love to be your visitor today, can we chat?”  I talked to her for about 15 minutes, and then told her I really did need to scoot down the road, she smiled and took my hand and said “Will you visit with me again?”  and I told her .”I’m usually here at least once, sometimes twice  everyday, and I will stop in and check on you ok?”  Her face lit up like a Christmas tree and she took my hand and said “Thank you”.

I don’t know about you, but I can take 15-20 minutes out of my day to make someone else’s.  Partly to make their day, and also because it gives me a warm fuzzy that I made someone else smile.



Hey y’all.  Hope everyone survived their New Years escapades…The Electrician and I were in the bed snoring by 11 pm. 

I’ve been a little busy lately scanning pictures and making a collage for Momma‘s nursing home room.   I figure that if we can surround her with pictures,  maybe she won’t be so homesick. 

I want to share one of my favorites:    Yup, that’s the Farmer and Momma on the QEII, in 1986. (at this time, Parkinson’s wasn’t in our vocabulary) The Farmer really likes this picture and I cleaned it up a bit and made him a spare copy.  They make a good-looking couple all cleaned up and in shiny clothes.

I have to remember to ask the Farmer about proper “cruise attire”.    Because folks, one of the things on my bucket list is to go on a cruise, and GUESS WHAT???  That sucker is about to be crossed off the list in the relatively near future.  More on that in a different post.


The Farmer, and I, plus the Nursing student have all been taking turns to visit with Momma, and right now I’ve got to get cleaned up, because I’ve got the early shift today.

So here’s to all of you having a GREAT day!

Happy 2012!

Here’s to the bright New Year, and a fond farewell to the old…

Here is to the clean slate, to start all over, for memories to be made, times to be cherished, and life to be lived.

Me…I’m looking forward to crossing some things off my bucket list, and living life-like it was my last day because folks ya never really know.  Be Kind to one another, smile whenever you can, laugh whenever you can, and cherish every day.  But most of all, believe in your dreams….because they do come true, if you work hard enough and you try hard enough.   

To the Farmer, I Love you, to the Electrician, You’re my World, to my kids, glory be I am so proud of you all,to Momma, I love you so much and am willing to work hard “with you” and for you.  To the friends I’ve made this past year, Bless you,  to the friends of my past that have come into my future…Bless you too, I’ve missed you, P….DeeDee…and other’s to many to mention….  I am truly blessed by all of you so….to all of you I wish a Truly Happy New Year.

P.s.  to the Farmer….My BUTT is having FRIED CHICKEN in the near future….:)

2011 Reflections, 2012..Here we come…

Today, when you read this, is New Year‘s Eve (for most of my readers). Now while some people on New Year’s eve,  dress in their shiniest and finest clothes and go out and celebrate at parties and stuff.  Me and the Electrician well, we celebrate in a special way.

We do not make resolutions, because well…that’s a sure-fire way of not keeping a promise to yourself, because if you have to make it on the New Year, it’s really not something you want to do anyway, and your setting yourself up for some kind of failure.

So…ya know what we do?  It might sound silly to some, but it means the world to me.  We get in our jammies and we play music on you tube and dance around my family room like we are teenagers.  We have a few cocktails, and just enjoy each other.  Because this Man is my Best Friend.  We reflect on the past year, it’s Blessings and it’s down sides, because you can’t have Blessings without down sides.

This year, well…I’ve had A LOT of Blessings.  I quit my job (Sandwich Queen), and started taking care of Momma, who has Parkinson’s, almost full time.  It gave the Farmer a MUCH needed break, and it give’s me alot of pleasure.  The Electrician (as always) supported my decision and has taken care of me through all of it.

Momma and Me….(ok, so I know that is NOT proper English)  Momma and I, have started a journey that has had trials and tribulations, dark and sunny times.    Momma appreciates me, this I know.  I’ll get into this later.

We’ve had our share of “Bad times”, I won’t list them all because some of them I really don’t want to re-visit.

My Year in retrospect, I turned 50, I had some reservations about THAT until I realized it was just a number and Hell, I still feel 20+ something.    2011….it was good and bad to me.  But ya know what, I’m kinda looking forward to 2012. 

First off, I never thought I would make it to 2012, Jeez, that’s something outta “Back to the Future”  uhmm, I own all of the DVD‘s cuz…well…HUGE fan…

Momma is making progress by Leaps and Bounds and I told her today that I was so PROUD of her, and she smiled at me and told me “I Love you Jo”  and I told her “I Love You Momma”.  Momma has a gracious strength about her, she is not ready to give up, well guess what?….me neither. 

Forecast on the horizon is that she will be released about the middle of February,  I can’t tell you how excited I was about this.  I have learned so much so far, and my journey continues….

My THANKS to the following….The Farmer…We will make it happen AND work.  To the Electrician, my love always, and a “special” Thanks, he knows what I mean, to the Nursing Student…Thank you for your wisdom, and more…ya know what I mean, To My Family, Camsgranny is doing good and I thank you for ALL your support.   To my readers, and followers, May you have the Best year yet in 2012.

Dance your hearts out, sing like there is no tomorrow, and Believe, cuz it can happen.