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In a Funk….

I am usually a very upbeat person, who rarely gets down.  I always try to see the best in a situation and then go with it.  So, I cannot understand this “FUNK”, I’ve been in for 2 days.

Nothing is wrong in “my world”, My sinus’ are doing better, I feel fine, other than a little tired.  The Farmer is fine, other than a little tired, Momma is fine other than a little tired, the Electrician is fine, and he’s not tired.

In fact, Momma is doing pretty darn good lately.  Oh she’s had her “rough moments”, and she has participated in therapy and walking, and has even tried some new things, that will hopefully help the Farmer and his back out.

I think we’ve met the “sleepy phase” of Parkinson’s, and the only reason I say that, is because when I get there at 8am, clean her up, give her meds and breakfast, she promptly goes back to sleep.  When I go into to get her up at about 9:15-9:30, she mumbles to me “few more minutes”.  So, I wait and then get her up at 10 am with no arguing.

We have a bath, and get dressed, and then do some exercises, to loosen up her muscles, so she will be able to walk.  Then we do a couple of stands, to make sure her strength is up for the walk.  Then, I call the Farmer and we all three (4 if Cam’s there), walk into the front room and get into her chair.  Where she goes back to sleep.

I run around and do things, and then give Momma some more meds at 11am.  Then she goes back to sleep.  I have washed her hair and massaged her limbs, and she sleeps.  Noon arrives, more meds, and Momma still sleeps.  But it’s a funny kind of sleep, it’s like she is dreaming of funny things, because she sure giggles a lot.

I usually leave after this, but for the past few days, I have been coming back in the afternoon.  Today, I went and picked up Cam-Man at Noon, and then we met the Electrician for lunch at Taco Bell. 

Cam-Man cracked me up, because when we got to Taco Bell, and we drove by the Electrician to park, he saw his Poppa, and I asked him “Who’s that”, Cam-Man yelled at the top of his little voice “POPPA”.    Then got all excited and started giggling, when Poppa opened up his door and grabbed him out of his car seat.

Lil’ dude would not let go of Poppa, the whole time we were there.  We got done and Poppa loaded up Cam-Man back into my car, and we went to the Farmer’s.  Cam-Man strutted in and noticed the Farmer was asleep on the couch, and Momma was reading the paper. 

I started talking to Momma and told her, it was nice to see her awake, and she giggled.  Apparently, Cam-man woke up the Farmer, who was happy to see us.  We then proceeded to give Momma some therapy (We are on our own now as far as therapy, they gave us the tools and now we have to use them, they don’t come to the house anymore).

Momma was game.  We all did the leg lifts, and the side-to-side, and the face exercises.  I think Momma enjoys them because she gets to sing when she does them.  Cam-man was kinda tired (technically this is his nap time), so he went and laid down on Momma’s bed and hugged Mr. Bear.

We taught Momma something new today, to assist the Farmer for when I’m not there, and the other “girl” comes in to help.  Momma did so good.  Without being specific and gross, I won’t go into detail, but Momma did it, and it appeared to work for everyone.  Momma did not get tired out and huffing and puffing, the Farmer’s back did not get strained, and I think it’s gonna work.  I’ll let you know tomorrow, after they try it out tonight.

I gave Momma her 2 pm’s and meal, then Cam-Man and I headed out.  I dropped him off at the Nursing student’s, and told him he was ALL Poppa’s tomorrow, and he walked away blowing me kisses, and waving.

I got home and had no clue what I was going to make for dinner, when the Electrician asked me if I still had those magnificent meatballs, I  had made last week in the freezer (I had made a double batch),  “Uhm, yea why?”   So, I was conned into making some spaghetti for him and myself (with enough leftover for the Electrician for lunch tomorrow, and the Farmer for dinner).

The spaghetti is a story in itself, simply for the fact when I made it last week, I only had fettucine noodles in the house.  I was advised by the Electrician AND the Farmer “THAT” was “NOT” spaghetti.  So, just let me tell y’all, I made it with SPAGHETTI noodles this week ok?  Who knew?

Anyway, NOW that we have THAT all straightened out.  It all goes back to I’m in a funk and I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s the Thursday Blues….Maybe I need to write a song about that?  Ok who am I kidding,   I’ll get out of my funk and hopefully be back to normal tomorrow.

Night y’all….